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Now that Tom Bakk and David Tomassoni have made it official that they’re leaving the DFL, I can finally write about the move. The article opened by saying “In a startling political development, two longtime Minnesota DFL senators announced Wednesday they are leaving the Minnesota Senate DFL Caucus to form a new ‘Independent Caucus.'”

The article continues, saying “Sen. Tom Bakk of Cook, a senator since 2003 and former DFL candidate for governor and former DFL Senate Majority leader, and Sen. Dave Tomassoni of Chisholm, a senator since 2001, say their move is designed to become more bipartisan and moderate.” This move isn’t unpredictable. When the DFL ran pro-mining Erik Simonson out in the primary by a 73%-27% margin, the DFL sent the unmistakable signal that pro-mining legislators weren’t welcome in the DFL anymore.

Shortly after that, 5 formerly Iron Range DFL mayors endorsed President Trump. Eventually 9 former DFL mayors endorsed him. In the general election, Sen. Bakk won with only 55% of the vote, the tightest race of his career. At that point, Bakk and Tomassoni didn’t have a reason to stick with the DFL. The DFL rejected the Iron Range’s way of life, which meant their cities couldn’t support themselves anymore.

Imagine being told that being a loyal soldier for 20 years just wasn’t enough, that your constituents’ way of life had to be shut down. Tom Bakk and David Tomassoni don’t have to imagine that. That’s what just happened to them. This segment captured things perfectly:

Now it appears there was much more to that move because both Bakk and Tomassoni will get committee chairmanships. Those positions can only be appointed by Republican Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka.

In an update Wednesday morning, Gazelka stated, “Being a graduate of high school in Virginia, MN, I have a natural connection to the Range. I’ve worked across the aisle with Senators Bakk and Tomassoni for 10 years. I welcome their announcement and the stronger alignment we will have as a result. We share the same vision of a prosperous Iron Range and will continue to work with them to fight for jobs on the Range.”

This hurts the DFL immensely because it didn’t happen in a vacuum. These defections follow Collin Peterson getting thrashed by Michelle Fischbach in CD-7. When it comes to CD-7, Peterson was the DFL’s entire bench. The DFL isn’t getting Peterson’s seat back in the next decade, at minimum. It’s becoming clear that the DFL is the urban party. Further, the DFL can’t escape the fact that they’re the extremist party.

The DFL mayor of Minneapolis let his city get destroyed by rioters. The DFL Minneapolis City Council voted unanimously to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department. Last week, that same City Council voted 7-6 to spend $500,000 through the end of the year on extra policing to protect against the violent crime that, predictably, skyrocketed after the dismantling vote. That outcome was predictable because officers retired, left or took medical leave after the riots.

The DFL has lots of things to figure out before the next election. If they don’t figure things out, 1 of 2 things will happen. Either Tim Walz will fight with a unified GOP legislature or a Republican governor will work with a unified GOP legislature to restore sanity to the state.

This article shouldn’t surprise people. Since DFL politicians like Gov. Tim Walz and Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey let Minneapolis get torched, it was inevitable that citizens would start taking matters into their own hands. This article simply confirms that:

Gun dealers in Minnesota attribute a surge in firearms sales to anxiety over the coronavirus, civil unrest and the uncertainties involving the presidential race. The National Shooting Sports Foundation says there were about 21,900 background checks for gun purchases in Minnesota in August of 2019. This year, there were nearly 35,000 in the same month.

This says it all:

Dave Amon, an agent at Gunstop of Minnetonka, said the demand shows no signs of slowing especially as the changing role of law enforcement is in the spotlight, the Star Tribune reported. “I’ve seen a lot more single moms that are scared and need something to protect them,” he said. “They’re scared when people talk about defunding the police.”

This is an indictment against DFL mayors and DFL Gov. Tim Walz. They let Minneapolis burn the first 2 nights of the George Floyd Riots. Frey gave orders to sacrifice Minneapolis’s Third Precinct Police Station. When it went up in flames, so did the surrounding neighborhood:

Here’s drone video of the riots’ damage:

That’s what happens when there’s a leadership vacuum. When politicians won’t act, the citizenry will. This isn’t unusual. It’s quite predictable, in fact.

For more than 2 weeks, Democrats have insisted that the violence in America’s streets was happening in “Donald Trump’s America.” Joe Biden suggested multiple times that it was President Trump’s fault. To prove the dishonesty of these assertions, a simple set of questions will suffice. Let’s get started proving the Democrats’ dishonesty.

