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Michael Osterholm is developing a reputation for being overly cautious about COVID-19. Osterholm is definitely a shutdown advocate. This article provides additional proof of that disposition:

“The darkest days of the pandemic are yet to come,” according to Dr. Michael Osterholm, the director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota. Osterholm issued this grave warning about the COVID-19 pandemic during a recent testimony he gave before the Minnesota House Health Finance and Policy Committee. He also predicted that “we are going to have another surge [of infections]” that may necessitate new safety measures.

However, this is not the first time he’s predicted that the “darkest” days are just around the corner. Roughly three months ago, Osterholm claimed that America was about to enter “the darkest part of the pandemic,” according to PBS. It appears he’s now recycling this proclamation due to fears about a new strain of coronavirus.

How many more times will we be told that locking down is the only thoughtful path forward? Dr. Osterholm apparently has tunnel vision regarding COVID-19. This study is just one of many that highlight one problem:

Rates of suicidal ideation and suicide attempts were higher in some months in 2020 compared to 2019, according to a study of 11- to 21-year-olds in a major metropolitan area of Texas.

Significantly higher rates of suicide-related behaviors appear to have corresponded with times when COVID-19 stressors and community responses (e.g., stay-at-home orders and school closures) were heightened, indicating that youth experienced elevated distress during these periods, according to “Suicide Ideation and Attempts in a Pediatric Emergency Department Before and During COVID-19” (Hill RM, et al. Pediatrics. Dec. 16, 2020).

The problem with specialists is that they don’t see the big picture. They see only the things that they specialize in. We need to see all the things that are happening to us.

One thing that’s becoming clear is that the Democrats’ worries are oversized. Friday night on Almanac, U of M infectious disease doctor Michael Osterholm drew the picture of sitting on a beach in the Gulf of Mexico. “It’s 80 degrees out, gentle breeze, blue skies and I’m telling you it’s time to evacuate and the reason is we can see this Category 5 hurricane just 5 days south.”

During the interview, Osterholm spoke of an upcoming spike in cases that first surfaced in Europe. It’s noteworthy that he didn’t say that there’d be a major uptick in hospitalizations or deaths corresponding with the uptick in cases. According to this article, “Today marks two weeks of declining COVID-19 hospitalizations in the U.S., 14 straight days without a blip upward, according to data from the COVID Tracking Project at The Atlantic. Case numbers, too, are declining, and today the seven-day case average is down a third since its peak, on January 12.”

It continues, saying this:

That day, the count of current hospitalizations was 131,326; it’s now down to 108,957. It’s the first significant decline since September 21, when the climb down from the summer surge stopped just under 29,000. As the country passes the milestone of 25 million cases, it’s a stable indicator pointing in the right direction.

We’ll never get rid of COVID-19. We can’t keep Minnesota shutdown forever. This nation has always been a nation of risk-takers. It isn’t in our DNA to play it safe.

That doesn’t mean that we’re foolish risk-takers. Quite the opposite is the truth. The US was built on the principle of rugged individualism and strong communities. TRANSLATION: We’re a nation of risk-takers that look out for each other in times of crisis.

It’s time we started acting like this country’s greatest generation again.

It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that Andrew Cuomo, the Democrat governor of New York, manipulating COVID-19 death information. Everyone who lost parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts or uncles knows that the COVID information was manipulated by the Cuomo administration. Friday, Gov. Cuomo addressed the issue live on TV. In that presser, Gov. Cuomo did what most Democrats do after they botch a major decision. They blame the Trump administration, then hope that the MSM covers for them.

That’s what happened today. Gov. Cuomo said “That was mean. Where this starts is frankly a political attack from the prior federal administration and HHS… Michael Caputo.” That’s disgusting and dishonest. It didn’t start there. Gov. Cuomo has frequently said that he just followed CMS and CDC guidelines in his executive order. That’s a lie. The CDC guidelines at the time said that COVID-positive patients could be put in nursing homes if the COVID patients were separated from the general population and if the nursing home had the right air filtration system installed.

That wasn’t what happened in New York. BTW, those are rather major provisions to intentionally omit in an explanation. Janice Dean, the senior meteorologist with FNC, lost her husband’s parents in New York. She’s emphatically stated multiple times that she isn’t a political person. This incident, though, has caused her to write this op-ed in the NY Post:

I’ve personally been attacked by the governor’s spokespeople as have my family and the other brave people that dared to go against this administration. I was told that I wasn’t a credible about anything except the weather and that I was part of a death cult that wouldn’t stop hounding Cuomo or his office. I was warned to “watch my back” and “be careful.” He was too powerful, both revered and feared by those that covered him and worked for him.

Meanwhile, our grieving families continued to watch the mainstream media outlets fawn over him and never ask the questions we so desperately wanted to know: Why did he write that executive order to bring infected patients into nursing homes, and why was he covering up the total number of seniors who died including those who passed away in the hospital?

First, that sounds like a political attack from Gov. Cuomo’s office, doesn’t it? Next, doesn’t that sound like an attempt to intimidate Ms. Dean? I might be wrong but it sounds it to me. Third, if Gov. Cuomo didn’t do anything wrong, why would he need to intimidate a person who isn’t a political person?

This article provides the most damning information against Gov. Cuomo:

New York’s nursing-home death toll from COVID-19 may be more than 50 percent higher than officials claim — because Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration hasn’t revealed how many of those residents died in hospitals, state Attorney General Letitia James announced Thursday.

Cuomo insists with a straight face that people infected with the COVID virus in nursing homes but who died in a hospital should be listed as hospital deaths. What BS! Imagine, just for a minute, that you read of a person who hit a patch of black ice that caused his car to skid off the road. Then imagine that the person is taken to a hospital, where the man dies 4 days and 2 transfusions and an operation later. Should that person’s cause of death be listed as hospital or car accident?

This interview should get everyone upset:

It’s been clear for months that the statutes pertaining to the governors’ Peacetime Emergency Powers needed reforming. Currently, the authorities get extended if the governor says they’re required and either the House or Senate agrees with the governor.

What’s required is for these authorities to be limited to 30 days initially. If the authorities need to be extended, then both the House and Senate must be required to approve of the extension. In this instance, a Democrat House is protecting a DFL governor. There might be a time when an extension is required. I’m not disputing that. What I’m disputing is the situation that we’re currently in. The current situation includes the governor unilaterally shutting down cafes and restaurants:

Five more Minnesota restaurants have been issued cease-and-desist orders and license suspension notices from the Minnesota Department of Health. A press release from the MDH claims Long Pine Store in Pine River was observed on Dec. 18 serving beverages in person, and Jamieson’s on Main in Oslo was found serving food for in-person dining on Dec. 21.

Investigators determined “that the facilities had violated executive orders designed to protect their employees, customers, and communities from the COVID-19 pandemic.” The governor’s Executive Order 20-99 prohibits restaurants and bars from offering dine-in options. Cease-and-desist orders were issued to both within the last week, as well as notices of “license suspension.” The news release does not specify which licenses MDH plans on suspending.

Gov. Walz unilaterally decided to shut these restaurants down. He didn’t consult with the legislature. He didn’t seek testimony from the restaurateurs or their worker. He just issued EO-99. He didn’t even talk with these owners.

The DFL is complicit in this by extending the not-that-limited DFL lockdown by not ending Gov. Walz’s shutdown. That means that the DFL, from Gov. Walz to Melissa Hortman, own this recession and deficit. This borders on the dictatorial:

The Declaration of Independence emphatically states “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

Gov. Walz isn’t issuing these executive orders with the consent of the governed. He’s issuing them because he’s trying to look like he’s doing something while the ship sinks. Yes, the ship is sinking under his watch. Life savings have been lost. He’s turned a surplus into a significant deficit. He and the DFL are threatening people with crippling fines for trying to make a living. He’s done these things without listening to the people.

That’s the definition of a tyrant!”

Keith Ellison’s priorities are getting clearer with each lawsuit. This week, the “Minnesota Department of Public Safety Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division has let Cornerstone Café in Monticello, The Interchange in Albert Lea and The Pour House in Clarks Grove know of its intention to revoke their liquor licenses for 60 days for violating Gov. Tim Walz’s Executive Order 20-99.”

That’s just part of it. According to the article, “Alibi Drinkery in Lakeville, Mission Tavern in Merrifield, Neighbors on the Rum in Princeton and Boardwalk Bar & Grill in East Grand Forks, which the Attorney General’s Office also has a temporary restraining order against, are among those facing suspensions.”

Cease-and-desist orders and restraining orders

Meanwhile, Attorney General Keith Ellison’s office has filed lawsuits against Cornerstone Café, Cork in Anoka, Neighbors on the Rum, Boardwalk Bar & Grill and St. Patrick’s Tavern in New Prague.

Ellison and Walz are doing their best to put Minnesota out of business. These bars aren’t causing the spread of COVID. Walz and Ellison know that. They don’t care apparently. They’re power-tripping and loving every minute of it. The only cure for that disease is firing them the next time they’re up for re-election. This is exactly the right way of thinking of Gov. Walz during this Christmas season:

Gov. Walz isn’t a leader. He’s an autocrat. There’s a gigantic difference between the 2. An autocrat says ‘go this direction.’ A leader says ‘let’s head this direction.’ An autocrat gives orders. A leader provides insight, instruction. Gov. Walz isn’t insightful. He doesn’t provide leadership, either.

Keith Ellison is an autocrat, too. Thus far as Minnesota’s AG, he’s been thrilled to push people around. That’s especially true of mom and pop restaurants. As a young attorney, he ran interference for Joanne Chesimard, aka Akata Shakur, and for Kathleen Soliah:

Sara Jane Olson pleaded guilty Wednesday to possessing bombs with intent to murder Los Angeles police officers. The St. Paul resident said despite her guilty plea, she is innocent of the charges. Olson says she wasn’t able to get a fair trial in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks. Local supporters say they’re surprised, but supportive of Olson’s decision.

Sara Jane Olson, previously known as Kathleen Soliah, had been charged with conspiring to blow up two police cars in 1975. Prosecutors said the bombs were retaliation for the deaths of six Symbionese Liberation Army members who died in a shootout. The bombs never exploded. Since the incident, Olson, 54, had been living in St. Paul and was arrested here two years ago. The actress and mother of three has always maintained her innocence.

Keith Ellison isn’t a leader, either. Pushing people around is his specialty, too. He’s enforcing a dictate that isn’t enforceable. The court rule is that a solution must be the least intrusive when taking away a person’s fundamental rights. Feeding one’s family is definitely a fundamental right.

Further, the court is supposed to insist that there be proof that the dictate be proven scientifically. With roughly 2% of COVID cases coming from restaurants, it’s safe to say that shutting down restaurants isn’t the least intrusive solution. In fact, it isn’t proof that it’s a solution. I’d argue that a court is giving the government too much deference in these cases.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued this statement to make himself sound like he’s on top of all things COVID. Ultimately, it proved he’s just another deceitful Democrat. The truth is that deceitful Democrats are a dime-a-dozen.

In his statement, Gov. Cuomo said “There is a disturbing story coming out of the United Kingdom of a highly contagious new variant of the COVID-19 virus. A number of countries have banned people from the UK, and 120 countries demand that before you get on a flight in the UK to come to their country, you have to have tested negative. The United States has a number of flights coming in from the UK each day and we have done absolutely nothing. To me, this is reprehensible because this is what happened in the spring.”

Actually, Gov. Cuomo is full of it:

The Trump administration has known about this mutation for months. Further, the approved vaccines can handle the new mutation. Coming from the guy who killed thousands of senior citizens in LTCs, this is rich. Jim Clyburn’s criticism of President Trump is just about as disgusting:

“I give the scientists a lot of credit for that,” Clyburn told host Neil Cavuto. “And I’m glad he [Trump] got out of the way and stopped talking and he stopped having those press conferences every evening … the scientists were free to use their creativity.”

Clyburn, 80, added that he had received the vaccine “yesterday or day before, and I did because I believe in the scientists. I didn’t put … detergent in my veins [like] he advocated. You remember that. You remember him saying … it would magically disappear. Why don’t you talk about that?”

By the time Inauguration Day happens, tens of millions of people will have received their first vaccine shots thanks to Operation Warp Speed. OWS is President Trump’s project. He pulled all the parts of it together. Far from getting out of the way, President Trump got involved in pulling things together. From pulling Pfizer and Moderna together to wiping out the red tape to getting the military working with Fedex and UPS to deliver the then-future vaccine to hospitals, clinics, then outlets like Kroger, CVS and Walgreens.

Thus far, it’s happened virtually flawlessly. Jim Clyburn is a bitter old man and a political hatchet man. That’s what happens to you when you spend too much time around Nancy Pelosi.

People ridiculed President Trump when he said that we’d have a vaccine for COVID by the end of this year. Those people were wrong – – bigtime. This past Monday, frontline workers in New York were the first to get vaccinated. That same day, the Pfizer vaccine arrived in Minnesota.

We know this because Gov. Walz told us that in a Friday email. In that email, it said “On Monday, the first COVID-19 vaccine shipments arrived in Minnesota. Governor Walz visited the Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Medical Center to greet the very first shipment’s arrival. On Tuesday, the Governor returned to the Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Medical Center to applaud as the Minneapolis VA administered their first vaccine to nurse Thera Witte. ‘This is an exciting day for Minnesota,’ said Governor Tim Walz. “The first vaccines are here. They are safe, and they will be ready to go soon. The sun is coming up, Minnesota’. ‘With these first shipments, we will soon begin vaccinating thousands of health care workers and the most critically at-risk Minnesotans,’ Governor Walz continued. ‘All Minnesotans will have the opportunity to receive the vaccine in time, but until then, we need to stay safe and keep up the fight.'”
Walz inspects vaccine shipment

The state has been waiting on this shipment for months. They’ve theoretically had months to train for administering the shots. Each day that the shots aren’t administered, additional people needlessly die. Those lives are on Gov. Walz’s head.

Tim Walz has killed another business. This time, Gov. Walz killed Wayzata Brew Works on Lake Minnetonka with another lockdown order.

In a statement, Wayzata Brew Works said “Wayzata Brew Works opened in April 2015, [and] almost instantly became well known for the view of Lake Minnetonka, live music, exceptional craft beer and great pizzas. After enduring the spring shutdown, imposed by the governor, and then managing through the governor’s mandated reduction of capacity during our most profitable part of the year on Lake Minnetonka, we are now faced with a second shutdown imposed by Gov. Walz, a shutdown that doesn’t involve any sustainable relief from the governor in order to help alleviate the economic calamity brought to our industry as a result of his decision.”

Apparently, Gov. Walz wants to become known as the job-killing governor. His one-size-fits-all approach to policy-making has led Minnesota’s businesses to the brink of bankruptcy. Minnesota’s hospitality industry is decimated. It might take years to form the capital needed to get these businesses started again.

The profit margin in this industry is slim. In Minnesota under Walz, the tax and regulatory structure is punitive. Unfortunately, it isn’t stable, making it quite unpredictable. In that type of environment, why would anyone work hard to build capital, then put it at risk in such conditions?

Apparently, Tim Walz’s policies are killing Minnesotans. This information is (just coincidentally) coming to light after the election. According to the Minnesota Department of Health, aka MDH, “Previously unseen costs of the COVID-19 pandemic and its associated lockdowns are coming to light. Drug overdose deaths increased 31% during the first half of 2020 compared to the first half of 2019, according to new data released by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH).”

DFL legislators voted each month in special session to keep Gov. Tim Walz’s Peacetime Emergency Powers intact. Had this drug overdose death information been reported by Tim Walz’s MDH, public pressure would’ve built to fix this crisis.

MDH Commissioner Jan Malcolm tried papering over the problem, saying “Deaths due to overdoses are preventable even amid all the troubles we’ve had this year. We need to work together to find ways to better support those suffering from substance use disorders, but it is important to know that there are resources available and those resources can still be accessed safely even with COVID-19 restrictions in place.”

What’s required most of all is stop the DFL’s lockdowns. They don’t work. They fix one problem while creating other problems. This graphic says it all:

Tim Walz and the DFL need to be fired. The DFL’s COVID-19 solutions have failed. The information that MDH has put out has been misleading at best. The DFL has kept Gov. Walz’s Peacetime Emergency Powers intact, thereby ensuring that he’d have more opportunities to exercise unilateral decision-making. That’s how we got into this position.

Is Gov. Tim Walz needlessly killing another industry? The answer is yes, according to House GOP Leader Kurt Daudt. Daudt “criticized Gov. Tim Walz for ‘causing harm to industries without data to back it up’ during a Tuesday press conference.”

Daudt continued, saying “The folks involved with the movie theaters are telling us that there hasn’t been a single documented case of COVID transmission in a movie theater in Minnesota or in the entire country, yet Gov. Walz has closed movie theaters in the state of Minnesota.” How many lives does Gov. Walz have to flatten before Minnesotan punish him for his incompetence? This isn’t about ‘following the science’. It’s about doing what Tim Walz thinks is right:

In fact, as of Nov. 23, not a single case of COVID-19 had been traced back to movie theaters globally, according to the Los Angeles Times. Nonetheless, Walz’s Nov. 19 executive order explicitly calls for the closure of “theaters” and “cinemas.”

One movie theater in Hopkins, Minnesota, closed its doors permanently shortly after Walz announced his new restrictions.

Gov. Walz has the worst history of killing jobs in recent Minnesota history. The DFL will argue that it’s because of COVID-19, which is partly true but misleading. It’s misleading because the DFL showed little mercy when President Trump was fighting through the COVID-19 pandemic. The DFL insisted that President Trump was an evil monster from hell who shouldn’t be re-elected. Now that it’s the DFL governor, though, the DFL hasn’t passed the shoe-on-the-other-foot test. The DFL is asking for mercy now that their guy is dealing with the pandemic. Kurt Daudt wasn’t interested in Gov. Walz’s faux science:

“A movie theater is a place where you sit quietly in one seat, you don’t move, you don’t exercise, you don’t breathe heavily. You can wear a mask, you can sit with your loved ones from your own household and they can structure that so you sit 20 feet apart from other people,” said Daudt, who called on Walz to open up fitness centers as well.

“We think that health clubs are an essential thing that help Minnesotans stay safe and we want to make sure people have the opportunity to get into a health club and exercise,” he continued.

As of Nov. 24, just .003% of all COVID-19 cases in Minnesota had been traced back to a gym or health club.

“I think we should find ways to open these businesses safely. That’s the key,” said Daudt, who claimed that the governor has “really missed an opportunity to work with the Legislature and to include us in the process.”

Gov. Walz insists that he’s following the science when he’s making these decisions. It doesn’t sound like he followed the science with this decision. Based on this House GOP leadership availability, I’m betting that Republicans are going on offense this session: