Believe it or not, that’s what the Speaker of the Minnesota House, Margaret Anderson Kelliher, thinks according to this article:

Sitting amid the unpacked boxes in Majority Leader Tony Sertich’s office, Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher and Sertich said the top priorities are “affordable and accessible health care,” a stronger education system and property tax relief.

“Those are the big three,” said Kelliher, DFL-Minneapolis.

Add to those three a fourth element that may surprise some: fiscal responsibility.

“We’re a fiscally moderate caucus,” Kelliher said of the sprawling 85-member majority that now includes significant numbers of moderates from the suburbs, exurbs and rural areas.

This is too easy. If these DFLer’s expect us to believe that they’re fiscally responsible, then they must prove it by not proposing any new taxes. They should prove it by saying that increasing spending in one area is paid for by cuts in another area. In other words, they should adopt Nancy Pelosi’s paygo system.

After all, why should taxpayers believe that any level of government is so efficient that they can’t find any waste in their budgets? Why should we believe that there’s any justification for any tax increases when we’ve already got a $2 billion surplus?

I’m steadfast in believing that taxes will be the millstone around the Democrats’ neck in 2008. They’ve proposed tax hikes in the Minnesota Senate. They’re expected to propose tax hikes in the House. And they’re thinking about increasing taxes in the U.S. House.

It’ll be a particularly difficult to justify increasing taxes on the state level when we’ve got the second largest surplus in Minnesota’s history. That’s why conservatives must hold Democrats’ feet to the fire on this issue. It’s something they should shoot down ASAP before Democrats use it as a bargaining chip in budget negotiations at the end of the session.

I agree with Michael Broadkorb on Ms. Kelliher’s quote: It’s a keeper. I’d add that it’ll be an electoral millstone around Democrats’ necks in 2008.

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