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After President Trump announced that he was declaring a national emergency, CNN and MSNBC went into full spin mode. Virtually immediately, we were told by pundits that most drugs came through ports of entry. Ditto with teenage girls that eventually get sold into child pornography, though they don’t talk much about that. The ‘pundit experts’ (I’m using that term very sarcastically) insist that the coyotes and cartels go through well-equipped ports of entry rather than through unprotected areas that aren’t fenced.

That’s insulting to our intelligence. Why should people think that these cartels and coyotes try smuggling drugs through well-protected ports of entry rather than through the porous parts of the border? Do these reporters think that the cartels want to get caught and their drugs confiscated?

These are the stories of some of the people whose lives have been forever changed by illegal aliens:

MaryAnn Mendoza tried meeting with Speaker Pelosi just a couple weeks ago. Pelosi’s staffer told Mrs. Mendoza that she wasn’t in the office. In fact, Ms. Pelosi consistently refuses to meet with Angel families. Suffice it to say that Ms. Pelosi is one of the coldest hearted bitches ever to serve in Congress. Even Jim Acosta met with Angel moms after yesterday’s presidential press conference:

The woman that Jim Acosta interviewed is Agnes Gibboney. I’ve interviewed her, too. She’s a legal immigrant who came here from Europe via South America. Acosta’s interview didn’t last long but at least he didn’t entirely avoid her like Ms. Pelosi always does.

What’s most aggravating is the fact that Ms. Pelosi totally ignores these Angel moms and that Democrats and their allies in the Agenda Media insist that there isn’t a crisis. (Yesterday, Ms. Pelosi called it a “challenge.”)

What I’m predicting is that President Trump will prevail. I’m basing that mostly off of this information:

After reading this article, the obvious question is whether Nancy Pelosi will accept this offer or if she’ll simple ignore these women. I’m betting that she’ll ignore them, even if they appear in the First Lady’s box during the SOTU Address.

A group of women whose husbands work as Border Patrol officers are inviting Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to come to McAllen, Texas, to see what’s taking place at the U.S.-Mexico border. “We would like to show you around!” Jill Demanski wrote in a Facebook post to Pelosi last Thursday, which marked the 34th day of the government shutdown. “You don’t need to bring any security detail. Our husbands/boyfriends/fiancés/wives/significant others are actually very good at their jobs, thank goodness! And since you see no threat here, I’m sure you can just make a quick flight down here alone.”

During the shutdown, I wrote President Trump with the suggestion that he include some of the Angel families in the FLOTUS box, as well as border patrol agents. I also suggested that President Trump blister Ms. Pelosi in the opening of his speech. With her sitting right behind him, its a golden opportunity to highlight the fact that she flew to Hawaii for Christmas while President Trump cancelled his Christmas plans. If he thinks that’s too harsh, he can dial it back a notch or 2.

Democrats might want to consider this:

The government shutdown is over — for now — but the political ramifications are still being sorted out. The media has been chortling that Donald Trump “caved,” and he may well have lost this battle with congressional Democrats. Their “victory,” such as it is, is to notify American voters that they are so opposed to a wall and a secure border that they were willing to keep the government shut down for four weeks to ensure it doesn’t happen.

Trump has thus exposed the Pelosi-Schumer Democrats as being hopelessly soft on illegal immigration. Some Democrats are starting to wonder whether they have dug their own political grave for 2020. This is why in recent days congressional Democrats are screaming from the rafters that they are for border security — just not the way Trump wants to do it.

The reality is far from this spin. At the start of the shutdown, the Pelosi crowd was saying that “there is no border crisis” and that “a wall is immoral.” But actions speak louder than words, and every response to illegal immigration over the past decade proves they don’t want it stopped. Democrats have instead openly encouraged illegal immigration.

There’s only one vote that matters on this or any other issue. That vote belongs to Nancy Pelosi. Democrats, including Chuck Schumer, don’t matter. That’s why I agree with President Trump that a deal won’t get reached. Pelosi is too dug in to let President Trump get credit for an important victory.

