This evening, Senate GOP Communications Director Michael Brodkorb posted this tweet:

@SenateDFL redistricting staffer= $66000; DFL Workstation= $3500, DFL Plotter= $11000, DFL Printer= $3500, DFL Software= $10000 #nomaps

I wrote in this post that the Senate DFL leadership is now proposing to not draw any maps the rest of this session:

1. In the interest of promoting bipartisan discussions, we will not be introducing any redistricting plans for the rest of this session.
2. Let’s develop joint redistricting principles that are truly open and fair. We should invite nonpartisan academics or other nonpartisan experts to vet the content and the structure of potential principles and indices to remove all partisan bias.
3. Let’s take our plan out to the community for public comment. We suggest one meeting each in each of the congressional districts over the interim. Let’s open the process for the people to submit their own plans.
4. Then let’s try and come up with and pass a truly nonpartisan plan when we return next year that will be signed by the Governor.

In other words, the Senate DFL spent $94,000 of the taxpayers’ money on the personnel and equipment they needed to put a redistricting map together, then refused to propose a map in committee.

Minnesota, how does it feel to know that the DFL spent $94,000 of your hard-earned tax dollars on redistricting personnel, software and hardware, then see them refuse to create a redistricting map? Does that make you feel happy? Or are you infuriated that they’re using the personnel, software and hardware to create the map that they’ll submit for the appeal?

Now that the DFL confirmed that the DFL isn’t putting a redistricting map together, it’s appropriate that Minnesota taxpayers hold DFL legislators’ feet to the fire for wasting the taxpayers’ money. That money is wasted because the Senate DFL refused to accept responsibility for something that’s done once a decade. It’s one of their affirmative responsibilities and they failed miserably.

According to the Senate’s employee list, Vic Thorstensen is the DFL’s Redistricting Specialist. If you wish to express your outrage, Mr. Thorstensen can be reached at 651-297-8070.

Remember that I’ve just talked about the Senate DFL thus far.

Let’s remember that the redistricting money is split 4 ways. There’s the Senate GOP budget, the House GOP budget, the Senate DFL budget and the House DFL budget. That budget includes money for staffing, redistricting software and the computers and workstations that utilize the redistricting software.

According to the House staff directory, the DFL redistricting analyst is Jaime Tincher. Tom Des Lauriers is the DFL’s Redistricting Technician in the House. (Des Lauriers’ phone number is 651-296-6650; Ms. Tincher’s number is 651-296-3909 if you’d like to ask them what they’ve done to earn their salaries.)

That’s alot of staff to hire and not get any work product from it. Again, I ask Minnesotans whether they got their money’s worth from the DFL this year. They didn’t produce a budget plan. They didn’t generate a redistricting map.

What the DFL has done is complain that the Republicans’ plan doesn’t spend enough on the DFL’s special interest allies and it doesn’t tax Minnesota’s job creators enough. Rep. Thissen has specialized in that. Meanwhile, Sen,. Bakk has spent his time insisting that the GOP doesn’t understand St. Paul’s convoluted ways.

While Sen. Bakk might be right about that, I’d argue that I’d wear that as a badge of honor. I don’t consider it a great accomplishment to understand totally twisted logic and wasteful government.

Shame on the Do-Nothing DFL legislature. They’ve avoided responsibility because they didn’t produce anything of consequence in terms of a redistricting map or a budget.

Rest assured that this blog will remind Minnesotans that the DFL wasted upwards of $200,000 on redistricting staff in the House and Senate, redistricting software and the computers to run the DFL’s redistricting software while not creating a single state legislative or U.S. Congressional district map.

The DFL owes Minnesotans an apology for not taking responsibility for their part of the budget or redistricting. The DFL can’t say with a straight face that they’ve had a productive session.

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11 Responses to “More Redistricting Outrages”

  • eric z says:

    It looks as if Brodkorb is becoming more of the spokesperson for GOP leadership, while Sutton is reported now by Strib as resigning from CAGE.

    Is this only an outsider’s perception, or is Sutton taking a back seat, with Brodkorb more the full time party leader?

    And, what’s the GOP position on gambling, tribal and expanded?

    It seems there is none.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Brodkorb is the Senate GOP Communications Director. His talking about redistricting is simply explained. It’s part of his official responsibility.

  • Eric Austin says:

    Speaking of productive, have you gotten a job yet so that we hardworking taxpayers can stop paying for your do nothingness?

  • Chad Quigley says:

    Way to stay on topic Eric A. Again, the whole problem with the GOP is that they do not get this info out to the public. The DFL is ready and willing to step up to the mic/camera and whine that they aren’t getting their way while the GOP just sits back and takes it without so much as a peep, well except for the tweet.

