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I started my political night watching Joe Biden answer softball questions from George Stephanopoulos. After hearing 5 Biden lies in the first 3+ minutes, though, I had to bail. Joe Biden is insufferable. I was DVRing both candidates’ townhalls so I switched in the hopes of seeing a more entertaining debate.

Unfortunatel, I was treated to Savannah Guthrie interrogating questioning President Trump for the first 16 minutes of the NBC townhall. The bad news is that Ms. Guthrie had little respect for President Trump. The good news is that President Trump handled Guthrie’s hostility with magnanimity … to a point. One thing that President Trump was asked was to condemn white supremacy to 8,475th time. He condemned it in strong, unambiguous terms, then added that Joe Biden should be asked to condemn Antifa, Black Lives Matter and other Democrat hate organizations.

President Trump didn’t raise his voice. He wasn’t argumentative but it sent a clear message. Shortly thereafter, Ms. Guthrie started soliciting questions from the audience. Last night’s ‘townhalls’ weren’t legitimate townhalls. Biden’s event was like a Guthy-Renker infomercial. President Trump’s event was more like an interrogation. That’s fine. Trump’s a big boy. He handled things just fine:

This is disgusting:

One of the questioners at the ABC-hosted event was Nathan Osburn, a former speechwriter for the Obama White House. Osburn specifically worked for the Office of Public Affairs at the Commerce Department under the Obama-Biden administration and at the Small Business Administration.

Here’s a softball, Joe. Hit it out of the park. Sheesh. You’d think that these activists/DNC operatives would learn that they don’t get away with this. The Democrats’ heavyhanded tactics will cost Democrats this election. When the dust settles, the MSM will have helped Republicans strip Pelosi of her speaker’s gavel. Republicans will enlarge their Senate majority and give President Trump another 4 years in office.

The people have had enough. The backlash is building. The Democrats’ tactics will have failed. Democrats have ignored Main Street. Democrats are now the Party of Silicon Valley and Wall Street, the Party of Antifa and BLM.

After I wrote this post, a thought pierced through my thick skull. This isn’t about a policy fight. It’s a street fight being waged by well-trained rioters and anarchists. These rioters took the time to figure out a battle plan. People were trained to help fighters overcome police tactics.

While Capitol Hill Democrats (the ones in DC, not Seattle) insist that they won’t defund the police, the people in the streets don’t just talk defunding. They’re taking action to abolish police departments (plural, not singular). Since funding police departments comes from municipalities, the things that DC Democrats say is irrelevant.

Here in Minnesota, the DFL House is gearing up for a fight about police reform. This is window-dressing. Again, it won’t affect Minneapolis, Minnesota’s biggest city. They’re trying to eliminate their police department and replace it with shrinks, social workers and who knows what else.

Right now, Ground Zero is Minneapolis. That won’t last forever. Whoever trained these streetfighters didn’t do this to eliminate the police department of a mid-sized city in the Midwest. This is intended to be used nationwide.

This goes beyond partisan politics, too. The manifesto/handbook is intended to give other anarchists a playbook to follow in tearing down governments. What’s frightening is that Democrats haven’t noticed that they’re supporting a cause that they don’t have control over. As usual, Democrats see this as a political movement. This isn’t a political movement. It’s a let’s-restructure-government movement that seeks to tear down the Constitution.

In case people hadn’t noticed, these anarchists a) hate America with a passion, b) hate the Constitution and c) want the Bill of Rights demolished. Why should we think that this is anything except a powerplay? This isn’t just a movement. It’s a multi-faceted organization.

During the rioting in NYC, pallets of bricks were found at pre-staged locations. In Minneapolis, Black Lives Matter rioters just happened to find concrete blocks on a walking bridge on I-94, which they then threw at police officers. In Seattle, anarchists took over a 6-block area with virtually no resistance. After the riot, the Seattle police chief, Carmen Best, held a press conference. She told her officers that she didn’t have anything to do with the capture of the police station, hinting that Mayor Durkan ordered the stand-down.

These riots are just starting. Rest assured that they’ll spread. This won’t be, in the words of Seattle’s Democrat Mayor Durkan, a summer of love. This is shaping up to be a summer of hate, arrests and riots.

It isn’t that I think that Antifa didn’t play a role in last week’s riots in St. Paul. It’s that I’m not sure they aren’t homegrown Antifa terrorists. Apparently, the authorities aren’t confident that their initial opinion is accurate. The notable exception to that list is Tim Walz, the DFL activist who plays the role of an incompetent governor for his day job. According to this article, “Gov. Tim Walz continued to suggest Sunday that ‘it can’t be Minnesotans’ who would loot and burn homegrown businesses.”

I’d argue that that’s misguided thinking. Why wouldn’t a gang from north Minneapolis burn down businesses in south Minneapolis? These gangs are often ideologues who want to destroy the existing system from the roots. They often see private property as inherently evil, capitalism as a rigged game against the people.

