Tuesday night’s townhall meeting at St. Cloud’s Whitney Senior Center brought out alot of different questions on a wide array of topics, with health care being one of the hot topics.
Charlotte Fischer said that she was troubled with the lack of accountability of HMO’s contracted by state government to provide insurance to the working poor. Rep. Steve Gottwalt dealt with that by noting his reform legislation had a provision in it that provides greater accountability from HMO’s.

Rockville City Councilman Duane Willenbring said that unfunded mandates from the state were putting undue burden on local units of government, citing a program mandated by the state that sports coaches learn how to detect warning signs of concussions. Councilman Willenbring said he thinks the training is worthwhile. He just thinks that the state should fund it if it’s imposing the training on local units of government.

SCSU Aviation student Logan Vold told Sen. Pederson, Rep. Gottwalt and Rep. Banaian that MnSCU has a 9-point procedure to follow for shutting degree programs down. Vold then said that SCSU didn’t follow that procedure prior to shutting down the Aviation program.

Vold pointed to a provision that mandated “consultation with appropriate constituent groups including students, faculty and community.” Vold said that students weren’t consulted before President Potter announced the Aviation program was being shut down.

That information brought a response from Rep. Banaian. Rep. Banaian said that he is an economics professor at SCSU before saying that he’s bothered if MnSCU procedures aren’t being followed. Rep. Banaian then said he’d look further into this with the MnSCU Board of Trustees.

Rep. Banaian noted that the procedure was put in place by the MnSCU Board, meaning that the MnSCU board must enforce the procedures it puts in place.

Between 30 and 50 people gathered for the meeting in the main hall of the Whitney Senior Center. The event was moderated by St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis.
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