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This SCTimes Our View editorial would be right at home on CNN’s Reliable Sources.

A couple paragraphs in, the editorial states “America’s voters have a couple of options. They certainly can directly engage their members of Congress. Demand to know their positions not about the border wall, but about what it would take to reach a deal that reopens government and crafts a more effective border-security solution than a wall many security experts say would be ineffective.”

I’ve read dozens of articles about border security. I’ve heard tons of quotes saying that ‘security experts say the wall would be ineffective.’ None of those articles name the security experts. Here’s my question to the SC Times: do these security experts exist? Here’s another question I might ask: are they real or are they as fictional as the ‘sources’ in Buzzfeed’s article claiming that President Trump told Cohen to lie to Congress?

If the Times’ editorial was sold in a bookstore, it’d be best placed with fantasies. Here’s why:

President Trump and the White House are best positioned to end the impasse quickly. Of course, that would mean the president would have to compromise — something he’s seldom done since being elected, especially with Democrats.

Democrats in Congress need to keep pushing proposals that end the shutdown and seek to bolster border security.

What planet are these idiots living on? What proposals have Democrats proposed that contained anything faintly resembling a compromise? To the best of my knowledge, the Democrats’ next proposal that includes a compromise will be their first compromise.

Further, President Trump has offered 2 compromise proposals, including this one yesterday:

Then there’s this:

Common-sense congressional Republicans can publicly embrace them, which just might be enough of an opening to allow this president to claim a symbolic victory — one not worth even close to $5.7 billion but certainly money well spent to reopen the government.

How about the Times actually doing its research? Better yet, how about the Democrats doing the right thing for once? Who am I kidding? That’s as likely to happen as Cormier’s and Leopold’s anonymous sources coming forward.

If we needed additional proof that Democrats hate President Trump, Democrats supplied that proof today. Trump said “I am here today to break the logjam and provide congress with a pathway forward to end the government shutdown.” It didn’t take long for Democrats to reject President Trump’s plan:

But the approach had already been rejected by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats who said it largely repackaged a proposal that had failed earlier. Pelosi called the idea a “non-starter,” and Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) also panned the proposal as a way to reopen the government, even though Trump’s plan cribbed from Durbin’s own legislation.

Simply put, Democrats hate President Trump more than they like this country. Democrats don’t care if our nation is overrun with illegal aliens. Democrats don’t care if our border is secure. What Democrats want most of all is to politically demolish President Trump.

Obviously, the plan is to make Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and freshman House Democrats look unreasonable. That isn’t difficult since Democrats are totally unreasonable. Say goodbye to that Speaker’s gavel, Nancy. Many of those freshmen that were elected in 2018 won’t be returning thanks to your intransigence. Now that we know that Ms. Pelosi isn’t returning to the negotiating table, it’s time to go nuclear. The thing Republicans need to understand is that Democrats aren’t interested in bipartisanship. They’re interested in demolishing President Trump’s presidency. Period.

The Agenda Media won’t report on this fairly either. They’re part of the open borders crowd. They don’t care about protecting Americans. That’s why it’s impossible to pressure Democrats. It’d be different if we had an honest press. We don’t. (Think Buzzfeed.) President Trump should drop the hammer the minute that Senate Democrats filibuster President Trump’s offer:

Here’s what I’d write if I was President Trump’s chief speechwriter:

Democrats in the House and Senate have left me no alternatives. While more caravans head toward the border, Democrats and their allies in the Agenda Media insist that this is a “manufactured crisis.” How dare they say that. I dare them to tell that to the Angel families that I’ve met, the Angel families that tried meeting with Speaker Pelosi but were told she wasn’t there.

Democrats insist that they’re for border security. That’s a lie. If they’re for true border security, they wouldn’t have voted to filibuster the bill just presented for Senate consideration. They wouldn’t have issued a letter saying that it was dead on arrival in the House.

In both instances, Democrats said that they’d only allow a vote if the government opened first. When I asked Speaker Pelosi if she’d fund the wall if I re-opened the government, she said “No.” I’ve been willing to negotiate throughout. Unfortunately, Democrats have rejected my offers to even meet. I can’t negotiate with myself.

Therefore, I’m left with just one option. Today, I’m invoking the Emergencies Act to protect the United States from mass illegal immigration, drug trafficking and human trafficking. While Democrats insist that I’m manufacturing this crisis, people from California to Texas to Staten Island have felt the pain of these criminals. If that doesn’t constitute a national emergency, nothing does.

My highest priority as president is to protect human lives. Because Democrats won’t join with me in protecting American lives, I’m taking action to protect those lives.

It isn’t news that the MSM has double standards in covering Republicans and Democrats. That’s as old as the Hatfields and McCoys. Still, it’s fun from time-to-time to look at the coverage. This article does a nice job of highlighting the MSM’s hypocrisy:

The mainstream media widely praised House Speaker Nancy Pelosi when she requested that President Trump delay his annual State of the Union address, but Trump’s move to stop a Pelosi-led overseas trip amid the government shutdown was mostly frowned upon – showcasing the media’s double standard.

But on Thursday, Trump abruptly denied military aircraft for a Democrat-delegation foreign trip just minutes before Pelosi and the congressional delegation was set to depart. One White House official claimed the aircraft decision was not a “response” to Pelosi’s letter – but the same media that praised the House Speaker’s genius condemned the president’s decision.

Trump actually supplied a legitimate reason for postponing Pelosi’s trip. Pelosi’s reason was actually a bald-faced lie. Trump wanted Pelosi in town to negotiate the end of the shutdown, though that’s unlikely because Pelosi insists that walls don’t work. Pelosi told Trump that the Secret Service couldn’t secure the event. That’s despite the fact that the Speaker’s office never contacted the Secret Service.

Simply put, Pelosi doesn’t care about the furloughed government workers. She isn’t interested in re-opening the government, either. She’s just a cold-hearted bitch playing politics.

By comparison, President Trump is trying to fix a crisis. Despite the Democrats’ claims to the contrary, walls work. Just ask Israel. For that matter, ask Steny Hoyer:

The Agenda Media’s double standard is sickening.

It’s been quite the week for CNN’s correspondents and commentators. Let’s start with Jim Acosta, everyone’s least favorite White House correspondent. Acosta tried proving that there wasn’t a crisis on the US-Mexico border:

Acosta visited an area where steel slats had been built. Here’s what Acosta reported:

I found some steel slats down on the border. But I don’t see anything resembling a national emergency situation.. at least not in the McAllen TX area of the border where Trump will be today.

President Trump reportedly sent Acosta a thank you note after that tweet because it proved President Trump’s point. Apparently, it didn’t occur to Acosta that the area was tranquil because of the barrier. That video proved CNN’s stupidity.

Chris Cabrera, the National Border Patrol Council spokesman for agents in the Rio Grande Valley, issued a challenge to Acosta:

Chris Cabrera, National Border Patrol Council spokesman for agents in the Rio Grande Valley, dared the Washington-based reporter to stick around when the Secret Service leaves town.

“What he fails to realize is he’s out there with cameras during the day. Everything is pretty nice and calm during the day,” Cabrera told Ingraham. “If he sees it as so safe out there, why doesn’t he just pitch a tent by the river and hang of the for a couple of days and get back to us on how safe he feels?”

That won’t happen. Ana Navarro provided CNN’s snottiness during this segment:

Navarro is what a bitch looks like. The video dripped with arrogance. It’s a shame that CNN hasn’t figured it out that she’s a snotty little bitch yet. It isn’t like she hasn’t been with CNN long enough. Then again, CNN’s been stupid enough to keep Acosta around since 2007.

This isn’t a secret but A.B. Stoddard, who pretends to be unbiased politically, is actually a partisan hack. Yesterday on Special Report’s All-Star Panel, Stoddard ripped off the mask when she said “A congressman, who is close to leadership and knows what’s going on, told me … that they don’t know what’s going on, they weren’t certain that they’d have the votes, and they were hoping that even if it failed, the president would come to his senses. There wasn’t a Senate plan, there was a ‘President Trump comes to his senses’ plan. I think the nation’s fourth-graders know this is no way to run a lemonade stand. This is completely irresponsible. The markets are rattling on the prospect of a shutdown that’s turning on Ann Coulter’s tweets.”

Later, she criticized Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows for urging President Trump to stick to his insistence of getting border wall funding, saying that their advice amounted to “political malpractice.”

Let’s be clear about something. Securing the border is the right thing to do. Building a wall to help accomplish that is essential. That’s immaterial to Stoddard, who apparently isn’t interested in good policy. She’s apparently only interested in whether the process is orderly.

Further, it’s disrespectful to say that there’s a need for a ‘president comes to his senses deal’. He’s the only one making sense in all this. It’s impossible to secure the border without building the wall. The statistics bear that out. Democrats who oppose the wall, aka Chuck and Nancy, are the people who need help. They’re putting the Democrats’ special interest allies’ wish list ahead of America’s needs. How sad.

Juan Williams isn’t a sane liberal anymore. He isn’t as nuts as Maxine Waters but he’s as nuts as Kamala Harris. The sane Juan Williams disappeared a year or two ago. Now, his articles are more like this article.

The article opens by saying “Just 15 days from Election Day, the GOP is still looking for a message beyond tribal, blind support for President Trump.” That’s beyond stupid. The GOP message is their lengthy list of legislative accomplishments. For instance, they’ve told people how they used the CRA (the Congressional Review Act) to rebuild the coal industry. That isn’t a big national issue but it’s likely playing well in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

The GOP can point at their passing of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which, despite President Obama’s claims, has significantly accelerated economic growth since he left office. The GOP isn’t “still looking for a message beyond tribal, blind support for President Trump.” They’re running on their accomplishments.

Meanwhile, Democrats are running away from the utterly insane wing of their party. They’re denying the fact that large donors like Tom Steyer want to impeach Trump. They’re denying that large donor George Soros wants open borders and terrible immigration laws.

The Democrats, meanwhile, are having success with political ads focused on lowering the high cost of prescription drugs and healthcare while keeping insurance plans for people with preexisting illnesses. ObamaCare is now more popular than the Trump tax cuts with voters.

First, the health care ads are getting raked over the coals by the fact-checkers. Jeff Johnson is fighting back:

Second, anyone that thinks that the ACA is more popular than the tax cuts is relying on questionable polling. Then there’s this:

With the demise of their tax cut message, and the success of the Democrats’ health care message, the GOP switched to claims that Justice Brett Kavanaugh was treated unfairly by Democrats. The intent was clearly to stir up the conservative base.

The “tax cut message” didn’t die. It’s just been overtaken by the economic message of a rapidly growing economy, the lowest unemployment rate since 1969 and other economic great news. At the end of the day, people don’t care as much about tax cuts as they care about big paychecks and lots of jobs. If Williams thinks that’s surprising, he’s an idiot.

Finally, Republicans didn’t need to run ads on the Kavanaugh hearing. The GOP base got plenty pissed off about how Senate Democrats mistreated Justice Kavanaugh. What’s disheartening is how out-of-touch Williams is with people outside of DC. Frankly, I think he should be fired from Fox because he doesn’t contribute anything beyond liberal stupidity.

Last week, Democrats insisted that then-Judge Kavanaugh’s emotional defense of his family and his professional reputation proved that he didn’t have the right temperament to be a Supreme Court justice. This past weekend, Jerrold Nadler told the NYTimes that the Senate Judiciary Committee and the FBI didn’t perform a proper investigation of Justice Kavanaugh so the House Judiciary Committee would perform one if Democrats retake the majority in the House.

Now Juan Williams insists in his latest column that Republicans can’t govern, asking “Can anyone unite the bitter, dysfunctional GOP House conference, which remains at the heart of the federal government dysfunction and has the lowest public approval rating of any branch of government?”

For a reporter, Williams certainly hasn’t noticed that the government got funded on time, they passed a bill to deal with the opioid crisis and that the economy is humming along thanks to the bills that they’ve passed. Other than that, they haven’t gotten anything done.

This is proof that the Democrats’ excuses keep getting more ridiculous each day. What a sad bunch. Here’s Juan Williams telling the FBI how to do its job:

Perhaps, he should work harder at his craft and trust the FBI more.

When A.J. Kern announced that she was primarying Tom Emmer this past summer, the St. Cloud Times forced her to quit writing her monthly column for them. The Times must selectively enforce their policies because Natalie Ringsmuth is running for the ISD 742 school board but she’s still writing her monthly column.

This month, Ringsmuth’s column reads more like a hit piece against Liz Baklaich, who is a city council candidate. Early in her hit piece, Ringsmuth said that she “is always up for a good community conversation — and not just one where everyone agrees with me.”

Actually, that’s pretty much the only kind of “community conversation” that Natalie prefers. The only other kind that she prefers are where her ideological opponents are outnumbered by a wide margin.

Ms. Ringsmuth doesn’t have the integrity to step aside from her column. She’d rather still use it to attack people who oppose her #UniteCloud agenda. That’s Ms. Baklaich’s ‘sin’. She’d much prefer Steve Laraway, a spineless councilman, to represent St. Cloud’s 2nd Ward on St. Cloud’s City Council. Laraway has totally bought into #UniteCloud’s agenda. Why wouldn’t Ringsmuth run interference for her ally?

The truth is that the Times should apologize for this decision. Further, they should immediately publish a rebuttal to Ringsmuth’s hit piece.

Jackass Jim Acosta made another spectacle today, questioning White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders about whether she thinks “the press is the enemy of the people.” Rather than answering directly, Huckabee-Sander replied “It’s ironic, Jim, that not only you and the media attack the president for his rhetoric when they frequently lower the level of conversation in this country. Repeatedly, repeatedly the media resorts to personal attacks without any content other than to incite anger.” She then continued, saying “Including your own network said I should be harassed as a life sentence. That I should be choked. ICE officials are not welcomed in their place of worship” before finishing by saying “When I was hosted by the Correspondents’ Association, which almost all of you are members of, you brought a comedian up to attack my appearance and call me a traitor to my own gender. As far as I know, I’m the first press secretary in the history of the United States that’s required Secret Service protection.”

Later, Acosta walked out of the briefing before tweeting this:

Here’s the video of their fiery exchange:

The truth is that Jim Acosta is a spoiled brat with no manners. It’s impossible to take him seriously. Further, his unprofessionalism is obvious to anyone with a functioning brain.

What’s painfully obvious is that this was another attempt to get attention. This was the first time that Acosta talked about the White House Correspondents Dinner fiasco. He didn’t bring it up, either. He spoke to it after Sarah Huckabee-Sanders brought it up along with a lengthy litany of other abuses she’s suffered through. If the media wants to rebuild their credibility, they should stop acting like jackasses. Further, they should stop hiring insulting comediennes for the White House Correspondents Dinner. Nothing says ‘Don’t take me seriously’ like an unfunny, unserious comedian.

The only thing that’s worse is this:

Including your own network said I should be harassed as a life sentence. That I should be choked.

That qualifies as a legitimate reason to say that the press is the enemy of the people. That’s what bitter, hateful people say. That isn’t what a professional with self-respect says. Kicking a reporter out for asking a controversial statement is one thing.

Today’s episode goes far beyond that. That was just mean-spirited unprofessional behavior. Acosta shouldn’t have been allowed to walk out early. He should’ve been kicked out. Then the White House should’ve issued a statement highlighting acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

Tonight, Tucker Carlson played his interview of President Trump. During the interview, Tucker sounded like a Rand Paul pacifist/idiot. About 3 minutes into the interview, Tucker said “So NATO — NATO was chiefly created to prevent the Russians from invading Western Europe. I think you don’t believe that Western Europe is in danger of being invaded by Russia right now so what is the purpose of NATO right now?”

Before getting into President Trump’s reply, my first question is whether Tucker Carlson has ever read a history book about Soviet expansionism. Whether we’re talking about Cuba in the 1950s, Viet Nam in the 1960s and 70s, Afghanistan in 1980, Central America in the 1980s, former Soviet satellites in the 1990s or annexing Crimea in 2014, the Soviet/Russian foreign policy is nothing without expansionism at the heart of its foreign policy.

I usually like Tucker’s shows but Tuesday night’s interview was pathetic. It’s one thing to criticize NATO. A high percentage of those countries are leaches deserving to be called out, with Germany at the top of the list. It’s another when you don’t know basic, easily-researched things like whether the Soviet Union had an expansionist foreign policy. That’s downright sloppy or unprofessional.

During the interview, Tucker criticized the supposed foreign policy establishment whom Tucker described as just being a step short of being interventionists and warmongers. If President Reagan had met with Putin right after Putin had meddled in our elections, he wouldn’t have played the moral equivalency card. Had that question come up during the post-summit press conference, rest assured that President Reagan would’ve shined a white-hot spotlight on Putin.

He might not have made Putin his prison bitch but he would’ve let Putin know that such shenanigans wouldn’t be tolerated anymore. If you’re going to criticize NATO, which I don’t have a problem with, you’ve got to hammer Putin too.

That doesn’t mean that President Trump had a terrible trip. It’s just aggravating for supporters like me to watch him dominate at the NATO meetings, then have him fall flat on his face during the Putin Summit. Trump’s friends insist that we have to deal with Russia because of the nukes. You can’t be dismissive of them but you can remind Putin that we’re the big dog in the room. Yesterday, I saw the stat that compared the size of the U.S. economy with the Russian economy. The U.S. economy is almost $21,000,000,000,000. Russia’s economy just topped $1,469,000,000,000.

Economically speaking, we’re almost 15 times bigger than Russia’s economy. They’d have to be stupid to get into a fight, military or otherwise, with the U.S.

Finally, there’s no way to make nice with the Russians. Their worldview is that of a dictator’s. I’ve said it before but I’ll repeat it again: The Reagan Doctrine is simple. The best time to negotiate with someone is after you’ve scared the bejesus out of them.

Tucker has his moments. Unfortunately, those moments are mixed in with periods of foolishness.