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This afternoon’s press briefing is blowing up in the MSM’s face on social media. It’s about damn time. I wrote this post to highlight the fact that the Elect Joe Biden Media is doing everything within its considerable authority to hide the disgusting crime epidemic in Chicago, Atlanta and NYC just like they’re trying to get Joe Biden elected. Democrats are attempting to get Biden elected by pretending the Democrat nominee-in-waiting isn’t suffering from dementia.

The MSM isn’t paying attention to the shooting spree that’s left a dozen children dead because that would focus too much attention on the idiot mayors in Chicago and NYC. The MSM doesn’t want to highlight the fact that these appeasers’ actions have led to a summer of utter chaos. Let’s be exceptionally clear about this. Democrats have turned once-bustling cities into hellholes. People are leaving NYC for the suburbs and farther thanks to Mayor Chowder Head’s decisions to tear apart what was once the finest police department in the world. They’re leaving Chicago, too.

When told of President Trump’s offer to help, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said that she doesn’t “need leadership lessons from Donald Trump.” That’s a pile of BS. Lightfoot, yet another idiot Democrat, needs lessons on tons of things, ranging from leadership to crimefighting to stopping the outmigration from Chicago. She can talk trash all she wants but people are voting with their mortgages. Bug I digress.

The MSM should get excoriated what the didn’t do. Kayleigh McEnany lit into them at the end:

This is Harris Faulkner’s reaction to that closing:

I’m certain that this was a scripted performance. The first question during the Q & A was “Why is the president so supportive of flying the Confederate Flag?” That reporter asked 3-4 follow-up questions, too. Halfway through, it was clear that the MSM’s agenda was to ask questions about the Confederate Flag. That’s the MSM’s method for accusing Trump of being a racist without calling him a racist.

The MSM won’t ask those questions because it highlights the Democrats’ utter indifference towards crimefighting. Apparently, Democrats don’t care about protecting people. Apparently, Democrats only care about winning elections.

Democrats and the MSM are co-conspirators in inner city gun deaths, then hiding the story. That’s what corruption looks like.

A little over an hour ago, the Media Wing of the Democratic Party, aka the Agenda Media, laid an egg. These people should be stripped of their credentials and never let back into the building. Their performance was that disgraceful.

This weekend, an 8-year-old little girl was shot and killed in Atlanta. In Chicago, a little 7-year-old girl was shot and killed. This little girl was visiting her grandmother. In Chicago, 87 people were shot, killing 17. Despite the destruction happening in Chicago, Atlanta and NYC, the White House press corps didn’t ask a single question about this violence. They asked 12 questions about the Confederate Flag and NASCAR. They badgered Kayleigh McEnany about COVID.

The WH Press Corps is as out-of-touch as Democrats are. This is further proof that black lives only matter to Democrats when they’re killed by police officers. This is proof that little African-American children getting murdered by other African-Americans don’t rate even a blip on the Agenda Media’s radar. That’s utterly disgusting.

The opening statement of today’s briefing was about this violence. The first question was “Why is the president so supportive of flying the Confederate Flag?” The reporter then asked multiple follow-up questions on that subject. It’s clear that this line of questioning was preplanned. It’s clear that the goal is to accuse President Trump of being a racist without using the word racist. What a disgusting bunch of partisans these media people are.

UPDATE: This is Kayleigh McEnany’s closing:

This is Harris Faulkner’s reaction to that closing:

If you don’t get anything else accomplished today, make sure you read this article. More than any other article today, this is the article that will provide the most evidence that the MSM isn’t honest. Clay Travis writes “On Sunday a major positive milestone was reached for the first time, coronavirus deaths declined by 90% in this country from the high set on April 21st. That’s an incredibly positive story about our national battle with the virus. Yet, shockingly, it has received almost no media attention.”

Travis continues, saying “That’s indefensible because this is not complicated data to track down. You can see it yourself on this chart here, on April 21st 2,693 people died of the coronavirus. Yesterday 267 died. Putting that number into perspective, an average of 7200 people died on Sunday of something other than the coronavirus and those deaths received almost no media attention at all.”

