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Newt Gingrich’s op-ed on Minneapolis Democrats surrendering their city to criminals had so much damning information on Democrats that I decided to write this Part II post. Let’s dig into what’s left of Mr. Newt’s op-ed.

The hypocrisy of the Democrats is made clear when you learn that Minneapolis taxpayers pay for private protection for three of their city council members. As a citizen of Minneapolis, you are told to surrender before being hurt by criminals. As part of the political aristocracy, you get taxpayer-funded private security, so you don’t have to worry. A nice benefit if you can get it.

The surrender-to-the-criminals approach is having a terrible effect on both the quality of life and the economy in Minneapolis. The Minneapolis Downtown Council has already warned the city government that efforts to defund the police are driving businesses away from Minneapolis. According to the Freedom Foundation of Minnesota, the Downtown Council cautioned that “27 downtown companies are either considering or are actively seeking space in the suburbs to leave downtown.” Other businesses looking to move have “crossed Minneapolis off [their] search list,” the foundation reported.

What’s apparent is that the activists on the Minneapolis City Council think that they can paper over their foolish decisions. That apparently works when campaigning but it’s equally apparent that it doesn’t work with serious-minded businesses. The activists on the City Council don’t suffer repercussions for their decisions. Businesses that make bad decisions might lose their life savings at age 40-50. That’s a life-changer for most people.

In Seattle, where the local politicians surrendered more than a dozen city blocks to vandals and violent protestors, Police Chief Carmen Best, who is African American, had hundreds demonstrators outside her house. As The Washington Times reported, roughly 200 protestors drove to and crowded Best’s neighborhood (although she was not home). Some of Best’s neighbors had to block the streets with their own vehicles to keep the demonstrators from trespassing and damaging property.

One resident told a local Fox affiliate, “It was not peaceful… They were here to intimidate. Scare people. Scare children. There were children out there and they were asking them what schools they went to. They were yelling the most horrible things you’ve ever heard in your entire life.”

Seattle used to have the nickname of the Emerald City. It was a truly beautiful city. Now it’s fast becoming a dump. They’re cutting the SPD budget by 50% next year. Businesses aren’t sticking around thanks to the rising crime rate and rising minimum wage to $15.00 per hour to serve a cup of Starbucks to junkies.

Minneapolis belongs in the Democrats’ Hall of Shame. Jacob Frey didn’t protect his city. The Minneapolis City Council isn’t interested in protecting their people but is interested in doing unthinkable damage to the city. The Council spoke of re-imagining law enforcement. That was code for gutting law enforcement. These Democrats are a disgrace. Somewhere, Hubert Humphrey is rolling over in his grave.

Newt Gingrich’s op-ed opens with a sobering statistic. It starts by saying “Americans oppose defunding police by 72% to 26%, according to Pew Research Center. Let that fact sink in as you watch what Democratic leaders and the propaganda media are promoting across the country.”

The statistic isn’t surprising. A majority of people from all races, religions, ethnicities and incomes prefer safety over chaos. What’s surprising is that a major political party thinks that they can win a presidential election while supporting the defunding or outright dismantling of police departments. Rush Limbaugh used to say that (I hope I get this right) “liberalism isn’t a political philosophy. It’s a mental disorder.” But I digress. Let’s return to Speaker Gingrich’s op-ed.

Unlike some Democratic politicians, the American people know that getting rid of police creates a vacuum, which predators will fill. This is exactly what is happening with the growing disaster in Minneapolis. In fact, the trouble in Minneapolis is a case study on the results of the radical Democratic policy of protecting criminals, hating police and endangering law-abiding citizens, which I write about in my new book Trump and the American Future.

The leftwing Democrats who dominate the Minneapolis government have been crippling and starving the police department. Unfortunately for most Minneapolis citizens, criminals are beginning to understand what a happy hunting ground the Democrats are creating for them.

