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Today marks the 16th anniversary of LFR. To be totally factual, though, this blog started on Blogger under the name of ‘Common Sense Conservative’. It’s been a fun experience, though there was one time that LFR was hacked and essentially offline for a month. Eventually, I was able to get the problem fixed but it was still a frustrating experience.

When I first started blogging, I joined a group called the MOB, which stands for Minnesota Organization of Bloggers. The MOB probably doesn’t exist anymore exist except in people’s minds. People like Andy Aplikowski, Mitch Berg, the Lady Logician, Leo Pusateri, Derek Brigham and a handful of others were part of that organization. If my memory serves me correctly, only Mitch Berg still is blogging from that group.

In 2010, I was the only journalist who predicted Chip Cravaack’s victory over Jim Oberstar. In 2016, I predicted Paul Utke’s defeat of Rod Skoe in SD-2. That was one of 9 Minnesota Senate seats that Republicans flipped to retake the Minnesota State Senate. That’s why LFR remains one of the most-read blogs amongst legislators. They respect my work product.

Thanks for the following. Here’s to many happy anniversaries to come.

Think of where we’d be right now if citizen journalists like Andy Ngo, Richie McGinniss, Kyle Hooten and Julio Rosas weren’t reporting from Portland, Kenosha, Minneapolis and everywhere, respectively. These young men have provided important information into the riots in those cities. They’ve broken news that CNN and MSDNC have ignored.

Conservatives have criticized the MSM. The MSM deserves the criticism but criticism alone isn’t a solution. Financially supporting these citizen journalists is a solution. This afternoon, I’ve decided that I’ll be supporting at least one of these gentlemen, though I haven’t decided which one. When they’re all good, it’s up to a coin flip. This is a little of Richie McGinnis’ work:

Since the MSM isn’t accurately reporting on these events because they’re corrupted by their unflinching devotion to Democrats, there’s a vacuum for this type of reporting. Nature isn’t the only thing that abhors a vacuum. Free markets also hate them. In this instance, citizen journalists are filling the vacuum. Thank God for that. If these heroes didn’t exist, we wouldn’t have this important information.

I’m shocked, shocked I tell you, to find out that the violence hasn’t stopped in Portland even though the federal officers that were supposedly the catalyst of the violence have left. Weak municipal leadership, not federal law enforcement officers, is the reason for Portland’s violence. It’s understatement to say that re-imagining law enforcement isn’t working.

Remember the MSM insisting that the rioters (my words, not the MSM’s) were confined to a small area, aka the Mark O. Hadfield Federal Courthouse? That myth has been exposed as BS, thanks in large part to Andy Ngo’s reporting. In one of Andy’s reports from war-torn Portland, he said that “Antifa rioters have started a street fire in north Portland (far from the federal courthouse). There are no police outside. The busy street is entirely shut down again.”

What will the MSM say about this?

This isn’t about George Floyd or black lives. It’s about spreading anarchy. It’s about terrorizing citizens. If Portland had a leader, they’d end this rioting. Unfortunately, they’ve got Ted Wheeler instead.

It’s a bit much to say that the entire nation will turn into copies of Chicago, Minneapolis, Portland and Seattle if Democrats retake the White House but not by much. Ted Wheeler and Boy Mayor Jacob Frey are virtually identical copies of progressive wimps. They aren’t leaders, nor are their governors.

The rioting in Portland hasn’t stopped because Ted Wheeler isn’t interested in stopping the violence because it’s wrong. He wants it to stop because it’s helping President Trump.

Nick Arama’s article essentially reaches the same conclusion I reached in this article. We both think that ‘peaceful protesters’ are being used by Antifa and BLM rioters as human shields. Aramis writes “This may have been a protest at one point. But now these “protests” are just covers for the riots. This was a full-on planned assault on the police, not protest that got out of hand. Planned attack. And planned attempt to rip down the statue.”

Let’s ask this important question. Why is it that each riot was preceded by a peaceful protest? Let’s ask another question. Why does the MSM start each article talking about a peaceful protest? Why have we seen article after article about an evening starting off with peaceful protests that turn into riots just before midnight? I may have been born at night but it wasn’t last night. I’m not that gullible.

These articles are as implausible as Susan Rice’s Benghazi story that the Libya riots were started by a Youtube video. These ‘peaceful protest’ articles are as plausible as this testimony:

I agree with Nick on this, too:

It’s about time media start reporting the reality of it, that these are criminal attacks. They could have killed cops with what they did, who knows how many were injured because of this.

