Thanks to on of Jedediah Bila’s great columns, we’re able to see that Mike Huckabee is too willing to look away from liberal policies. Here’s what I’m talking about:

On “Fox News Sunday,” Mike Huckabee declared, “What Michelle Obama is proposing is not that the government tells you that you can’t eat dessert. What Michelle Obama has proposed is that we recognize that we have a serious obesity crisis, which we do.”

Similarly, at a Christian Science Monitor-sponsored event on Feb. 23, Huckabee opined that Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity campaign has been greeted negatively by some conservatives “because she is the one presenting it.” He added, “I still think that her approach is the right one. I do not think that she’s out there advocating that the government take over our dinner plates. In fact, she’s not. She’s been criticized unfairly by a lot of my fellow conservatives. I think it’s out of a reflex rather than out of a thoughtful expression, and that’s one of the things that bug me most about the political environment of the day.”

There’s just one problem with Huckabee’s apologist approach. It isn’t rooted in reality:

As reported by The New York Times, “A team of advisers to Mrs. Obama has been holding private talks over the past year with the National Restaurant Association, a trade group, in a bid to get restaurants to adopt her goals of smaller portions and children’s meals that include healthy offerings such as carrots, apple slices, and milk instead of French fries and soda.”

The column continued, “The discussions are preliminary, and participants say they are nowhere near an agreement like the one Mrs. Obama announced recently with Walmart to lower prices on fruits and vegetables and to reduce the amount of fat, sugar, and salt in its foods. But they reveal how assertively she is working to prod the industry to sign on to her agenda.”

The Times added, “Her team has worked with beverage makers to design soda cans with calorie counts and is deeply involved in a major remake of the government’s most recognizable tool for delivering its healthy-eating message: the food pyramid. She encouraged lawmakers to require restaurants to print nutrition information on menus, a provision that wound up in President Obama’s landmark health care law.”

There’s no arguing that Gov. Huckabee is a nice guy. Unfortunately, he’s tippytoed around Democrats rather than fighting for liberty. We don’t need a wimp. We need a lion.

It’s bad enough that he won’t deal with reality. It’s worse when he says things like “She’s been criticized unfairly by a lot of my fellow conservatives. I think it’s out of a reflex rather than out of a thoughtful expression.” Gov. Huckabee isn’t dealing with reality.

In his quest to be respectful to liberals, he’s given this administration the ability to run roughshod on our liberty. Now isn’t the time to be nice just for the sake of being nice. It’s time to fight for the principles that strengthen and energize this nation.

Gov. Huckabee makes some sense some of the time but he’s too liberal or too wimpy too often for me to support him. Playing the nice guy against people that have repeatedly shown that they’re willing to jam things (like O’Care and the stimulus) down our throats is stupid. It’s ceding a battlefield without a fight.

Ceding important fights is what’s caused the jumbo-sized debt crisis. Too often, Sen. McCain, Sen. Graham and other wimps have put a higher priority on accomodating Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid than they’ve put on fighting for important policies that expand our liberties and increase our prosperity.

Gov. Huckabee thinks that he’s got a shot of winning the South Carolina primary. That’s delusional thinking. That’s Jim Demint’s state. It’s also Lindsey Graham’s state. Don’t be fooled by that latter fact. Had the SC GOP found a viable candidate, they would’ve defeated Sen. Graham in the primary.

I won’t support someone that doesn’t fight well-intentioned, intrusive government. Those types of politicians are a dime-a-dozen. However, I’ll enthusiastically support candidates that unabashedly fight for liberty. I’d bet the proverbial ranch that the vast majority of independents would flock to those types of candidates and elected officials.

Thanks to Ms. Bila, Gov. Huckabee is exposed as being timid in the name of niceness. If your opponent wants to ignore you and pound you into the pavement, your first reaction shouldn’t be to befriend your opponent. My first instinct is fight for what’s right, not what isn’t controversial.

President Obama and his union thug allies have signalled that this campaign won’t be for the faint of heart. Sending a wimp into that arena won’t cut it. It’ll take a lion, not a wimp, to defeat President Obama and his thug allies.

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5 Responses to “Huckabee, the Wimp”

  • eric z says:

    You disagree with food content labels?

    I think it is a small step, but a needed one.

    One thought is to be harder on the additives fed livestock, since many view the chemicals used to fatten cattle and poultry as part of what we eat with a steak or chicken sandwich.

    Obesity also is an outgrowth of a sedentary lifestyle.

    I would be curious to know how the military applies food science as part of keeping a fighting force healthy and trim.

    I expect you’d have no problems with food consumption management there. But then why encourage lax practices in the private sector?

    Do you disagree with things such as enriched flour?

    Fluoridation of drinking water?

    Energy efficient lighting?

  • eric z says:

    On the closing you wrote, send in a Goliath. Send in a Timmy.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Wake up Eric. We already have food content labels. They’ve existed most of my adult life. I’ve never complained about them. That’s, at best, a phoney argument.

    The First Lady’s ‘team’ talking (I suspect dictating to) with the National Restaurant Association on food portion sizes is Nanny State control freakism at its worst. This administration’s obsession with cramming things down people’s throats will be its demise.

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