  • J. Ewing says:

    And they want to postpone the whole redistricting thing until next year? Whatever for? I mean, we know their knee-jerk and only reaction to the GOP plan is going to be to scream about it, but if that’s the only plan “we” have, what are “our” choices? Or theirs? If you can’t show us a better plan, if only by your own yardstick and after spending a boodle of OUR money trying, then just quit trying to tell us you can.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Chad, it’s best that you understand that Eric’s comments aren’t on topic. He’s a hater whose comments are proof of his hating. He’s fed at the public trough all his life but he’s criticized people who’ve used the government’s safety from time to time.

    Let me set the record straight once for all time to come. Yes, I’m enrolled in MinnesotaCare. That’s the only form of government assistance I’ve ever received. PERIOD. I’ve lived off of my 401(k) plus some contracting income doing research for various companies. These contracting jobs are TOTALLY INDEPENDENT of this blog.

    If Eric Austin wants to show his ‘tolerance’ by being a hate machine, I can’t prevent that. In fact, I won’t worry again whether he’s critical of me about anything. He just isn’t that important to me.

    It’s worth noting that Eric can’t argue that the DFL has been productive. He didn’t attempt it because he’d be utterly ridiculed for arguing that the DFL is interested in being part of the solution. Whether they’ve been the majority or the minority, the DFL has refused to put an official budget together. In fact, in 2009, then-Speaker Kelliher admitted that they wouldn’t be putting an official budget together. That’s verifiable fact. At the time, she said that they’d “be working off of the governor’s budget.”

    Now the gutless wonders are sitting on the sidelines, whining that we aren’t spending enough & that we aren’t killing enough jobs by raising taxes on Minnesota’s job creators. If the DFL wants to go to a special session by claiming that we aren’t feeding government enough & that we aren’t raising taxes, then let’s have that fight. It’s a fight that they’ll lose bigtime on.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Chad, I’m perfectly willing to hold the DFL & Gov. Dayton accountable. To do that, though, I need to be able to pay my bills. I can continue holding the DFL accountable if people like you drop a few dollars in the tip jar at the bottom of the page.

    I’m good at reporting things accurately. I love transcribing hey exchanges in committee hearings & I’m not afraid to call people out when they aren’t doing their jobs.

  • Eric Austin says:

    “He’s a hater whose comments are proof of his hating. He’s fed at the public trough all his life but he’s criticized people who’ve used the government’s safety from time to time.”

    Oh that’s classic. I have a job and pay dearly for my own health care and I am “feeding at the public trough” and YOU are just temporarily using the government’s safety? If that doesn’t show how blind you are to your own hypocrisy I don’t know what does.

    I don’t hate you, Gary. I have too much other shit to do to put the time in it takes to hate. I do, however, think you are a hypocrite and a mindless drone whose sole purpose is to repeat whatever the Republicans say as gold and denigrate everything that the DFL says. So, my purpose from time to time is to stop by and remind you about your hypocrisy and inaccuracies.

    You aren’t even brave enough (just like your bromance Steve Gottwalt) to allow me to follow you on twitter.

    As for this post, what can I say other than meh. It is really just you whining and it wouldn’t really matter what the DFL did you would still whine about it so forgive me if I don’t really care what you think the DFL minorities should or shouldn’t be doing.

  • Gary Gross says:

    So you’ve told Tom Dooher to stop lobbying the legislature for increased funding while the state is broke, right???

    If you don’t hate me & you haven’t been able to prove me wrong yet in your Gross Inaccuracies posts, then what is your motivation? As for “repeating whatever the Republicans say as gold”, you’ve been wrong about that since the start. You’re just too hateful to admit that I’m a leader, not a follower.

    As for blocking you on Twitter, I’ve got better things to do than deal with your BS.

    Finally, the DFL hasn’t done the people’s business from the start of this session. They’ve whined. They’ve refused to put a redistricting map together after the taxpayers paid upwards of $200,000 for their redistricting team & probably another $35,000 for the computers & redistricting software. That’ll play well when the publis hears about that, won’t it? They’ve even refused to sponsor Dayton’s budget.

    The reality is that the DFL has a spending plan for $37,000,000,000. They’ve got a budget for $34,300,000,000 because they won’t vote for tax increases. That’s prove historical fact. This DFL legislature is filled with gutless wonders & smack-talking windbags. There isn’t a leader in the bunch. Go stick that in your pipe & smoke it.

  • Eric A – well what would you call it if you begrudge a retiree (who happens to not agree with your political opinion) access to affordable healthcare? If hater is not an accurate word what is?

    OH – maybe hypocrite? Or possibly just a rank mean-spirited political hack?

    Which is it Eric?


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