Yesterday, Rep. Steve Gottwalt asked if the Dayton administration would prepare a budget that included spreadsheets and fiscal notes. What he was told is stunning and disappointing.

One of the commissioners told him they were busy with shutdown preparations so he couldn’t guarantee anything. Let me repeat that. The Dayton administration is too busy shutting government down to find time to avert a shutdown.

Let’s understand that this means that Gov. Dayton isn’t doing everything possible to prevent the laying off of 23,000 state employees effective July 1. Public employees need to comprehend what’s happening. The governor that they financially supported through ABM is giving them the finger.

Gov. Dayton is telling them that they’ll be unemployed indefinitely. He’s put a higher priority on raising taxes than he’s put on keeping state employees employed.

In his drive to raise taxes, Gov. Dayton is sending 23,000 state workers to the unemployment lines for an indefinite period of time.

Last night, a retired union worker asked Sen. Pederson, Rep. Gottwalt and Rep. Banaian where their jobs were. If I’d had the opportunity, I’d tell him that they’re missing thanks to Gov. Dayton’s shutdown is slated to wipe out 23,000 jobs in a single day.

Gov. Dayton is long on brinksmanship and short on statesmanship. He’s acted like a spoiled brat throughout these negotiation-free budget negotiations.

Gov. Dayton supporters, kick back in your recliners. You’ll have the time because you’ll be unemployed. That’s because, in Mark Dayton’s Minnesota, you get hurt while Gov. Dayton declares his chef and gardener as essential operations.

UPDATE: Those of you who appreciate reporting that doesn’t go through ‘the Strib/MPR filter’, a little change in the tip jar will go a long ways in keeping first source reporting in the hands of this citizen journalist.

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3 Responses to “Gov. Dayton Gives Shutdown Orders”

  • ashamedof mbachman says:

    Or it could mean the republicans are lying!! Shocking!!! I trust Dayton much more than any damn republican! Governor Dayton don’t give into the republicans. They are greedy swine! The republicans across the country do not care about this country or 98% of the people in it. They are all clouded by their own greed! They are despicable!

  • Gary Gross says:

    Ashamed is a typical old-fashioned progressive. In his mind, Republicans are evil. They hate everyone except themselves. They’d throw their own mothers off a cliff rather than get them proper care. In other words, he’s a shit-for-brains idiot who hasn’t had a grasp of reality in who knows how long.

    Why shouldn’t I think that Gov. Dayton & the DFL are the cold-hearted bastards? They’re the ones who fought against a budget that balances, that funds our priorities & that wouldn’t get 23,000 people laid off 10 days from now. After the DFL legislators fought against the Republicans’ budget, it still could’ve become law had Gov. Dayton not been intent on putting 23,000 people out of work.

    Who’s the heartless bastard? It’s Gov. Dayton & the DFL. They’re power-hungry maniacs whose ultimate goal is total control of as much of American life as possible.

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