Wednesday, President Trump invited members of the Problem Solvers Caucus to the White House to figure out a way to secure the border and re-open the federal government. After the meeting, all attending said all the right things: the meeting was productive, etc. I don’t know if it actually was productive but that’s what they said.

The bigger point that’s been lost since the creation of the Problem Solvers Caucus is that everyone in the House, Senate and the White House are there to solve problems. That’s what the American people expect of them. Why haven’t the American people criticized Speaker Pelosi and Sen. Schumer mercilessly for playing political games? They’ve both voted for a barrier between the US and Mexico.

That means that this shutdown is about denying President Trump a political victory. But I digress.

Pelosi and Schumer are at the top of the Democrats’ leadership hierarchy. Instead of providing leadership, they’re acting like children. That’s the definition of acting like a juvenile. They should both be thrown out as leaders for not providing pro-American leadership. (It doesn’t help that partisan idiots like Peter Beinart write articles with titles like Nancy Pelosi is winning. What, exactly, is she supposedly winning? There’s no proof that she’s winning over hearts and minds. There’s no proof that Republican voters are switching allegiances to the Democrats. She certainly isn’t winning over Angel families:

Check out the video about 3 minutes in. Nancy Pelosi hid in her office. Pelosi had her office staffers tell a significant gathering of Angel moms that she wasn’t in the office. Then they found out she was in that office.

How can you negotiate with a lying witch like that? Obviously, you can’t. As for the Problem Solvers Caucus, there’s no reason to trust them. They’re Democrats and ideologues first, representatives of their constituents last.

Republicans should highlight the Democrats’ dishonesty each day. They should highlight that walls aren’t immoral. Republicans should highlight that Democrats are highly immoral. Finally, Republicans should highlight the fact that the Democrats in the Problem Solvers Caucus can’t be trusted until their actions prove that they’re interested in solving problems.

Doug Schoen’s op-ed sounds reasonable. Unfortunately, Schoen’s thinking is flawed. For instance, Schoen is wrong in saying “People are working without paychecks and key agencies have stopped functioning, all while President Trump and the Democrats remain in a standoff over his unrelenting demand for $5 billion to build a border wall. It is clear that his plan is not working. Even key Republicans are growing increasingly frustrated with his lack of will to compromise.”

What’s actually clear is that Speaker Pelosi isn’t willing to negotiate in good faith. For that matter, freshmen Democrats who ran on the promise that they’d never vote for Pelosi or who said that both parties needed new leadership have cheerfully followed Ms. Pelosi while keeping the government shut.

What’s actually happening is that President Trump has negotiated in good faith. He’s the only person who has put a detailed plan on the table. Further, when President Trump asked Ms. Pelosi if she’d provide any funding if he opened the government, Ms. Pelosi emphatically said she wouldn’t. That isn’t the path to good-faith compromise. Ms. Pelosi’s is the path to obstructionism.

Watch this video, then tell Ms. Pelosi that this isn’t a manufactured crisis:

As these Angel families get more air time, the tide will turn, if it hasn’t already. People will get assaulted with facts, which changes everything. When reality collides with spin, reality wins eventually.

If you live in the district of a freshman Democrat in a swing district, call them up. Tell them to stand up to Ms. Pelosi’s my-way-or-the-highway negotiating. It’s time to put a stop to Ms. Pelosi’s hostage-taking.

Beginning with his Oval Office address last week, President Trump and his administration have carefully orchestrated for the dialogue to be about a “national emergency” at the southern border, thus turning the entire political conversation to immigration and the need to build a wall. Will his plan work? It seems unlikely. But then again, his election was unlikely.

Schoen is wrong about Trump’s plan. The border wall will work when combined with the other changes he’s included in his plan. That’s because he’s spoken with Border Patrol agents. (Personally, I call them experts since they’re the ones working along the border.) Pelosi and Sen. Schumer are just a pair of blowhard politicians with a political axe to grind. If given the choice between trusting an expert or a blowhard politician, I’ll pick the expert every time.

If Schoen wants to trust blowhard politicians more than experts, that’s his problem. I won’t let him make it mine.