I’ve heard stories that up to 20% of buildings along Lake Street, the busiest street in the Twin Cities, are up for sale. East Lake Street runs from 35W to St. Paul, which makes it one of the longer streets in Minneapolis. When that many stores are up for sale, that’s a red flag that something is seriously wrong. This is frightening:

Gunfire incidents were up 224% in June and 166% in July, according to the Star-Tribune. Armed robberies and car-jackings are also on the rise, with 100 robberies and 20 car-jackings reported in the city’s South Side in July alone. As the police shrink the criminals grow.

This isn’t rocket science:

Yes, Ben Shapiro is a smart guy. It didn’t take a Ben Shapiro-sized intellect to figure out that Minneapolis’s plan to dismantle their police department would end in calamity. Let’s return to the Pew Research findings, then compare them with this polling:

It isn’t a stretch to think that Minneapolis is going to hell in a handbasket when you consider how their city is run by idiots compared with the people successfully running smaller cities in the Midwest and nationwide. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Check this out:

Libor Janey of the Star-Tribune reported on Aug. 1 that “Minneapolis police are down at least 100 officers since the killing of George Floyd, more than 10% of the force, straining department resources amid a wave of violence and adding extra urgency to the political debate over its future.” Janey then wrote that the force could be down by one-third by the end of the year.

Already, only six officers are patrolling the 14.5-square-mile third precinct. That means there is less than one policeman for every two miles. This may help explain the third precinct’s letter to innocent citizens urging them to obey the criminals, and give up their wallets, keys and cell phones.

This isn’t a disaster waiting to happen. It’s a disaster that’s happening. The saddest thing is that these Democrats are too proud to admit that they’re wrong.

When news first broke that the Minneapolis Police Department was offering advice to people living near the destroyed Third Precinct Police Station, some people thought it might’ve been something from the Onion or the Babylon Bee. Unfortunately, it’s altogether too real. According to the article, “The MPD has reported a 46 percent increase in carjackings and a 36 percent increase in robberies compared to this same time last year, according to WCCO. Police in the city’s Third Precinct alone have received more than 100 reports of robberies and 20 reports of carjackings in just the last month.”

The article continues, saying “Officials are now telling residents to be ready and willing to comply with the demands of criminals in an email sent to Third Precinct residents. ‘Be prepared to give up your cell phone and purse/wallet,’ the police said in their email, a copy of which was obtained by Alpha News. The email said citizens should listen to criminals and ‘do as they say.'” Here’s the official MPD statement:

Now, the MPD is backpedaling on that statement:

MPD’s directive to obey criminals “appears to not have gone through the proper channels before release,” according to a statement from department spokesman John Elder. “There is not a prescribed way to respond to being a victim of a crime. People have different capabilities and each incident is different,” he added.

This clarification notice was sent out to clarify what Minneapolis crime victims should do:

Notice that they aren’t talking about preventing crimes. They’re essentially telling people that they should look for things that identify the people who assaulted them. They’re essentially saying that people aren’t safe in Minneapolis unless they travel in groups. If that’s meant to make people feel safe, it isn’t working.

While Democrat leftists caterwaul about “Gestapo activities” in Portland, these Democrat leftists ignore the fact that businesses are permanently closing their doors. Apparently, Democrats don’t care about the guys who run places like Old Town Pizza & Brewing. Old Town Pizza & Brewing recently finished the day “with just $18.75 in sales.”

It’s just another sad story in a series of sad stories radiating out from Democrat-run cities. Adam Milne, the owner of Old Town Pizza & Brewing, recently said “I think all restaurants are really hurting and struggling, but I’m not sure if the city and state officials realize that to be a restaurant and to be in downtown Portland right now is a double blow. Not only are we suffering from the pandemic, but we have an area of the state that everyone is avoiding eating and drinking.”

