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There’s never been any doubt that Stewart Mills didn’t like Obamacare. That disapproval comes through vividly in a recent conversation with a small business owner who will be one of Mills’ constituents if he’s elected.

Before I get into the video’s content, it’s important that we put into context Mills’ opponent, Rick Nolan. Nolan unapologetically favors a government-run single-payer health system. At a recent debate, Nolan “doubled down on the Affordable Care Act, saying he favored movement toward a single-payer universal system.” Meanwhile, “Mills punctuated his opposition to Obamacare and preference for privatized health care by saying poignantly enough, ‘Just being insured doesn’t mean you have access to health care.'”

Mills is on firm footing with that statement. Many of the policies that are getting written have huge premiums and even higher deductibles. Often, families have to spend tens of thousands of dollars of their own money before the insurance company pays out a penny. Even then, the health insurance companies still lose money.

Nolan has consistently portrayed Stewart Mills as a rich fat-cat that’s out-of-touch with the Eighth District. Nolan’s campaign is best described as all class warfare all the time. There’s no substance to Nolan’s campaign. This videotaped conversation between Stewart Mills and Butch Karcher of Karcher Foster Services is particularly impacting if you have an open mind:

Anyone that can watch that video with an open mind has to admit that Nolan’s characterization of Stewart Mills is an outright lie. Not only isn’t Stewart Mills not out of touch with the average person. Mills is actually an expert on health care. Meanwhile, Nolan is just a mean-spirited, dishonest ideologue on the subject. Watching the entire videotaped interview is instructive, especially if compared with the intellectually wimpy stuff Nolan puts in his videos.

Yesterday, I wrote this post to highlight the NRCC’s first ad criticizing Angie Craig for saying she’d “fight to expand the Affordable Care Act.” Ms. Craig made that statement during a January interview with KSTP’s Tom Hauser. Last night, Hauser reviewed the ad as part of his Truth Test fact-checking series.

During his evaluation, Hauser said “It is true Craig favors expanding the Affordable Care Act. The ad edits her sound bite from ‘At Issue’ on January 31st, but it does not change the accuracy or context. Here’s exactly what she said: ‘I would fight to make sure that we continue to look for more ways to expand the Affordable Care Act and insure more Americans.'”

Later, Hauser talked about how the company Craig was employed by got special tax treatment. Specifically, he said “The ad also says Craig’s former employer, St. Jude Medical, spent $770,000 in 2015 lobbying Congress to help ‘get her own industry a special exemption from Obamacare taxes.'” Hauser replied “It is true Craig’s company donated money to several members of Congress through it’s political action committee. In 2015 Congress passed a two-year suspension of the medical device tax which had been used to help finance the Affordable Care Act. Craig once served on the PAC’s board.”

The final verdict on the ad is devastating:

This ad sticks mostly to accurate statement of facts and accurate use of a quote with just some exaggeration. It gets an A-minus on the “Truth Test.”

The important point in this is that Ms. Craig’s on the record as saying she wants to expand a program that her uber-liberal governor just said is unaffordable. If this had happened 6 months before the election, Ms. Craig might’ve been able to ride out this particular storm, then get back to her campaign.

Coming while no-excuse voting is just getting started is likely devastating. While it’s true that this only affects people employed by small businesses or small business owners, that’s a politically powerful group that’s politically attuned. This ad got their attention right before the election.

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The first sign that Obamacare was a disaster was Gov. Dayton admitting that it wasn’t affordable anymore, which I wrote about here. That’s the type of thing people don’t expect from Obamacare’s biggest cheerleader right before the election. The explanation is that it’s so obvious to everyone that Gov. Dayton didn’t have a choice in the matter.

The DFL’s political problem is tied directly to the DFL’s ideological problem, namely that the DFL’s quest for a single-payer system is thwarted by Minnesota’s history of having one of the highest insured rates in the nation. This 2008 report from the Rockefeller Institute of Government and New York State Health Foundation shows how efficient Minnesota was in insuring its people.

The key paragraph in the report states “According to data from the March Supplement of the Current Population Survey, Minnesota’s rate of uninsurance was 8.6% for 2005/2006, lower than the national insurance rate of 15.5%. (During the same time, New York’s uninsurance rate fell in between at 13.5%.) A very recent state survey on health insurance coverage in Minnesota found that the uninsurance rate in 2007 was 7.2%, which remained statistically unchanged from 2004 (7.7%), when the state survey was last conducted.”

In other words, 92.8% of Minnesotans were insured before then-Sen. Obama was even elected. What’s more is that 50% of those who were uninsured were eligible for taxpayer-subsidized health insurance of one sort or another. When you add those figures up, 96.4% of Minnesotans were either insured or were eligible for taxpayer-subsidized insurance.

Summarizing, that meant the DFL demolished a system that insured virtually everyone and replaced it with a system that’s raised premiums by 30%-67% annually while virtually not increasing the percentage of insured Minnesotans. Ed Morrissey nails it with this commentary:

Democrats have recently taken to whining that Republicans refuse to act to save ObamaCare, but Democrats keep forgetting that they passed this all on their own at the national level, too. Republicans warned repeatedly of the outcomes we now see from the ACA, while Democrats insisted that it would all run perfectly well and that critics were just scaremongers looking to score partisan points. Now they want Republicans to come to their rescue, rather than agree to scrap the program and start over.

This is video of Gov. Dayton admitting what Republicans have said from the start:

During his interview with WCCO, Speaker Kurt Daudt didn’t attempt to tell Gov. Dayton ‘I told you so’ or rub Gov Dayton’s nose in it. Rather, he said that it’s time for Republican and DFL legislators to work together to fix this crisis. That’s exactly the right approach, especially considering the fact that Gov. Dayton still has 2 years left in office.

Finally, it isn’t a stretch to think that whoever is elected president will have to address this immediately. State-run exchanges are dropping like flies. Insurance premiums are skyrocketing. Thanks to Sen. Rubio’s bill, the insurance company bailouts have been stopped permanently. Without the bailouts, the next president won’t have any wiggle room. That president will have to negotiate in good faith or the American people, mostly in small businesses will turn on him or, God forbid, her.

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The DFL is caught in a difficult position thanks to Gov. Dayton’s statement that the ACA, aka Obamacare, isn’t affordable for Minnesotans buying health insurance through the individual market. That’s a difficult position for the DFL to be in because they enthusiastically supported it when it first came out. Now that some Minnesotans are forced into health insurance policies that carry as much as $35,000 in yearly out-of-pocket expenses for a married couple, the DFL is in a difficult position.

They’ve decided that their best tactic in this situation is to deflect attention from the disaster they created by trying to tie Republicans to Donald Trump. Angie Craig is one of those DFL candidates caught squirming by Gov. Dayton’s statements. That’s because she’s caught on videotape saying that she’ll “fight to expand” Obamacare.

This essentially comes down to whether voters will be turned off by a candidate who endorsed his party’s presidential nominee or whether they’ll be more turned off by a candidate who wants to expand a health insurance disaster. I’m betting that the sane-thinking individuals of Minnesota’s Second District will reject the candidate that wants to expand Obamacare’s nightmares.

This post highlights the fact that Ms. Craig hasn’t gained traction:

Conversely, after spending $1.7 million to date on TV ads, Craig has just 57% name ID in the district and only 23% of voters have a favorable view of her. This leaves ample room for Craig to be introduced to the district as the left-wing ideologue she really is, as the NRCC has begun to do this week with our first ad.

Here’s the ad:

Here’s the transcript for the ad:


On Obamacare… Angie Craig’s going big. Pushing to expand Obamacare even further:

Angie Craig: “I would fight…to expand the Affordable Care Act.”


A big blow to middle class Minnesotans. Huge premium increases, up to sixty-seven percent higher. Catastrophic damage — Angie Craig would make it worse. Yet Craig pushed to get her own industry a special exemption from Obamacare taxes. Angie Craig: Big profits for her, a big disaster for us.