Let’s be blunt about something. Nancy Pelosi is a cold-hearted bitch who doesn’t care about the survivors who’ve lost loved ones to illegal immigrants. I quoted MaryAnn Mendoza in this post. During Hannity’s townhall meeting, he asked the Angel families if they’d like to say anything to Pelosi.

Mendoza replied “I would love the opportunity to stand in front of Nancy Pelosi, mother to mother, and look her in the eye, and say ‘which child of yours or grandchild of yours would you give up to support this agenda of yours, this horrendous lie. I called Nancy Pelosi’s office to request another meeting with her while I’m in DC and it was dead silence from her staffer. I said “This is Angel Mom MaryAnn Mendoza. I’d like to request a meeting face-to-face and mother-to-mother with Nancy Pelosi about this situation. Dead silence. The staffer said ‘no, I’ll put you through to her voice mail. You can leave her a message.”

What type of monster doesn’t accept that meeting? This mother lost a son to a drunk-driving illegal immigrant. The drunk-driving illegal immigrant had a blood alcohol content of .241 at the time he ran head-on into Mrs. Mendoza’s son. This wasn’t the first time this drunk-driving illegal immigrant had gotten arrested for drunk driving.

What’s nastiest is that Pelosi continually insists that this is a “manufactured crisis.” “Manufactured crisis”, my ass. It’s a very real crisis. It’s just that cold-hearted bitches like Pelosi refuse to admit that she’s wrong on the issue of immigration.

Unfortunately for Democrats, its’ getting increasingly likely that other Democrats will suffer as a result of Pelosi’s attitude:

Now, as the shutdown drags into Day 19, the frustration is starting to reach a tipping point for some who fear the prolonged stalemate could do real political damage in vulnerable Democratic districts.

“If I am getting comments and contact from my constituents expressing concern that the Democrats are not prioritizing security, then I think we can do better,” said freshman Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-Va.).

That’s an understatement. If Pelosi doesn’t start negotiating in good faith — soon — she’ll soon be a single-term Speaker.

Here in Minnesota, Dean Phillips spoke often about the need for new leadership “on both sides of the aisle.” Thus far, he’s voted for Pelosi as Speaker, then has followed her like a little puppy. So much for being a leader wanting new leadership. Angie Craig hasn’t done that much. She’s just followed Pelosi’s orders to a T. She’s been the personification of a swamp creature.

These and other Democrats have a decision to make. Either they start representing their constituents instead of representing Nancy Pelosi or they can be sent into early forced retirement. These cowardly Democrats need to hear what Agnes Gibboney said near the end of this video:

Agnes said “This is not Trump’s wall. This is America’s wall. Amen to that, Agnes.

Friday night’s Hannity program was easily his best. As I told a friend, I’m not Mr. Hannity’s biggest fan. Still, I can’t deny the powerful impact Friday night’s townhall had on me. It’s important to know that each of the panelists is an Angel Parent. In fact, I’ve interviewed several of the Angel moms, including Agnes Gibboney, Sabine Durden and MaryAnn Mendoza. (I admit that this isn’t just another post for me because I’ve interviewed a number of these Angel moms.)

First, here’s the video to Hannity’s show:

Hannity focused initially on the Democrats’ chanting point of calling this border battle as a “manufactured crisis.” Pay special attention to the montages of Democrat politicians and their liberal parasites in the MSM/Agenda Media. In the final segment of the townhall meeting, MaryAnn Mendoza challenged Speaker Pelosi:

I would love the opportunity to stand in front of Nancy Pelosi, mother to mother, and look her in the eye, and say ‘which child of yours or grandchild of yours would you give up to support this agenda of yours, this horrendous lie.

Then Mendoza showed what a cold-hearted bitch Pelosi is:

I called Nancy Pelosi’s office to request another meeting with her while I’m in DC and it was dead silence from her staffer. I said “This is Angel Mom MaryAnn Mendoza. I’d like to request a meeting face-to-face and mother-to-mother with Nancy Pelosi about this situation. Dead silence. The staffer said ‘no, I’ll put you through to her voice mail. You can leave her a message.”

Only a cold-hearted bitch would do that to a mother who had lost a loved one. I hope Ms. Pelosi feels MaryAnn’s wrath sometime soon.

This afternoon, I got an email from the ultra-lefty organization Unidos. As left as the Democrats are drifting, Unidos is further left. In the email, they wrote “Today, we published an op-ed in the Washington Post that urges Congress to include a solution for DACA and TPS recipients when negotiating an end to the shutdown. Right now, the legal status of millions are in jeopardy after Trump decided to end both programs.”

They then continue, saying “For the good of our community and our country, we need a bipartisan compromise that will reopen the government, but also protect DREAMers and TPS holders. While Trump and his allies may have double-downed on the shutdown this week, the strategy isn’t sustainable. Millions of Americans have already been hurt by it, and it’s possible that every American will be affected before it ends. All this to promote a fabricated border crisis and a monument to bigotry.”

Let’s get serious a moment. The Schumer Shutdown was all about Sen. Schumer rejecting a compromise of funding for the wall in exchange for protection for DACA recipients. Then there’s this:

Trump and his allies need to recognize the reality that the government needs to reopen ASAP, that a wasteful, unnecessary and unpopular wall will never happen, and that they need to begin serious negotiations with the House of Representatives. Contact your representatives (202-224-3121) and tell them it’s time to end the shutdown. As much as we need a reality check about the border, we must also not miss this moment to finally protect our DREAMers and TPS communities once and for all.

Give me a break. First, the border crisis isn’t fake. It’s altogether too real for the Singh family and the families of other angel families. Next, calling the wall “a monument to bigotry” is intellectually dishonest. If someone told that to me face-to-face, I’d berate them verbally. Finally, watch this video of President Trump’s visit to McAllen, TX, today:

President Trump is right. This is just common sense. Democrats should be ashamed of themselves. Not protecting Americans is the personification of being un-American. Period.

Yesterday, I wrote this post based on a tweet posted by MaryAnn Mendoza. The tweet was about an ICE statement about a subhuman creature named Ramon Raudel Campos Murillo. Murillo is described as “a native of Mexico, who sometimes also goes by Raudel or the alias ‘Chilango.'” Later in the ICE statement, it says “Murillo ‘is charged with transporting a minor across state lines for prostitution in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia.'”

The disgusting thing about this ICE memo is that it was first published in 2011. The next most disgusting thing is that “Campos Murillo managed the operation of an interstate prostitution ring that trafficked multiple women and a known minor across state lines to engage in commercial sex acts.”

Why didn’t the Obama administration put a higher priority on capturing this thug and shutting down this operation? Further, why didn’t the Obama administration and Democrats put a higher priority on beefing up ICE? Based on the range of activities that gangs like this and MS-13 were involved in, I can’t picture legislation funding this not flying through Congress.

Democrats don’t want to admit that there’s more to illegal immigration than adding agricultural workers. They don’t want to admit that a significant portion of ICE’s responsibilities focus on drug interdiction or human and sex trafficking.

After losing her son, Mrs. Mendoza has become a tireless activist:

Why haven’t Democrats rallied to her cause? Her son was a police officer who was killed by an illegal alien who was driving drunk. Why haven’t Democrats rallied to the sides of Sabine Durden, Agnes Gibboney and other Angel Moms and Angel families?

Here’s the dirty little secret: Democrats don’t want to talk about these things because that would force them to solve these problems. If America knew about this, they’d pressure Democrats to substantively participate in crafting legislation that’d fix this problem. That would include building Trump’s wall. That’d include eliminating foolish talk about abolishing ICE.

The blood of these Angel Moms’ kids are on the Democrats’ hands. First, the Democrats have steadfastly refused to fund building Trump’s wall because they don’t want to give him a political victory. Seriously? Whatever happened to doing what’s right? Whatever happened to just being an American first, a partisan after that? Next, Democrat activists consistently tell us that we shouldn’t disparage illegal aliens. I wholeheartedly disagree. When sex traffickers, drug cartels and human traffickers make hundreds of millions of dollars off their trades, why shouldn’t we call it what it is? It’s called speaking the truth.

