This is getting exceptionally old. John Lesch is posted a tweet which Bob Hume retweeted:

RT @johnlesch: Dear GOP, we cannot afford your $1 Billion property tax increase.

Rep. Lesch, Aren’t you capable of telling the truth? Earlier this week, I wrote this post about Prior Lake running a $2,000,000 surplus. They aren’t treading water. They aren’t sinking. They’re running a $2,000,000 surplus.

How, you ask? First, here’s a little research on Prior Lake’s LGA. It was eliminated in 2010. That’s right. ELIMINATED. ZEROED OUT. NADA. The reason why they’re running a surplus is because Mayor Mike Myser initiated a task force with the instruction of streamlining government. I know that because the Lady Logician was part of that task force.

One of the things this task force did was they streamlined the building permit process. There was a lengthy list of things they streamlined. As a result, property taxes haven’t gone up in Prior Lake and the city is runnning a surplus.

It’s getting tiring to hear the DFL whine that cutting LGA automatically triggers higher property taxes. That’s another DFL myth disproved by Prior Lake’s experience.

In short, streamlining government, saying no from time to time and living within their means adds up to stabilizing property taxes. It’s amazing how that works.

One key principle behind the Prior Lake success story is the fact that the task force didn’t approach the process with a ‘sacred cow’ mindset. Everything was on the table. They didn’t say that things weren’t possible because they’d never done things that way before.

In DFL strongholds, they’ve been forced to cut budgets or raise property taxes. What hasn’t apparently hasn’t happened is them asking whether entire agencies or certain positions are really needed.

In the St. Cloud area, the GRRL, aka the Great River Regional Library, attended the Misery Tour’s stop in St. Cloud. Their representative implored the legislators to “have the courage to raise taxes” so that their libraries wouldn’t have to shut down early on Saturdays.

I remember turning to Luke Yurczyk, the SD-14 chairman, and asking “Did she ever consider the possibility that they didn’t need the library to be open on Saturday nights?” The mindset was that of a person who never considered the possibility of doing anything that they weren’t already doing.

The DFL is insisting that LGA cuts automatically lead to higher property taxes. I’ve just provided proof that that’s DFL fiction. That won’t stop the DFL from repeating that fiction. It just means that they aren’t telling We The People the truth.

That might’ve worked a decade ago but it won’t in a TEA Party world. People are skeptical on a good day. After seeing Prior Lake do what supposedly isn’t possible, people are more than a little skeptical and deservedly so.

If politicians try selling us one bill of goods after another, then we’ll keep firing them the first Tuesday of November of even-numbered years. NO MORE!!! will we accept myths and untruths.

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9 Responses to “DFL LGA Fiction Continues”

  • J. Ewing says:

    Prior Lake isn’t the only city doing just fine with zero LGA. There are a lot of them. Curiously enough, they all seem to be represented by GOP legislators. What a coincidence, eh?

  • Chad Quigley says:

    Lesch is an idiot you only hear from him when he can exploit an issue. If you debate him with hard facts he folds like a cheap DFL tent. LGA cuts do not mean higher property taxes if you have a resposible council. He’ll be shooting his mouth off tomorrow along with Alice Hausman and the now “retired” Ellen Anderson at the Como Park Pavillion starting at 10 AM. Come and listen if you want to hear more DFL chanting points and see a bunch of bobbing heads.

  • Wendy says:

    Prior Lake lost all of their LGA in 2003, plus the state has been keeping back a portion of their property tax levy, by making the city pay for a state property tax credit (called Market Value Homestad Credit). Many of the suburbs have been in the same boat. Prior Lake is somewhat unique in running a surplus, though.

  • walter hanson says:


    I think some Democrat controlled organizations are doing fine. The Hennepin County board is controlled by the Democrats and hit hard by state and federal cuts. Their budget had no property tax increases this year.

    My property taxes went up because Minneapolis raised the taxes. They are less dependent on aide than Hennepin County was.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • Gary Gross says:

    Walter, I know it’s a tall task but you’ve got to figure out a way to trigger the pragmatic side of some of these DFLers. Otherwise, the Twin Cities will continue to shrink & what’s currently considered outstate will continue growing.

    More & more people are seeing the destruction caused by hardline progressive policies. Based on the census data, I’d argue that they’re sprinting, not walking, away from those policies.

  • Prior Lake had been loosing LGA sincen the mid 90’s. The resolution took many years but (to give credit where due) some of the solution started with Mayor Haugen. The task force I was on was during his term.


  • Gary Gross says:

    Thanks for that information.

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