Thanks to Antifa’s and BLM’s nightly riots, only an idiot would venture into downtown Portland. Meanwhile, Democrat House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn said this on CNN:

Rep. Clyburn should be thrown out of the House for uttering that type of BS. Instead of challenging him on making such an incendiary statement, CNN just let it go. This isn’t some back-bench bomb-thrower. This is the third-ranking Democrat in the House. Further, he’s the guy that helped Joe Biden win the Democrats’ presidential nomination. Without Clyburn’s nomination right before the South Carolina Primary, Bernie would be the Democrats’ nominee.

Speaking of Mr. Biden, here’s what he said in an ad about uniting the country:

First, Biden hasn’t criticized Portland’s violence with the exception of him criticizing federal law enforcement:

Former Vice President Joe Biden said Tuesday that the Trump administration was deploying Department of Homeland Security officers in Portland without clearly defined goals, even as department officials defended their efforts to eliminate violent protests. “We have a president who is determined to sow chaos and division,” said Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee to challenge President Donald Trump on Nov. 3. “To make matters worse instead of better.”

I guess that’s Biden’s way of uniting the nation. Criticizing law enforcement officers who are protecting a federal courthouse isn’t uniting people. It’s being a loud-mouthed jerk, then pretending to be a uniter.

The question is whether Americans will admit that they see what’s happening. Joe Biden isn’t pro-law enforcement. He’s for whatever keeps Democrats together. In his minute-long ad, Biden talked about representing all Americans, whether they voted for him or not. What we’ve heard from, though, are the words of a divider, the words of a hate-filled man.

Joe Biden won’t challenge Ted Wheeler, Portland’s mayor. He won’t stop the rioting, either. Frankly, Joe Biden doesn’t know how to challenge Democrats. Whatever they want to do is fine with him. Portland is proof of that.

FOOTNOTE: When Barack Obama was president and Biden was his vice president, they were openly hostile to the police. Read about what they did in Ferguson. Remember that they didn’t lift a finger to stop Chicago’s violence, either. If you want more of the same, vote Biden. If you want safe streets, vote Trump. It’s that simple.

Buck Sexton’s op-ed exposes the Democrats’ intentions to transform the United States into something resembling a third-world dictatorship. Sexton also highlights the media’s role in running interference for the domestic terrorists.

For almost two months, Portland has been under siege from Antifa and other extremists. These troops of the left terrorize the downtown area every night. They operate with paramilitary precision. As organized anarchists, they deploy a wide array of less than lethal weapons to wound police, ranging from bats and bricks to lasers shot in the eyes of officers to permanently damage their sight. All of this is to further their goal to overturn our society and radically transform the country.

Antifa isn’t murdering anyone. That type of violence would strip the MSM and other Democrats of their ability to spin Portland as a peaceful protest that got out of control. Instead, Antifa and BLM use tactics that destroy police officers’ lives without killing them. Without the bloodshed, it’s difficult to characterize Antifa/BLM as terrorists.

While it’s difficult to characterize Antifa/BLM as terrorists, it isn’t impossible. It just takes patience and logic. Once people explain to the average person what tactics Antifa/BLM uses, those people understand quickly. It’s clear that they’re participating in a riot. Judge Mukasey explained today that some of the crimes that Antifa/BLM are committing are legitimate predication for RICO indictments.

If the news media cared to tell the public the truth, it would have been a top story on nightly broadcasts for weeks. The Antifa rioters even tried to break into and burn down a federal courthouse in the city. The campaign of intimidation and destruction is plainly domestic terrorism. But the one reason the siege on Portland has become a major news story is because the administration is trying to restore law and order to the beleaguered city, and Democrats hysterically oppose any such action.

Thus far, Democrats have shown their hatred of police officers on a nightly basis. Check this out:

Before Jessica Tarlov or some other dishonest leftist mouthpiece says that these aren’t Democrats, I’ll just remind them that Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler spent the night with the rioters. Democrats in Oregon have filed lawsuits against the federal government to prevent them from doing their jobs, too. These are public officials who don’t want to enforce the laws of their city and state. There’s tons of proof that Democrats don’t want to enforce existing laws. Bill de Blasio has threatened to file a lawsuit if President Trump tries stopping the violence. That’s fine. Let that festering hellhole turn into a warzone where people can’t live. It doesn’t matter to me. I don’t live there.

