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If you aren’t outraged after reading Taylor Nachtigal’s article, then you aren’t human. Nachtigal’s article starts by saying “A Rochester man received a 365-day jail sentence, to be served as work release, for sexually assaulting a woman in 2015. A jury convicted Darren Phillip Williams, 50, of third-degree criminal sexual conduct-force or coercion, a felony, on April 10 in Olmsted County District Court. Williams was acquitted of a second charge of first-degree criminal sexual conduct. In addition to the jail sentence, Williams received a 48-month prison sentence, stayed for 15 years, according to court documents. He’ll be required to register as a predatory offender and complete a sex offender program.”

According to Nachtigal’s reporting, this isn’t a he-said/she-said case. According to the article, “Williams allowed authorities to search his apartment, and to take a comforter and towels from the home. He also consented to a DNA swab. In August 2015, results from the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension reportedly found Williams’ DNA on swabs from the woman’s genitals and body.”

That’s bad enough but that isn’t why I’m upset. This is why I’m upset:

In addition to the jail sentence, Williams received a 48-month prison sentence, stayed for 15 years, according to court documents. He’ll be required to register as a predatory offender and complete a sex offender program.

Williams’ conviction is now official. They found the convict’s DNA “on the victim’s genitals.” How can the court sentence this criminal to a year in jail, then essentially give him 15 years of probation? Sexual predators like Williams deserve to be locked up for a couple of decades, if not longer.

This afternoon, a loyal reader of LFR forwarded me an email newsletter from TakeAction Minnesota. Included in that email was a link to this article, which deals with the topics of voting and gun control.

It starts by saying “At last month’s March for Our Lives in Washington, DC, the 20 young people who spoke had a clear message for the hundreds of thousands of protesters: Vote. Specifically, they urged their supporters to vote out of office any lawmaker who stands in the way of gun control. ‘The voting is what we’re pushing here,’ Stoneman Douglas student and #NeverAgain activist Jaclyn Corin said in an interview with Crooked Media before the march. ‘The March is kind of a statement saying, ‘Hey, we’re gonna be voting in November. Watch out—all these people are voting against you.'”

This year, Democrats are pushing 2 things hard — raising the minimum age of buying certain types of guns to 21 and lowering the voting age to 16. Democrats are arguing simultaneously that 16-year-olds are wise enough to make informed decisions on who should represent people in Congress but 20-year-olds are too stupid to safely operate a semi-automatic firearm. Wouldn’t you love to hear David Hogg or Emma Gonzalez explain that?

Actually, the explanation is rather simple. First, Democrats want to flood the polling booths with as many uninformed voters as possible. People that think things through vote for conservatives more often than they vote for Democrats. That’s a statement of statistical fact. It isn’t a statement of derision. Next, raising the age of purchase to 21 is an emotional issue for people. The Democrats’ base will be fired up as a result.

Republicans need to frame this election as a referendum between sensible policies vs. irrational policies. Let’s illustrate:

  1. There’s nothing irrational about enforcing our international borders. There’s nothing sane about opening our borders to drug cartels while fighting an opioid crisis.
  2. There’s nothing irrational about reducing regulations and increasing competition.
  3. There’s nothing sane about increasing regulations that cripple competition.
  4. There’s nothing irrational about moving national guard troops to the Tex-Mex border to prevent human trafficking.
  5. There’s nothing sane about letting human traffickers bring in sex slaves from Latin America.
  6. There’s nothing irrational about shutting down the borders to prevent violent felons from entering the US.
  7. There’s nothing sane about letting violent felons into the US by turning a blind eye towards the Tex-Mex border. That inevitably leads to new members of the Angel Parents ‘club’.

Conservatives, it’s time for you to ask yourselves if you want Congress run by people who won’t protect its citizens by electing Democrat majorities in the House and/or Senate or whether we’ll tell our friends, neighbors, co-workers and church family to get out and vote for sane conservatives, then voting ourselves. What’s required from conservatives is gritty determination to vote. Losing the House and/or the Senate will stop President Trump’s common-sense agenda on immigration, regulations and shutting down gangs like MS-13.

