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There’s no question whether Joe Biden maintained a reputation for decades as a centrist. That reputation isn’t withstanding the pressure of his latest presidential campaign. Byron York’s article highlights how the Democrats’ presumptive nominee is transforming from a centrist into a leftist.

York’s first example is Biden’s years-long defense of President Obama’s deportation of illegal aliens. In his article, York wrote “Biden has defended the Obama administration’s record on deportations against those on the left who criticized President Barack Obama as the ‘deporter in chief.’ Then came last month’s Nevada caucuses. After ugly losses in Iowa and New Hampshire, Biden was struggling for life in Nevada and trying to appeal to the Hispanic voters who made up a substantial portion of state Democrats. All of a sudden, Biden backtracked on the Obama deportations he used to defend. ‘There were too many,’ Biden told Univision’s Jorge Ramos. ‘I saw the pain in the eyes of so many people who saw their families being deported. I know what it’s like to lose family members. It was painful.'”

Biden’s immigration transformation didn’t stop there, though:

As the Nevada vote neared, Biden promised that if he became president he would not deport anyone, no one, under any circumstances, during his first 100 days in office. After that, Biden said he would deport only those who have committed felonies in the United States. Biden repeated the pledge at his recent debate with Sen. Bernie Sanders, his last remaining rival for the nomination.

Think about that, people. A Biden administration promises to not faithfully execute this nation’s laws. In this debate, Sleepy Joe and Crazy Bernie gave the same answer on whether local communities should turn over illegal immigrants to their administration:

It doesn’t get much more leftist for a Democrat than that. Joe Biden got the reputation of Blue Collar Joe for standing with coal miners, construction workers and blue collar families. Blue Collar Joe doesn’t exist. Here’s proof:

Biden’s centrist-to-leftist transformation is complete.

During the Democrats’ Sunday night presidential debate, Bernie Sanders twisted Joe Biden into killing Biden’s presidential hopes. Sanders started by saying “I’m talking about stopping fracking as soon as we possibly can and telling the fossil fuel industry they’re going to stop destroying the planet. Your heart is in the right place but it doesn’t take on the fossil fuel industry.”

Sleepy Joe couldn’t let that stand so he replied “No new fracking and, BTW, on the Recovery Act, I was able to make sure we invested $90,000,000,000 in making sure we brought down the price of solar and wind that is lower the price of coal.” That drew this response from the Twitterverse:

If anyone knows the politics of Appalachia better than Salena Zito, I wouldn’t know who it’d be. I don’t think that person exists. Reading through Ms. Zito’s articles quickly informs people that she travels extensively through what I’d nickname Blue Collar America. She doesn’t just know the area. It’s apparent that it’s part of who she is.

The article continues, saying “Biden’s official climate plan posted on his website does not commit to a fracking ban and allows for the potential of using fossil fuels in the near term while pledging that the United States will reach net-zero emissions by 2050.” I wonder how Sleepy Joe gets around that one.

The truth is that Joe is just a typical sleepy-headed dishonest politician. It’s quite possible that he’ll tell the next gathering of miners that he’d be their best friend in DC, not knowing that video of tonight’s debate exists. In 2004, this two-faced act became nicknamed “Tom Daschle Disease.” Sen. Daschle was the Democrats’ leader in the Senate at the time. In 2005, Sen. Daschle was a year into involuntary retirement.

President Trump based his campaign on connecting with these communities. That’s why he’s nicknamed the “Blue Collar Billionaire.”

To hear the MSM tell it, Joe Biden is a legitimate moderate cut from the cloth of Daniel Patrick Moynihan. That’s who Sleepy Joe was but it isn’t who he is. Moderate Joe supported the Hyde Amendment. Today’s Joe opposes it. Moderate Joe supported energy independence. Today’s Joe opposes fracking. In fact, Today’s Joe wants fracking eliminated immediately:

Moderate Joe was an illegal immigration dove. Today’s Joe wants all illegal immigrants to stay unless they’ve committed violent crimes. In short, Today’s Joe wants to turn the United States into a sanctuary nation. Don’t bet on that playing well in the suburbs where crime is rising faster than property taxes. Then there’s this:

If that’s your definition of a moderate, then Bernie has a spot for you on his senior staff. Yikes.

At the start of this video, a young lady questioned Bernie Sanders about Joe Biden’s mental health:

Bernie responded by saying “I’m not going to go at that level and attacking…Joe and I have…Look, that’s something for people to decide. All I can say is that Joe and I have very significant political differences and I’m not going to be making any personal attacks on Joe. That’s not what I do.” At that point, the audience applauded spontaneously.

What a total wimp Bernie is. Joe Biden is having major cognitive disturbances. Everyone has noticed them. There’s even a video out by Bill Whittle that says “I’m Joe Biden and I forgot this message.” The video lasts 20+ minutes:

If Sen. Sanders won’t highlight Biden’s mental acuity issues, then he’s a wimp who is selectively tough guy. Back when I was getting started as an activist, we used to talk about a presidential candidate passing the Commander-in-Chief Test. Joe Biden can’t pass anything except the slobbering-old-grandpa-in=the-nursing-home test at this point.

