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After Joe Biden signed the executive order stopping construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline, it didn’t take long before he went to work on shutting down the energy industry. Pennsylvania Joe has had a bullseye on the Keystone State’s blue collar economy since early in the Obama administration.

Now he’s imposing stricter penalties against the energy industry:

Hours after taking office, President Joe Biden made good on a campaign promise to cancel the Keystone XL oil pipeline. Later that day his Interior Department mandated that only top agency leaders could approve new drilling permits over the next two months. Next week, according to people familiar with the plans, Biden will go even further: suspending the sale of oil and gas leases on federal land, where the U.S. gets 10% of its supplies.

The actions sent oil producers’ stocks tumbling and raised blood pressure across the industry. “In the first couple of days of the new administration, they are taking actions that will harm the economy and cost Americans their jobs,” said Frank Macchiarola, a senior vice president of policy for the American Petroleum Institute. “We’re concerned, and everyone in the country should be concerned.”

This won’t help the US economy:

Let’s stipulate that we’d be all but officially out of the COVID recession if Nancy Pelosi hadn’t a) sabotaged the latest COVID relief package and b)negotiated in bad faith on that COVID relief package. Let’s not forget that GDP grew at 33.1% in Q3/2020. We were positioned to follow that up with double-digit growth in Q4 and 4%-6% growth in 2021. Those projections have disappeared thanks to Joe Biden’s payoffs to Democrats’ special interest allies, especially the environmental activists that rule the DNC.

Going from energy independence to reliant on Middle Eastern oil and Chinese solar panels isn’t just stupid. It’s dangerous in the longterm and hurtful in the short-term. When gas prices and heating bills spike, I’ll point back to 1//20/21 as the day that Joe Biden set this disaster in motion.

President Trump’s America First policies cared about middle class families. Joe Biden’s and Nancy Pelosi’s policies and tactics put the Democrats’ machine politics agenda first. Remember that the next time you vote.

The COVID crisis has gone on for a year+. In that time, President Trump pulled together private sector companies like CVS, Walgreens and Walmart to pop up testing for COVID. Next, he charged pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca with creating a vaccine. Then he commissioned the military, UPS and FedEx to distribute the vaccine. In between those phases, President Trump’s economic team, led by Larry Kudlow and Steve Mnuchin, pulled together multiple COVID relief packages to help families despite Nancy Pelosi’s insistence to stop those packages unless they were larded up with money for items on the Democrats’ wish lists.

The last time Pelosi dug her heels in, Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy jumped in and raised almost $30,000,000 to support struggling small businesses. Last night on Fox News Primetime, Dave Rowe told Brian Kilmeade that we should stop thinking macro and start thinking micro. For instance, Rowe said that instead of parroting JFK’s line about what can you do for your country, now’s the time to ask “what you can do for your neighbor.”

With their thoughts and actions, Rowe and Portnoy have pointed this hurting nation in the right direction. While Biden preaches unity, Portnoy and Rowe have saved people who’ve been pleading for help since mid-summer. Here’s Portnoy with Stuart Varney:

Word’s getting out. Elon Musk contributed to the Barstool Fund:

Let’s learn a lesson from this. Nancy Pelosi is the DC bottleneck where important legislation goes to die. Dave Portnoy and Dave Rowe are the private sector who do what the politicians won’t do. It’s time to pressure DC Democrats to actually listen to the people. (That isn’t likely to happen but it’s important to put pressure on them nonetheless.) Patriots like Portnoy and Rowe care about their fellow citizens. That’s why they’re standing out. Politicians like Biden, Harris, Pelosi and Schumer aren’t patriots. That’s why they haven’t gotten important things done that help their constituents.

Finally, it’s time to throw Democrats out. They aren’t patriots. They’re parasites!

Susan Page’s sloppy impeachment reporting is worthy of criticism. That’s especially true in light of the fact that John Sullivan, a known left-wing agitator, “can allegedly be heard egging on protesters in video he provided to the FBI, according to a federal criminal complaint. He has also shared the video to his YouTube and Twitter accounts under the pseudonym Jayden X.”

Page’s reporting is indisputably sloppy. Now that Sullivan “was charged Thursday in federal court in Washington after being arrested by the FBI”, it’s safe to say that Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment of President Trump is sloppier than the first impeachment of President Trump. This video lays things out pretty precisely:

That video does a far more accurate job than Ms. Page did. This paragraph from Ms. Page’s article is particularly sloppy in light of the new information:

The storming of the Capitol last week by a mob egged on by the president has brought a rapid judgment not only from the lawmakers whose lives were threatened on that violent day but also from other Americans who bore witness. The nation’s broader culture – from business leaders and bankers to coaches and golf pros and social media platforms – has delivered an unprecedented series of rebukes as well.