Why couldn’t these terrorists be homegrown? Jeremiah Ellison, a member of the Minneapolis City Council and the son of Minnesota’s Attorney General, recently published this tweet announcing his full support for Antifa:

Then there’s this:

In St. Paul, police received numerous reports of suspicious vehicles without license plates parked and driving around the city, according to department spokesman Steve Linders. Officers also spotted some of those vehicles. They investigated an abandoned pickup truck loaded with construction equipment. Callers reported that people had gone to and from the truck, taking items from it.

Vehicles without license plates are often stolen vehicles. The plates are removed so they can be used during riots, when police use video cameras to identify criminals.

Ed Morrissey’s post offers the proper insight into what’s happening in the Twin Cities:

Not that Livingstone’s dispensing with the meme, at least through his friends. A GoFundMe page for the trio claims that police arrested them “after peacefully protesting & being chased by the KKK.” In a car with no plates? And peacefully protesting with two guns and a “grinding tool”? The idea that three young men with sufficient self-defense tools could be “chased by the KKK” in Minnesota is outright laughable, especially young men who just spent several days at least in the midst of the rioting.

Being chased by the KKK in Minnesota is as plausible as Jussie Smollett being told that Chicago is “Trump country.” Both statements are dishonest as hell. I wrote this post in July, 2016 to highlight the fact that Minnesota-grown ‘activists’ turning violent isn’t a myth:

It’s become clear that #BlackLivesMatter isn’t interested in healing racial divides. They’re proving that they’re interested in injuring police officers. At least one officer is injured. Police are reporting that “protesters started arming themselves with rebar from the construction site” and that police then used smoke and glass balls to clear the crowd. Protestors also threw glass bottles and liquids at the officers. One officer is injured from being hit with a glass bottle.”

The Star Tribune is reporting that as “many as 200 protesters were blocking both the eastbound and westbound lanes of the major traffic artery connecting Minneapolis and St. Paul near the Lexington exits. Many sat on the freeway while others stood, the air filled with yelling and chanting. Some onlookers were climbing over the freeway fence to join the blockade, with the crowd swelling to an estimated 300 people filling the lanes in both directions.”

I remember that night. It was a Saturday night. There wasn’t much happening until the local TV stations (KSTP, WCCO) jumped into programming to show these protesters throwing cement blocks at police officers from a bridge on I-94. I was able to ‘cover’ it via Twitter.

The Twin Cities media is acting like the Twin Cities’ leftist activists are law-abiding, upstanding citizens, pillars of the community types. There’s no doubt that there’s a need for police reform. That’s obvious. What’s equally clear is that the DFL needs to clean out the festering pile of antagonizers and America-haters. Today’s DFL turns a blind eye towards people like Keith Ellison, Ilhan Omar, Jeremiah Ellison and Ryan Winkler.

Simply put, it’s time for DFL ‘activist’ reform, too. These aren’t nice people. They’re people without integrity.

It used to be said that the contents of the information in the NYTimes was “all the news that’s fit to print.” Those days are history and then some. After reading this article, it isn’t a stretch to suggest that a slogan change is appropriate. The new slogan, based on the major stories that the NYTimes hasn’t paid attention to should be ‘all the news that’s fit to ignore.”

The article says “In the hours and days after Gregory Timm reportedly plowed his vehicle into a tent of Republican Party volunteers registering voters in the Kernan Village Shopping Center parking lot in Jacksonville, Florida, national coverage of the event has been alarmingly lacking.” The article starts by saying “Just imagine the national news coverage if a Trump supporter had plowed his van through a Democratic voter registration tent in Florida.”

I can’t imagine it because it hasn’t happened. We know, though, that a vehicle plowed into a tent where GOP volunteers were registering voters. We know that thanks to this:

Local news channel WJXT reported days later on the arrest report, which showed Timm telling the sheriff’s office his “disapproval of Trump” was the motivating factor for the attack. He showed the officer a self-recorded video of him driving straight at the volunteers, expressing frustration that the video cut out before “the good part.” Even then, as I write this, the best the New York Times could muster was wire coverage.

Let’s be blunt about this. If you eliminated the people who are part of the Democrats’ Resist Movement, you’d eliminate 98% of the people who call themselves journalists. Resist Movement journalists are like Journolist on steroids.

It isn’t that there’s no such thing as fake news. It’s that there’s much more legitimate news that’s ignored than outright fake news. The story about last week’s IC briefing on upcoming Russian interference in the 2020 presidential election is more sloppy journalism than outright fake news.

This video highlights a local reporter interviewing Timm:

The vast majority of the coverage on this story is from local reporters. That’s fine because it is a local story. Still, it’s disappointing that it hasn’t gotten the national coverage it deserves because it’s also a national story.