That’s Rep. Steve Gottwalt’s advice in an email that he just sent me. Based on what he’s told me, I’d say it’s advice worth taking. Here’s two warnings in Steve’s email:

The governor released his budget proposal today, and it contains a great deal more spending than I consider prudent. I support Governor Pawlenty, but I certainly wish we had his support in trying to curb state government, and provide real tax relief. The governor’s proposal represents a 9.3 percent increase in state spending, and that’s just too much. How many of our families or businesses could afford that kind of increase?

The next legislation the DFL will push (aimed at building a case for more spending) is to have an automatic inflator put into the calculation of the state budget forecast. They want to pass this before the February calculation. It would virtually erase any projected surplus, giving the DFL grounds for arguing in favor of major new spending above and beyond the projected surplus.

Frankly, this type of budgeting isn’t acceptable. Few families could justify annual 9.3 percent increases in their spending. Gov. Pawlenty is ceding ground to Democrats without them having to hardly negotiate anything.

That’s bad enough but Democrats pushing to install “an automatic inflator put into the calculation of the state budget forecast” ain’t gonna fly. This is something that should be rejected before it’s ever proposed. There should be a public outcry against this type of reckless spending. We should recognize this scheme for what it is: an attempt to codify into law liberalism’s dream of ever-increasing taxing and spending.

I’m strongly recommending that my readers contact their legislators. Tell them that they’d better reject this type of irresponsible spending if they don’t want to be rejected at the polls the next time they’re up for re-election. Tell them that they’d better not think of Minnesota’s taxpayers as a revenue source to be tapped whenever they want to go on another spending binge. Tell them that they’d better expect a revolt by Minnesota’s taxpayers if they attempt a power-grab of this magnitude.

Here’s a final cautionary word from Steve:

Watch your pocket books! According to our DFL friends, there’s no issue or problem that can’t be solved or addressed through more government spending.

Steve, that’s great advice. I’ll let my readers know of this confirmation of Democratic spending habits. I’m sure most already suspected.

By the way, it’s time that people realized just how hard our House GOP is working to cut taxes and prevent irresponsible spending. Laura Brod and Steve Gottwalt are two of the heroes thus far in that fight. Let’s continue encouraging all of the GOP legislators so that we can have an veritable army of fiscal heroes.

If Steve’s information is right, which I’m confident it is, that Democrats plan on pushing that automatic inflator, then this exposes Margaret Anderson Kelliher as telling a tall tale when she said this:

“We’re a fiscally moderate caucus,” Kelliher said of the sprawling 85-member majority that now includes significant numbers of moderates from the suburbs, exurbs and rural areas.

We don’t need further proof that DFLer’s aren’t fiscally moderate. We can’t afford their idea of ‘moderation’. Their type of moderation will send businesses fleeing the state while ruining our economy. It’s that simple. Adding an inflation escalator also assumes something else that should frighten every Minnesota taxpayer because it says that the budgeting process is on autopilot.

  • That means that once spending is approved once, it’s approved forever.
  • That means that oversight into budgets would become a thing of the past.
  • That means that waste would be codified into the budget.

Minnesota’s taxpayers say that that’s simply unacceptable.

If the day comes that budgets are put on autopilot, does that mean that that’s the day we don’t need legislators?

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