Here’s Travis’s tweet that ties things together:

The week prior to President Trump’s rally, Democrats insisted that holding the Tulsa rally would bring the United States back to the terrible old days when NYC had “132,467 cases, including 9,101 confirmed coronavirus deaths and 4,582 probable coronavirus deaths, NYC Health said.” That’s from an article dated April 20, 2020. Those statistics are cumulative.

Let’s stipulate that 1 death is too many, 267 is far too many but 9,101 (cumulative in NYC) is a catastrophe. Let’s further stipulate that shrinking the COVID deaths from 2,693 to 267 is a dramatic improvement. Democrats complain that various states, including Oklahoma where the rally was held, are experiencing spikes. A 20% increase in deaths would constitute a spike. That’s an increase from 267 to 320 nationwide. There were days in NYC when they topped that amount easily.

(For the coronabros out there, yes Sunday tends to be the lowest day of the week, but if you want to use the seven day moving average instead of Sunday, the data still reflects a 70+% decline in mortality, a similarly wildly positive story.)

This is why you don’t hear positive news:

Almost no mainstream media outlets in the country have made note of the collapsing coronavirus death total in this country. Why is that?

It’s certainly not because the media is attempting to share fair and balanced journalism with its audience, it’s because they’ve recognized fear porn drives engagement, even if it isn’t reflecting reality. Scaring people to death works. Emotion is the coin of the social media realm and logical analysis of facts is disfavored if it doesn’t elicit the same firestorm of social media pandemonium.

It’s time to put social media into the proper perspective. Most of it isn’t fit to publish in the National Enquirer. Then again, much of the trash that’s published in the Washington Post, CNN and the NYTimes isn’t fit for the Enquirer, either.

Take a deep breath. Find some authors that are reliably truthful, then trust them to inform you. If you do that, you’ll save lots of headaches. From what I’ve seen thus far, Outkick is trustworthy.

This article is sloppy journalism. It’s what you’d expect from the MSM. It’s what you’d expect of GOP establishment Trump-haters.

The article opens by talking about Joe Biden, saying “Joe Biden hasn’t held a press conference in 77 days, but Democrats aren’t feeling much pressure to put their presumptive presidential nominee front and center at the moment. Biden has, for the most part, kept a low profile throughout the coronavirus pandemic and weeks of demonstrations for racial justice across the country. Over that time, Biden has built up a healthy lead in the polls and emerged as the heavy favorite for now to be the next president.”

It isn’t until the 13th paragraph that the article’s apparent sourcing appears, saying “The only way to smoke him out is to start throwing haymakers directly at Biden,” said one Republican who is close to the campaign. “It needs to come from the campaign and the president directly, and they need to be the kinds of shots that force a response. Right now, the Biden campaign has no incentive to respond. But I also think at a certain point the press pool will get frustrated by the lack of press conferences and access and Biden will start to feel organic pressure to be more accessible.”

That’s literally the only time a source is mentioned. It isn’t sourced as “a senior Trump campaign advisor.” It’s likely just a Trump campaign wannabe. As for the campaign, this is President Trump’s to lose. Democrats are digging themselves a huge whole with their “defund the police” campaign. Do they seriously think suburban security moms will gravitate to this message? Here’s something worth asking yourself: picture a husband and wife sitting in their condo. They’ve been stuck there for 2+ months thanks to the COVID lockdown in Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio or Pennsylvania.

Next, they see scenes like this from Minneapolis:

The next thing they hear is that the Minneapolis City Council has voted to put a charter amendment on the ballot this November to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department, aka MPD. After that, national figures like AOC, Ilhan Omar and potential Biden VP pick Kamala Harris speak out about defund the police.

After that, Jenny Durkan, Seattle’s mayor, lets anarchists take over a major portion of Seattle’s downtown. In an interview, Durkan says that this development might start Seattle’s “Summer of love.” What sane person is attracted to such weak-kneed examples of leadership? Though the media won’t speak negatively about the defund the police, people will figure it out that Democrats are the Party of Anarchy and Violent Crime. There’s no way that’s a winning message.

In 2018, Democrats insisted that then-Judge Kavanaugh shouldn’t be presumed innocent. Sen. Schumer, the Democrat Minority Leader, said that in this press availability:

By comparison, Nancy Pelosi insisted that Joe Biden be afforded due process rights:

Let’s be clear about this. Democrats are world-class hypocrites. During his disastrous interview with Mika Brzezinski, Joe Biden said that his life “was an open book.” Then he said that he wouldn’t let his congressional records be searched for any records related to Tara Reade. Biden insisted that they wouldn’t find anything because “it never, ever happened.”

First, Biden painted himself into a corner by saying that his Senate documents contained speeches from the Senate floor, in addition to white papers and other work-related documents. That means that the documents aren’t his. They belong to We The People.

Next and most importantly, Dr. Blasey-Ford’s friends didn’t offer corroboration that substantiated Dr. Ford’s allegations:

It wasn’t the quality of the allegation that led to this reaction. Blasey Ford had no evidence she had ever met Kavanaugh, much less that he had tried to rape her. She wasn’t sure about any detail related to the event other than that she had precisely one beer and that Kavanaugh had tried to rape her.

She didn’t know how she got to the alleged event, where it was, how she got home, or whose house it was. None of the four witnesses she identified to reporters as having been at the event in question supported her claim. That included her close friend Leland Keyser, who was pressured by mutual acquaintances to change her testimony that she had no recollection of the event in question. Kavanaugh had an army of close friends and supporters who testified to his character throughout his adolescence and adulthood.

Compare that with Tara Reade’s accusation:

For instance, Reade has evidence she met Biden. No one disputes she worked for him in 1993. Further, she has incredibly strong evidence that she told multiple people that Biden assaulted her at the time she claimed it happened. Her own mother called into CNN’s Larry King show to discuss the matter in 1993!

Democrat women senators unanimously insisted that Kavanaugh wasn’t fit to serve on the Supreme Court. Those same Democrat senators aren’t wavering a bit about Creepy Joe Biden:

The big question is whether those Democrat senators, starting with Mazie Hirono, will “shut up and step up”, then do the right thing. It’s time that she, especially, should apologize for her unhinged antics.

The headline to this article isn’t surprising to anyone with a brain. Before going into Stelter’s stupidity, it’s important to lay the groundwork for what federalism is. It’s defined in the Preamble to the Constitution. Specifically, it’s defined in the first 9 words of the Preamble, where it says “We the people of the United States of America.”

The federal government didn’t exist until the “several states” agreed to create the federal government. The people, the cities and the states were in charge of most decisions. In fact, they preferred keeping decisions close to home so much that they created a weak federal gov’t in the articles of confederacy. Let’s now dive into Stelter’s stupidity. Here’s what he said:

There’s a lot of revisionist history being written right now. Lots of digging of the so-called memory hole. Pro-Trump media outlets are trying to bury the Trump White House’s failures to fully protect the country from this pandemic. They’re trying with all their might to shift the blame to mayors and governors.

Brian, the primary decision-makers on public health are mayors and governors. Brian, if this was the annual flu, which is fairly routine, would you want the federal government involved? Would the federal government need to be involved? The answer to both questions is ‘NO’.

The reason why you wouldn’t want the federal government involved is because it’s already got a lengthy list of responsibilities. Giving it more responsibilities isn’t wise, especially when the people on the ground know what they need and are in position to help their fellow citizens. How much would people 1,000+ miles away know about conditions on the ground? What position would bureaucrats be in to help citizens who need help the most?

Look: There were shortcomings on the local and state levels. But the federal government wields far more power and influence. The president has far more influence and far more responsibility than any governor. So it should be said loudly and clearly and repeatedly: This was a 9/11-level failure of the federal government.

There’s no disputing that the federal government made some mistakes. There’s no disputing that mistakes were made at the state and city level, too. What matters is whose responsibility it is to help people on the ground. It isn’t President Trump’s primary responsibility to make sure that the family of 5 in the bad neighborhood of Detroit gets treated for COVID-19. That’s the mayor’s job, though he might need assistance from Gov. Whitmer and President Trump. Primarily, it’s the mayor’s job to prepare for Detroit’s needs. It’s Gov. Whitmer’s responsibility to prepare for Michigan’s needs. Only after they’ve exhausted all of their resources does the President enter the picture.