  1. During any of the riots, did President Trump instruct the Democrat mayors to go easy on the rioters?
  2. Did President Trump tell Ted Wheeler, Portland’s Democrat mayor, to look the other way while Antifa destroyed Wheeler’s city?
  3. When Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey ordered the police to abandon the Second Precinct Police Station, did he give those instructions on President Trump’s instruction?

  4. When Officer Derek Chauvin put his knee on George Floyd’s neck, was it because he’d received bad training?
  5. Or did it happen because the powers-that-be in Minneapolis haven’t changed the culture within the Minnneapolis Police Department?
  6. Did President Trump have anything to do with either the officers’ training or the culture within the MPD?
  7. When Lori Lightfoot, Chicago’s Democrat Mayor, told President Trump she didn’t need federal help, was that President Trump’s fault?
  8. Was it President Trump’s fault when the Rochester Police Chief and his deputy retire today?

Check this out:

Here’s another set of questions:

  1. If, God forbid, Joe Biden is elected this November, will Ted Wheeler suddenly become Portland’s version of Joe Arpaio?
  2. Would Jacob Frey suddenly turn into a Minneapolis version of Clint Eastwood?
  3. Would Bill de Blasio suddenly turn into Serpico?

Let’s get serious a moment. Joe Biden’s accusations shouldn’t be taken seriously. His accusations only make sense if President Trump is in charge of the police forces in Rochester, Portland, New York, Minneapolis and Chicago. Since the US Constitution is built on the principle of federalism, Biden’s accusations don’t make any sense. Then again, nothing makes sense to a candidate who looks like this:

Here’s the video by itself:

That candidate is barely able to read a teleprompter. Is he the guy you’d want handling an international crisis? I wouldn’t.

Newt Gingrich’s op-ed on Minneapolis Democrats surrendering their city to criminals had so much damning information on Democrats that I decided to write this Part II post. Let’s dig into what’s left of Mr. Newt’s op-ed.

The hypocrisy of the Democrats is made clear when you learn that Minneapolis taxpayers pay for private protection for three of their city council members. As a citizen of Minneapolis, you are told to surrender before being hurt by criminals. As part of the political aristocracy, you get taxpayer-funded private security, so you don’t have to worry. A nice benefit if you can get it.

The surrender-to-the-criminals approach is having a terrible effect on both the quality of life and the economy in Minneapolis. The Minneapolis Downtown Council has already warned the city government that efforts to defund the police are driving businesses away from Minneapolis. According to the Freedom Foundation of Minnesota, the Downtown Council cautioned that “27 downtown companies are either considering or are actively seeking space in the suburbs to leave downtown.” Other businesses looking to move have “crossed Minneapolis off [their] search list,” the foundation reported.

What’s apparent is that the activists on the Minneapolis City Council think that they can paper over their foolish decisions. That apparently works when campaigning but it’s equally apparent that it doesn’t work with serious-minded businesses. The activists on the City Council don’t suffer repercussions for their decisions. Businesses that make bad decisions might lose their life savings at age 40-50. That’s a life-changer for most people.

In Seattle, where the local politicians surrendered more than a dozen city blocks to vandals and violent protestors, Police Chief Carmen Best, who is African American, had hundreds demonstrators outside her house. As The Washington Times reported, roughly 200 protestors drove to and crowded Best’s neighborhood (although she was not home). Some of Best’s neighbors had to block the streets with their own vehicles to keep the demonstrators from trespassing and damaging property.

One resident told a local Fox affiliate, “It was not peaceful… They were here to intimidate. Scare people. Scare children. There were children out there and they were asking them what schools they went to. They were yelling the most horrible things you’ve ever heard in your entire life.”

Seattle used to have the nickname of the Emerald City. It was a truly beautiful city. Now it’s fast becoming a dump. They’re cutting the SPD budget by 50% next year. Businesses aren’t sticking around thanks to the rising crime rate and rising minimum wage to $15.00 per hour to serve a cup of Starbucks to junkies.

Minneapolis belongs in the Democrats’ Hall of Shame. Jacob Frey didn’t protect his city. The Minneapolis City Council isn’t interested in protecting their people but is interested in doing unthinkable damage to the city. The Council spoke of re-imagining law enforcement. That was code for gutting law enforcement. These Democrats are a disgrace. Somewhere, Hubert Humphrey is rolling over in his grave.

