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The expectations for the Democratic National Convention weren’t high considering who their primetime speakers were. Still, they managed to not meet expectations. Most importantly, the Democratic National Convention didn’t do what Democrats needed it to do. Next week, Democrats will yield the stage to Republicans, who will hold their quadrennial convention.

Expectations are higher because the speakers’ talent is higher. According to this article, the speakers will be “former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, U.S. Senators Tim Scott and Joni Ernst, and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem.”

The article continues, saying “Other speakers will include Nick Sandmann, who sued several media outlets for libel over the portrayal of his role in a confrontation with a Native American group on the National Mall in 2019 when he was a high school student, and Mark and Patricia McCloskey, a Missouri couple who face charges from a local prosecutor after brandishing guns at Black Lives Matter protesters marching in their neighborhood last month.”

Each night will also feature “a speaker who lived under socialism.”

Then there’s this:

Alice Marie Johnson, whose life sentence was commuted by Trump following intervention by Kim Kardashian West, has confirmed that she will speak. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will deliver taped remarks. A previous report suggested he would skip the convention, but his campaign said that was a “miscommunication.” While Jared Kushner was not originally scheduled to speak alongside Trump’s adult children, CNN reports that “it’s now under consideration.”

This sounds interesting. At least, the RNC won’t feature one past-their-prime politician after another. It’s great that the primetime speeches will be live. I hope that Kim Klacik speaks at the convention, too, even if it’s just to introduce Tim Scott or Alice-Marie Johnson.

I’m betting that Alice-Marie Johnson will highlight the First Step Act, which President Trump signed into law in December, 2018. The First Step Act is fixing some of the injustices created by the 1994 Crime Bill that then-Sen. Joe Biden co-authored. Biden is now the Democrats’ presidential nominee. I’m betting that Nick Sandman will talk about the media mob. I’m betting that the McCloskeys will highlight Soros prosecutor Kim Gardner’s unjust prosecution of them for defending themselves.

This will be a livelier convention than the DNC. That isn’t exactly difficult to accomplish.

When Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp reopened Georgia’s economy on April 24, pundits galore criticized him. Kemp was even criticized by President Trump and Sean Hannity. Almost a month later, those pundits are lucky that they aren’t dining on crow.

On April 20, former journalist Ron Fournier urged readers on Twitter to “mark this day” and wrote that “two and three weeks from now, the Georgia death toll is blood on [Kemp’s] hands.”

Fournier isn’t the only pundit eating crow:

“Atlantic” writer Amanda Mull claimed Georgia was engaging in “an experiment in human sacrifice,” while numerous pundits and public officials insisted that the state would soon see a skyrocketing body count due to a second wave of the disease.

It’s time to admit that letting people back outside while insisting on proper social distancing is the fastest path to economic recovery. Gretchen “the Witch’ Whitmer’s orders aren’t working. DFL Gov. Tim Walz’s plan wasn’t working in Minnesota. Now he’s been forced into reversing himself and reopening. J.B. Pritzker’s restrictions haven’t helped Illinois reopen.

By comparison, Georgia and Florida are bright shining examples of Republican governors’ successes. This headline wasn’t unusual at the time:

Coronavirus is ravaging New York, and Florida could be next. Are we ready?

Gov. DeSantis implemented a plan that a) focused on protecting the elderly first, b) didn’t shut down Florida’s economy and c) let people get outside while employing proper social distancing. This should be the blueprint for the entire nation. Pundits ridiculed the Department of Homeland Security when DHS announced that COVID germs died much faster when exposed to sunlight. Those discredited pundits aren’t laughing anymore.

The other thing that needs to be highlighted is the fact that Democrat governors haven’t done their jobs. In Pennsylvania, Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf won’t let rural counties open even though the only deaths in those counties happened in LTC facilities. It’s like these Democrats are intentionally attempting to keep the economy struggling as much as possible. It’s like the Democrats are taking their marching orders from Bill Maher:

Democrats must think that they can get away with cheering for a painful recession. That won’t work. Cheering against the US is unpatriotic and won’t work. This article highlights the difference between Andrew Cuomo, who got tons of great press, and Ron DeSantis, who got criticized for breathing:

“The death rate in Florida is about three per 100,000. In New York state it’s 27.5 per 100,000. So, [that’s] nine times worse,” he added. “Absolutely tragic [and] totally, totally unnecessary!”

Cuomo failed his constituents. Ditto with Gretchen Whitmer. That’s what happens when you elect incompetent Democrats. Meanwhile, when you elect competent Republicans like DeSantis, South Dakota’s Kristi Noem, Georgia’s Brian Kemp and Iowa’s Kim Reynolds, you have better outcomes.

Powerline’s Scott Johnson has done fantastic work asking questions that the Strib reporters won’t ask. Scott started by highlighting how the reporters didn’t question the model Gov. Walz is using to justify the shutdown. This morning’s post highlights the fact that “the death toll attributed to COVID-19 by the Minnesota authorities ramped up to 79” and that over “two-thirds of the 79 have died in nursing homes or assisted-care living facilities.”

This table shows some of the types of pre-existing conditions decedents had at the time of death:

With the vast majority of Minnesota being rural where they’ve practiced social distancing from the day they were born for multiple generations, why did Gov. Walz opt to shut the entire state down? Why didn’t Gov. Walz opt to trust Minnesotans that they’d make smart decisions if given the CDC guidelines on how to reduce risk of COVID infection? Does Gov. Walz think that Minnesotans aren’t responsive enough to make the proper adjustments?