Stelter is complaining because NYC didn’t prepare for this crisis. You don’t hear Seattle or Atlanta complaining because they prepared properly. Further, I’d argue that the “9/11-level failure of the federal government” characterization. The Bush administration certainly helped but it was mostly local people digging out at Ground Zero. It was local first responders that helped people out of the World Trade Center. It was mostly Rudy Giuliani who put in place a plan to rebuild NYC.

It wasn’t until after clean-up operations were well underway that President Bush got involved in this historic moment:

Instead of getting a degree in mass communication, Stelter should’ve gotten his degree in history.

As I argued on Sunday’s “Reliable Sources” telecast, the government’s failures need to be covered and scrutinized accordingly. To ignore what went wrong — or to cover it up or to memory-hole it — does a disservice to the dead.

Blaming the wrong people for not preparing doesn’t do justice to those who needlessly died either. Getting responsibilities right is a journalist’s responsibility. Thus far, Mr. Stelter didn’t get many of these things right.

Democrats have repeatedly shown that they don’t care about the truth. The latest proof of that is Nancy Pelosi’s statement that (I’m paraphrasing here) people died while President Trump fiddled. While I can’t give President Trump a 10 (out of 10) grade, his decisions have been incredible. Name another president that unleashed the private sector during a crisis the way President Trump has done.

These companies are different sizes, ranging from My Pillow to Ford Motor Company to Raytheon to Procter & Gamble. Each of these companies is contributing in special, significant ways. Frankly, while AOC, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders criticize major corporations, those major corporations are doing incredible things. Greg Hayes of Raytheon/United Technologies spoke at yesterday’s briefing. Here’s what he said:

As one of the world’s largest defense contractors and some of the best technology, we’re using that technology to try and solve some real-world problems. Today, we’re working with the Air Force to try and help pilots as they’re moving medical evacuees with the COVID-19 virus, such that they can be protected and that the patients can be protected.

Again, we’re working also with logistics. And if you think about a war, strategy is important, but logistics wins war. It’s imperative, I think, with FEMA, along with the Mr. Navarro’s office, that we coordinate all of these activities. Last week, we donated about 90,000 pieces of personal protective equipment to FEMA. Next week, we’ll have another almost million. Again, working through our supply chain partners around the world.

We’re also this week, beginning the manufacture of face shields. Using the additive technologies that we have and the machines that we have available within UTC, we’ll be able to produce approximately 10,000 shields in the next four weeks, again, all needed equipment. We stand ready to help in any way we can.

I don’t care whether a company is big, small or in-between. If they’re playing by the laws of the land and they’re helping out nation during a crisis, that’s all I worry about. If they make tons of profits by manufacturing a great product or a series of great products, hallelujah!

What this election will come down to is trustworthiness. Why trust Democrats when their allies at CNN, the Washington Post and the NY Times intentionally misleads us? Check out Don Lemon’s statement that admits he wants to mislead people:

CNN host Don Lemon said Monday, “I’m not actually sure, if you want to be honest, that we [should] carry that live. I think we should run snippets. I think we should do it afterwards and get the pertinent points to the American people because he’s [President Trump] never, ever going to tell you the truth.”

Trusting Don Lemon or Jim Acosta to pick out what’s pertinent is frightening. Trusting them (or MSDNC) to put those quotes into proper context is like trusting the networks to treat the Covington Catholic kids fairly. Give me a break.

Then again, it might not matter. If Joe Biden in the Democrats’ nominee, Democrats can kiss their ass good-bye.

After reading this article, it’s easy to figure out why Democrats lose national elections. They lose because their true colors shine through. At yesterday afternoon’s virus press conference, President Trump called several companies’ CEOs up to speak about how their companies are helping with the fight against COVID-19. The first of those CEOs was Mike Lindell, the CEO and founder of My Pillow.

While the punks in the press mocked Lindell, others maintained their professionalism. Here’s one example of that professionalism:

Liberal ‘correspondents’ couldn’t maintain their professionalism. Here’s a few of those examples:

Thank God for Greg Gutfeld:

While the MSDNC gang (don’t take it literally) sneers down its liberal noses, Greg Gutfeld highlights the fact that Mike Lindell is a patriot helping his nation through a crisis. The MSDNC gang can’t point to anything like that in their resume. God bless all of the Mike Lindell-like heroes who put country ahead of self. Thank God for Greg Gutfeld, too, for criticizing these snobs while providing us with humor.

