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Is Politics More Valuable than Human Lives?
By Ramblin’ Rose

How pervasive is the hatred for President Trump by the Democrats and other progressives? It appears that the lives of 190,000 US citizens were not important in their quest to demean and belittle all his efforts. At least, that appears to be the information from a Senate hearing that was not reported by the MSM.
Many of us were hopeful when we learned last spring (March 19) about the potential of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in preventing and/or treating early cases of COVID. It had been used for decades (1934) in the treatment of malaria and was considered at least partially effective in treating rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus. It had been approved by the FDA and was very inexpensive and abundant. In June, the FDA revoked its emergency authorization of HCQ.
The very second that President Trump suggested its consideration in treating COVID, the partisan political games began. At least one legislator from Michigan contacted President Trump personally, received sanction for a legal prescription and recovered from COVID. Others around the world reported similar successes. But not in this country.

Some medical professionals held press conferences last summer and spoke of their successes with patients and pleaded with politicians to join them in the fight of treating COVID. The politicians sided with Dr. Fauci and against President Trump. The politicians prevailed.

Recently, more successful reports arrived from other countries. As the number of cases and deaths surged again in the USA this fall, the blame fell to the Trump rallies and not to the riots and protestors. Blame was always attributed to President Trump and his “cult.”

The MSM completely ignored the November 19th full committee hearing the Committee of Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, chaired by Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI). At the “Early Outpatient Treatment: An Essential Part of a COVID-19 Solution,” three acclaimed doctors spoke—Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Harvey Risch and Dr. George Fareed. They “spoke authoritatively on the success of HCQ cocktails in keeping COVID patients out of hospital and saving lives.” Senator Johnson and the medical experts bemoaned the lack of support from the federal government in supporting at-home care and even opposition to proven clinical studies and reports. In fact, the politicians had blocked the use of demonstrated successful means of treatment.

Political ‘experts’ who insist that they believe in science rejected scientific proof of ways to treat patients and combat the plague.

At the committee hearing, one Democrat vociferously challenged the medical experts. When Senator Johnson asked Dr. Ashish Jha if he had ever treated a COVID patient, he replied he hadn’t. His colleagues spoke of testing and vaccines.

In the words of Dr. Joel S. Hirschhorn from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, writing for the WorldNetDaily: “Johnson summed up the ugly reality perfectly. He said it was “unconscionable and inhuman” to do nothing to promote effective home treatments. And he said this: “We should have the right to access this without the interference of bureaucrats in the CDC, NIH and the FDA. And that is exactly what’s happened. I can’t get it. Millions of Americans can’t access it because of the disinformation, the scaremongering and the prescription log jam that has been created by bureaucrats.”

Daily we learn of more cases, more hospitalizations, more deaths from COVID. States suffer more shutdowns from authoritarian governors. Businesses close. Workers lose jobs, income and self-esteem. Deaths from the stresses caused by the pandemic and politicians also skyrocket. We suffer.

The doctors reported at the hearing that the hospitalizations and deaths could be reduced by 70-80% if known means of early intervention with at-home treatments would be authorized. That translates to having save 190,000 human lives IF THE POLITICIANS WERE NOT SO STUBBORNLY POLITICAL. (Yes, I am shouting. I am mad.)

Personally, I asked my own doctor last summer about preventative care with HCQ. She declined with the PC answer— “not approved.”

Does the Left really hate President Trump and Patriots enough to condemn innocent citizens to death in order to further their political agenda?
God help us all! God bless the USA!!

Dr. Irwin Redlener “directs the National Center for Disaster Preparedness and is a pediatrician, a professor at the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University and president emeritus of Children’s Health Fund. He is a member of the Biden Campaign’s Public Health Advisory Committee.” In this CNN op-ed, Dr. Redlener wrote “even if we assume that sometime this summer, maybe June, perhaps as late as August, the first wave of Covid-19 will have tapered down, the world will likely see a second wave of the deadly virus in the fall or winter, perhaps extending into the early months of 2021.”

