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At the start of Tuesday, Democrats insisted that they wanted the Ukrainian whistleblower’s transcript released. When President Trump agreed to do that, Democrats moved the proverbial goalposts, this time insisting that they needed the whistleblower report, too. After mulling things for a few hours, FNC’s Ed Henry reported that the Trump administration had agreed to release the whistleblower complaint, too. Henry also reported that “a senior White House official” told him that the whistleblower has an anti-Trump bias.

Next, Democrats, mostly Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) insisted that the whistleblower testify this week in front of the House Intelligence Committee. The White House agreed to that, too. Suffice it to say that President Trump didn’t act like a guilty man.

The point is that Democrats kept moving the goalposts in the hopes of making President Trump look guilty while President Trump kept agreeing to their demands. If that isn’t enough for the Democrats, consider this: this is the week of the UN General Assembly. Ukraine’s president isn’t just attending the UNGA. He’s scheduled to have a bilateral meeting with President Trump. If that isn’t bad enough for the Democrats, President Trump and President Zelensky are scheduled to host a press conference that day, too.

Suffice it to say that this was the wrong week for the Democrats to accuse President Trump of holding Ukraine’s President hostage with military aid. With all that’s gone wrong for the Democrats, it kinda reminds me of this famous scene:

I guess this would’ve been a good week for Nancy Pelosi to resign as Speaker. Who needs to deal with this bunch of idiots?

This is turning into being a fantastic week for President Trump and Tom Emmer. Emmer issued this statement as Chairman of the NRCC:

For the past three years, the socialist Democrats have been obsessed with impeaching the president and backfilling in the reason after the fact. They have become so radicalized by their hatred of President Trump that they are willing to plunge the nation into a constitutional crisis based on secondhand gossip. Democrats have lost their sanity and any remaining credibility with the American people.

Make no mistake about it: backing impeachment will cost the Democrats their majority in 2020.

Chairman Emmer is right. Impeachment will cost Democrats their chairman’s gavels.

What’s worst for Democrats is that they’re still about 50 votes short of being able to pass articles of impeachment.

I wish I could say that I’m surprised to find out that Angie Craig and Dean Philips aren’t moderates. I’d be lying if I said that they were. Simply put, they aren’t moderate. According to this article, we now have proof that Craig and Phillips aren’t moderates. We know that because they’re now on board with impeaching President Trump for the flimsiest of reasons:

Minnesota Democratic Reps. Dean Phillips and Angie Craig have been moderates on impeachment, but an accusation that President Donald Trump asked Ukraine to investigate a political rival is changing that. Trump is accused of pressing Ukraine’s leader to help investigate political rival Joe Biden at the same time the White House was withholding $250 million in aid to that country. Trump says he’s done nothing wrong.

Phillips says it appears Trump “invited foreign interference in our democracy” in a way “that is corrupt at best (and) treasonous at worst.” He says if the accusation is proven, “we must pursue articles of impeachment.” Craig went farther in her statement on Monday, saying it is time to open impeachment proceedings now.

Nobody has seen the transcript of the call. Further, Phillips should know better than to say that President Trump’s alleged statements can’t amount to treason because it’s only possible to commit treason when we’re at war. Further, Phillips flipped based on a rumor. If he doesn’t know what’s in the document, what’s the justification for flipping? I suspect that Phillips wanted to support impeachment but he had to act like a moderate until the next faux indignation happened.

Here’s what Phillips is quoted as saying:

“Our Constitution transcends any person, politician, or political party, and I call on the House Foreign Affairs, Intelligence, and Judiciary Committees to use every legal mechanism possible to obtain all relevant evidence.

If the reports are corroborated, we must pursue articles of impeachment and report them to the full House of Representatives for immediate consideration.”Think about what Phillips just said. He admitted in plain language that he doesn’t have evidence that President Trump has done anything wrong. Let’s contrast that with the Nixon impeachment. In Nixon’s case, there was a crime that’d been committed. There was something solid for Congress to investigate. In this case, the Democrats’ faux investigation is actually a fishing trip. They’ve heard a rumor and their hatred of President Trump pushes the Democrats’ buttons.

Instead of doing real work, like fixing immigration or keeping the Trump economy strong, Democrats have invested most of their time on investigation after investigation after investigation. That’s why I’ve nicknamed these Democrats the Do-Nothing Democrats.

Craig didn’t even do that. She said “It is clear that the sitting president of the United States placed his own personal interests above the national security of the United States. When there is an abuse of power of this magnitude, it is our responsibility to stand up for what is right. This is why I am calling to open impeachment proceedings — immediately, fairly and impartially.”

First, I demand to know what President Trump did that constitutes abuse of power. In his explanation, President Trump said that he demanded that the Ukrainian president clean up the corruption so that America’s money wasn’t stolen by international grifters (my words, no President Trump’s.). That doesn’t rise to the level of impeachment. It isn’t close.

Constitutional definition of impeachment

They should especially highlight Article II, Section 4, which says “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

Here’s hoping that this duo is booted out after a single term. This time, I hope We The People throw them out via the vote, not by having a Dayton-like temper tantrum..

After I got this news, the first thing I wondered was whether Collin Peterson is in trouble.

In 2018, which was a pretty strong DFL year, Peterson won by 4.26%. In 2016, Peterson won by 5.03%. In 2014, Peterson won by 8.45%. In 2012, Peterson won by 25+ percent.

There’s no question whether the district is trending in the GOP’s direction. The only question left is whether this is the year that Peterson finally meets his match. One thing that’s for certain is that this race will get tons more money pumped into it over the next year. Another thing that’s certain is that this race suddenly became one of the highest profile races to watch this cycle.

Here is Lt. Gov. Fischbach’s official statement:

PAYNESVILLE, MN – Former Lieutenant Governor Michelle Fischbach today announced she is running for Congress in Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District. Fischbach will challenge Democrat Congressman Collin Peterson, who has been in Washington for nearly 30 years. Fischbach was the most recent Republican to hold statewide office in Minnesota when she ascended from her role as President of the Senate to Lieutenant Governor in 2018.

“After much consultation and prayer with my family, I have decided to run for Congress,” said Fischbach. “Western Minnesota families deserve a representative who will fight for their values in Washington and support President Trump’s agenda – not the socialist agenda of Nancy Pelosi, Ilhan Omar, and the rest of the squad. People here believe in our constitutional rights. They believe in the right to life. They believe in making sure the next generation has the opportunity to pursue the American dream right here in Western Minnesota.”

Before serving as Lieutenant Governor, Fischbach served in the Minnesota Senate. After the 2010 election, the Minnesota Senate selected Fischbach to serve as President of the Senate, making her the first woman in Minnesota history to serve in that role. After the 2016 election, Fischbach was again selected by the Minnesota Senate to serve as President of the Senate, a position she would hold until she ascended to Lieutenant Governor in 2018.

“Collin Peterson no longer represents Western Minnesota values,” added Fischbach. “One of his first votes this Congress was to ban the wall, and he votes against President Trump 85 percent of the time. Unlike Peterson, I will work with President Trump to secure our borders, build the wall, fight against the Democrats’ socialist agenda, and keep America great.”

About Michelle Fischbach:

Michelle Fischbach is a trailblazer and a proven conservative leader. She recently served as the 49th Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota, ascending to that position following the resignation of her predecessor. She was the first woman in Minnesota history to serve as President of the Minnesota Senate – initially from 2011-12 and then again from 2017-18. She also served as Chairman of the Senate Higher Education Committee. She was first elected to the Minnesota Senate in 1996 and served until 2018. She holds a B.A. from St. Cloud State University and a J.D. from William Mitchell College of Law. She and her husband, Scott, live in the Paynesville area and have two grown children and five grandchildren.

About Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District:

Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District is the most pro-Trump district in the country held by a Democrat. In 2016, President Trump carried the district by nearly 31 percentage points. According to The Cook Political Report, the district has a Partisan Voting Index (PVI) of R+12. According to FiveThirtyEight, in the 116th Congress, Congressman Peterson has voted against President Trump’s agenda 85% of the time.

Highlighting the fact that Peterson has voted against President Trump 85% of the time has to hurt Peterson. If he had voted with Trump 40%-50% of the time, he might be able to deflect the ads that are certainly heading in Peterson’s direction. That’s especially true in a district that Trump took by 31 points in 2016.

Further, the DFL can’t paint Fischbach as a TEA Party radical, though I’m certain that they’ll attempt that. The other thing we can count on is Nancy Pelosi’s PAC dumping $2,000,000-$4,000,000 into this race. Losing this race is something she can’t afford if she wants to keep her Speaker’s Gavel.

I won’t predict the outcome of this race at this point but I won’t hesitate in stating that Peterson’s seat is legitimately in trouble this time.

