The title is certainly provocative and eye-catching but the information on DTLM’s own website is sufficiently provocative to warrant the title. Here’s the specific statement that warrants investigation:

Why Get Involved

The way that voters are grouped into districts directly influences the outcome of elections and who politicians are accountable to. Yet the way these districts are drawn is fundamentally flawed. Incumbent legislators have a strong incentive to draw district lines that allow them to hold onto power. Historically, redistricting has been done out of the public eye, without meaningful public input, and used to dilute the voting power of communities of color. Minnesota has a reputation for fair and clean government, but we believe we can do better.

First, it isn’t a stretch to think that DTLM is being deceptive when they say that redistricting has historically been done “without meaningful public input” and “has been done out of the public eye.” It’s irrelevant that’s what’s happened historically. What matters is what’s happening this time.

What’s shocking, though, is DTLM’s statement that redistricting has been used “to dilute the voting power of communities of color.” That’s the only time that this accusation is put on their website. No proof is offered to validate this accusation. The accusation is made, then never mentioned again.

It’s entirely irresponsible, and possibly racist, to make that incendiary of a remark with anything to substantiate the accusation.

Based on that provocative accusation alone, DTLM’s motives and character must be questioned. Unfortunately, that isn’t ther only dishonest statement on their website. Here’s another prime bit of proof from their website:

This year’s legislative redistricting process in Minnesota has demonstrated how truly broken the process is. Legislative and congressional maps, produced by the majority party behind closed doors with little public input, have received the Governor’s veto.

That’s a bald-faced lie. According to the House Redistricting Committee’s website, 15 hearings were held at the Capitol. Additionally, 3 public hearings were held, one each in Rochester, Marshall and Hermantown.

Far from redistricting being a secretive process, it’s difficult to imagine a more transparent, public-oriented process. The fact that the legislature’s bill was vetoed by Gov. Dayton is totally unsurprising. It would’ve been totally surprising if it hadn’t been vetoed.

This paragraph contains some major whoppers:

This year, Draw the Line Minnesota has created a true Citizen’s Commission, initiated for and by the people. We are committed to being independent and nonpartisan, transparent, having a chosen body that reflects the diversity of the state.

First, this “Citizen’s Commission” wasn’t “initiated…by the people.” It was initiated by corrupt organizations like TakeAction Minnesota. Next, saying that this coalition of corrupt organizations wants to be “independent and nonpartisan” is preposterous. TakeAction Minnesota is part of the ABM coalition that’s funded mostly by Gov. Dayton’s ex-wife.
DTLM is to independence what John Dillinger was to bank security.

What’s more is that DTLM wants the [DFL’s] Commission to be part of their redistricting reform agenda. That’s totally unacceptable. Minnesotans should reject their agenda without giving them a hearing.

We have two primary goals: (1) to produce maps through a fair, open and participatory process that can inform that courts about this year’s maps, and (2) to model a process that can inform discussions about reform after this year’s redistricting.

TakeAction Minnesota’s member organizations reads like a who’s who of corrupt organizations that form ABM. Their member organizations include special interests from Minnesota’s poverty industry, public employee unions and militant environmentalist organizations. All are part of the DFL’s special interest coalition. More importantly, all rely on growing the size and influence of government.

Limited government conservatism doesn’t just scare DTLM’s corrupt coalition. Limited government conservatism poses a potential existential threat to their ‘industries.’

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7 Responses to “DTLM’s Racism & Deception”

  • Terry Stone says:

    Stealing a redistricting map is the next best thing to stealing an election.

    DTLM, et al., are just another special interest cabal for whom the Minnesota Constitution is an annoying anachronism.

  • eric z says:

    Same old, same old. Plus, more of the same.

    When during your lifetime or your parents telling you of theirs has redistricting NOT been a political football?

    Give it up, as a public issue. The Courts will decide. Timmy’s done a lot of appointments, so who’s to say the GOP will come out of it unhappy?

  • Gary Gross says:

    Eric, Pull your head out of your ass. Of course, redistricting is a partisan issue. The issue here is that DTLM is attempting to steal a congressional district while keeping their urban core together in the state legislature. Their goal is to ignore the census finding. They’re attempting to ignore where the population shifts happen. HD-58A throughh 67B need to grow by 60,036 people, an average of 3,000 people per district. Meanwhile, outstate districts have grown immensely.

    Are we to say that population shifts should be ignored just so the DFL can keep its last bastion of support together for political purposes only? If that’s your message, I’ve got a message for the DFL. Take a hike. No deal.

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