That’s fearmongering of the worst kind. I don’t care what alphabet he has behind his name. I wouldn’t trust this jackass if my life depended on it. First, COVID-19 is deadly if you’re in difficult health or living in a nursing home. Here in Minnesota, that’s literally where 90% of Minnesota’s deaths have come from. Healthy people 60-years-old and younger have had little difficulty with COVID-19. Calling COVID-19 deadly is technically accurate but it’s a little misleading.

Next, we know from Dr. Fauci’s briefings that we’ll be in much better shape if a second wave hits. Here’s what Dr. Fauci said about a week ago on this subject:

Third, waiting until August to start reopening the US economy is stupid. Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine has announced that he’ll start reopening Ohio’s economy on May 1. Dr. Redlener didn’t pay attention to the fact that some states are already in far better shape than the hotspot states. Treating Nebraska the same way you treat NYC is downright foolish. That’s like treating nuclear waste the same way as you treat recyclables.

We may well see a significant drop in hospitalizations and fatalities by sometime in May or June. But we cannot let up on the only effective tools we have to fight Covid-19: First, we must continue to shut down the venues where we used to gather, including schools, nonessential workplaces, sporting events, theaters and business meetings. And second, we must remain sheltered in our homes, using social distancing and face masks when we do venture out to buy groceries or essential medications.

According to the plan put together by Drs. Fauci, Birx, Adams and Redfield, everything is conditions- and data-driven. Saying that “we must remain sheltered in our homes” is an absolute order. There are tons of activities that people can safely engage in. While it’s foolish to think that we can start baseball season to packed stadiums, it isn’t foolish to think that it’s possible to start with televised games without fans. While it’s foolish to open stores without practicing good mitigation practices, it’s perfectly fine to open lots of businesses where contact with other humans is infrequent.

Finally, if we wait until the virus has disappeared, there won’t be an economy to return to. Let doctors deal with the medical issues. Let economists consult with doctors in putting together a plan for reopening the economy safely.

It’s painful watching a Tim Walz COVID-19 briefing. During today’s briefing, Minnesotans were essentially told that it took Gov. Walz more than a month to figure it out that going fishing didn’t violate social distancing guidelines. My niece and nephew knew that before they started kindergarten. It took our governor more than a month to figure that out? That’s frightening.

At today’s briefing, we were told by Dr. Hick that COVID-19 cases “occupy more and more hospital beds” before being told that he’s grateful for the time that Gov. Walz has bought “to manage that flow of patients into the system.” What Dr. Hick didn’t mention was that Mayo is at 35% of capacity. Meanwhile, Minnesota’s economy is getting crushed. Dr. Hick mentioned the possibility of “a large volume of patients later this summer.”

According to Dr. Hick, Minnesota “has come together in a way to support building out a plan that accommodates a surge of COVID-19 patients into our system that is unprecedented.” That’s good to hear but that does nothing to help the small businesses in Alexandria, Anoka, Little Falls, Melrose, Moorhead or Morris. Gov. Walz still hasn’t lifted a finger to jump-starting Minnesota’s economy.

It’s time for Gov. Walz to stop paying so much attention on testing. According to Dr. Fauci this afternoon, testing isn’t that important to getting America working again. Further, it’s time to stop treating this like a deadly disease for young, healthy adults. Approximately 90% of COVID decedents in Minnesota died in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, which means that we should start opening Minnesota up ASAP.

At this point, Gov. Walz should be nicknamed Gov. Shutdown. Last year, Walz virtually shut down the government over the budget bill. This year, he’s shut Minnesota’s economy down singlehandedly. There isn’t a single Republican finger on this shutdown. Period.

Check back Saturday for another article that’s related to the shutdown. It’s a different take on things and what’s missing in the shutdown discussion.

Supposedly, following the experts is the safest path for politicians. I say supposedly because the ‘experts’ are wrong so often that I consider following them to be just as foolish as trusting conventional wisdom. FYI- trusting conventional wisdom is exceptionally foolish.

Gov. Walz is considered a trustworthy person, mostly because he’s been a public figure for a lengthy period of time. Joe Biden is considered a moderate because, other than his gaffes, he’d been a moderate until he met Barack Obama. While Gov. Walz isn’t as buffoonish as Biden, there’s little that he’s gotten right in his political career.

Biden and Walz benefit from the fact that they’re both Democrats. That automatically means that they’re protected from scrutiny. Recently, Biden admitted that President Trump’s decision to halt travel with China was the right decision. The MSM didn’t criticize him even though he’d originally called President Trump a racist and a xenophobe:

President Trump got criticized mercilessly for his decision. Dr. Fauci eventually insisted that he’d made the right decision. Few people disagree anymore — including VP Biden.

The ‘experts’, starting with Nancy Pelosi, howl each time President Trump talks about opening the economy. Here’s a question for the so-called experts. When is the right time to bring people back to work? What needs to happen before it’s safe to open the factories, restaurants, grocery stores and hardware stores? Here’s a question for Gov. Walz: why is it ok to let a tax preparer in Anoka do business but a hair salon right next door sit empty? Why can a Walmart be open for grocery shopping but Piggly Wiggly be subject to Gov. Walz’s EO?

In this video, VP Biden positively touts the World Health Organization, aka the W.H.O.:

That’s another set of experts that Democrats frequently tout. They’re just China’s puppets. They’re as corrupt as the Chinese. They say whatever China tells them to say.

President Trump is a leader. Yes, he takes tons of criticism from ‘experts’ like the W.H.O., Nancy Pelosi and Sleepy Joe Biden but his decisions have mostly been right the first time. You can’t say that about Biden or Pelosi.

By morning, if not faster, it’s virtually certain that the MSM will intentionally mischaracterize the Trump administration’s plans for the economy. That’s how they roll. The key to understanding the administration’s plans, look no further than Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s quote.

In a statement to Fox News, Mnuchin said “The president is very much looking at how we can reopen parts of the economy. There are parts of the country, like New York, where obviously this is very, very concerning. There are other parts of the country where it’s not.”

Kudlow added “The president would like to reopen the economy as soon as he can, and we are planning internally,’ adding that the spread of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus is what will determine when the economy can be reopened. ‘I am hoping … we’re only a few weeks away from a reopening. We’ll see.”

In other words, President Trump isn’t planning on opening the economy by opening NYC a week after Easter. The thought that the administration is planning this suggests that there’s some thoughtfulness involved. Larry Kudlow has helped build some pretty dynamic economies in his career. Why shouldn’t we think that he’s capable of rebuilding the economy another time? It’d be one thing if we were asked to trust someone for the first time. That isn’t the case this time. Mr. Kudlow helped build the original Reagan economy that created 20,000,000 jobs.

This is exciting news on the COVID-19 front:

“Everybody who knows me knows that I am very conservative about making projections, but those are the kind of good signs that you look for,” White House task force member Dr. Anthony Fauci said during a televised briefing on April 6. “That’s the first thing you see when you start to see the turnaround.”

The COVID-19 virus, aka the Chinese Communist Party virus, isn’t to be taken lightly. Still, there’s increasingly positive sign appearing daily. At some point, it’s time to unleash this economy again. It was creating millions of jobs. Wages were rising at 3.1%. Unemployment was at 3.5%. There isn’t much chance it’ll pick up right where it left off. Still, there’s no doubt that it won’t perform well again. This isn’t the Obama administration asleep at the switch this time.

Dr. Fauci answers when we’ll return to normal during this briefing:

Like the title of an old book, “normal is a setting on a dryer.” There’s no question that it’ll take awhile to forget this virus. Some of the dire predictions won’t happen, either.

