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Xavier Becerra, California’s law-breaking Attorney General, has gone on the record as saying that he’ll arrest law enforcement officers if they communicate with ICE. Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens said “SB 54 makes local law enforcement’s job more difficult and requires bureaucratic processes that could allow dangerous individuals to fall through the cracks of our justice system. My department, however, remains committed to cooperating fully with federal authorities in all areas where I have discretion to remove serious criminals from our community.”

Part of that cooperation involves publishing the release dates of inmates’ release dates. “The release date information applies to all inmates, not just illegal immigrants.”

Becerra isn’t stupid. He’s unprincipled. Becerra said that he’d arrest law enforcement officials who didn’t obey California’s SB 54, California’s ‘sanctuary state law’. In a public appearance, Becerra said “State law is state law. It’s my job to enforce state law and I will do so. We want to make sure that every jurisdiction, including Orange County, understands what state law requires of the people and the subdivisions of the state of California.”

Apparently, Becerra thinks that it isn’t proper for local law enforcement to ignore state law but that it’s proper for states to ignore federal law. In the end, the federal government will win this fight because the federal Constitution gives the federal government authority to write immigration laws and enforce those laws. It prohibits states from writing their own immigration laws. This was recently reinforced in June, 2012, when the Supreme Court ruled against SB 1070.

Sheriff Hutchens isn’t backing down:

She said that she sees this as a public safety issue, adding that she’s certain she’s on firm constitutional footing. If Becerra wants to arrest, then prosecute, Sheriff Hutchens, he’ll lose that fight. When that happens, the floodgates will open and other counties and municipalities will start ignoring California’s sanctuary state law.

At that point, Becerra, Gov. Jerry Brown and other Democrats will become laughingstocks.

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