If Democrats don’t want to enforce the laws, President Trump should fund advertisements telling Portlanders that states like the Carolinas, Georgia, Texas and Florida take law enforcement seriously and that their states aren’t shooting galleries. If Democrats won’t stand with police officers, then Portland shouldn’t be surprised when people vote with their mortgages.

PS- Why hasn’t Joe Biden spoken out against Portland’s violence? Is it because he’s counting on getting Antifa’s votes while maintaining his image that he’s a centrist? His silence says everything.

It’s disgusting to see the Speaker of the US House of Representatives make disgusting statements about the officers of the Portland Police Department, aka PPD. She’s a vile and disgusting woman who should be thrown out of the People’s House. This week, Ms. Pelosi made an intentionally misleading statement in one of her tweets when she said “Unidentified stormtroopers. Unmarked cars. Kidnapping protesters and causing severe injuries in response to graffiti. These are not the actions of a democratic republic. @DHSgov’s actions in Portland undermine its mission. Trump & his stormtroopers must be stopped.”

The most powerful Democrat in the House then added more intentional deception, saying “First Amendment speech should never be met with one-sided violence from federal agents acting as Trump’s secret police, especially when unidentified. This is disgraceful behavior we would expect from a banana republic — not the government of the United States.”

The First Amendment doesn’t protect unpeaceful protests. This Portland Police Department tells a different story than the fiction that Ms. Pelosi told:

Here’s the text of the First Amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

People throwing projectiles at police isn’t the portrait of people peaceably assembling. Ms. Pelosi knows that but she doesn’t care about details like that. Thank God for Ted Cruz’s response to Ms. Pelosi’s intentionally weaponized, deceptive statements:

Dan Crenshaw and Andy Ngo added this information:

This is what PPD reported about the arrests:

17 people charged with “interfering with a police officer
1 person charged with “Assaulting a Public Safety Officer”
31 year old Timothy Swales: Interfering with a Peace Officer, Reckless Endangering, Elude (Vehicle), Elude (Foot), Reckless Driving, Hit and Run

Ms. Pelosi omitted more than a few important details. That’s typical of her. She has an occasional relationship with the truth. Robby Starbuck captures things perfectly with this tweet:

Kim Strassel’s Potomac Watch column nails it in terms of the presidential campaign. She wrote “The headlines of late proceed from the premise that Joe Biden is on a glide path to the White House. Stories highlight polls showing President Trump losing key swing states, even GOP strongholds. Texas is in play! Georgia is at risk! Journalists explain that Mr. Biden is banking money, while the Trump campaign’s leadership team is in chaos. They feature congressional race trackers, who rate more Republicans as vulnerable. All that’s left is for Jill Biden to pick the curtains.”

Let’s stop this stupidity this instant. Joe Biden is proposing to destroy the fossil fuel economy but fossil fuel-rich Texas is in play? That’s a joke and then some. This article says it all: “Biden’s liberal climate policies feared by unions in Pennsylvania.”

If Biden’s climate change policies worry union bosses in Pennsylvania, which Trump won by 44,000 votes, what’s the likelihood that Trump’s in danger of losing Texas, which he won by 807,000 votes? Does Trump have an enthusiasm problem in Texas? I wouldn’t bet on it.

Mr. Biden is promising to delete the jobs of millions of Americans—at a time of soaring unemployment. A study by the National Ocean Industries Association finds that a ban on offshore drilling alone would cost 200,000 jobs, damaging regional economies. Mr. Biden would overrun the nation with solar panels, wind turbines and charging stations. Basic consumer choice would disappear for vehicles, dishwashers, even homes. The Justice Department would become a weapon against businessmen who run afoul of fast-changing progressive standards.