Clearly, Ms. Craig is a prolific fundraiser who’s simply a terrible fit for MN-02. Simply put, she’s the Second District’s Tarryl Clark. Tarryl was a rising star in the DFL until 2010. Then she ran for the US House from Minnesota’s 6th District. She lost to Michele Bachmann by 14 points.

Minnesota’s health insurance crisis was exclusively created by the DFL. They own this crisis because a) they created it, b) they voted down every amendment proposed by Republicans and c) the DFL sat on a GOP bill that would’ve fixed many of the problems.

This LTE highlights just how big this crisis is. What caught my attention is the paragraph that says “The new rates for MNsure are now available. The cheapest rate I could find for my wife and myself is $1,866 a month, or $22,292 a year, with a $12,800 copay, if we have to use the plan. That is $35,192 for one year.”

That might be affordable for DFL elitists like Gov. Dayton but it’s ultra-expensive to farmers and other small business owners. Meanwhile, while middle class Minnesotans get hurt, DFL congressional candidates like Angie Craig, Rick Nolan and Terri Bonoff haven’t proposed anything new to fix the ACA. While it’s disappointing, it’s predictable. That trio of Democrats are ideologues when it comes to health care. Nolan has always favored single-payer. Bonoff voted to create MNsure. Ms. Craig said that she’d “fight to expand” Obamacare:

Seriously? Why would a sane person “fight to expand” this disaster? This gentleman and his wife are the perfect illustration, not that it’s a positive thing, of a couple trapped in the middle class squeeze. In addition to their out-of-pocket expenses for health care, it isn’t a stretch to think that they’ll have to pay $20,000-$30,000 a year in income and property taxes.

Thanks to Obamacare, this couple will have little take-home pay left to do anything, much less save for retirement or for their kids’ college education. It’s time to rip this plan down and start fresh, preferably with something similar to the plan proposed by Senate Republicans.

The trio of Bonoff, Craig and Nolan have a) created this disaster, b) want to expand this disaster and c) wants government in total control of health care respectively. That’s something Minnesotans can’t afford.

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This summer, the Democratic Party faced a moment of truth right before their convention when they fired Debbie Wasserman-Schultz as their chair of the DNC. The woman picked to be the DNC’s interim chair, Donna Brazile, is apparently just as unprincipled as Ms. Wasserman-Schultz.

This article highlights the fact that the upper echelon of the DNC was on a mission to elect Hillary regardless of what they had to do. What’s telling is the paragraph that says “The Democratic National Committee is ‘clearing a path’ for Hillary Clinton to be its presidential nominee because its upper power echelons are populated with women, according to a female committee member who was in Las Vegas for Tuesday’s primary debate. Speaking on the condition that she isn’t identified, she told Daily Mail Online that the party is in the tank for Clinton, and the women who run the organization decided it ‘early on.'”

Thanks to the Daily Caller’s article on the latest Wikileaks dump, we now know that Donna Brazile, the interim chair of the DNC, is corrupt, too:

Donna Brazile, the current head of the Democratic National Committee, appears to have tipped the Clinton campaign off to a question about the death penalty that was going to be asked during a CNN town hall in March, newly released emails show. “From time to time I get the questions in advance,” Brazile wrote in an email to Clinton campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri on March 12.

Clinton Syndrome is already setting in. The chief symptom of Clinton Syndrome is the feeling for the need to take a long, hot shower after listening to the Clintons or their Clintonistas speak. Donna Brazile is definitely a Clintonista because she’s been part of a cabal to do whatever it takes to get Mrs. Clinton elected. Further, I feel the need for a long, hot shower after reading what Ms. Brazile has done to get Mrs. Clinton elected.

First, Ms. Brazile, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz rigged the Democratic primaries and Democratic presidential debates so Bernie Sanders couldn’t win. They scheduled the debates on Saturday nights so Bernie Sanders couldn’t gain name recognition. Next, they limited the number of debates, which protected Hillary from gaffes. (A political gaffe is, by definition, when you “accidentally tell the truth.”)

