When James McCormick retired as MnSCU Chancellor, he didn’t say that he’d be getting a bonus check for his last year. According to this article, that’s precisely what happened:

The former chancellor of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system received $50,000 in performance pay for his work last year, once again raising the ire of union officials who represent rank-and-file employees.

The decision to give now-retired Chancellor James McCormick his performance pay was made by the Board of Trustees in June. But members left the amount to the discretion of chairman Scott Thiss, who announced Monday that McCormick received the full $50,000 allowed under the contract. McCormick’s base salary was $360,000.

Surely, he earned that money by doing some extraordinary things, you’re thinking, right? Actually, he didn’t:

Thiss said McCormick worked diligently in his last year with MnSCU and met all of his performance goals. Those included leading an initiative to make applying, registering, transferring schools and paying bills much easier for students, as well as a program to grow and retain leaders within the MnSCU system.

Considering the fact that he’s making $360,000, shouldn’t Minnesota’s taxpayers expect the highest paid MnSCU official to do those things as part of his job? After all, $360,000 isn’t chump change.

It’s important to remember that $360,000 was McCormick’s salary. That wasn’t his total annual compensation. If you add in a gold-plated Cadillac health insurance policy and a gold-plated defined benefit pension, you’re easily past $600,000 annual compensation.

If that isn’t a big enough injustice, MnSCU Board Chairman Scott Thiss tried whitewashing the payment:

“This is performance pay, not a bonus. It must be earned,” Thiss said. “We had a very specific set of goals for the chancellor, and he met them.”

Performance pay, my ass. They established a matrix that only the most inept, incompetent idiot couldn’t reach. Chairman Thiss should be ashamed of himself for paying out a bonus, much less that excessive of a bonus.

MnSCU needs a major restructuring as does the U of M system. This time, we found out about the MnSCU racket too late. It won’t be long before this type of cronyism will be all but eliminated.

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  • State employee says:

    Sick… especially when any merit pay (bonus for projects above and beyond) was frozen for the little people two years ago. Add in the higher costs to students and the layoffs of so many staff and the total equals fiscal irresponsibility of taxpayer money.

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