That will be a huge issue in battleground states this fall. It won’t be the biggest issue, though. Riots and “Defund the Police” will be the biggest issue. COVID will be important, just not as important as Defund. People have worries about COVID but they’ve learned to live with the risk. They’re frightened about the riots and Defund the Police. Outside elderly neighborhoods, COVID isn’t that big of a worry.

Every neighborhood is threatened by Defund the Police. Either that or they know someone who’s threatened by defunding police departments. Further, Joe Biden is on the wrong side of the Defund issue. Yes, Chris Wallace, Biden did say that he’s for defunding the police:

Hint: redirecting money away from police departments is defunding. It’s just using a different word. The effect is still the same.

The Trump White House used the week to lay out a competing vision. At a UPS facility in Georgia Wednesday, the president announced a “top-to-bottom overhaul” of the federal environmental review process, which stands in the way of nearly every infrastructure project in the country. Transformation of that permitting regime would clear the way for new highways, ports, bridges, pipelines and tunnels. That would create millions of jobs, attract more business to America and make the country more competitive. “Biden wants to massively re-regulate the energy economy,” Mr. Trump said, drawing the contrast. “We want to get things built.”

In other words, President Trump wants to make life better faster. Biden wants to listen to AOC’s and Bernie’s socialist instructions. That’s the fast-track to a lost decade.

We lost a decade of economic growth during the Obama administration. We’d experience worse economic growth during a Biden-Sanders-AOC administration. In fact, we’d likely experience a major recession during a Biden-AOC-Sanders administration.

This post, along with tweets from President Trump’s campaign, are highlighting Minneapolis for all the wrong reasons. Frankly, I don’t care if crime keeps skyrocketing out of control in Minneapolis. They elected a mayor and a city council of idiot activists. It isn’t surprising that things are spiraling hopelessly out-of-control.

This isn’t just predictable. It was predicted. Before the previous mayoral election, Minneapolis mayoral candidate Ray Dehn called for officers to be disarmed. Dehn didn’t win but while he was running, he said “We must divest resources, disarm officers, and dismantle the inherent violence of our criminal justice system.”

What’s heartbreaking is the testimony given by Officer Rich Walker to the Minnesota State Senate. Here’s one clip of Officer Walker’s testimony:

Here’s more of Officer Walker’s heartbreaking testimony:

Powderhorn Park used to feature a neighborhood setting where families could hang out. Now it features open air drug sales, rampant prostitution, gun violence and sexual assaults. That’s just in one park.

That’s just part of what’s heartbreaking. Another part of what’s heartbreaking is that DFL politicians, from US senators Klobuchar and Smith, to DFL congresscritters like Omar, Phillips and Craig, to state legislators to Minneapolis City Council members to Minneapolis Park Board members, haven’t listened to the people. They’ve listened to the special interests exclusively. They’ve mistaken nonprofits and activists for citizens.

People attending the hearing said that Officer Walker’s testimony was “powerful.” I don’t doubt that. I just wish it didn’t fall on deaf ears in Minneapolis.

Thank God that the Black Lives Matter Movement knows everything. They must be omniscient after emphatically stating that “We know that police don’t keep us safe.” I always thought that police kept people safe. Didn’t police officers run into the World Trade Center towers on 9/11? The police in that instance certainly tried to keep people safe.

According to BLM’s website, “We know that police don’t keep us safe — and as long as we continue to pump money into our corrupt criminal justice system at the expense of housing, health, and education investments, we will never be truly safe. That’s why we are calling to #DefundPolice and #InvestInCommunities…”

Defunding the police is stupid. They’re overwhelmed as it is. This article highlights why better funding of the police is required:

Gunfire and carnage are sweeping across America’s streets.

