This morning on @Issue With Tom Hauser, Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch and House Speaker Kurt Zellers were questioned by Hauser about Gov. Dayton’s statement that GOP numbers don’t add up. To their credit, Leader Koch and Speaker Zellers didn’t go soft on the question.

Sen. Koch said that it was Gov. Dayton’s proposal that doesn’t add up, saying that Gov. Dayton’s budget won’t balance “without Gov. Dayton’s $2.7 billion tax increase.” She then said that there isn’t DFL support to pass the bill.

Sen. Koch then essentially said that Gov. Dayton is playing games with the numbers, saying that, in several instances, MMB agrees with the GOP’s numbers but Gov. Dayton disagrees with the GOP’s reforms.

Let me be succinct about this. Gov. Dayton’s dishonest statements are aimed at causing a trainwreck at the end of the session. That’s what he’s been hinting at since the start of session.

Appearing at last week’s press conference, Gov. Dayton pretended like there was substantial bipartisan support for his tax increases. That isn’t the truth. When they held the vote on the Dayton tax increases, it got 1 vote, that coming from Rep. Thomassoni.

DFL bloggers will say that that’s only because Gov. Dayton texted Rep. Thissen and Sen. Bakk, urging them to not vote for his plan. He then said that the votes were a PR stunt.

The dirty little secret is that they wouldn’t have passed had he not texted them to vote against his tax increases. Gov. Dayton did that to save face from being embarrassed by his own party. Had DFL legislators vote their will, Gov. Dayton would’ve suffered an embarrassing defeat early in the session.

Let’s remember the lessons from 2009. That’s the year when Sen. Bakk’s tax increase passed a veto-proof Senate majority by a 35-31 margin. That’s the year that Rep. Lenczewski’s tax increase passed by a 68-66 margin. That’s the year that the DFL held a 46-21 seat majority in the Senate and an 87-47 seat majority in the House.

Now they’re in the minority. Does Gov. Dayton think that votes for his tax increases will magically appear? Does he think that there’s a silent majority in the legislature for his tax increases? If he thinks that, then he’s either not listening to Rep. Thissen and Sen. Bakk or Rep. Thissen and Sen. Bakk aren’t telling him the truth.

I doubt it’s the latter.

It isn’t debatable that there’s substantial DFL opposition towards Gov. Dayton’s tax increases in the House and Senate.

It’s time Gov. Dayton returned from his vacation in La-La Land and returned to Realityville.

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