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This Politico article is long on chutzpah and short on verifiable facts. The article opens by saying “Since the election, President Donald Trump and his allies have faced fact-checks, condemnation and restrictions when trying to spread inconclusive evidence of voter fraud and leftist violence on social media.”

These ‘fact-checks’ aren’t credible. Usually, the ‘fact-checkers’ are media outlets like CNN and MSDNC. These media outlets spent the past 3+ years interviewing people like Carl ‘Worse than Watergate’ Bernstein, Michael Avenatti and John ‘The walls are closing in’ Brennan. During the impeachment hearings, we heard the night before that the next day’s witness would provide “bombshell testimony.” After the opening statement from each witness, a Republican would cross-examine the witness. In no time flat, the bombshell testimony would be utterly discredited. This was my favorite cross-examination:

But I digress. The article continues with this:

But over on Parler, there’s a new, millions-strong MAGA universe where conservatives are freely spreading these claims and reinforcing their belief that Democrats have stolen the election from Trump.

Hashtags on Parler denoting Trump’s favorite conspiracy theories — #Dominion, #Sharpiegate, #QAnon — trend freely, without the restrictions Twitter and Facebook have instituted to suppress them. Stories from fringe sites pushing baseless allegations of voter fraud are not flagged as disinformation, as they often are elsewhere. Videos from the Million MAGA March depicting heated confrontations between MAGA supporters, counterprotesters and D.C. police are shared as evidence of rampant antifa violence, omitting necessary context that would show otherwise.

I just looked at the trending hashtags on Parler. “#Dominion, #Sharpiegate and #QAnon” aren’t trending. Politico is doing today what other Democrats did during impeachment. Politico is demolishing their credibility with this BS. Trusting CNN and MSDNC as fact-checkers is foolishness on steroids. Portraying President Trump’s MAGA followers on Parler as conspiracy theory enthusiasts is outright dishonesty. It doesn’t have anything to do with the truth. This is my other favorite cross-examination of an impeachment witness:

From later in the Politico article:

“It’s fitting that it offers disaffected Trump supporters the allure of the safest of safe spaces,” said Angelo Carusone, the president of the progressive-leaning group Media Matters, which monitors far-right media across platforms. “It’s perfect because Parler provides a place free from constraint and heavily stocked-up on like-minded [MAGA] heads.”

Politico didn’t hesitate in using a Media Matters quote in their article to bolster their quote. That’s breathtakingly stupid. That quote further distracts from the Democrats’ article.

Conservatives left Twitter, myself included, because Twitter didn’t hesitate to censor conservatives. The tipping point came when Twitter locked the NYPost’s account over their Hunter Biden article.

PS- My Parler account ID is Gmg425 for those wishing to follow me.

During a tour-de-force presentation this afternoon, Rudy Giuliani presented a lengthy list of evidence of systematic voter fraud encompassing multiple battleground states. The news conference was part scolding of the MSM for being totally incurious about the system that Democrats have allegedly put together, part presentation of signed affidavits from people with firsthand information from the vote-counting locations.

It’s especially disheartening that FNC wrote “His descriptions largely entailed recitations of allegations put forth in several lawsuits that the Trump campaign has filed. Former Vice President Joe Biden is the projected winner in the contest, but the Trump campaign is contesting those calls, raising concerns in several battleground states.” These weren’t “recitations of allegations put forth in several lawsuits.” Giuliani cited specific affidavits, which are sworn out under penalty of perjury. I expect that sloppiness from CNN or the NYTimes. I expect better from FNC because I’ve gotten better from FNC in the past.

Later in the article, the reporter contradicted himself:

[Giuliani] cited sworn affidavits from cases in Pennsylvania and Michigan from poll workers who spoke about instructions from supervisors. One affidavit said that workers in Pennsylvania were instructed to assign ballots without names to random people, resulting in thousands of people in Pittsburgh showing up to the polls to find that votes had been cast in their names.

Another affidavit said that a supervisor in Michigan instructed workers to change the dates on absentee ballots to show that they arrived earlier than they had. An affidavit also claimed that workers were told not to request photo identification from Michigan voters, even though state law requires it.

Giuliani also said that approximately 100,000 absentee ballots in Wisconsin should have been deemed invalid because there were no applications for them. President-elect Joe Biden leads President Trump in that state by roughly 20,000 votes. “If you count the lawful votes, Trump won Wisconsin,” Giuliani said.