It’s ok to disapprove of President Trump’s tweets. Some of his tweets are inexcusable and shouldn’t be defended. His economic and national security agenda, however, aren’t just defensible. They’re essential.

Finally, it’s essential that all patriots vote to save this republic. I know that sounds a bit melodramatic but it’s where we’re at right now. Democrat progressives hate the principles that this nation was founded on. That’s how they can advocate for raising the minimum age to buy a gun to 21, then immediately argue that it’s essential to lower the voting age to 16. These aren’t sensible arguments. They’re the arguments of irrational people. Liberalism isn’t a political philosophy. It’s a mental disorder.

What is it about some professors that make them incapable of figuring out why school shootings (or other shootings) happen? This LTE is a perfect example of where people instantly blame gun laws for shooting deaths? The activists (more on this in a minute) insist on universal background checks to eliminate these shootings. Other activists push banning assault weapons.

The opening of Prof. Rachel Melis’ LTE says “As a mother and professor, it frightens and angers me to realize yet again how vulnerable my children, students and I are to gun violence, and how little is being done about it. I feel like anything else terrorizing our kids to this level would cause us to at least try to fix it, but with gun violence it seems like every fix, other than ‘more guns,’ gets rejected as imperfect. Since ‘more guns’ isn’t working, we should try every other solution, starting with lifting the ban that currently prevents the Center for Disease Control from researching gun violence as a public health epidemic.”

First, I don’t question Prof. Melis’ sincerity. I’m questioning her analytic ability. That’s because the beast that shot up Stoneman-Douglas HS shouldn’t have gotten a gun under existing law. The reason he didn’t get flagged after dozens of specific tips to local law enforcement is because the tips got forwarded to what I mockingly call touchy-feely class instructors. Officially, this was part of a federal plan characterized as part of the ‘restorative justice’ system.

This is intellectually dishonest:

Because gunshot wounds are the third leading cause of death for children 1 to 17 years old, I will stand with the Florida survivors now and in the November elections. In particular, I hope parents, teens, and people in St. Cloud who want to protect life will work to limit military-style weapons.

This voter will stand with Florida survivors now and in November by insisting that we stop feel-good programs that don’t flag dangerous behavior.

The people outside the Broward County School District’s PROMISE Program knew that Nikolas Cruz was a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. Unfortunately, the idiots running the Broward County School District’s PROMISE Program didn’t notice this potential. This is the “Collaborative Agreement on School Discipline:

Pay particular attention to page 3 of 33 of this document. It essentially says that students who commit serious, though not felony, crimes, will be treated with kid gloves. It essentially instructed the signatories to this contract to not treat these crimes as law enforcement matters. It said that the school district would handle these things.

Here’s a question for Prof. Melis: Should the education system be in charge of administering the juvenile justice system? Or should that responsibility be left to law enforcement?

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I won’t sugarcoat this. Democrats have shown recently that they’re soft on crime, including mass murderers. Thanks to Ed Morrissey’s post and Paul Sperry’s reporting, we’re finally getting a view of why Nikolas Cruz wasn’t flagged.

Simply put, the Obama administration’s Department of Education essentially ordered schools to stop reporting crimes or risk getting federal funding pulled. Let’s remember that then-Attorney General Eric Holder went on a crusade against mass incarcerations. (I’ll return to this in a bit.)

According to Sperry’s reporting, the “responsibility falls on the Obama administration’s Department of Education, which attempted to disconnect punishment from crimes committed by students.” Further, “In 2013, the school district in Broward County rewrote its disciplinary procedures to avoid referrals to law enforcement. Current superintendent Robert Runcie developed the program, and the Department of Education not only endorsed it but made it part of their own policies.”

It goes further:

In January 2014, Duncan’s department issued new discipline guidelines strongly recommending that schools use law enforcement measures and out-of-school suspensions as a last resort. Announced jointly by Duncan and then-Attorney General Eric Holder, the new procedures came as more than friendly guidance from Uncle Sam – they also came with threats of federal investigations and defunding for districts that refused to fully comply.

Broward County was a willing participant:

No district has taken this new approach further than Broward County. The core of the approach is a program called PROMISE (Preventing Recidivism through Opportunities, Mentoring, Interventions, Support & Education), which substitutes counseling for criminal detention for students who break the law. According to the district website, the program is “designed to address the unique needs of students who have committed a behavioral infraction that would normally lead to a juvenile delinquency arrest and, therefore, entry into the juvenile justice system.”

In other words, the new disciplinary system implemented at Holder’s insistence is minimal, almost non-existent discipline based on … who knows what?

We’ve got another school shooting but at least we don’t have increased recidivism. I can’t imagine how relieved those parents in Broward County are to hear that.

Additional literature reveals that students referred to PROMISE for in-school misdemeanors – including assault, theft, vandalism, underage drinking and drug use – receive a controversial alternative punishment known as restorative justice.

“Rather than focusing on punishment, restorative justice seeks to repair the harm done,” the district explains. Indeed, it isn’t really punishment at all. It’s more like therapy. Delinquents gather in “healing circles” with counselors, and sometimes even the victims of their crime, and talk about their feelings and “root causes” of their anger.

What type of stupidity is this? Holder and Broward County superintendent Robert Runcie should be named as defendants in the parents’ wrongful death lawsuit. This should never have happened. Think of the list of crimes that are overlooked by PROMISE: assault, theft, vandalism, underage drinking and drug use. Which of those crimes sounds like a touchy-feely type of crime.

To the liberals and the shit-for-brains libertarians that think we should look past these things, I have a simple message. Tell that to the parents of those that died on Valentines Day inside Marjory Stoneman-Douglas HS.

Then there’s Holder’s foolish campaign against mass incarceration. In Medellin, Columbia, Holder said this:

The path we are currently on is far from sustainable. As we speak, roughly one out of every 100 American adults is behind bars. Although the United States comprises just five percent of the world’s population, we incarcerate almost a quarter of the world’s prisoners. While few would dispute the fact that incarceration has a role to play in any comprehensive public safety strategy, it’s become evident that such widespread incarceration is both inadvisable and unsustainable. It requires that we routinely spend billions of dollars on prison construction—and tens of billions more, on an annual basis, to house those who are convicted of crimes. It carries both human and moral costs that are too much to bear. And it results in far too many Americans serving too much time in too many prisons—and beyond the point of serving any good law enforcement reason.

Mr. Holder, I triple-dog dare you to give that speech to the parents of the students who will never see their kids again. Mr. Holder and Sheriff Israel had the ability to prevent this mass shooting. Instead, they did nothing.

Sheriff Israel should be terminated ASAP and stripped of his pension, if that’s possible. The harm he’s done is immense and irreparable. Holder should never be allowed to be part of an administration ever again. Between this mass shooting and the deaths from Fast and Furious, he’s had a hand in too much killing of innocents.

Again, the government screwed up multiple times but Democrat politicians insist that the remedy for governmental incompetence is impinging on our constitutional rights. It isn’t surprising that people think politicians are stupid.

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When I read this article, I got pissed. First, it’s bad enough to learn that an elderly lady “was sexually assaulted by a worker at Heritage House Assisted Living.” This isn’t an allegation. According to the article, “David DeLong was eventually criminally convicted of the assault.” That’s a conviction beyond a reasonable doubt by a jury of his peers.

It’s a finding of fact. Period.

Imagine how her son, Bob Krause, felt when he told the reporter “She couldn’t cry out. She couldn’t push him off. She couldn’t tell anybody. She just had to lie there and take it.” Krause would’ve been totally justified if he’d wanted to rip his mother’s assailant’s head off. That isn’t what happened, though. Imagine Bob Krause’s outrage “when state regulators investigated, they found Heritage House did nothing wrong, even though court records obtained by KARE 11 showed when another worker discovered DeLong in Krause’s room with his pants and underwear around his thighs, Heritage House waited more than an hour and a half to call police.”

Unfortunately, that isn’t the end of Bob Krause’s grief:

Bob says he wasn’t told about the attack until a prosecutor called him several months later. By then, Jean Krause had died. “I’ve asked myself over and over again, why wouldn’t they say anything and the only thing I can come down to is, you know, fear of being exposed,” Bob said.

Why is that delay so significant? In part, because it may have shielded Heritage House from a lawsuit. Unlike most states, in Minnesota the law says a civil suit dies with the victim. So, when Jean Krause passed away, so did Bob’s chance to hold Heritage House accountable in court.

“It’s one of two states in America where if you run out the clock and that person dies for an unrelated reason, the lawsuit dies with the person,” said Mark Kosieradzki, an attorney who specializes in nursing home abuse and neglect cases.

Unfortunately, it’s too late for Bob Krause to obtain justice for his mother’s attack. If the legislature doesn’t pass a bill to fix this stupidity, then it’s time to throw all of the bums out. It’s the legislature’s affirmative responsibility to fix situations like this.

Nobody deserves this lengthy string of tribulation. Heritage House let an elderly woman get assaulted. Then staff at Heritage House sat silent after the attack was detected. At minimum, the staffers who noticed the attack and did nothing should be tried as accomplices. They aren’t as guilty as the attacker but they should face prison time for their actions.

During her appearance on Meet the Press, Sen. Klobuchar said “What these hunters were telling me the last few days is they are willing to do some background checks. They asked me why the bump stock bill hadn’t passed. They understand as law-abiding gun owners, that we need to make changes.” Later, she said “I would like to see an assault weapon ban come up for a vote. And I would also like to see the work we need to do on domestic violence.”

Honestly, I’d love to see a vote on banning assault weapons in both the House and Senate. It’d be interesting to see how many Democrats would vote against that ban. Let’s finish this debate. Banning scary-looking weapons that aren’t any more deadly than a traditional-looking semi-automatic is pandering at its worst. That isn’t making people safer. It’s telling people that they’re safer without making them safer. Shame on these panderers for selling false hope.

In the past, Sen. Klobuchar supported feel-good, do-nothing gun control measures:

Q: What about assault weapons?
A: I did favor extending the ban on assault weapons. Unfortunately, we didn’t prevail.

Voted YES on banning high-capacity magazines of over 10 bullets.
Congressional Summary:
The term ‘large capacity ammunition feeding device’ means a magazine or similar device that has an overall capacity of more than 10 rounds of ammunition
Opponent’s Argument for voting No: Sen. GRASSLEY. I oppose the amendment. In 2004, which is the last time we had the large-capacity magazine ban, a Department of Justice study found no evidence banning such magazines has led to a reduction in gun violence. The study also concluded it is not clear how often the outcomes of the gun attack depend on the ability of offenders to fire more than 10 shots without reloading. Secondly, there is no evidence banning these magazines has reduced the deaths from gun crimes. In fact, when the previous ban was in effect, a higher percentage of gun crime victims were killed or wounded than before it was adopted. Additionally, tens of millions of these magazines have been lawfully owned in this country for decades. They are in common use, not unusually dangerous, and used by law-abiding citizens in self-defense, as in the case of law enforcement.

A well-trained gunman doesn’t need a large-capacity clip to reload quickly. Further, most of the mass-shooting attackers did tons of training before carrying out their attacks. This is another feel-good provision that doesn’t fix a thing. Anything that doesn’t actually prevent lethal situations should be ignored. Period.

The key to this that the MSM and liberal politicians haven’t talked about is hardening soft targets. I won’t pretend that hardening such targets will eliminate mass shootings. Evil will still exist. I’ll guarantee, though, that we’ll see a major reduction in the number of fatalities if targets are hardened.

This morning, disgraced Sheriff Scott Israel told CNN’s Jake Tapper that he won’t resign. That’s fine as long as Florida Gov. Rick Scott fires him for dereliction of duty. Sheriff Israel is a demagogue, a politician and a partisan anti-NRA hack. At this point, I’d argue that his reputation is more in tatters than Adam Schiff’s. That takes a lot but he’s succeeded.

Sheriff Israel didn’t help himself when he said “I can only take responsibility for what I knew about. I exercise my due diligence. I’ve given amazing leadership to this agency.” Seventeen students from Parkland HS were unavailable to respond to Sheriff Israel’s quote. Seriously, what type of delusional nutjob would make that type of statement? Are you out of your flipping mind? Amazing leadership? Wow.

Further, “Israel said they were continuing to investigate their handling of the threat warnings and that the officer who handled that call ‘is on restrictive duty.’ Israel also said they will get to the bottom of the situation and release their results when they are certain they have all the facts.” Why should anyone think that Sheriff Israel can be trusted with investigating himself? I don’t trust him. I’m betting that few people trust him as an impartial investigator.

Watch the video of Jake Tapper grilling Sheriff Israel. Some of Sheriff Israel’s statements are stunningly arrogant. At one point, Israel said that his deputies “have done amazing things.” Seriously? How can this man say something like that with a straight face?

If he’s that clueless as to how big of a failure this was on behalf of himself and his deputies, then he isn’t competent enough to be sheriff. He needs to be fired for incompetence. It’s that simple.

It’s difficult to picture a sheriff more incompetent than Scott Israel. It’s worth adding that he’s a demagogue, too. First, it’s important to know that police from Coral Springs found 4 of Israel’s deputies outside the building while Nikolas Cruz was on his murderous rampage. CNN reported that when “police from neighboring Coral Springs arrived at the school, they found three other Broward deputies who were outside the building but did not go in.”

Question: Why should any of these jackasses still have a job or a pension?

The good news is that “State Rep. Bill Hager, R-Boca Raton, is urging Florida Gov. Rick Scott to remove Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel over his agency’s handling of the Feb. 14 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland.” Here’s hoping Gov. Scott fires Sheriff Israel and his 4 deputies before the Twins preseason game today. (The telecast starts at noon on Fox Sports North.) These men aren’t just incompetent. It’s justified to call them cowards, too, unworthy of being police officers.

Ben Shapiro’s diatribe isn’t just justified. It’s required.

Then there’s Sheriff Israel’s demagoguing the issue of gun control:

This jackass is a disgrace to law enforcement. His official responsibility is “to protect and serve.” He did neither. His deputies followed his lead.

Here’s something that nobody’s talked about yet. What do you think is the Broward County Sheriff’s Department’s exposure in a wrongful death lawsuit? I’m not a lawyer but I’m thinking that they’re facing a huge lawsuit with a strong likelihood that they’ll lose that lawsuit. I’m thinking that these families had a reasonable expectation that those deputies should protect their children in such a situation.

Sheriff Israel deserves a legal beating. If there’s justice still left in this world, it’s coming quickly.

KARE11’s Boyd Huppert traveled to Somerset, WI, to see if Justin Rivard’s invention would save lives. While DC-based politicians and special interests retreat to their predictable positions, Justin applied a little American ingenuity to the school shooting crisis situation to see if he could make a difference. What he created in shop class might impact more students’ lives than anything that the politicians and special interests come up with.

The article opens by saying “The flag at Somerset High School flies at half-staff in honor lives lost in Florida. Inside, Somerset senior Justin Rivard was inspired in his shop class to try to save lives here. “I call this the JustinKase,” Justin says of his invention. “You don’t want to use it, but just in case you need it, it’ll be there. Made of steel plates and connecting rods, Justin’s device slips beneath a classroom door and latches to the door’s jam. With his device in place, Justin has yet to find a person who can push a classroom door open, including linemen from his high school football team. “You can lock a door with a lock, it can get shot out,” Justin says. “You can lock a door with this, it can’t get shot out. You can’t get around it.”

It’s time for politicians and special interests to step aside. It looks like Justin Rivard just built a better mouse trap:

What’s not to love about this invention? It doesn’t violate a person’s civil rights. Politicians can sit on the sideline and applaud old-fashioned ingenuity. Gangbangers can’t get past it.

When a shooter is stalking the hallways, the police are 5 minutes away. Justin’s device helps protects students and teachers until the first responders and law enforcement get there. Isn’t it time the politicians and the special interests got out of the American people’s way so they can fix this problem?

When a shop teacher challenged his students to build a device which could increase school safety, Justin Rivard rose to the occasion. Only 15 at the time, he researched current products and then sought to learn their strengths and weaknesses. After months of refinements, JustinKase was engineered, built, refined, and is now helping protect hundreds of students with orders meaning thousands of students in Wisconsin & Minnesota will soon be made safer due to his innovation.