These aren’t gaffes. They’re happening daily. Here’s another incident:

If Bernie wants to be president, he can’t be this wimpy. If he won’t take people on about the big things, then he isn’t a legitimate presidential candidate. Imagine that spineless idiot negotiating with Iran, Russia, China or North Korea. That’s a frightening thought.

H/T to Powerline’s Scott Johnson for highlighting this:

This must stop. Biden’s family must intervene ASAP. Constantly forgetting people’s names, especially your boss’s, brings into question whether Biden is still competent. At this point, I’m not certain he is.

It’s cruel to let a man that’s clearly having difficulties make a fool of himself while the whole world is watching. The DNC doesn’t care, though. Tom Perez hasn’t stopped at anything to prevent Bernie from being the Democrats’ nominee. Perez hasn’t hidden the fact that he’ll change the rules to prevent Tulsi Gabbard from participating in debates. But I digress.

It’s painfully obvious that Biden’s mind isn’t right. These aren’t like his previous gaffes, either, like when he told President Obama it was a big effing deal about Obamacare. That’s just a foul-mouthed old fart acting like a wise-ass. This isn’t like Biden talking about going to 7-11 stores without “a slight Indian accent”:

Nothing in those situations suggests that he’s lost command of his memories. The videos at the top of this post raise questions whether Biden’s mind is right enough to be the leader of the free world. Frankly, I’m not certain, at this point, he’s capable of running a neighborhood lemonade stand.

It’s been confirmed that Sen. Amy Klobuchar has suspended her campaign to become the Democrats’ presidential nominee in 2020. It’s further been confirmed that she’s flying to Dallas to endorse Joe Biden at a rally tonight.

This weekend, the Democrats’ field has narrowed substantially. Saturday night, billionaire Tom Steyer dropped out. Yesterday, Pete Buttigieg dropped out. Today, Amy Klobuchar dropped out. Thus far, she’s the only Democrat presidential candidate to endorse another candidate. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren has said that she’s in it for the long haul.

The new Klobuchar-Biden alliance is a big deal from the perspective that she’s one of the most-respected so-called moderates in the race. She showed herself, for the most part, to be a capable debater. By endorsing Biden tonight in Texas, she’s giving VP Biden a boost in a state where polls show him within striking distance of Sen. Sanders. It’s an open question whether the endorsement will help at this late date but it’s worth finding out.

This is the right move for Sen. Klobuchar at this point. It’s been apparent since before the Nevada Caucuses that her campaign wasn’t competitive after her surprising third-place finish in New Hampshire. She finished a distant sixth in Nevada. She followed that up with a distant fifth place finish in South Carolina with just 3.16% of the vote in South Carolina and 4.2% of the vote in Nevada.

UPDATE: Pete Buttigieg will join Sen. Klobuchar at Vice President Biden’s rally tonight. Both former rivals will endorse Joe Biden tonight:

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s Democratic presidential bid picked up steam on Monday as he was set to pick up the endorsements of two former 2020 rivals – Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg – on the eve of the crucial Super Tuesday primary elections.

Following yesterday’s disappointing performance in the Democrats’ South Carolina Presidential Primary, Pete Buttigieg is dropping out of the race. With his exit from the race, pundits expect so-called moderates to consolidate around Joe Biden’s suddenly revived campaign. Whether that happens in reality, that’s another story.

Buttigieg had been scheduled to headline a rally in Dallas, Texas on Sunday night. The charter plane has been rerouted to South Bend, Ind., where Buttigieg will announce that he is dropping out, Fox News has learned.

A campaign aide told Fox News that Buttigieg wants to unite the party. Hours earlier, speaking to NBC News’ “Meet the Press,” Buttigieg vowed that “we’ll be assessing at every turn not only what the right answer is for the campaign, but making sure that every step we take is in the best interest of the party and that goal of making sure we defeat Donald Trump — because our country can’t take four more years of this.”

I agree with Buttigieg. We can’t stand 4 more years of energy independence, super-low unemployment, highlighted by the lowest minority unemployment in this nation’s history, and rising wages. We can’t stand another 4 years of a president who puts America, not the Democrats’ special interests, first.

I’ll miss Buttigieg’s holier-than-thou attitude and his willingness to talk over people at debates. Buttigieg’s civility will be sorely missed now that he’s officially dropping out. Here’s one of those Buttigieg civility lessons:

Seriously, Buttigieg’s ego was overwhelming. He simply wasn’t likable.

Last night, the Democrats’ presidential candidates essentially engaged in a 2-hour-long food fight. Pete Buttigieg, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders seemed to enjoy the festivities the most. At the end, the most common reaction to the food fight across America was ‘Thank God that’s over.’ Democrats did their best to not look competent, composed or somewhat sane.