Early predictions by Chuck Schumer and other Democrats is that they’ll retake the majority in 2020. Those predictions are foolish. Though Democrats have a couple pickup opportunities, they’re staring at a blue-to-red flip in Alabama and an uphill fight for a red-to-blue flip in Arizona.

Then there’s Michigan. According to this article, Democrat Gary Peters starts “his re-election campaign with relatively low name recognition in Michigan, according to a new statewide poll. A survey of 600 likely state voters conducted last week found that nearly 63 percent of Michigan voters recognize Peters, the state’s junior senator, and about 36 percent have never heard of him.”

Things go downhill from there for Democrat Peters. Peters is a do-nothing senator who’s running against a young GOP candidate with a compelling storyline. His name is John James.

This can’t be overlooked:

Brand also points to what James brings to the table. “John James is very compelling, and he has an incredible story to tell,” he says. “People are super hyped about him — he’s a hit.”

James says he’ll take what he learned in the first campaign and build off what worked. Although he says it would be easier for him to sit this election out, he’s not interested in giving up. James and his wife, Elizabeth, have three young children, plus he’s still running his family’s transportation and warehousing business.

First, the fact that a sitting senator 5 years into his first term is largely unknown says everything about the Democrats’ enthusiasm and the quality of the Democrats’ candidate. Clearly, this is a placeholder candidate who will have a heavy lift for re-election. Next, enthusiasm is high, both from supporters and from the NRSC:

James is already pulling in sizable donations. In the first three weeks after his June announcement, James raised $1.5 million. Among his nearly 12,000 donors, 71% of contributions were $50 or less, pointing to the strength of his grassroots appeal.

Don’t forget this:

Michigan GOP chairwoman Laura Cox and Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel speak highly of James, knowing he brings a much-needed shot of youth and diversity to the party. They are ready to put resources behind him, since James doesn’t yet face a costly primary, as he did in 2018.

Finally, this is worth noting:

“While we have chosen a light-hearted way to highlight his low name-recognition and ineffectiveness, his failure to stand up for Michigan families in the face of devastating policies like Medicare for All and the Green New Deal is no laughing matter,” said NRSC spokesperson Nathan Brand.

The Green New Deal isn’t popular with manufacturers. Medicare for All won’t be popular with union families because unions negotiated great health care benefits and left bigger pay raises on the table. Medicare for All isn’t anywhere as good of coverage as the Cadillac plans that union workers negotiated.

This is one of the US Senate races that LFR will pay attention to in the upcoming year+. Clearly, it’s a great shot at flipping a blue seat into the red column.

FYI– I’ll also be paying attention to the Alabama and Arizona races. I don’t think Democrats will flip Arizona from red-to-blue but I’m fairly confident that Republicans will flip Jeff Sessions’ seat back to red.

Anyone that thinks that Big Tech plays fair is utterly delusional. To say that Twitter’s actions feel like they’re straight from the Twilight Zone is understatement. Here’s what happened, according to the article:

The move from the NRSC comes after McConnell’s campaign account was locked Wednesday for posting a video of protesters outside his home that included violent threats against the Kentucky Republican. A Twitter spokesperson confirmed the account was temporarily locked for violating the company’s “violent threats policy.” McConnell’s campaign manager, Kevin Golden, said the campaign unsuccessfully appealed the decision and accused Twitter of hypocrisy.

Think about that a second. Twitter suspended Sen. McConnell’s account because they highlighted a video showing violent protesters protesting outside Sen. McConnell’s home.

“Twitter’s hostile actions toward Leader McConnell’s campaign are outrageous, and we will not tolerate it,” said Jesse Hunt, a spokesman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee. “The NRSC will suspend all spending with Twitter until further notice. We will not spend our resources on a platform that silences conservatives.”

The NRCC has announced that it’s suspending advertising its spending via Twitter, too. If Democrats were principled, they’d suspend their advertising on Twitter, too. An attack against Republican campaigns is an attack against the entire election system. Unfortunately, Democrats aren’t principled. What Twitter is doing is as despicable as what Russia did. Putting a thumb on the scale of our election system is beyond reprehensible.

Democrats repeatedly told us that during the Russia Hoax ‘Investigation’. Now that Big Tech is hurting Republicans rather than Russians hurting Democrats, election security doesn’t seem to be a priority to Democrats. Isn’t that amazing? Who would’ve thought that?

I don’t know what the right solution is to Big Tech but this can’t be ignored anymore. Testimony by Big Tech executives saying that they don’t tip the scales in the Democrats favor should be treated as lying to Congress. That’s because that’s what it is.