It’s safe to say that Jacob Frey isn’t planning on being Tim Walz’s whipping boy when it comes to the George Floyd riots. The article written by Jennifer Bjorhus and Liz Navratil opens by saying “Jacob Frey has been cast as the mayor who lost control of his city, enduring criticism from the state’s governor that the Minneapolis response to rioting in May over the police killing of George Floyd was an ‘abject failure.’ Now Frey is speaking out, saying Gov. Tim Walz failed to take his requests for help seriously until it was too late.”

Monday, the gloves came off. “Frey said that Walz hesitated to send in the National Guard to quell the growing violence and then blamed him for allowing the city to burn.” Then Frey said “Through an extremely difficult situation, I told the truth. I relayed information as best I could to state partners. And we did what was demanded for the sake of our city.” The article then details what happened:

Texts and e-mails obtained from Minneapolis by the Star Tribune through public records requests show the city was trying to give Walz and the state Department of Public Safety what they said they needed to move forward. State officials, meanwhile, said the city did not provide the detailed information they needed to deploy the Guard until the next day. By then, dozens of buildings had been looted and torched.

An investigation is underway into who’s at fault for not responding quickly. Based on this reporting, it’s perhaps both men’s fault, with Frey not giving Walz enough details to respond but Walz hesitating in using force against BLM political allies. Further, the gloves come off in this video:

From Teddy Tschann: “The Governor is a 24-year member of the state’s National Guard and ‘knows how much planning goes into a successful mission.'” From Frey’s side: “The Governor’s office did not immediately respond to an email from Fox News for comment.”

With Major General Jon Jensen of the Minnesota National Guard next to him, Walz called the city’s response an “abject failure.” Walz had not warned him this public rebuke was coming, although they had a meeting shortly beforehand, he said.

“It was a sharp departure from every conversation we had had at that point,” Frey said. He described the governor’s assessment as “definitely a hit in the gut.” “Not just for me, but for so many in our city that were doing everything they could. … Everyone was pouring themselves into stemming the violence,” he said.

The article definitely paints a picture of Jacob Frey being easily intimidated and not terribly organized whereas Tim Walz is perfectly willing to throw anyone under the bus to protect his image. At this point, I wouldn’t blame voters if they said ‘a pox on both their houses.’

CNN’s Brian Stelter, aka Humpty Dumpty, insists that the Portland are a figment of Fox’s imagination. This article is proof that Humpty is a blithering idiot. The article states “The Oregonian reported that authorities responded to reports of gunfire in downtown Portland and an apparent victim was treated at a hospital after being taken there in a private vehicle. The report pointed out that it was not immediately clear if the shooting was related to the protest, which marked its 60th consecutive night in the city.”

Then it continues, saying “Police said they found a bag containing loaded rifle magazines and Molotov cocktails at a nearby park. A photo of the items was shared in a tweet from police late Sunday saying someone pointed out the bag to officers at Lownsdale Square Park late Sunday. No further information was immediately released. It wasn’t clear if either incident was connected to the demonstrations.”

If Portland’s peaceful protesters use these tools, then they aren’t peaceful protesters:

On July 26, 2020 while Portland Police were investigating a shots fired call near Lownsdale Square Park a passerby pointed out a suspicious bag to them. Police examined the bag and found that it contained loaded rifle magazines and Molotov cocktails. Police recovered the bag. The origin of this ammunition and these destructive devices is under investigation.

I won’t hold my breath waiting for Humpty Dumpty to issue his apology. Let’s remember that CNN is one of the organizations that’s already settled with Nicholas Sandman for defaming him.

Portland’s rioters took to the streets for the sixtieth straight night last night. In other news, rioters presented Ted Wheeler, Portland’s spineless mayor, with this list of demands:

The progressive mayor on Wednesday night entered the chaotic epicenter of Portland to engage in listening sessions with the rioters. Instead, the crowds castigated him and presented him with a list of demands that included defunding the police and for Wheeler himself to resign.

That’s mindful of this scene from Minneapolis:

What is it about these wimpy progressive mayors? Were they built to be wimps?

Friday night on Almanac’s Roundtable, one of the subjects discussed by DFL spinmeister Abu Amara and GOP political strategist Gregg Peppin was the subject of police reform. That was a topic because Gov. Walz signed into law a police reform bill. As usual, Amara got this wrong. Amara said that Democrats insist that the bill signed this week “was just a first step in really transforming policing and I suspect, as we go into 2021 legislative session, this will continue to be a top issue.” That’s spoken like a true urbanite.

Peppin got things right in saying “in the backdrop of this agreement, Eric, is what you’re seeing in Minneapolis and what’s really turning out to be an extreme measure by the Minneapolis City Council from Minneapolis politicians, they’re moving forward. They want to defund, they want to defang the police and I’m hearing from people in suburban communities that are saying ‘enough. Enough is enough. We’re not going to go to downtown Minneapolis. We’re not going to send our children to the U of M this semester.’ There’s real concern about that.”

Let’s be clear about this as a political issue. While it’s a big deal in Minneapolis, it isn’t as big an issue in the suburbs or in rural Minnesota because this is mostly a Minneapolis problem. Here in St. Cloud, people wanted to see something done because of the George Floyd thing. Now that the signing ceremony is behind us, most people will be fine with that. In St. Cloud, we haven’t had the problems that Minneapolis has had.

Things are reaching crisis stage in Minneapolis, though:

An email that was obtained by The New York Times said that the department would not “be going back to business as usual.” Commander Scott Gerlicher, head of the Special Operations and Intelligence Division, wrote in the email to supervisors this month that, “Due to significant staffing losses of late,” the department was “looking at all options” for responding to calls, including shift, schedule and organizational changes. He also included in the email that they were “looking for reasonable and safe alternatives to police services in some areas.”

TRANSLATION: People are leaving so fast that we can’t replace them. That isn’t all, though:

“Cops have not been to the work level of before, but it’s not a slowdown,” said Walker. “They’re just not being as proactive because they know they’re not supported in case something bad happens.”

Tensions between the city and its Police Department come as crime is on the rise, according to the Boston website. There have been 16 homicides since June 1, more than twice as many as during the same period last year. Violent crime is up by 20% compared with the same stretch a year ago.

Things are getting worse in Minneapolis because the police know that Mayor Frey and the City Council are looking for opportunities to criticize the police. Why stick your neck out when the powers-that-be want to put it in a guillotine?

The proposed Minneapolis city Charter amendment appears to be in trouble. Commissioner Andrea Rubenstein had lots of questions for Minneapolis City Council members “Jeremiah Ellison, Alondra Cano, Steve Fletcher, Cam Gordon and Council President Lisa Bender.” Commissioner Rubenstein “noted that they have heard the ‘pain and grief’ that exists in the community.” She essentially accused the 5 City Council members of rushing the process without thinking things through.

That isn’t difficult to imagine. From the start, these activist Democrats have essentially said what they wanted as a final outcome should be for the Minneapolis Police Department, aka MPD, without saying what they wanted to replace it with. Most of the fear that Commissioner Rubenstein talked about comes from the neighborhoods’ worries:

She added later in the meeting that she was particularly concerned about the most vulnerable communities in Minneapolis. “They are very, very divided. I fear that if they remain divided, this amendment as it’s structured now may fail. And we want a change in the culture, and the way we do things in this city, as much as you do, but we want to make sure we’re doing what’s right.”

These Democrat activist councilmembers are polemicists more than they’re interested in serious governance. It’s obvious that they didn’t think this through because they would’ve noticed that eliminating the MPD was stupidity on steroids. These activist Democrats didn’t notice that their proposal didn’t protect their fellow Minneapolis citizens.

Protecting the people is the first affirmative responsibility of any government. Councilmembers Cano, Ellison, Fletcher and Gordon, Council President Bender and Mayor Frey failed Minneapolis residents in that respect. This video is especially damning:

It says “The proposal, which comes following widespread criticism of law enforcement over the killing of George Floyd, would replace the police department with a new ‘Department of Community Safety and Violence Prevention’ that has yet to be fully defined.” That’s spin on steroids. I’m betting that this bunch hasn’t even gotten past what to call the new department. I’m confident that they haven’t figured out what’s going to go in it. That isn’t how Bender, Cano, Ellison, Fletcher and Gordon think.

Spin vs. reality

Opponents, including Mayor Jacob Frey, have blasted the proposal, saying they feel it is too vague for voters to make an informed decision. Council members, during Wednesday’s meeting, said that was intentional, because they wanted to gather more input from the public and wanted to make it easier for future generations of leaders to make changes to public safety.

That’s 100% spin from the Council. First, it’s apparent that they reached their verdict before they conducted the investigation. What happens if the public opposes the Council’s plan? Would the Council admit that they’d made a mistake? Next, this is spin because they aren’t thinking about the future. From what I’ve seen, next month is the future to this bunch.

