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Let’s be honest about what the Democrats are attempting to do. Sen. Schumer’s shutdown isn’t about DACA recipients. It’s about amnesty for DACA recipients’ parents. It’s about preserving chain migration. Let’s see Democrats defend their attempt to protect future generations of lawbreakers.

Sen. Schumer and all those Democrats that voted to shut the government down, what frightens you about building the wall? What frightens you about putting a stop to families getting a free pass into the United States thanks to chain migration?

How does chain migration strengthen the economy? Why worry about whether the Mexican government will be upset if we build a wall that protects US citizens? If Mexico is upset, then tell them it’s a dangerous world and that our first responsibility is to protect our citizens, not theirs. If that offends them, tell them to put their big boy britches on. Tell them that it’s time for them to grow up.

This is chilling:

Ever since the passage of the late Senator Ted Kennedy’s immigration reform of 1965, legal immigrants have been able to petition for parents, adult brothers and sisters, and adult sons and daughters to come to the U.S. All of those groups can bring their own spouses and children. In turn, when they become citizens, they can sponsor their own relatives, and the cycle continues. Mark Krikorian of the Center for American Studies wrote: “The result is chain migration, in which yesterday’s immigrants decide who tomorrow’s immigrants will be.”

This must end ASAP. Immigration policy must be set by Congress and the executive branch, not by Mexicans who want to reunite with their families. If that sounds cold, so what? We The People have the right to determine what our country looks like.