What DFL activists did after the final Saturday of the session was despicable. What they did after the marriage amendment is described in this email:

What became unnerving was that last night as we moved closer to the vote they got louder and faster. There was one woman who screeched every time the main doors opened. Made me long for a pair of socks. It was an experience I will remember a long time. Especially seeing the backs of the state troopers–as they lined up shoulder to shoulder to keep the crowd from touching us. And the screaming, “Shame! Shame!” at us. Doesn’t really go with earlier in the evening when they were singing Amazing Grace, and shouting “No Hate”. Of course, they seemed to think it was perfectly loving to scream “Bigot” 10 inches from my face and spit on one of the other reps. (By the way, he has MS, walks with a cane and is a little slower. No hate, right?

I’ve omitted the name of the legislator because they’ve received tons of venomous emails. I won’t add to this legislator’s hate mail.

The Republican legislator in question is Rod Hamilton. As described in this email, Rep. Hamilton walks with a cane because he has MS. Because of his MS, he couldn’t follow the path that the other GOP legislators took because his knees can’t bend enough to take the steps. Because of his MS, Rep. Hamilton must take the elevator to go from the House Chamber to other meeting rooms on other floors.

This is disgusting and then some. Let’s remember that Rep. Hamilton was the sole Republican legislator to walk that hall, that Rep. Hamilton walks with a cane and with a noticeable limp. That’s the man that these DFL activists spat on.

That wasn’t enough for these DFL activists. Instead, they got the other GOP legislator’s face and screamed “Bigot!!! Bigot!!!”

If there’s anything that’s almost as despicable as DFL activists spitting on Rep. Hamilton over a policy dispute, though admittedly a deeply personal policy dispute, it’s the way DFL that DFL legislators came and left the House floor.

Because of the DFL activists’ noisemaking, the doors were shut to allow debate. I’ve learned from several other GOP legislators that DFL legislators made a habit of leaving the House Chamber by way of the closed doors. When those doors opened, which is mandated when a legislator leaves the Chamber, the DFL legislators would take their sweet time walking through the door.

I’m told that the reason why DFL legislators did that was to give the DFL’s activists plenty of time to hurl invectives at GOP legislators. I’m told that this went on throughout the debate.

Let’s be clear about things.

1. The DFL’s activists’ actions were the most vile actions of this sordid episode. Their actions will be remembered years from now as the actions of lunatics and hatemongers.
2. The DFL legislators’ aiding the DFL activists’ actions were despicable, too. These legislators should be criticized and rebuked on the House Floor for assisting lunatics spew their hate. There is no place in politics for the DFL’s craven actions.
3. The DFL’s media apologists should be ashamed for not reporting the DFL’s despicable behavior.

Finally, when talk started over putting a question on the ballot on Minnesota becoming a right to work state, Gov. Dayton told rabid crowds that he wouldn’t let Wisconsin come to Minnesota, refering to Gov. Scott Walker’s stand against public employees’ excessive pensions.

Gov. Dayton was partially right in that the right to work constitutional amendment didn’t make it onto the 2012 ballot. He couldn’t be further from the truth, though, in that the intimidation tactics utilized by Wisconsin’s union thugs were used by the DFL gay rights activists the night of the traditional marriage debate.

In that very real sense, Wisconsin’s disgusting behavior moved to Minnesota. The DFL should be very ashamed of themselves for their behavior and the behavior of their activists.

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9 Responses to “Exposing the DFL’s Debauchery”

  • Representative says:

    As a member of the MN Legislature and one who voted for the amendment, I too am appalled at the behavior from that night. I am still processing that night and I partially blanked out leaving the Chamber. Never have I thought I would have witnessed such disgusting behavior. Every email I get that talks about Love I want to reply saying there was no love that night.

    Go to uptake and watch the video of when the debate got over. I would bet my life I saw Rep. Hayden shouting Shame. It’s a quick shot but non the less….the DFL were acting mean and spiteful at their so called rally.

  • Bill C says:

    “The DFL should be very ashamed of themselves for their behavior and the behavior of their activists.”

    They should be, but they have none. I’d use the term “whores” but this is a family channel.

  • eric z says:

    New blog layout. Done over the weekend, or earlier?

    You put that “Donate” button right at the top. Thinking like a Republican, ya sure.

    It looks good, Gary, spoofing aside.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Thanks Eric. I finished the main part of it Sunday night. I did some re-jiggering today. All that’s left is a little tweaking & fine-tuning.

  • Alan says:

    It’s apparent to me that the DFL and their allies HATE the idea that Minnesotans will have a chance to vote on the marriage amendment. Their darkest fear will come true . . . Minnesotan’s will vote for a constitutional amendment to support marriage between one man and one woman.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Alan, I think it’s wrong to believe that the DFL hate putting THIS issue up for a vote. In talking with several DFL activists, I’m convinced that they view this issue as a civil rights issue.

    I agree that the DFL won’t hesitate in voting against the will of the people. I’ll further agree that DFL legislators too often are central planning control freaks. This time, though, I think they’re genuinely motivated by the belief that people shouldn’t get a vote on a human rights issue.

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