Now that the shouting match is over, it’s time to get serious about what’s important to the people these buffoons want to serve. At the moment, the top issue is limiting the spread of the Coronavirus. Anyone watching last night’s food fight must admit that nobody on that stage is prepared to lead this nation through a medical crisis.

Think of the Democrats’ presidential candidates. The frontrunner is a Marxist who praised Cuba for starting a literacy program, then started slaughtering their own people. The previous frontrunner supposedly had a good night despite the fact that he said that half the nation’s population had been killed through gun violence in the past 15 years but didn’t notice what he’d said. Pete Buttigieg, who thinks highly of himself despite this fact:

Pete Buttigieg barged in on a protest led by McDonald’s workers in Charleston, South Carolina Monday. While some of the protesters appeared to be supporters, others were not at all pleased to see him, especially when he took the microphone and began to speak.

The protest was in support of workers’ unions and a $15.00 minimum wage. He joined in with the marchers on the front line and helped hold a banner that read “Racial Justice = Economic Justice.” The crowd was mostly African-American. A group of Black Voters Matter protesters began to chant, “Pete can’t be our President, where was $15 in South Bend? when he began his remarks and continued until he cut it short after about a minute or two.

Why would anyone have confidence in these buffoons to properly handle a situation like this? There was a time when the first test for a presidential candidate was passing what I’ve called the commander-in-chief test.

While I don’t think it’s time for panic, I think it’s time to trust in a presidential administration that’s done a pretty good job of handling hurricanes and other crises. I wouldn’t trust the buffoons on last night’s debate stage:

What a bunch of wimps these Democrats are. I watched the Democrats’ last presidential debate before the South Carolina First-in-the-South Primary. After Bernie’s convincing victory in Saturday’s Nevada Caucuses, everyone knew that Bernie would be Tuesday night’s piñata.

As is often the case when expectations run high, this ‘Shoot-out at the OK Corral’ didn’t live up to expectations. It didn’t come close. It wasn’t for lack of trying. It was because none of the people could drop a welterweight. Half the field came in needing to land a KO of Sanders to re-establish momentum. These Democrats didn’t connect, at least not with a hard enough punch to stop Sen. Sanders from plowing through the competition for the Democrats’ nomination.

The Democrats’ debate started off strong enough. Everyone came after Bernie — for the first 10-12 minutes. After that, it was like an out-of-shape boxer who didn’t knock out his opponent by the fourth round. After that, Bernie could essentially cruise. It isn’t that Bernie performed that well. It’s that he survived. Before surviving the night, though, this happened:

There were times that the Democrats’ debate was simply unwatchable. Period. The shouting made it difficult. Listening to a bunch of competing angry voices brag about who could propose the dumbest policies made it impossible to watch.

Other than the shouting, what stood out the most were the attempts to out-progressive each other. This isn’t a progressive nation, as Sen. Warren insisted. It’s a center-right nation, especially right now. The other thing that couldn’t be mistaken was that none of these wimps stand a fighting chance of standing up to President Trump. Trump’s charisma and personality is overwhelming. By comparison, Mini Mike’s personality is as underwhelming as his net worth is overwhelming.

Pete Buttigieg lacks in personality but in a different way. He just isn’t likable. He’s elitist too much of the time and he’s impolite. For most of the night, he tried bullying his way into the conversations. It wasn’t a good look.

The biggest losers last night were the CBS moderators. They lost control virtually immediately. They didn’t regain control until after the final question. They should watch the Fox News moderators for the GOP debates in 2016. That’s how to moderate a debate, maintain control while asking substantive questions.

This was the first time for these moderators so I won’t be too harsh. I’ll just say that there’s room to grow.

If this article sends any message, it’s that Sen. Klobuchar has written off Nevada’s caucuses. This isn’t surprising, considering the fact that she turned in her worst debate performance at the worst possible time. Getting into a food fight with Pete Buttigieg made both look petulant.

The fact that Sen. Klobuchar is campaigning in Colorado, a Super Tuesday state, 2 days before the Nevada Caucuses isn’t a sign of strength. It’s proof that she’s giving up on Nevada. Caucuses take organization, something that Sen. Klobuchar doesn’t have. In New Hampshire, she had a great debate. That catapulted her to a strong third place finish. Her fundraising picked up after that debate, too.

According to RealClearPolitics averages, Sen. Klobuchar hasn’t shown any Klomentum:

The truth is that Sen. Klobuchar’s campaign is essentially dead. After Nevada’s caucuses is South Carolina’s first-in-the-South Primary. She isn’t doing well there, either:

I suspect that South Carolina will be the end of the road for Sen. Klobuchar. Based on this polling from California, I’m betting that Sen. Klobuchar’s fundraising will dry up totally before California:

California is an expensive media state so she wouldn’t be competitive there. If she’s a team player, she’ll drop out after South Carolina. In this video, Klobuchar and Buttigieg both flame out:

Both candidates came across poorly, though I thought Buttigieg came across as a snot-nosed little punk. I thought Klobuchar lost her composure but Buttigieg came across as thoroughly unlikable.