These aren’t allegations. They’re eyewitness testimony from people who witnessed the law not being followed.

It’s time that the MSM paid attention to these details. Saying that the Trump campaign hasn’t collected evidence of wrongdoing is BS. It’s a fabrication on steroids. This isn’t acceptable in a developed nation. If the judiciary sanctions this level of fraud, we might as well disband the judiciary because our system of checks and balances will have disappeared.

Amanda Marcotte’s article highlights the Democrats’ MSM/word manipulation difficulties. Those difficulties will inevitably lead to the Democrats’ electoral difficulties.

Ms. Marcotte’s article is titled “Don’t panic: Trump’s coup will fail — but he’s turning GOP voters against democracy”. Ms. Marcotte must think that Trump voters are idiots to use that type of manipulative language. President Trump is following the system put together by Madison, Jefferson and Hamilton and lawmakers overt the years. There’s nothing that he’s doing that the system doesn’t allow for.

Word manipulation is what Democrats do. Whether it’s using words improperly or whether it’s just spin to get their way, manipulation is what Democrats do. That’s why we should worry when Ms. Marcotte wrote “what terrifies so many Biden voters — an astonishing number of people are complaining of panic attacks or lost sleep on social media — are the real moves Trump’s team and many Republican politicians are taking that make this less like a typical tantrum and more like a genuine attempted coup.”

This is snowflakism at its finest. President Trump is availing himself of the legal system that’s been in place since the start of US elections. President Trump hasn’t ordered the military to put down political unrest. Today, instead, President Trump visited with the people who staged the Million MAGA March on the Washington Mall in DC. Nothing says military coup like holding a peaceful political protest in broad daylight in our nation’s capitol. LOL. Here’s proof of that military coup:

Pay attention to the words the reporter used in his report. It’s clearly intended to convey the thought that a riot could break out at any minute. The people’s actions portray a different narrative. While they were boistrous, they were well-behaved. Aren’t peaceful protesters allowed to get noisy as long as their actions don’t become violent and their words don’t incite violence? The First Amendment permits people to “peaceably assemble.”

This isn’t a coup attempt. It’s a candidate exercising his constitutional rights in a tight election. If President Trump used the military to keep himself in power, that’s the definition of a coup. What President Trump is doing is the opposite of a coup.

Ms. Marcotte should be ashamed of herself for this disgusting exercise of word manipulation.

When FNC’s Decision Desk called Arizona for Joe Biden, it touched off a firestorm that’s still ongoing to this day. Based on the latest totals from Arizona, that call was more than premature.

Overlooked in that controversy is another call that the FNC Decision Desk made. That night, The FNC Decision Desk said that they were certain that Democrats would retain control of their majority in the House of Representatives and pick up seats:

Democrats might or might not still have a majority in the House when the dust settles. What’s 100% certain is that they didn’t expand their majority. After Election Night and on Election Night, Fox brought out Arnon Mishkin and Chris Stirewalt to defend the Desk’s calls, violating the first rule of holes. (If you’re in one, stop digging.)Instead, they kept insisting that they were right.

That’s the initial reason for people not to trust FNC. In the days following that fiasco, other FNC anchors made major mistakes:

If FNC continues with this incompetence and hostility, they won’t have much of an audience left.

Censorship right here in River City?

By John W. Palmer

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” — MAYA ANGELOU

By ignoring the much given advice to not enter into a dispute with an organization that buys ink by the barrel, the author knows he may suffer at the hands of the ink buyers.

Facebook and Twitter are doing it. The New York Times and the Washington Post do it. Most of the cable news networks do it. The “it” is censorship by omission. A few hot off the press stories are offered as examples in the next few paragraphs. Then a developing story that has no final chapter will conclude this story.

From the Powerline Blog POSTED ON OCTOBER 25, 2020 BY SCOTT JOHNSON titled IN MOVIES:

I watched the film (The Plot Against the President: The True Story of How Congressman Devin Nunes Uncovered the Biggest Political Scandal in US History)
on Amazon Prime last week. I gave it a five-star rating and wrote the following review: When I sought to post my review, it was rejected with the following notice:

“We apologize but Amazon is not accepting reviews on this product from this account.” I have written Amazon to ask why.

From the Washington Examiner The big Trump rallies you don’t see by Byron York, Chief Political Correspondent | | October 25, 2020 07:36 PM

WASHINGTON, Pennsylvania — “I can’t believe there aren’t any newspeople here,” said Linda of Greene County, Pennsylvania, as she stood among hundreds of cars and
pickup trucks idling in long parallel lines in a vast big-box-store parking lot Saturday, waiting to join the Interstate 70 Trump Train. Indeed, although there were carloads of Trump supporters as far as one could see, and many more on the way from Ohio and West Virginia, and this enormous political event was happening less than two weeks before the presidential election, as far as I could tell, I was the only newsperson there.

Early this month an advertisement began running on KYES a radio station owned by the Catholic diocese of St. Cloud. The ad was designed to convince listeners that former Vice President Joe Biden was a faithful Catholic. Knowing that you can not be a faithful Catholic and be pro abortion, pro gay marriage, and a supporter of the transgender movement, I contacted the manager of KYES to lodge a complaint. Here is what I wrote:

Truth is a core value that KYES was founded upon. The ad you are running on behalf of disobedient “Catholic” presidential candidate Joe Biden is deceptive. VP Biden’s support of abortion on demand, homosexual “marriage” and gender fluidity are mortal sins. In order for the sacrament of reconciliation to be effective, the sinner must promise to avoid sinning in the future. Biden’s behavior is consistently sinful. When KYES runs the false ad you provide material support for Biden’s sins.

My wife, Ellen, and I have been longtime listeners and financial supporters of KYES. Unless you pull the false ad we will no longer provide financial support or verbal support for KYES. We have stopped listening to KYES, we will continue to listen to Relevant Radio via the internet, to avoid hearing the offensive ad. Please advise us if you pull the ad.

What follows are the messages exchanged between the station manager and myself beginning with the initial response to what I wrote:

Hi John,
Thank you so much for sharing your concerns regarding the “Biden for President’ ads. Even though I agree with you K-yes is regulated by the Federal Government.
Due to Federal government mandates, K-yes is required by law to carry advertising for political candidates running for federal office. The views expressed in these advertisements are not necessarily those of K-yes or Relevant Radio or its sponsors, and may not reflect the teachings of the Catholic Church. Please continue to pray for our Church and our Nation!
God Bless.

My response:

How about running that disclaimer (The views expressed in these advertisements are not necessarily those of K-yes or Relevant Radio or its sponsors, and may not reflect the teachings of the Catholic Church.) when the ad runs?

The station did run the disclaimer but I continued to hear concern that Presidential candidate Biden was trying to pass as faithful Catholic and that Spirit 92 was also running the offensive ad. Both Spirit 92 and KYES overlap with the St. Cloud Times market area I decided to write this letter to the St. Cloud Times:

With over 70% of Minnesotans self identifying as Christians and the largest single denomination is Catholic. and with the Catholic diocese surrounding St. Cloud having a combined Catholic population of over 133,000.

Thought the St. Cloud Times you’d be eager to run a letter to the editor that addressed Christian and Catholic readers. Far from being eager to run the letter to the editor what I got back was a run around and no specific answer to a simple question. The letter to the editor was submitted to the Times on Monday October 12th. The deception Biden ad had already been running for a week in the St. Cloud listing area. When no answer acknowledging receipt of the letter to the editor arrived the letter was resubmitted with the follow message on Wednesday Oct 14th:

Since I have not heard from you I am sending this email that includes the letter with documentation. The documentation included but it is offered as proof of accuracy and is not part of the letter.

The letter:

Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, asks us to respect his religious views even when his actions are contrary to the teaching of the faith he claims to follow. Why should you respect someone who claims one thing and does another?

Joe Biden claims to be Catholic. However, one of the fundamental teachings of the Catholic faith is that all human life is precious and to enable the taking of human life is always a mortal sin. Biden wants Congress to pass a law to extend the court decision that legalized abortion and make legal abortion “the law of the land.”* He even wants to force you and me to be complicit in abortion by making us fund abortions with our tax dollars.

Joe Biden’s consistent support of abortion and his intention to force taxpayers to financial support abortion places him in the category of unrepentant sinner. For an unrepentant sinner to claim he is a faithful believer (bearing false witness) compounds their sinful status.

In order for us to respect Joe Biden’s religious views he needs to do what Jesus taught sinners to do. He needs to repent his sin, and sin no more. Until candidate Biden declares his sin and his desire to sin no more (an unlikely possibility) our nation’s unborn children lives will be in grave danger. Fortunately for our nation we have a strong pro-life candidate.

We will be voting for that candidate.
Sincerely, John and Ellen Palmer

*Documentation: Biden called on Congress to make abortion “the law of the land” in a speech to Planned Parenthood, June 22, 2019 and again in a NBC town hall
meeting on Oct. 5, 2020. He stated his support for taxpayer funding of abortion in the 2019 Planned Parenthood speech and at an event in Atlanta June 6, 2019

This is the response received on October 15th:

Thank you for submitting your letter to the St. Cloud Times. Your letter has been added to the queue, and we will let you know if we plan to publish it.

Here is my response sent October 15th:

Thank you. FYI I have surgery Thursday to remove a subdermal hematoma located between the protective membrane of the brain and my skull. I share this so you know that in the next few days my wife and I will not be able to respond to your question(s) about our letter. I hope this will not prevent your publication of our letter in a timely manner.

Sent on October 19th:

My surgery went well and I have been home recuperating since Sat afternoon. I have not see my LTE in the paper and I wonder how much the LTE has moved up in the queue. I have noticed serval LTE have been published on parallel matters to my LTE and in today’s electronic version of the paper Dr. VanBuren had a column on a related topic to my LTE. When do you think my letter will be published?

Time’s response on October 20th:

Hi John,
I’m glad to hear you’re doing well. Your letter is still in the queue. This week and next week will be dedicated to local and state endorsement letters.

My October 20th response:

Does this mean the letter will not appear before the election?

Time’s Response:

I’m going to try to fit as many election-related letters as possible into next Sunday’s edition, so I can let you know next week.

My Response October 25th:

I notice my letter did not get published today and you said you would let me know next week. It is next week and with only a week before the election I need to know when or if you are going to publish my letter.

Time’s Response October 25th:

The plan right now is to get all election letters published on Sunday. I can let you know if that changes.

You now have my story. We might have a case of censorship by omission right here in St. Cloud. Your guess is as good as mine concerning publication of the letter. My wife half joking said the Times won’t run a LTE from us because you have been a victim of the cancel culture. Your guess can be noted by making a comment to this posting after the election I will let you know what happened.

It’s exceptionally obvious that Chris Wallace and Susan Page have been co-debaters masquerading as debate moderators. It wasn’t until the final 15 minutes of the debate that Page interrupted Sen. Harris. By that time, she’d interrupted Vice President Pence at least 20 times for going long on his answer. Despite Page’s interruptions, Sen. Harris still wound up with more speaking time than Vice President Pence. Sen. Harris wound up speaking 3 more minutes than Vice President Pence.

That’s the bad news for the Trump-Pence ticket. The good news for the Trump-Pence ticket is that Vice President Pence defeated the Harris-Page ticket last night. It wasn’t that close of a match, TBH. One thing positive that I’ll say about Susan Page is that she didn’t interrupt Sen. Harris when Sen. Harris admitted that Vice President Biden would raise everyone’s taxes if elected:

“On the other hand, you have Donald Trump, who measures the strength of the economy based on how rich people are doing. Which is why he passed a tax bill benefiting the top 1% and the biggest corporations of America, leading to a two trillion dollar deficit that the American people are going to have to pay for. On day one, Joe Biden will repeal that tax bill. He’ll get rid of it.

The it that Biden would get rid of is the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. It includes child tax credits, lower marginal tax rates and Tim Scott’s Opportunity Zones provisions that are intended to attract investment in minority neighborhoods and communities. Why would Biden get rid of things that help minority communities?

Further, Joe Biden was in DC for almost half a century. Was he too blind to notice these problems? Or did he just take the problems for granted? Blighted neighborhoods aren’t a new phenomenon. Detroit was destroyed 30 years ago, partially by terrible trade deals, partially by counterproductive urban policies. Baltimore has been blighted for 20+ years. But I digress.

Susan Page wasn’t as obnoxious as Chris Wallace but she still interfered too often. What needs to change is having co-moderators, where mainstream conservatives like Katie Pavlich, Ed Morrissey, Guy Benson and Charlie Kirk pitch questions to the Democrats and sensible Democrats, if they still exist, ask questions of the GOP nominee.