Still, there’s lots of stuff that we’ll learn from this virus, including whether we should’ve shut down the economy like we did. The easy answer is that we should’ve shut it down but that position is losing popularity due to the fact that we’re realizing that many of our decisions were guided primarily by fear. Fear, aka panic, isn’t the best basis for policy-making.

Joe Biden’s staff must’ve written this op-ed on life after COVID-19 for him. It’s impossible to picture him empathizing with young people like that. In the op-ed, Biden wrote about the need for social distancing and how life wasn’t fair to young people. Then he spoke to people aged “20-54.”

But based on recent data from the Centers for Disease Control, it’s also clear that adults of all ages, including younger people, need to practice social distancing and self-isolating for their own personal protection. Of the cases in the U.S. thus far, almost 40 percent of COVID-19 infections that required hospitalization were among people aged 20-54.

That statistic is worthless by itself. How many of those young people who were hospitalized had compromised immune systems? What percent of those that were hospitalized were near the upper end of that age range? A 20-year-old’s immune system isn’t as compromised as a 54-year-old’s immune system.

That paragraph is mostly there to frighten people. It isn’t there to inform people. To inform people, there needs to be greater specificity. That’s missing from Biden’s op-ed. What isn’t missing from Biden’s op-ed are scare tactics:

People under the age of 60 are not immune to coronavirus. Young people are not assured to only experience a mild case if you catch it. There are no guarantees that you will not die from it. Increasingly, we are hearing heart-rending stories of deaths from people in their 20s and 30s.

That’s why we all have to follow the CDC guidelines to minimize the risk of our own exposure to the virus, and to slow its spread to others. Wash your hands. Stay at least six feet away from other people at all times. And yes, stay home. Do it for yourself. Do it for your family and neighbors. Do it to save the lives of those you’ve never met.

Thanks, Joe. We’ve been doing that for over a month. Leadership is about telling us what we need to do a month+ after we need to do it.

This is like Sleepy Joe accusing President Trump of xenophobia when President Trump shut down travel with China on January 31. According to Dr. Fauci, that decision saved lives and bought the US time. Next, Biden plays the con-job card:

This virus is already threatening economic impacts that could rival the Great Depression, and we are going to rely on the energy, the innovative spirit, and boundless capacity of our young people to help rebuild our economy when it’s over. We’re going to have to figure out how to get more help to folks who were left out of this bill. For example, I support forgiving at least $10,000 in student loan debt per person right now to provide meaningful relief. It’s the responsibility of all those in Congress to act now to ensure that our young people get a fair shot.

It isn’t just young people who have the gift of innovation. Smart people of all ages participate in innovation. What’s required is capitalism and competition.

A few Fridays ago, President Trump brought together CEOs of major companies in the Rose Garden at the White House to talk about ramping up testing for COVID-19. CEOs and presidents of companies like CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target and other companies pledged to donate parts of their parking lots to do drive-through testing so they didn’t need to tie up space in clinics. About 15 minutes into this video, multiple CEOs spoke about their companies’ contributions:

In other words, President Trump did 2 weeks ago what Joe Biden is just thinking about today. In a crisis, time matters. Peter Navarro has coined a new phrase that’s appropriate for this. He’s talked about doing things at “Trump time.” In other words, getting things done faster than government is used to moving. Amen to that.

Let’s implement Trump time. Let’s vanquish Biden’s scare tactics.

Dr. Debbie Birx just talked about her experience with the virus task force. While Sleepy Joe Biden, now the prohibitive favorite to be the Democrats’ presidential nominee, has ignorantly shot his mouth off like a attention-seeking school child, adults like Dr. Birx have gotten important work done. In that work, they’ve helped protect hundreds of lives.

