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Looking for the solution
By Rambling Rose

No one of sound mind wants students to be put at risk. Yet few of the suggested “answers” are real answers.

People march and protest to “do something.” Some would rather be “out of class.” Younger children appear to be the pawns of their leftist teachers. Some young people think that because they protest, adults will embrace their words and “fix” the situation…and all children will be safe (except the ones that they abort as inconvenient).

This week in Maryland, there was another school shooting where the shooter had an illegally obtained handgun. In Florida a young man used a knife to stab three people, one fatally, at a sleepover. Texans died at the hands of a bomber—a rampage that started on March 2nd and may have ended today if there are no more bombs yet to be delivered and if the bomber had no accomplices.

So, what do we ban? Guns? Knives? Bombs? Cars? Drugs? Alcohol? Nicotine? All of the above? Probably not. Since we do not seem to have the answer, maybe we should see what has reduced mass shootings…in Switzerland.

Some of the following data are from an article published by USA Today less than two weeks after the Florida shooting.

Only the USA and Yemen have more guns per capita than Switzerland, a nation of 8.5 million nestled in the Alps in southern Europe. But in the last 10 years, the Swiss have registered only 120 homicides and only one mass shooting in a legislative building in 2001.

Apparently, healthcare professionals report those they suspect to be dangerous and maintain a database of those denied gun licenses. While such referrals apparently were made regarding the more recent shooters in this country, officials did not follow protocols. Either that or they embraced the slap-on-the-hand discipline policy of the former Obama administration.

President Trump singled out the MS-13 gang in his State of the Union address. Since the street gang comes from Central America, does the open border permit their infiltration by members and ideology to increase? Switzerland has banned the entrance of immigrants from eight countries. Justices in this country have issued injunctions against such practices by the Trump administration.

Citizens in this country arm themselves for protection or to commit crimes. Fewer purchase guns for hunting or sport. The reverse occurs in Switzerland. “The Swiss Shooting Sports Association has about 3,000 clubs across the country, including a youth section where children as young as 12 learn to handle and shoot a gun safely. Last year, the Defense Ministry contributed about $860,000 for training, and the government donated 10,585 army assault rifles and 930,000 rounds of ammunition to gun clubs.”

Following the shooting of a champion skier by her estranged husband in 2007, the government ordered that the ammunition for rifles issued to military personnel be kept at arsenals. Anti-gun activists felt that the rule was not inclusive enough since it did not apply to weapons owned by civilians. 56% of the voters rejected the referendum in 2011 because they believed “that Swiss gun owners didn’t need any more restrictions because the existing laws regulating the sale and licensing of private guns were stringent enough.”

Before we augment the number of laws we need, we need to enforce the ones that we have. With another march programmed for April 20th, do the protestors and/or their organizers admitted that students have broken truancy laws in order to demand more laws for others?

How about RESPECT? For the “inalienable rights of all.”

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This tweet from Sarah Jo Johnson highlights the battle between gun control advocates and gun rights advocates. The tweet says “I wish the @mnhousegop listened to students and teachers. Most don’t want guns in schools. But we’d love some school counselors.”

Personally, I’m skeptical that Ms. Johnson’s tweet represents reality. I suspect that it better represents her ideology than reality. I’m skeptical because I wrote this post, which includes information that conflicts with Ms. Johnson’s statement. According to the article I quote, “An Ohio Sheriff is offering free gun training to teachers in response to the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, that left 17 dead. Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones told FOX Business’ Liz MacDonald that the response from teachers and school administrators has been overwhelming. ‘We thought we’d get 20, 25 signed up. We had 50 within the first hour. We had 100 within two hours, we had three hundred within like five hours. We offered to teachers first, then we start getting calls from a secretary that works in the school, janitors that work in the school,’ Jones said.”

Frankly, I’m skeptical of anyone attempting to speak on behalf of an entire group of people. A group of people doesn’t automatically make them a monolith.

Later in the article, it said “The Butler County Sheriff said the limit of 300 had been reached for the class.” What’s interesting is that Ms. Johnson’s statement essentially said that they need counselors after an attack but they don’t need guns to stop the attacker. I’d love hearing her explain that position to parents.