At least six children ages 6 to 14 died in a spate of shootings over the past five days, as the level of gun violence and murder surpassed the deadly total at the same time last year. Chicago reported 87 shootings and 17 fatalities from Thursday evening through Sunday night. At least 13 of the shooting victims were under 14 years old. New York suffered 44 shootings and 11 deaths from gun violence from Friday through Sunday. Philadelphia reported 31 shootings and seven deaths from gun violence.

What organization or movement would call for defunding the police when we know what works? This isn’t working. BLM is part of the problem. They aren’t part of the solution.

The simple truth is that cities need better trained forces. Cities need lots more forces, too:

Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison on Monday said officers held back because “it was tactically unsafe.”

“As the Baltimore Police Department was responding to several life and death incidents across the city, a small number of officers were assigned to assist with peaceful protests taking place in the downtown area,” he said in a statement. “As the number of protesters grew, it was tactically unsafe for those few officers to position themselves between the protesters and the Christopher Columbus Statue in an attempt to prevent vandalism and destruction.”

What’s most needed is a change of political leadership that won’t throw officers under the bus. Each time a Bill de Blasio, Jenny Durkan or Jacob Frey hesitates or doesn’t let their officers do their job, it creates doubt with the officers.

Black Lives Matter isn’t behind all of these shootings. They’re just the organization that’s lobbying for inadequate force funding.

The Kansas City Chiefs have signed Patrick Mahomes, their Super Bowl-winning QB, to a 10-year contract extension. Now that the NFL has jumped into bed with the Black Lives Matter Movement, I’m officially a former fan of the NFL, including the Minnesota Vikings. Any corporation or organization that sides with Marxists isn’t worthy of my patronage.

Last year, I officially stopped watching the NBA because they sided with the Chinese. We were lectured that the NBA was trying to open up China’s market. Anyone that supports the manufacture of Nike products in Chinese sweat shops by child labor won’t get a penny from me.

When the NFL announced that they’d play “the Black National Anthem” right before the official National Anthem, they made it clear that they were doing this to “recognize the victims of police brutality.” According to this article, “the league is also considering allowing players to wear helmet decals or jersey patches recognizing those who have been impacted by systemic racism and police brutality.”

In June, in the wake of nationwide protest over systemic racism, the NFL released a statement in support of Black Lives Matter, writing: “This is a time of self-reflection for all – the NFL is no exception. We stand with the Black community because Black Lives Matter.”

What about black children like Secoriea Turner, the innocent 8-year-old who was killed “while riding in a vehicle with her mother and an adult friend, according to police. The driver was attempting to enter a parking lot at 1238 Pryor Road where a group of individuals illegally placed barricades. Someone in the group opened fire on the vehicle, according to police, striking Turner.” Doesn’t this beautiful child matter?

Here’s more from the official NFL statement:

“Through Inspire Change, the NFL, Players and our partners have supported programs and initiatives throughout the country to address systemic racism. We will continue using our platform to challenge the injustice around us,” continued the statement.

Like the rest of the nation, the NFL will make symbolic gestures to appease Black Lives Matters. What the NFL won’t do is pay attention to the innocent lives lost like Secoriea Turner. What the NFL didn’t do is their homework. Does the NFL want to partner with an organization that wants to defund the police? Check this out:

May 30, 2020
Enough is enough. Our pain, our cries, and our need to be seen and heard resonate throughout this entire country. We demand acknowledgment and accountability for the devaluation and dehumanization of Black life at the hands of the police. We call for radical, sustainable solutions that affirm the prosperity of Black lives.

That’s right. Defunding the police leaves the poorest minority neighborhoods in the most precarious positions. Apparently, the NFL doesn’t care about those black lives. After all, poor blacks aren’t likely to attend games and produce revenue for the NFL.

Question for the NFL: isn’t it an injustice that poor minority neighborhoods are the neighborhoods where violent crime is most prevalent? What about that injustice? Doesn’t that injustice matter to you because they don’t have a high-profile mouth-piece to lobby for them?