The truth is that the MSM has swerved so far left in supporting Democrats that the MSM is considered the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party. The Joe Biden ‘town hall’ with undecided voters had 2 people on who identified themselves a couple months ago as likely Biden voters. George Stephanopoulos’s Trump town hall was so hostile that I thought the Secret Service might be required to protect our president. The notion of objectivity or, at minimum, neutrality disappeared in 2016. (Think Adam Schiff, impeachment and the Russia Hoax.)

CNN is expanding their Fake News franchise to not just include ‘Fake News Bombshell’ coverage but to also include ‘Fake News Polling. This poll shouldn’t get respect from serious people. News people and pundits like prefacing their polling by saying that polls are snapshots. That’s occasionally true. This time, that isn’t the case.

This time, CNN reports that “Joe Biden’s advantage over President Donald Trump has expanded and the former vice president now holds his widest lead of the cycle with less than a month remaining before Election Day, according to a new nationwide CNN Poll conducted by SSRS. Among likely voters, 57% say they back Biden and 41% Trump in the poll that was conducted entirely after the first debate and mostly after the President’s coronavirus infection was made public.”

A little history is required to show how dishonest this poll is. The Reagan-Mondale landslide provides all the context that’s required. In 1984, President Reagan gethered 58.77% of the vote, compared to Mondale’s 40.56% of the vote. Nobody in their right mind thinks that Joe Biden will win by the same margin that Reagan won by. You’d have to be exceptionally stupid to think that. That’s before thinking about how little enthusiasm there is for Biden. Today, Biden held a unity event in Gettysburg, PA. There were more Trump supporters outside the Biden event than there were Biden supporters at the event:

That’s before thinking about the Trump/RNC GOTV operation. This afternoon, Tim Murtaugh told Bill Hemmer that the RNC GOTV volunteer army has 2,300,000 volunteers and that those 2,300,000 volunteers have made 119,000,000 voter contacts:

With that much enthusiasm and that big of a GOTV army, why would anyone think that Biden is even competitive? Biden doesn’t have a GOTV operation, at least nothing this muscular. When Biden holds a major event in the most important battleground state for Democrats and more Trump supporters show up than Biden supporters, that’s an indicator that the Biden campaign isn’t a serious operation.

CNN can run all the Fake News polls it wants. It won’t change reality.

It’s obvious that Joe Biden’s press availability Friday was scripted. It was so scripted that Chris Stirewalt noticed it. After Biden criticized President Trump for the comments he didn’t make in France 2 years ago, Biden launched into another attack on what Biden calls a “K-shaped recovery.” According to Biden, the Trump economy makes the rich richer while making the poor poorer.

That’s been disproven multiple times by Larry Kudlow alone but Democrats don’t care about facts. Facts aren’t stubborn things to Democrats. They’re irrelevant to today’s Democrats. The first question was posed by The Atlantic’s Edward-Isaac Dovere about The Atlantic’s article that accused President Trump of calling dead WW I soldiers suckers and losers. Dovere asked “When you hear these remarks — ‘suckers,’ ‘losers,’ recoiling from amputees, what does it tell you about President Trump’s soul and the life he leads?”

The next set-up question was asked by CNN’s MJ Lee, who asked this leading question:

I wonder if you worry that this kind of language that comes from the president of the United States can deter some Americans who are tuning into him to not wear masks.

Next was Ed O’Keefe’s two-fer:

CBS News correspondent Ed O’Keefe squeezed in two questions for Biden, the first of which asked what the former vice president thought of Trump’s supposed suggestion to voters that they should vote both by mail and in-person. The second question asked why Biden wasn’t “angrier” at Trump’s reported comments about the fallen soldiers.

Then there’s this:

ABC News correspondent Mary Bruce also questioned Biden about Trump’s attempts to discourage mail-in voting but invoked Russia’s efforts to “sow doubt” in the electoral process and whether Biden was “concerned” that such messaging may be working to disenfranchise his own supporters.

After that, Stirewalt entered the discussion:

So seldom do reporters get to ask Joe Biden questions, so seldom do reporters — this is the second time really in quite a while … and that was shamefully embarrassing,” Stirewalt told “Outnumbered Overtime”. “I mean, there were two questions in there that maybe could have been considered adversarial but that was as bad as when Trump calls on some niche pro-Trump publication to ask him how magnificent his magnificence is.”

Stirewalt singled out O’Keefe for the question about why Biden wasn’t “angrier” about Trump’s reported comments, sarcastically calling it his “favorite.” “I’m just sitting here listening thinking, ‘Don’t you want to know about his plans? Don’t you want to know about the controversy surrounding his plans? Don’t you want to know anything?'” Stirewalt exclaimed. “The closest we got to adversarial questioning was when they were asking him about whether he got his coronavirus test up his nose or whatever.”

Friday morning, the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) issued the August Jobs Report. According to the report, the economy created 1,400,000 jobs in August, an astonishing report. As noteworthy as that is, the headline was that the unemployment rate dropped from 10.2% to 8.4%, the second-biggest percentage drop in history. Not a single question was asked about the jobs report or about Biden’s plan to raise taxes. That didn’t fit the media’s agenda, though, so they asked about President Trump’s soul instead.

I won’t call these gas-bags reporters or journalists. They’re Democrat propagandists. Period.

Last night, CNN’s Joe Lockhart didn’t keep it classy. After Nick Sandmann’s speech, Lockhart, a lifelong Democrat, said “I’m watching tonight because it’s important. But i [sic] don’t have to watch this snot nose entitled kid from Kentucky.”

Why do Democrats hate like that? Apparently, Lockhart hasn’t noticed but CNN said some untrue, nasty things about young Mr. Sandmann. That’s why CNN settled with him. That’s why other lawsuits will likely get settled quietly. This article highlights the Democrats’ nastiness. First, though, here’s Mr. Sandmann’s impression of what happened that day:

“Looking back now, how could I possibly imagine that the simple act of putting on that red hat would unleash hate from the left, and make myself the target of network in cable news networks nationwide?” Sandmann said.

“I found myself face to face with Nathan Phillips, and other professional protesters looking to turn me into the latest poster child showing why Trump is bad. While the media portrayed me as an aggressor with a relentless smirk on my face, in reality the video confirms I was standing with my hands behind my back with an awkward smile on my face.”

Here’s the video of Sandmann’s speech:

From Sandmann’s speech:

“My life changed forever in that one moment. The full war machine of the mainstream media revved up into attack mode,” he said of the infamous video. “They did so without ever researching the full video of the incident; without ever investigating Mr. Philips’ motives; or without ever asking me for my side of the story. And do you know why? Because the truth wasn’t important.

This is why the MSM isn’t trusted. They’re thoroughly unprofessional. They sensationalize a story without asking any questions. That’s why fair-minded people are happy that young Mr. Sandmann has gotten paid off by CNN and the Washington Post.

This afternoon’s press briefing is blowing up in the MSM’s face on social media. It’s about damn time. I wrote this post to highlight the fact that the Elect Joe Biden Media is doing everything within its considerable authority to hide the disgusting crime epidemic in Chicago, Atlanta and NYC just like they’re trying to get Joe Biden elected. Democrats are attempting to get Biden elected by pretending the Democrat nominee-in-waiting isn’t suffering from dementia.

The MSM isn’t paying attention to the shooting spree that’s left a dozen children dead because that would focus too much attention on the idiot mayors in Chicago and NYC. The MSM doesn’t want to highlight the fact that these appeasers’ actions have led to a summer of utter chaos. Let’s be exceptionally clear about this. Democrats have turned once-bustling cities into hellholes. People are leaving NYC for the suburbs and farther thanks to Mayor Chowder Head’s decisions to tear apart what was once the finest police department in the world. They’re leaving Chicago, too.

When told of President Trump’s offer to help, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said that she doesn’t “need leadership lessons from Donald Trump.” That’s a pile of BS. Lightfoot, yet another idiot Democrat, needs lessons on tons of things, ranging from leadership to crimefighting to stopping the outmigration from Chicago. She can talk trash all she wants but people are voting with their mortgages. Bug I digress.

The MSM should get excoriated what the didn’t do. Kayleigh McEnany lit into them at the end:

This is Harris Faulkner’s reaction to that closing:

I’m certain that this was a scripted performance. The first question during the Q & A was “Why is the president so supportive of flying the Confederate Flag?” That reporter asked 3-4 follow-up questions, too. Halfway through, it was clear that the MSM’s agenda was to ask questions about the Confederate Flag. That’s the MSM’s method for accusing Trump of being a racist without calling him a racist.

The MSM won’t ask those questions because it highlights the Democrats’ utter indifference towards crimefighting. Apparently, Democrats don’t care about protecting people. Apparently, Democrats only care about winning elections.

Democrats and the MSM are co-conspirators in inner city gun deaths, then hiding the story. That’s what corruption looks like.