Daily, President Trump talks about how extraordinary the American people have been throughout this crisis with their social distancing. Does Gov. Walz think that Minnesotans wouldn’t do what the CDC tells them to do? South Dakota’s Kristi Noem didn’t shut the state’s economy down. Instead, she gave the people the information they needed, then let them make good decisions.

The Washington Post tried smearing Noem when there was a COVID outbreak at a meat-packing plant. The media wing of the Democrat Party didn’t include this in their smear:

First of all, the Sioux Falls facility is massive. It has 3,700 employees, of whom fewer than 10% have tested positive for COVID-19. The Sioux Falls facility is one of the main pork producers in the U.S., turning out around 18 million servings of bacon, pork chops, etc., per day. You may wonder, why were so many diagnostic tests performed on employees at that plant? The answer is that Smithfield implemented an aggressive program, in partnership with two major hospital systems, whereby anyone who entered or left the facility was questioned and had his or her temperature taken. Anyone who reported having a cough, etc., or who showed an elevated temperature was tested for COVID-19.

Moreover, the Post article conveyed the impression that the Smithfield plant might become a ghost facility, closed forever due to South Dakota’s failure to elect a Democratic governor. In fact, the plant will reopen in a matter of days.

It sounds like South Dakotans (and South Dakota corporations) want to do the right thing. Will miracles never cease? How can that be? The gospel according to Democrats is that corporations are evil and greedy. Apparently, I shouldn’t take stock in the Democrats’ gospel. Then there’s this:

Smithfield has instituted a series of stringent and detailed processes and protocols that follow the strict guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to effectively manage COVID-19 cases in its operations. These include mandatory 14-day COVID-19 related quarantines with pay as an uncompromising effort to protect its dedicated employees. The company has also relaxed attendance policies to eliminate any punitive effect for missing work due to COVID-19 diagnosis or quarantine. In addition, Smithfield is taking many measures to minimize its team members’ risks of contracting COVID-19. These include adding extra hand sanitizing stations, boosting personal protective equipment, continuing to stress the importance of personal hygiene, enhancing cleaning and disinfection, expanding employee health benefits, implementing thermal scanning, increasing social distancing, installing plexiglass and other physical barriers and restricting all nonessential visitors.

Smithfield took the proper steps to limit the spread, going so far as to relax attendance policies and paying people while they’re quarantined. Smithfield can do that because South Dakota’s taxes are lower.

Gov. Walz and the DFL, hear this. It’s time to open Minnesota’s economy immediately. First, Gov. Walz and the DFL hid behind the U of M model as an excuse. Thanks to Powerlineblog’s great work, the DFL can’t do that anymore. It’s more than possible to operate efficiently and safely in a COVID environment. The DFL needs to either prepare to open the economy up or face a voter backlash this November. If anyone at DFL headquarters thinks that this is playing well with voters, they’re kidding themselves.

Pandemic in the Midwest
By Ramblin’ Rose

We, the People…who are we? Are we lambs following Christ the Good Shepherd? Lemmings following our presumed leaders without question? Loyal and obedient citizens who embrace the concept of obeying the law—no matter the source? Fear-filled persons hoping that our families, our country and the world will survive the pandemic? I don’t know…does it really matter? We, across the world, are restricted in how we spend each day.

Each day we get more numbers, more graphs, more announcements, more theories of where to place the blame, more name-calling…and the list continues. President Trump announced his hope that a freer lifestyle could be resumed on Easter—also the symbolic day of new birth through the resurrection of our Lord. Let’s start with an examination of the data on Easter weekend.

France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom have a combined population of 320 million with 55,000 deaths from the coronavirus. The same source reported our population as 328 million with 20,600 COVID-19 related/caused deaths. It appears that our efforts from closing our borders to social distancing have reduced the mortality rate.

Media sources have focused on the situation in the “hotspots” in the densely populated urban areas. We live in the Midwest—rural, fewer people, lower numbers of victims, but we are also limited in our movements by a coronavirus model (University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, aka IHME) with a prediction of 61,545 fatalities in our nation by August 4.

President Trump has allowed the states’ governors to determine the appropriate response in each state. What is happening in our five-state region?

Looking at the data for these states and five (5) hotspots. All deaths are devastating. The tables usually provide the raw data—shocking numbers of fatalities from the virus. The Washington Post provided data from Johns Hopkins University with comparative rates.

BUT…IMHE projections appear to differ significantly from the current data. Minnesota and Wisconsin have stay-home orders and have closed many businesses. IMHE projects 442 fatalities in Minnesota and 357 in Wisconsin. In the other Midwest states with no stay-at-home order and lesser restrictions on businesses, the model projects 743 deaths in Iowa, 350 in South Dakota and 369 in North Dakota.
Currently, the greater number of fatalities (real numbers) in the Midwest are in the two (2) states with the most stringent restrictions. In the other three (3), the numbers are far below predicted numbers, unless the virus will not attack the citizens of those states until much later than the rest of the country.
Or, maybe, the totalitarian measures were not / are not needed. Maybe, as the governor of South Dakota stated, citizens value their independence and are able to make appropriate decisions to take care of themselves, their families and their neighbors.

Many citizens are restless…they want to be safe and healthy, but they are not feeling that level of security when they are under draconian mandates to become prisoners in their own homes. President Trump and his administration, and many governors, recognize the need for people to live as independent thinkers and productive contributors in society.

Soon the official announcements will come about the safe and reasoned way to again be a free people.

We, the People…have followed the guidelines from our leaders. Now our leaders need to let us again “Make America Great.” Editor’s note: If you want to watch a leader in action, watch this video: