AFSCME is a corrupt organization. There isn’t much doubt after the president of their Michigan chapter said that they’d use their people as a weapon to shut down the state of Michigan. There isn’t any doubt after considering the fact that it was AFSCME thugs that told Dawn Bobo that they’d boycott her business if she didn’t put their sign supporting them in their fight against Gov. Scott Walker.

Further evidence of their corruption is this poster:

The lies in this poster make it clear that AFSCME isn’t interested in the truth. These aren’t verifiable numbers. They’re numbers made up to spread fear amongst Minnesotans so they can win a budget battle and continue raising taxes.

The thought that Republican reforms will kill 30,000 jobs this biennium isn’t a realistic number, though I definitely like the thought of trimming 5,000 state government jobs through retirement.

Anyone that thinks state government isn’t big or powerful enough isn’t a conservative. They’re likely a Gov. Dayton supporter.

What AFSCME definitely isn’t telling Minnesota is that it’s projected that 6% of Minnesota’s government workforce is retiring each of the next 3 years. I suspect that a significant number of these jobs ‘lost’ are retirements.

AFSCME is a corrupt organization. They’ve proven that repeatedly. There’s no reason to trust these scare tactic figures. And make no mistake about this: this flyer is all about scaring people into supporting them and the alphabet soup of other government unions.

The other figure that isn’t trustworthy is the one about the GOP budget raising taxes more than Gov. Dayton’s budget. Gov. Dayton’s budget calls for raising taxes by $2,000,000,000. This weekend, Ken Martin told Almanac that the GOP budget would raise property taxes by $1,400,000,000. Which lie will they stick with?

I spoke with several area legislators at the flyaround this afternoon. They told me that mayors have approached them that’ve said ‘They don’t speak for me. I’m not planning on raising taxes.’

The myth that needs exploding is that LGA increases will prevent property tax increases. Rep. Kiffmeyer said at the flyaround that testimony given in the House Taxes Committee from Gov. Dayton’s staff is that raising LGA won’t guarantee that property taxes won’t still increase.

AFSCME’s numbers are mythical or outright lies. Either way, they shouldn’t be trusted.

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