In his attempt to score partisan points, Biden said “We should not ‘fall back on xenophobia. Labeling COVID-19 a foreign virus does not display accountability for the misjudgments that have taken thus far by the Trump administration.” Presumably, Sleepy Joe isn’t talking about shutting down travel with China or Europe. Unfortunately, the man who will be the Democrats’ nominee has made himself look like an idiot on those fronts:

What was Biden saying? Days before the Trump administration finalized the travel restrictions, in an editorial Biden warned against “reactionary” travel bans, claiming it “would only have made things worse” with Ebola. Biden then accused the president of “demonstrated failures of judgment.”

It’s apparent that Sleepy Joe, the Democrats’ soon-to-be-nominee, prefers the virus get to the United States unchecked so it can kill hundreds, if not thousands, of people. Buffoons think that way. Leaders like President Trump react when crises arise. Then medical experts like Dr. Fauci praise leaders like President Trump:;

“Clearly early on we made a travel ban with regards to China that was a very smart move right there because what that did was prevent a major influx from China,” Dr. Fauci added.

How has President Trump led? Let’s ask Dr. Birx for her opinion:

“I’ve been a lab person. I’ve been a vaccine developer. I’ve been a doctor. I’ve been all those things,” said Dr. Deborah Birx, another expert on the White House task force. “But I have never in my lifetime of government service worked with the CDC in a way that every time a state or local government calls and says, ‘I have this barrier, I need a modification to the regulations.’ That has happened almost daily.”

That’s what it means to work at ‘Trump speed.’ In other words, President Trump acts like a businessman, clearing obstacles and optimizing performance. That wouldn’t happen if a lifelong politician were running the show. Thank God we have a businessman at the helm, not Sleepy Joe. I’m thankful for experts like Dr. Birx, who is doing an outstanding job. Finally, let’s be thankful for Dr. Fauci:

About 3 minutes into this speech, former VP Joe Biden made statement that’s still frightening:

Biden said “Banning travel from Europe or other parts of the world may slow it but, as we’ve seen, it will not stop it.” That statement isn’t frightening because it’s wrong. It’s frightening because of this article, which says “Are public health officials overreacting to the threat posed by the virus that causes the disease COVID-19? It’s absolutely necessary, because it’s worked in the past, says medical historian Howard Markel, M.D., Ph.D., a University of Michigan expert who has studied the effects of similar responses to past epidemics. ‘An outbreak anywhere can go everywhere,’ he says. And right now, ‘We all need to pitch in to try to prevent cases both within ourselves and in our communities.'”

Markel then explains “The tall, skinny curve is bad – it means that a lot of people will get sick at once, in a short period of time because we don’t take enough steps to prevent the virus from spreading from person to person. Most people won’t get sick enough to need a hospital. But those who do could overwhelm the number of beds and care teams that our nation’s hospitals have available.”

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out that a hospital that gets filled with lots of very sick patients at the same time isn’t likely to have as many of them survive as if a smaller amount of patients arrive at the clinic or hospital. Simply put so VP Biden can understand it, “flattening the curve” gives physicians the highest odds of treating patients successfully. Put differently, flattening the curve saves lives.

While that doesn’t “stop it”, slowing it down matters. That’s probably beyond Biden’s intellectual capacity but that’s why I’m thankful that he’s a former vice president, not the current president.

“If you don’t have as many cases coming to the hospitals and clinics at once, it can actually lower the number of total deaths from the virus and from other causes,” [Markel] says. “And, importantly, it buys us time for university and government scientists, and industry, to create new therapies, medications and potentially a vaccine.”

Following the Biden Plan potentially leads to more fatalities than by following the Trump Strategy. Health experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Debbie Birx and others have testified that President Trump’s travel ban with China saved lives.

I’ll trust experts like Fauci and Birx rather than trusting a blowhard politician like Joe Biden.

Cutting through the fog of misinformation about COVID-19 is imperative if we want to make rational decisions. In our quest to make rational decisions, this article is essential reading. Think of it as a call to rational thinking thanks to verifiable data from a trustworthy source. Let’s get started.