PS- Democrats lose elections because blue collar people notice how anti-faith Democrats are.

The Media wing of the Democrat Party, aka the MSM, aka the Hate Trump Media, can’t make up their minds. When President Trump shut down daily press briefings, the MSM insisted that they reopen the daily briefings. Instead, President Trump invited the MSM into cabinet meetings and meetings with heads of state.

Another popular option was taking questions on his way to Marine One. During these press availabilities, President Trump frequently would take 30-45 minutes of questions. People loved these availabilities because they’d get real information. President Trump wouldn’t just explain what he did but he’d explain why he made a decision. When reporters tried playing gotcha with him, things didn’t turn out well for the journalist:

The average American doesn’t buy that calling a virus that started in China is racist. The woman who asked the question isn’t really a reporter. She’s more of a grandstander.

Mollie Hemingway’s recent article highlights the dilemma that Democrats are in:

When polls showed that President Donald Trump was receiving unusually high marks for his handling of the Coronavirus pandemic, the first stage of grief the media went through was denial:

The MSM’s problem isn’t whether they should televise the daily coronavirus briefings. The MSM’s biggest problem is that the American people appreciate getting such a comprehensive briefing on this crisis.

The MSM is supposed to be in the information dissemination industry. The truth is that the MSM is often in the pundit/opinion-giving industry. That would explain this:

Things got worse when additional polls showed Trump receiving high ratings at the same time that the media received poor ratings. A brand new Gallup study — “Coronavirus Response: Hospitals Rated Best, News Media Worst” — was particularly bad news. When Americans were asked about nine different institutions and political leaders, they gave majority approval to all but the media. President Trump has a 22-point net approval rating while the media’s net approval rating was negative 11 points. The RealClearPolitics approval average for Trump was its highest during his entire presidency.

The Democrats’ biggest crisis isn’t that they’re televising the briefings. It’s that people don’t trust the media. That’s because the MSM is in the pundit/opinion-giving industry when they’re supposed to be in the information dispensing industry. Getting rid of jackasses like Jim Acosta and replacing them with them with people like Catherine Herridge, Sharyl Attkisson or Lara Logan would go a long ways towards repairing the damage done by the grandstanders.

Dr. Deborah Birx is a natural treasure. She’s the voice of calm expertise in a time of panic. Yesterday, Dr. Birx addressed the media on the point of computer models that the media is citing.

In her presentation, Dr. Birx said “I’m sure you have seen the recent report out of the U.K. about them adjusting completely their needs. This is really quite important. If you remember, that was the report that says there would be 500,000 deaths in the U.K. and 2.2 million deaths in the United States. They’ve adjusted that number in the U.K. to 20,000. Half a million to 20,000.”

A few days ago, this report was used to frighten people. The implication at the time was that President Trump wasn’t doing a good job of eliminating the virus. Dr. Birx continued, saying:

Models are models. We are — there is enough data of the real experience with the coronavirus on the ground to really make these predictions much more sound. So when people start talking about 20% of a population getting infected, it’s very scary, but we don’t have data that matches that based on our experience.

And the situation about ventilators. We are reassured in meeting with our colleagues in New York that there are still I.C.U. Beds remaining and still significant, over 1,000 or 2,000 ventilators that have not been utilized.

The media should devote infinitely more time on reporting actual statistics than on these frightening and misleading computer models. As Dr. Birx just showed, the model wasn’t accurate. Finally, Dr. Birx finished by saying this:

Please for the reassurance of people around the world, to wake up this morning and look at people talking about creating DNR situations, Do Not Resuscitate situations for patients, there is no situation in the United States right now that warrants that kind of discussion. You can be thinking about it in the hospital. Certainly, hospitals talk about this on a daily basis, but to say that to the American people and make the implication that when they need a hospital bed it’s not going to be there or a ventilator, it’s not going to be there, we don’t have evidence of that.

Almost 3:30 into this video, Dr. Birx gets into that presentation:

It’s time for the media to stop frightening people. It’s time for them to start reporting.