The Charter Commission could, if it wanted, choose to take up to 150 days to review the council members’ proposal, overshooting an Aug. 21 deadline for adding items to the November ballot. At the end of the review process, City Council members are not required to comply with the commissioners’ recommendations.

That would deal a death blow to the Council’s amendment petition. Finally, there’s this:

Some Charter Commission members pushed back on that notion Wednesday night, asking why they hadn’t already dropped the police force to its minimum levels or why they hadn’t already further boosted additional funding for violence prevention efforts. The Minneapolis Police Department had 892 sworn officers as of June 1, while the charter requires closer to 730, based on the latest census data.

The City Council doesn’t want to cut police forces if it can help it. They want the political cover of a vote.

President Trump rejected DFL Gov. Tim Walz’s request for $500,000,000 in federal disaster relief aid. That rejection notice is drawing widespread praise. Conservative talk show host Mark Levin chimed in with this tweet:

Rep. Jeff Duncan of South Carolina, praised the Trump administration’s decision to reject Minnesota’s request in this tweet:

This says it perfectly:

Governors and Mayors who ordered police to stand down and watch their cities burn shouldn’t get a penny in taxpayer aid!

This is what happens when you have activists running the show. Frey was the bigger idiot of the 2 but Walz wasn’t far behind in that category. When the crisis hit, neither knew what to do. What’s astonishing is that Frey actually stood up to the mob momentarily before getting booed off the stage:

What’s interesting is that Gov. Walz hasn’t said a thing about the Minneapolis City Council’s vote to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department, aka the MPD. As governor, his primary responsibility is to protect his citizens. Dismantling the MPD won’t protect Minneapolis residents. It’ll put them in greater danger. A friend who grew up in the area told me Friday that 20% of the buildings on E. Lake St. are up for sale! People are doing their best to get out of Minneapolis. With the City Council’s vote to dismantle the MPD, people simply don’t feel safe. Some are retiring while others are moving to safer neighborhoods.

This is what minorities have to lose by voting for Democrats. Democrats are pacifists. If it isn’t Jacob Frey, it’s Jenny Durkan. If it isn’t Durkan, it’s Bill de Blasio. If it isn’t de Blasio, it’s Lori Lightfoot. I could continue but you get the picture.

If this was a natural disaster, Minnesotans would’ve chipped in. This was entirely avoidable if we’d had leadership. We didn’t have leadership this time. It’s difficult picturing improved leadership in Minneapolis anytime soon.

Apparently, Tina Smith wants to represent a state filled with racists. That’s what she said in this video:

Smith said that it’ll require lots of hard work “to root out the racism that is too much a part of this state.” Then Smith asks “my fellow Minnesotans to raise up your voices in righteous protest. That is how we change this state and this country so that it is worthy of all of us.”

That’s stunning. I’ve just celebrated my 64th birthday. I’ve lived in Minnesota my entire life. While there have been pockets of racism from time-to-time, it’s BS to think that Minnesotans, as a whole, are racist. In fact, smearing people with the type of broad brush that Smith just applied is itself racist.

It’s disgusting that Smith hasn’t recognized that what the DFL often characterizes as racism is actually people holding deeply held religious beliefs found in the Christian Bible. Christians have frequently been mocked for their sincere beliefs. Christians shouldn’t expect the DFL to show even the least amount of grace in this time. The DFL isn’t into showing mercy or grace. They’re into rioting and looting.

Jason Lewis is into growing economic opportunity, calling out corrupt career politicians and strengthening local communities:

Other than Tim Walz and Jacob Frey, who looked like idiots during the rioting, the DFL disappeared. Tina Smith and Amy Klobuchar disappeared. Ilhan Omar disappeared, apparently to meet with the Minneapolis City Council to advance the Squad’s agenda of dismantling the Minneapolis PD. When Minnesota needed leadership, President Trump called Gov. Walz and told him to call in the national guard or the feds would clean up Walz’s mess. Gov. Walz obediently complied immediately.

President Trump was a portrait in leadership. Gov. Walz wasn’t. Neither was the DFL. Unfortunately, I’m not surprised. This November, Minnesotans can vote for the party that’s accused them of being unwitting racism. That’s the DFL. If they don’t want to vote for the DFL so they can constantly be called racists, they can vote for the party that wants everyone to succeed, aka the MNGOP.