I just finished watching the Face-Off segment of At Issue With Tom Hauser. Suffice it to say that today’s segment is pure gold to Republicans. Here’s the key exchange:

HAUSER: No matter how this budget is resolved this year, can you guarantee that in 2 years that there won’t be another request for another tax increase, maybe on these same wealthy taxpayers?
HARTNETT: It could happen and it depends on what services we need.
HAUSER: At what point does this spiral end?
HARTNETT: I have not seen the Democrats say they want to drive every rich person from the country. There are plenty of rich Democrats who get the same taxes as those rich Republicans.

Admitting that raising taxes this year might not prevent Gov. Dayton from asking for another tax increase two years from now is stunning for a couple reasons.

First, it says that raising taxes won’t help grow the economy. Why on God’s green earth would we do something that grows Minnesota’s government but doesn’t grow Minnesota’s economy? It’s an admission that the DFL puts a higher prioritiy on funding Minnesota’s government than it puts on growing Minnesota’s economy.

Second, it’s a straightforward admission that the DFL worries more about spending, spending, spending than about the taxpayers’ wallets.

Shouldn’t the focus of the budget be as least as much on building a strong economy as it is on balancing the budget? In fact, shouldn’t it be focused more on building a strong economy than on balancing the budget?

The Dayton administration hasn’t shown any interest in building a healthy economy. The Dayton administration’s attitude, along with the DFL’s attitude, has steadfastly been about government, not the economy. That’s a trainwreck waiting to happen.

Gov. Dayton is intent on proving Margaret Thatcher’s old saying right, that the problem with socialism is that, sooner or later, you run out of other people’s money to spend.

The other stunning thing about Ms. Hartnett’s admission is that she apparently thinks most Minnesotans think that funding government programs is more important than building a strong economy. A thoughtful listener couldn’t make that conclusion because they’d know that creating alot of private sector jobs is Minnesotans’ top priority.

It’s time the DFL and their media shills woke up to what Minnesotans want most: a thriving private sector economy. Raising taxes and increasing spending won’t create a thriving private private sector economy.

It’s just that simple.

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7 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Taxes Might Be Raised in 2013, too”

  • Rex Newman says:

    Kudos to Hauser for pointing out that in effect, Dayton isn’t compromising at all. He’ll be back for the rest next biennium, maybe even 2012. And CH had no answer for when the spiral ends, tacitly admitting yes, there is a spiral.

  • Gary Gross says:

    If the RPM or an independent expenditure organization is paying attention, & I’m betting they are, they’ll turn this into an advertising campaign.

  • walter hanson says:

    Is it in the state constitution let alone the US constitution that we have to spend money that we don’t have and we harm the economy by taxing it to death.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • Gary Hanson says:

    Not only do I not think its accidental I think the DEMs think that if they play the poor class warfare card. You see it in the national and state talking points. My question to all their whinning is. Why don’t you all take the guess work out of it. Go flat tax across the board indivduals and business, no loop de loops. then you know what you have coming in and stick to it for spending. What will this do. Well open up some office space as the IRS should be able to down size, along with a bunch of ambulance chaser Lawyers. And then if you have the Flat tax no one rides for free, even the poor class as you want to call them. But they make or get a buck they pay in say 23 cents for all. Then lets see how they vote. When you have 45+% paying nothing into the pot of gold. Because they don’t have anything to lose do you think they would pay attention if it costs them some change. But no that wouldn’t pass the libby people. And throw in a IQ test as well. If you can not figure out that if you have more peope retiring than are putting into the system, that it will go broke eventually then you go sit in the corner here are some crayons. Maybe they should give them coffee vouchers.. so they can wake up and smell the coffee.

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