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Next week, Joe Biden will officially accept the Democrats’ presidential nomination. The night before he accepts the Democrats’ presidential nomination, Kamala Harris will accept the nomination to be Biden’s running mate. When Biden accepts the nomination, Biden-Harris will become the first gun confiscation presidential ticket in history.

The only things that Sen. Harris hasn’t faked is her lust to be president and her lust to confiscate guns. She famously said that, if elected, she’ll “give Congress 100 days to get their act together” and pass gun control legislation for her to sign. If they don’t get that bill passed, she’ll use her executive authority to confiscate weapons:

Think about this. It isn’t just Harris that wants to confiscate guns. Biden wants to confiscate guns, too:

The easiest way to prevent Kamala Harris and Joe Biden from confiscating your firearms is to vote for President Trump. Don’t forget that Biden-Harris want to confiscate your firearms while other Democrats are voting to dismantle entire police departments or dramatically cut funding for police departments. While cities turn into open-air shooting galleries, Democrats want to strip you of your right to protect your family. What part of that sounds right with you?

Democrats frequently use the argument that hunters shouldn’t need 100-round clips. Joe Biden and Amy Klobuchar are 2 of the Democrats who’ve said that recently. That’s true. Hunters don’t need those high-capacity clips. People protecting their families in Chicago, NYC or Minneapolis might find comfort om those high-capacity clips, though.

Biden told Robert Francis O’Rourke that he’d name O’Rourke as his gun czar. This is why he’d do that:

Democrats are fast turning into the party that confiscates guns and dismantling police departments. They’re homeland security nightmares.