After reading Deepak Chopra’s article in the SF Chronicle, you’d think that America’s best days are ahead and that only President Obama can get us to that better place.
It’s time for Mr. Chopra to put down the peace pipe and return to the land of reality. Here’s part of his article:

Achievement: Life needs to be productive, with a sense of meaning and accomplishment. For decades American achievement was a given; we led the world in accomplishments on all fronts, and American exceptionalism was recognized globally. Now the trend is against us. The rise of China and India, the loss of manufacturing at home, a sudden drop into permanent unemployment for millions of minority and older workers—all these factors make the public feel that the country isn’t moving in the right direction.

Obama has been fulfilling this need by rooting for the American spirit (as every President must, some with greater or lesser success), promising a better future, and offering economic stimulus and jobs programs. He constantly points to a new future of innovation, restored infrastructure, stronger research and development and renewable energy. He doesn’t attack globalism but faces the fact that global competition means that change must come to America.

Mr. Chopra is right. President Obama talks alot about a better future, more jobs at greater incomes, etc. Unfortunately for America, it’s all happy talk, no achievement. What’s worse is that his policies are total failures.

He so wants renewable energy to succeed that he’s delighted to see the EPA take oil and coal offline in many states. (See Jim Hoft’s post for more on that.)

Before President Obama’s inauguration, I wrote that this should be the scariest time in his life. I said that he’d no longer be rated just on his ability to turn a good speech. I said he’d be rated on his results. At this point, his results stinks.

Here’s another delusional outtake from Chopra’s column:

Unity and community: the third basic need is the feeling that you belong, that a greater society wants you and that you are not left behind. To fulfill this need, the President has talked about bipartisanship and the end of crippling divisiveness in politics. Although himself born into a minority, he stands as a potent symbol for overcoming ancient social prejudice. I realize that we are all sick of talking about divisiveness, and everyone recognizes the political contradiction at work around us: voters declare that they are sick of bitter partisanship while constantly sending the most partisan politicians to Washington.

Again, it’s all been happy talk. For each time he’s talked about bipartisanship, he’s ignored the will of the people. Think Obamacare and the stimulus. The American people are tired of the happy talk and getting ignored.

President Obama is a rigid ideologue. The proof of that is how he governed when he had overwhelming majorities in Congress. He didn’t put partisanship aside. His partisanship was so obnoxious that he told Eric Cantor that he’d ram his stimulus through if need be because “We won.” Not a single Republican suggestion was included in the bill.

Had he included some Republican ideas in the bill, the economy would be better. Instead, he’s taking all of the criticism for the predictably underperforming economy.

Chopra apparently lives in the same la-la land of non-reality that President Obama lives in. While we can’t get rid of Chopra, the good news is that We The People will get rid of President Obama in the next election.

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One Response to “That’s News to America”

  • Bob J. says:

    “He doesn’t attack globalism but faces the fact that global competition means that change must come to America.”

    Indeed it must. The change, however, must be predicated in keeping America exceptional instead of surrendering to globalism. Liberals have never understood this concept and it’s why they are driving our nation into the ground.

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