Justin Rivard should get an award from the White House, Congress and others. Everyone knows there’s a problem with school safety. Justin Rivard didn’t complain that politicians weren’t protecting him or his classmates. He just started innovating until he fixed a big problem. I won’t pretend that this is the only thing that’s needed to stop mass shootings. It isn’t. The JustinKase will protect students until police arrive, though, which is a huge deal.

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When I read articles like this one, I want to punch the author for being this dishonest or this ill-informed. Ill-informed diatribes like this don’t get us to a solution on stopping school shootings. In his ill-informed rant, Scarborough wrote “More than 90 percent of Americans agree that Congress should pass tougher background checks. More than 80 percent of Americans at least somewhat favor a ban on “bump stocks” that make rifles fire much like automatic weapons. And nearly 80 percent believe that assault-style weapons should be banned.”

Guess what, Joe? You’ve been pumping out this BS about tougher background checks for years. It’s a myth. Whether a person buys a gun at a gun show or at a gun shop, the dealer must perform a background check. The so-called ‘gun show loophole’ is a myth. As for banning bump stocks, I’m totally fine with that. Nobody needs an automatic weapon. Finally, Scarborough’s elitism and ignorance is showing when he talks about “assault-style weapons.” The difference between “assault-style weapons” and regular semi-automatic weapons are entirely cosmetic.

Banning assault-style weapons is a feel-good thing that won’t affect a solution. The old liberal saw that ‘Well, if it would save one innocent life, it’s worth it’ is hogwash. That change won’t save a single life. Period. Earlier in the article, Scarborough wrote this:

And once again, I and many other reasonable conservatives find ourselves at odds with GOP — read: National Rifle Association — orthodoxy.

Apparently, Joe isn’t bright enough to understand that the NRA isn’t an evil boogeyman. The NRA is a potent political force because it’s made up of people who feel passionately about guns and gun safety. The NRA is We The People, not some bunch of right-wing lunatics.

Rants like Scarborough’s do more harm than good. It’s what makes conservatives distrust liberals like him. He should step out of his liberal echochamber and watch thoughtful shows like this:

One of Gutfeld’s panelists was Tyrus. Elitists will roll their eyes when they hear that he’s a professional wrestler. These elitists will ignore the fact that he used to be a licensed body guard. Here’s his thoughts on how to prevent these shootings:

This is coming from being an executive of security and, for a short stint, I was a teacher. When I was listening to this, first of all, if we outlawed guns tomorrow, no more guns in this country, all you would do would be opening the business market to the black market. That’s just not who we are. We have freedom of speech and we’re allowed to have guns. When 9/11 happened and the planes crashed into the Towers, airports were changed forever. Our children are getting hit. It’s time to change the schools forever. There’s a population out there, and I’ve checked — they didn’t have the new stats out but they had last year’s stats — 4.3% unemployment rate of returning veterans. That’s 435,000 trained men who have eyes and ears. We need to have them in schools.

Hardening soft targets makes sense. This notion that we don’t want the nation’s children exposed to guns is dangerous. It’s time we admitted that gun-free zones are where these killers feast. They know they don’t have to worry about getting shot.

Another thing that isn’t talked about is how many of these mass shooters were on the FBI’s radar with very specific information, only to not get kept under scrutiny. That’s leading to people on social media starting a new hashtag: #SeeSomethingSaySomethingDoSomething. That’s because the government failed us. According to this article, “police responded to his home 39 times over a seven-year period.”

Scarborough didn’t mention that in his anti-gun diatribe. Isn’t it time we held the FBI accountable for their failures? That likely wouldn’t sit well with Scarborough’s pro-government tendencies. He’d probably join with other liberals in singing the ‘Republicans hate law enforcement’ anthem. When government makes a deadly mistake, should we pretend that everything is fine? I don’t think so.

While elitists like Scarborough predictably retreat to their ‘let’s ban guns’ corner, people living in the real world attempt to find a solution. It’s a shame that elitists don’t think things through and pursue a solution.