Hooray for resilient people like Angel Moms. If Democrats had a heart, they’d listen to these women and turn from their wicked ways.

The more Democrats insist on abolishing ICE, the more Democrats are turning 2018 into the ‘Immigration Election’. It isn’t that people won’t care about the increasing prosperity. It’s that women will care more about the dangers represented by MS-13, the opioid crisis and the human trafficking crisis.

According to this op-ed, there’s a solution to these crises. Unfortunately for Democrats, they steadfastly reject that solution.

Brandon Judd’s op-ed opens by saying “If Democrats and the media elite truly cared about the safety of illegal immigrants, they’d be down on the border right now working to build the wall President Trump wants America to have. As a veteran Border Patrol agent, I know firsthand that a secure border with the big beautiful wall the president is building is the only humane and permanent solution to the crisis at the border.”

Democrats keep pushing the message that Republicans are tearing illegal aliens’ families apart. Republicans have started pushing the stories that angel families are getting torn apart thanks to MS-13, drug cartels and opioid overdoses. Let’s not kid ourselves. Suburban moms won’t like it that their friends’ kids are dying as a result of the Democrats’ unwillingness to build the wall.

Despite Democratic obstruction, President Trump is building the wall now, and he will play hardball with Congress to ensure that the necessary funding to complete the wall is secured. Without a completed wall, thousands of illegal immigrants will continue to put their lives at risk.

As long as people think they can cross the border illegally, they will continue to try. The journey is dangerous enough due to the natural conditions alone. Traveling hundreds or even thousands of miles on foot, often in extreme heat and without adequate water, is no easy trip for an adult – let alone for a child.

But those who try to cross our southern border illegally are subject to much worse than just the elements – they are at the mercy of brutal criminal gangs. The illegal immigrant smuggling trade is dominated by predatory “coyotes” connected to Mexico’s worst drug cartels. They care little for the lives of their human cargo. These are the sorts of people who don’t think twice before leaving illegal immigrants to die in locked trailers under the desert sun.

Democrats feel compelled to disagree with everything President Trump. It isn’t smart policywise but it’s the Democrats’ foolishness. That’s just who they are. The closer we get to the election, the more Democrats will see people shift away from their candidates.

I’m not surprised. Stupid policies make for terrible politicking. You don’t get much more stupid than abolishing ICE.

Imagine the world without the United States. Better yet, imagine the world without a superpower whose stated national goals of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” are found early in that nation’s Founding Document. Then picture the consequences of not having such a superpower. Picture the oppression that wouldn’t be called out. Then picture the despots that wouldn’t be singled out.

There’s a need for the United States. We are the example to the world of what’s possible. Unfortunately, the Democrats’ vision isn’t one of a great superpower that other nations gravitate towards. Their vision is of a nation that doesn’t believe in the rule of law, that prefers chaos over order, that picks appeasement over strength on the international stage.

The Declaration of Independence isn’t just a founding document. It’s a statement that shouts to the world what our national goals will be:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

It’s true that most people want immigration reform. That being said, it’s equally true that that people want order, not chaos. Who can look at what’s happening at the Tex-Mex Border and call that orderly?

In this post, I wrote “I triple-dog dare Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to meet with a group of angel families and explain why they won’t build President Trump’s wall. Democrats won’t do that in a million years. That’s because they’re too indebted to the special interests to do the right thing.” Here’s a panel of Angel Moms whose children were killed or murdered by illegal aliens:

What are Democrats thinking? They’re actually siding with the drug cartels, gangs like MS-13, human traffickers and sex slaves. Why isn’t the MSM reporting on this part of the immigration issue? There isn’t a justification for not covering this aspect from a financial standpoint.

Do-nothing Democrats deserve to get questioned about their immigration policies. If they aren’t willing to a) close the loopholes in our immigration laws, b) build President Trump’s wall and c) virtually eliminate the flood of illegal immigrants, then people need to throw the bums out.

The Declaration of Independence that we have the unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If Democrats aren’t willing to guarantee those rights with their immigration plan, then they need to be thrown out.