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It’s time to figure out the things that went wrong with the Marjory Stoneman-Douglas HS shooting. Why didn’t the Broward County Sheriff’s Office detect the shooter? Why wasn’t he arrested? How big of a role did the PROMISE Program play in this tragedy? Did the Obama administration put in place the building blocks that all but insured this tragedy?

What we know

We know that the School Resource Officer stayed outside the school once the shooting started. We know that it’s his job to run towards danger when all hell breaks loose. He didn’t do that. He hid rather than protect students. Further, we know that 3 other deputies stayed outside rather than running in and saving kids’ lives.

Additionally, we know that Broward County enthusiastically implemented the PROMISE Program in 2013. PROMISE stands for “Preventing Recidivism through Opportunities, Mentoring, Interventions, Support & Education”. It provides counselling for misdemeanors like “assault, theft, vandalism, underage drinking and drug use”, which focuses on something known as restorative justice. What’s frightening about this is that these incidents don’t get reported to the police or sheriff’s department.

According to the District, “Rather than focusing on punishment, restorative justice seeks to repair the harm done.” In other words, these students are told to take touchy-feely classes rather than facing legitimate discipline. People like Nikolas Cruz don’t ‘slip through the cracks.’ They laugh their asses off at the idiots administering the PROMISE Program while they waltz through the cracks.


What we’re finding out about PROMISE is that it’s been pushed by former Attorney General Eric Holder and former Education Secretary Arne Duncan. Further, it’s known, thanks almost entirely because of Paul Sperry’s reporting, that Duncan and Holder recommended using “law enforcement measures and out-of-school suspensions as a last resort.”

This has led to anarchy at schools:

“Broward County adopted a lenient disciplinary policy similar to those adopted by many other districts under pressure from the Obama administration to reduce racial ‘disparities’ in suspensions and expulsions,” said Peter Kirsanow, a black conservative on the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights in Washington. “In many of these districts, the drive to ‘get our numbers right’ has produced disastrous results, with startling increases in both the number and severity of disciplinary offenses, including assaults and beatings of teachers and students.”

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here’s worse:

Kirsanow said that in just the first year after the Obama administration issued its anti-discipline edict, public schools failed to expel more than 30,000 students who physically attacked teachers or staff across the country. Previously, “if you hit a teach, you’re gone,” he said, but that is no longer the case.

That’s terrible but it gets worse:

For example, in St. Paul, Minn., a high school science teacher was “beaten and choked out” by a 16-year-old student, who allegedly came up behind him, called him a “f–king white cracker,” and put him in a stranglehold, before bashing his head into a concrete wall and pavement. The student, Fon’Tae O’Bannon, got 90 days of electronic home monitoring and anger management counseling for the December 2015 attack.

If it isn’t obvious that violence is increasing at these schools as a result of leniency policies, then it’s apparent that people aren’t paying attention.

Sheriff Israel

Through this disaster, Sheriff Israel has been the poster-child for stupidity and arrogance. He should’ve been suspended before the CNN lynching, aka CNN town hall. Before he took the stage that night, he knew that his deputies had failed those students. Those deputies that stayed outside should’ve been fired immediately. Instead, Sheriff Israel praised them. If I was the father of one of those students that got murdered and I’d heard Sheriff Israel praise his deputies, there’s a better than 50-50% chance I wouldn’t take that well.

Student Activists?

Those innocent students who simply want to be safe in their schools aren’t that innocent. It’s interesting that we’ve learned that major anti-gun rights organizations are picking up the tab for these anti-gun rallies in Florida and across the nation:

Since then, major players and organizations, including Everytown, Giffords, Move On, and Women’s March LA, told BuzzFeed News they are helping with logistics, strategy, and planning for next month’s March for Our Lives rally and beyond. Much of the specific resources the groups are providing to the Parkland students remains unclear, as is the full list of supporting organizations, but there are broad outlines.

Giffords, an organization started by former US Rep. Gabrielle Giffords that fights gun violence, is working with Everytown and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America to plan the main march on Washington, as well as sister rallies across the country.

These organizations are disgusting. It’s one thing to advocate for misguided policies. That’s their right. It’s another to use children to advance those ill-informed policies. That’s manipulating young people who’ve just been through a traumatic experience. That’s cold-blooded. That’s unacceptable.

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