These aren’t peaceful protesters that the police attacked. They were rioters throwing projectiles at the police. They were rioters who wanted to tear down a statue:

Words matter. I’ve been blogging for 16 years. I know the difference between rioters and protesters. It’s easy to differentiate between the 2. Rioters are violent. Protesters aren’t. Another way to differentiate between rioters and protesters is by listening to protesters talking into a megaphone, saying “This is a peaceful protest. This is not the way”:

Powerlineblog’s Scott Johnson has a bunch of pointed questions that he’d like to ask Gov. Tim Walz. The bad news is that Gov. Walz isn’t interested in answering difficult questions that doesn’t have a good answer to. The worse news is that the DFL legislature is acting as Gov. Walz’s Praetorian guard. The DFL House won’t untighten the controls so real reporters who would ask difficult questions can ask those difficult questions:

The Washington Free Beacon’s Collin Anderson reports on my exclusion from the daily COVID-19 press briefings by the state authorities in “Minnesota governor stonewalls conservative journalist.” Working on the story, Collin elicited statements from the governor’s office and from the Minnesota Department of Health regarding my exclusion. By contrast, my inquiries have elicited the sound of silence, so we’re getting somewhere.

Collin forwarded the responses to his inquiries for my comments. Walz’s office sent a message explaining that “the Governor’s press conferences are covered by the Minnesota Capitol Press Corps, a dozen media outlets that are credentialed by the Minnesota State Legislature, rent office space in the Minnesota Capitol building, and routinely cover state government.”

What is Tim Walz trying to hide? Why is he afraid of answering difficult questions? If your policies are right, there isn’t a reason to be worried about the questions.

Thus far, though, Gov. Walz has had to be dragged kicking and screaming into every major decision. He hasn’t done things proactively. The DFL governor has been reactive with each major policy reversal.

The fact that Gov. Walz hasn’t made any confident-looking major COVID-19 decisions signals that he wouldn’t want to answer Scott’s questions. That’s because Scott’s questions wouldn’t be softballs, though they might include follow-up questions that were tougher than the introductory questions. Gov. Walz is like the general in this MASH episode:

The general’s famous final words were “Just wait a minute. This is a press conference. The last thing I want to do is answer a lot of questions.” I’m betting heavily that Tim Walz identifies with that general from MASH. It’s one thing to get asked softball questions from KARE11, MPR, the Strib or KSTP. That’s easy. It’s another to take questions from Alpha News or Powerline. Then again, most citizens would ask better questions than the Twin Cities media on the subject of COVID.

Let’s settle this. Scott Johnson and Kevin Roche have done fantastic work on the topic of COVID-19, though that’s been mostly because of their tenacity. It isn’t like Gov. Walz has helped whatsoever.

Two months ago, protesters pushed Gov. Walz into changing policies with their protests. It’s time to push Gov. Walz into other policy changes. Perhaps, we’ll see more capitulations by Gov. Walz like this:

Through consultation with Minnesota faith leaders, the Minnesota Department of Health has developed additional guidance for faith-based communities, places of worship, and services. Starting May 27, places of worship may open at 25 percent occupancy if they adhere to social distancing and other public health guidelines to keep congregants safe.

“I have had many meaningful conversations with faith leaders over the last few weeks,” Governor Walz said. “From a personal and public health perspective, the decision around places of worship has been a challenging one since the beginning of the pandemic. We know large gatherings of people raise the risk of spreading COVID-19. We also know worship is an essential part of many Minnesotans’ lives, including mine.”

GOV. WALZ TRANSLATION: After President Trump pulled the rug out from underneath me, I’ve had to modify my policy. My initial policy didn’t make any sense but now it’s totally indefensible. Churches are now open.

Seriously, Gov. Walz has, once again, gotten dragged kicking and screaming into a decision he didn’t want to make. Perhaps that’s why he doesn’t want to answer Scott Johnson’s and Kevin Roche’s questions.

For those of you who haven’t paid attention to Scott Johnson’s investigation into Gov. Walz’s mishandling (my words, not Scott’s) of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s time you started reading his work. This morning, Johnson published a post titled “Why the Minnesota shutdown?“. Included in Johnson’s post is a reply to a question he submitted to MDH, aka Minnesota Department of Health, Commissioner Jan Malcolm.

Johnson’s question said “Referring to the 286 total deaths to date, I note that every decedent under age 70 has died in long-term care or similar setting. The youngest person to die outside long-term care was in his 70’s. Why is it necessary to close the schools and shut down the state to protect the at-risk population?” The reply came “from MDH media contact Doug Schultz.” Here’s Schultz’s reply:

We have had deaths in people younger than 70 and certainly many cases in all age groups. It is necessary to take the community mitigation measures we have because all Minnesotans are at risk from COVID 19, as none of us has immunity. Some people, like those in long-term-care and those with underlying health conditions, are far more at risk than others. But if we didn’t reduce transmission in the community as we have with the stay at home order, we would see far more disease circulating and many times more serious cases that would quickly overwhelm our health care system. Then, even less-vulnerable people would not be able to get the care they needed, such as intensive care, ventilators, etc., so we would see far more deaths in people outside of the very frail and elderly. That is what has happened in places like Italy and New York.

Kevin Roche, “the former UnitedHealth Group general counsel and chief executive officer of its Ingenix division”, scrutinized Schultz’s statement. This jumped out at me:

“If we didn’t reduce transmission we would overwhelm the health system.” A flat-out lie. There is absolutely nothing that suggests we couldn’t provide adequate resources to treat those who need treatment.

I’m submitting these statistics to strengthen Mr. Roche’s already strong case:

ICU beds in use: 936
ICU beds: Current 1,244 Available within 24 hrs. — 795 Available within 72 hrs. — 542

Summarization: 936 ICU beds are in use out of 2,581 available. That represents approximately 36% of Minnesota’s ICU beds. In terms of ventilators in use vs. ventilators in inventory, MDH’s case is far weaker:

Ventilators in use: 463; currently in stock — 1,438; surge –1,435; on backorder 888

Summarization: 463 ventilators are in use out of a total 3,761 ventilators in stock or on backorder. That’s before potentially adding the 6,500 ventilators that are in stock but aren’t being used in Florida. That’s before factoring in other states’ ventilators not in use. FYI- 463 in use vs. 3,761 is approximately 12%.

For Mr. Schultz to say “If we didn’t reduce transmission we would overwhelm the health system” is outright dishonesty. It has nothing to do with reality. If a state can run out of ventilators when 12% of a state’s inventory is getting used, then someone needs to get fired.

The Mayo Clinic cut payroll for upper management by $1,600,000,000 recently because they’re at 35% of capacity. Additionally, Mayo just pushed Gov. Walz into an agreement on testing. Gov. Walz said he wouldn’t consider loosening restrictions until 5,000 tests per day could be performed. The next day, literally, Mayo said that they could run 10,000 per day.

Gov. Walz’s administration’s strategy has been to use dishonesty to frighten people into this lockdown. We can’t thank citizen journalists like Scott Johnson and Kevin Roche enough for flushing out the Walz administration’s fear-mongering tactics. They’re doing what the MSM isn’t willing to do.

Today marks the fifteenth anniversary of my starting blogging. It’s been lots of work but it’s been so worth it. Whether I’ve written about the Purple Finger Revolution in Iraq, the Orange Revolution in some little country called Ukraine or the Cedar Revolution in Lebanon, I’ve become much better informed. In those 15 years, I’ve reported on City Council corruption. I was the Vote No operation when the ISD 742 tried sneaking through the Tech HS bonding referendum of $140,000,000+ I’m proud to say that we defeated that referendum. Although we lost the ‘return match’, at least we made sure the citizens were fully informed.

I’ve covered other issues of corruption too, including the widespread corruption at the Minnesota Department of Human Services, the Minnesota Department of Human Rights and at MNLARS.

Along the way, I’ve met some great people who’ve become good friends. Since I can’t remember each of their names, I’ll just thank my friends and tell each of you that I’ll be in touch soon.

These days, of course, I’m focusing on Adam Schiff’s faux whistleblower, aka CIA snitch, and Schiff’s carefully choreographed impeachment hearings. Right around the corner is the 2020 presidential election. Unlike the Never Trumpers, I expect a positive outcome for the GOP.

For those of you interested in helping defray the costs associated with LFR, leave a comment & I’ll help you through the process of financially helping me.

Ed Rendell is an old-fashioned Clinton spinmeister. Specifically, that means that he doesn’t need verification to make outlandish unsubstantiated statements. He just needs a microphone. Nowhere is that more visible than in this article and interview.

In the interview, Rendell said “I think we got to watch what rolls out in the next month or so. I think there’s more evidence to come and I think as the evidence rolls out, it’s going to become more and more clear that the president not only broke the law here but he abused his power at the detriment of the United States of America.” Rendell also said that “President Trump ‘committed a crime by soliciting the Ukraine government to get involved in the U.S. election.'”

Apparently, Democrats don’t care about the truth. Nothing in the transcript of the call shows that President Trump solicited “the Ukraine government to get involved in the U.S. election.” What’s apparent is that President Trump wanted Ukraine to help investigate a corrupt politician who bragged about getting a prosecutor fired after that prosecutor started investigating the company this corrupt politician’s son worked for at the time.

Here’s a great rule for Democrats to apply. If you don’t want to be investigated, stop being corrupt like Joe Biden and especially Hillary Clinton:

These are people who’ve been swamp critters the vast majority of their careers. Hillary’s career is the personification of the Swamp and the pay-to-play plan. Biden’s story is more about stumbling into corruption. Meanwhile, another corrupt Democrat, Adam Schiff, got protected by the corrupt Democrats in the House when 217 Democrats voted to protect him for lying to Congress. Afterward, Schiff tweeted this:

Friend of LFR Jeff Dunetz replied perfectly with this tweet:

Follow the entire chain of tweets Jeff unleashed on the House Democrats’ Impeachment Chairman. They’re so worth it.

Yesterday morning, I got notified that I’d been suspended from Youtube:

The first paragraph says “We’d like to inform you that due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines ( your YouTube account Gary Gross has been suspended.”

What a bunch of BS. Here’s reality:

  1. I’ve never created a Youtube video.
  2. Like everyone, I’ve viewed hundreds, if not thousands, of videos.
  3. I’ve left perhaps a half dozen comments on various political videos, none of which were anything close to controversial statements. (The last time I left a comment was more than 3 months ago.)
  4. Of course, as a blogger, I embed lots of videos that others create.
  5. When I appealed the suspension, they rejected it within 15 minutes.
  6. Further, they didn’t offer an explanation of why they rejected my appeal.
  7. They didn’t tell me when the alleged violations happened.
  8. Youtube didn’t give me a first warning telling me that I’d done something wrong. Without that warning, how can I correct my allegedly improper actions?
  9. They just suspended me.

Nothing in my actions suggests that I’ve committed “repeated or severe violations of [Youtube’s] Community Guidelines.”

This is upsetting to me. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a person that works hard to play by the rules. I’m anything but disrespectful. Now Youtube drops this on me? What prevents them from doing this to anyone? Yes, I’m aware that it’s their platform but that doesn’t mean they can apply their rules unevenly. If they do this to me, they’d better do this to everyone. Better yet, they should just stop suspending people who haven’t done anything wrong.

Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit has exposed Kamala Harris as a total fraud. The DNC might as well get out the jelly because Kamala’s toast. In this video, Harris stated that she was part of the second class to get bussed:

Perhaps she thought that nobody would research that claim, which is a pretty good bet if the only media was the MSM. Fortunately for truth-seeking Americans, they can rely on the modern-day Pamphleteers, aka bloggers. Enter Mr. Hoft and the gentlemen at First, Mr. Hoft’s find. This is the Berkeley yearbook from 1963, the year before Sen. Harris was born:

This is the 1964 Berkeley yearbook, the year of Sen. Harris’s birth:

It’s pretty obvious that Berkeley was integrated long before Sen. Harris was that 10-year-old girl in pigtails. Next, enter John Hinderaker and Paul Mirengoff of Powerline blog. Here’s what Mr. Mirengoff wrote:

Harris presents a misleading picture of Berkeley and, implicitly, of her family’s status. A friend who graduated from college there around the time Harris depicts tells me:
Berkeley was not segregated or racist during that era. It was one of the most liberal places in the country. I’d like to learn a lot more about [Harris’] busing. I accept that she took a bus to elementary school, but I don’t think they were busing kids to various neighborhoods for racial reasons in Berkeley in 1971. Makes no sense at all to me. Her mom and dad were PhDs, and she went to India during summers to stay with her mom’s family (see Wikipedia). She makes it sound like they were poverty-stricken…or something.

So much for the issue of bussing being “personal” for Sen. Harris. That’s utter nonsense. Here’s what Mr. Hinderaker, the founder of Powerlineblog wrote on this subject:

What I think is most remarkable about this story is that the Democrats are now nostalgic for busing! Joe Biden is a villain because he opposed it decades ago, while Harris is a heroine…or a martyr…or something, because she participated in it.

But here’s the thing: in the 1970s, everyone opposed busing to achieve racial balance in public schools. Federal courts in urban areas around the country had ordered children to be bused from their homes to faraway schools to achieve a numerical, bean-counting ethnic balance in public schools. The result was a disaster: neighborhood schools were destroyed, student achievement declined, violence erupted, civil disobedience by parents of all races ensued. Finally, as I recall, the U.S. Supreme Court issued an order: No more busing!

While this doesn’t change the fact that Biden had a lackluster performance Thursday night, it changes the glow surrounding Sen. Harris’s ‘moment’ in the sun. It’s now established fact that Sen. Harris’s big moment happened because she embellished, otherwise known as lying through her teeth.

Let’s see if the MSM tries propping her up after this.