The article starts by saying “With nearly every news website, broadcast, blog, social media outlet and publication wallpapered with coronavirus coverage, information—and, sadly, misinformation—about it abounds. That slew of coverage is seemingly spawning fear, which makes focusing on facts currently known about the outbreak all the more urgent, in our view. Now, we aren’t epidemiologists or physicians. Neither of us studied medicine. We don’t even play doctors on TV. But part of what we do is analyze media—our team covers dozens of outlets daily from around the world. That means we have collectively read hundreds of articles on the subject—and found some significant overlap across various experts about what is true and what isn’t.”

What we know

As of March 6, Johns Hopkins University’s dashboard (which you can view here) cites 101,781 coronavirus diagnoses—260 in America. However, there are a few caveats to this. One, that doesn’t deduct the number of patients who have recovered or, tragically, died. Hopkins counts 55,866 patients as having recovered from the virus. 3,460 have died. Hence, these data show 42,455 persons currently known to have coronavirus globally—238 in the US.

This article was written on 3/6/2020 so its information is dated. Still, it’s worth reading through.

Limited testing worldwide means officials only identify those patients with the most severe symptoms. When Elisabeth (article co-author Elisabeth Dellinger) got swine flu in 2009, she was not part of the official tally because she stayed in bed and had fever dreams instead of checking in at a clinic. That the disease is likely more widespread than data suggest may seem frightening, but it brings us to another critical point to consider: The coronavirus death rate is likely overstated—potentially by a lot.

Some in the media, thankfully not all, have been irresponsible, by essentially hollering AIR RAID then whispering test. This misinformation has one main source: the anti-Trump political media.

I’m just saying

The misinformation coming from people with political motives shouldn’t be trusted. That isn’t to say it’s all misinformation. It’s just saying that the percentage of misinformation from these people is high. Let’s start with this information:

Wow! You mean that acting with common sense changes outcomes? That’s what Dr. Drew and Dr. Oz are telling us. Further, following the CDC’s guidelines is imperative. Think of that as our starting point. Let’s add that President Trump’s task force is doing an outstanding job with this. That isn’t what the politicized media is saying but that’s the truth. Vice President Pence is the right man to lead the task force even though he isn’t an MD. That’s why he’s got brilliant doctors on the task force. Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Ben Carson, Dr. Robert Redfield and Dr. Debbie Birx are brilliant doctors. Trust them. They don’t spew misinformation like Jim Acosta will.

This page should be the first page you read each day. It’s filled with information that’ll protect yourself and family. It’s filled with information about who’s most at risk, what you can do to mitigate the risks, what steps should be taken to reduce the odds of getting COVID-19. Follow these recommendations and you’ll likely have nothing to worry about.

If you do get COVID-19 symptoms, report them to your physician ASAP. When they give you instructions, follow them perfectly.

It’s time to stop panicking about COVID-19. Americans are a can-do people. We’ll get through this just like we’ve gotten through everything else that life’s thrown at us. If the liberal media want to panic, that’s their right. I’ve got more important things to do.

UPDATE: Chuck Schumer is spreading hysteria for purely partisan purposes. What’s needed is calm. Sen. Schumer is peddling panic. Apparently, he’s more interested in partisanship than he’s interested in statesmanship.

“I mean what was missing from the president’s talk is how he is actually going to deal with the spread of the coronavirus. That’s the bottom line,” Schumer said. “Well, what’s he going to do? So far we’ve seen statements belittling the problem, contradictory statements, statements that don’t address the problem.”

The CDC is putting out information that provide structure for people to follow. This is information that We The People need to act on.

If President Trump didn’t start thinking about the economic impact of COVID-19, Sen. Schumer wouldn’t hesitate in criticizing President Trump for not caring about the people. The simple truth is that Sen. Schumer is just a bitter partisan who hasn’t put the people first. That’s my definition of a total loser.