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are right. The system is rigged. What they didn’t get right, though, is that it’s the Democrats that rigged their presidential primaries so they didn’t have a chance. That’s thank directly to the actions Ms. Brazile and the DNC took.

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Much is being said about Donald Trump’s raunchy comments from a decade ago. That’s a perfectly legitimate article. Trump’s comments were disgusting and should be consistently criticized. Let’s not pretend, though, that Hillary is pure as the driven snow. Trump is right in saying that “Bill Clinton has actually abused women, and Hillary has bullied, attacked, shamed and intimidated his victims.”

Hillary led the Clinton campaign’s ‘Bimbo Eruptions’ team in the 1990s. She didn’t hesitate in threatening Paula Jones, Jennifer Flowers and Kathleen Willey. During an interview with Matt Lauer, Mrs. Clinton said “If all that were proven true, that would be a very serious offense. That is not going to be proven true. We’re going to find some other things and I think that when all of this is put into context and we read about other people’s motivations, look at their backgrounds, look at their past behavior, some folks are going to have a lot to answer for.”

It’s indisputable that Hillary Clinton is a disgusting individual. She hasn’t hesitated in threatening anyone who might derail her presidential ambitions. If that person is a woman, Mrs. Clinton hasn’t hesitated in utterly demolishing that woman.

That being said, that’s only part of Mrs. Clinton’s problems. Potentially, this might be a bigger problem than Mrs. Clinton’s Bimbo Eruptions problem:

Hillary Clinton Said Her Dream Is A Hemispheric Common Market, With Open Trade And Open Markets.

“My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders, some time in the future with energy that is as green and sustainable as we can get it, powering growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere.” [05162013 Remarks to Banco Itau.doc, p. 28]

This is manna from Heaven for the Trump campaign. We already knew that he wasn’t a moral person. Trump’s disgusting remarks just remind us of that. This transcript, however, shows that Mrs. Clinton will work towards a new world order with open borders and globalization.

Now that their worries have been confirmed, Bernie’s voters are justified in not voting. Mrs. Clinton is the embodiment of the rigged establishment that’s out of touch with reality.

This is my first post since getting out of the hospital today but it isn’t the first chance I’ve had to talk about the Pence-Kaine. It’s indisputable that Hillary is leading in most of the polls. What’s disputable, though, is whether Mrs. Clinton’s lead is that solid.

I’m betting Mrs. Clinton’s lead is shakier than they’ll publicly admit. I’m betting that because Tim Kaine’s performance was the most pathetic debate performance I’ve ever watched. I’m betting that because Sen. Kaine came across as mean-spirited and phony. Sen. Kaine came across as a puppet with bad lines. Politically speaking, Sen. Kaine didn’t have the benefit of touting a positive case. 70% of the nation thinks that we’re heading in the wrong direction. Sen. Kaine’s job was to take that information, then tell people that life was positive and getting better. Check this exchange out:

PENCE: Well, first, let me say, I appreciated the “you’re hired,” “you’re fired” thing, Senator. You use that a whole lot. And I think your running mate used a lot of pre-done lines.
Look, what — what you all just heard out there is more taxes, $2 trillion in more spending, more deficits, more debt, more government. And if you think that’s all working, then you look at the other side of the table. I mean, the truth of the matter is, the policies of this administration, which Hillary Clinton and Senator Kaine want to continue, have run this economy into a ditch. We’re in the…
KAINE: Fifteen million new jobs?
PENCE: … slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression.
KAINE: Fifteen million new jobs?
PENCE: There are millions more people living in poverty today than the day that Barack Obama with Hillary Clinton at his side…
KAINE: And the poverty level and the median income…
PENCE: … stepped into the Oval Office.
KAINE: … improved dramatically between 2014 and 2015.
PENCE: You — honestly, Senator, you can roll out the numbers and the sunny side, but I got to tell you, people in Scranton know different. People in Fort Wayne, Indiana, know different. I mean, this economy is struggling. The answer to this economy is not more taxes.

That’s the problem that the Clinton-Kaine ticket can’t escape. Their spin can’t eliminate the truth that the Obama economy stinks. It stinks because it’s trying to bankrupt entire industries like coal-mining and fracking for oil and natural gas. It stinks because Obamacare is the craziest thing in the world:

If Donald Trump takes the fight to Hillary on the economy and how the Obama economy is built on how well-connected people are, he’ll win this election. Mrs. Clinton and Sen. Kaine can’t point to the pathetic economic growth as proof that they’re on the right side of that issue.

Sen. Kaine’s first attempt to make a first impression fell flat. It’s long past time to worry about Mrs. Clinton’s first impression on the nation. Saying that she’s a polarizing figure is understatement.

Donald Trump wasted a valuable commodity this week — time. The week started right, with him winning the first third of the debate. Then he forgot his purpose and started chasing ghosts. The lesson that his advisors need to teach him is that he needs to focus on things that will help him connect with blue collar workers. The other thing that Mr. Trump must highlight is the Clinton Foundation’s pay-to-play scandal and the FBI’s faux investigation.

By highlighting the FBI’s faux investigation, Mr. Trump would connect with Bernie Sanders’ voters that think that the system is rigged. The FBI’s faux investigation would play well with suburban voters who think Mrs. Clinton isn’t trustworthy. It’d be great if he could flip those voters. At this point, Mr. Trump’s campaign would probably be satisfied if it drove Mrs. Clinton’s turnout with suburban voters down.

The Clintons are disgusting, immoral people who’ve lived in the mud their entire lives. Spending 5 more weeks there to win the presidency means nothing to them. Trump’s path to victory is to highlight the things that matter most to people. When in Ohio and Pennsylvania, Mr. Trump should highlight Mrs. Clinton’s statement that she’s going to put coal companies out of business. Wherever he goes, he needs to highlight his plan for energy independence, then contrast that with Mrs. Clinton’s green energy policies.

Part of Mr. Trump’s presentation on green energy should highlight the rigged game that Solyndra tapped into. Mostly, though, Trump should highlight the fact that coal-mining and fracking jobs are just waiting to be filled. Ask people if they want to subsidize Mrs. Clinton’s and President Obama’s special interest allies or whether they’d like to keep doing what’s worked for the last half-century.

If Trump gets back on message, he’ll put pressure on Mrs. Clinton because people want change. They don’t want Mrs. Clinton’s more-of-the-same policies.

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The man that wrote this LTE, Brian Marsh, gives idiots a bad reputation. It’s stunning to think that Democrats think people are that stupid.

Marsh started his LTE by saying “Stewart Mills III, in talking about the Second Amendment, was quoted in the Dispatch as proclaiming: ‘It is an inalienable right given to us by God.'” Marsh then follows that up by saying “Nowhere in the Bible I read is there any mention of God addressing the topic of a right to gun ownership, and, the last time I checked, God did not write our Constitution or its amendments.”

First, Mills is right. The right to defend ourselves is as old as the Bible. The Declaration of Independence introduces the concept that our rights come from “Nature’s God”, not governments. It’s stunning that Marsh finds this concept radical. It’s been part of our nation’s foundation since 1776.
Then Marsh said this:

It’s sad to see someone so desperate for power that he will resort to fabricating his own “facts” in order to achieve it.

What’s sad is seeing how little Democrats know about the Constitution. Stewart Mills understands the Constitution. He isn’t making things up.

It’s also apparent that Marsh’s goal is to deflect attention away from Rick Nolan. Nolan wants this race to be about ‘Mills the One-Percenter’. Nolan doesn’t want this election to highlight Nolan’s time as a career politician. Nolan doesn’t want voters in the Eighth District to notice that he supports Resolution 54, the DFL’s anti-mining resolution, which I wrote about here:

Specifically, Resolution 54 says “Oppose sulfide ore mining, which is significantly different from taconite mining, poses unacceptable environmental risks, threatens multiple watersheds (Lake Superior, BWCA/VNP, Mississippi) and should not be allowed in the sulfur-bearing rock of Minnesota.”

Rick Nolan is a career politician who will say anything to stay in power. He isn’t about solving problems. He’ll say anything that will keep him in DC.

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