Now that we know that left-wing agitators infiltrated the crowd, it’s time to re-examine the theory that this was the work of an angry right-wing mob. This should dispel that myth:

Sullivan also allegedly told Foulger that he had been in the Capitol during the riot, entering through a broken window while wearing a ballistic vest. As protesters climbed over a wall near the Capitol entrance, he allegedly exclaimed in the video, “You guys are f—— savage. Let’s go!”

“There are so many people,” Sullivan’s voice can be heard saying as the camera shows a large group of people making its way toward the building. “Let’s go. This s— is ours! F– yeah. I can’t believe this is reality. We accomplished this s—,” he said at another point “We did this together. F— yeah! We are all a part of this history.”

Thank God we know that President Trump got this mob riled up. At least, that’s the media mob’s storyline. Finally, there’s this:

“There’s this narrative going around right now that Antifa was the people there causing the riots, causing the tension, they were the only people breaking into the Capitol, and I wanted to be able to tell a part of history and show that that was anything but the case,” John Sullivan, the founder of Utah-based Insurgence USA, told Fox News Thursday.

Insurgence USA describes itself as “the revolution.” It began protesting racial injustice in policing last year following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody.

In August 2020 remarks to a small crowd at a Washington, D.C., intersection, Sullivan pointed to the nearby White House and unleashed a torrent of violent rhetoric. “We … about to burn this s— down,” he said. “We gotta … rip Trump right out of that office right there,” he continued, adding, “We ain’t about … waiting until the next election.” He then led the crowd in a chant of, “It’s time for revolution.”

That confirms that this riot wasn’t President Trump’s making. This shames Nancy Pelosi’s “snap impeachment.” It’s just a replay of the Nick Sandman/Covington Catholic story where the media mob assigned blame, then were forced to retract their stories when the full video came out.

In her statement about Wednesday’s riots on Capitol Hill, Minnesota’s Democrat Sen. Tina Smith said “Today’s attacks on the U.S. Capitol and federal buildings strike at the core principle of our democracy, that the people decide who represents them. The seditionists were incited by the most destructive and anti-democratic President in our history. For too long, some political leaders, especially the President, have used their power and position to fuel distrust in our elections with no evidence and no purpose other than to advance their own personal political power. It’s despicable and runs counter to our oath of office, to protect the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic.”

In addition to lying to Minnesotans, Sen. Smith ignores the behavior of President Barack Obama, Speaker Pelosi and then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. First, Sen. Smith told the Democrats’ lie that there was no evidence of election fraud. That’s an outright lie. The courts didn’t deal with the merits of Georgia’s consent decree or the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s rewriting election law. Election laws that aren’t written by state legislatures aren’t valid. Democrats utilized such ‘laws’ to vote. Those votes shouldn’t count.

Next, when Sen. Smith said that President Trump was the most “anti-democratic President in our history”, she didn’t admit that President Obama got most of his things done with his infamous pen and phone. DACA, DAPA and virtually killing the energy industry were done via executive order or regulations put in place after the 2016 election.

Sen. Smith hasn’t admitted that President Obama’s stimulus bill essentially passed on a party line vote or any good-faith negotiating. That’s when President Obama told Eric Cantor that “We won” before shoving the bill through with Pelosi’s and Reid’s help. Obama, Pelosi and Reid weren’t interested in negotiating, just like AOC isn’t interested in negotiating now.

The Democrat Socialists’ intransigence is creating GOP frustration. When that frustration boils over, there will be hell to pay. I wouldn’t want to be a Democrat then. The Democrats’ agenda isn’t popular outside their cult. Obama, Pelosi, Reid and AOC don’t care about negotiating. AOC said so. Today’s Democrats are perfectly comfortable forcing things down people’s throats. Think back to Pelosi’s most famous statement:

Tina Smith is like Obama, Pelosi, Reid and AOC in that she’s willing to overlook the Democrats’ strong-arm tactics. Smith puts ideology above people, too.

Last fall, Eric Swalwell was busy impeaching President Trump. Before that, he was busy running for president himself. Meanwhile, he was apparently too busy to notice that a Chinese spy had infiltrated his staff.

Yesterday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy expressed his disgust with Swalwell, saying Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., was “so preoccupied with going after President Trump” that he was not “protecting the USA from bad actors.” McCarthy continued, saying “This is only the tip of the iceberg because remember what we’re hearing. These are Chinese spies that go down to the level of a mayor. [China] helps a city council member become a congressman. This congressman now gets on the intel committee. They are only selected from the intel committee by the leaders of their party meaning Nancy Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi is one of the Gang of Eight, along with myself. Did Nancy Pelosi know this had transpired when she put him on the committee?”

If Swalwell is that inept, he should have his security clearance pulled so he can’t serve on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, aka HPSCI. Further, Speaker Pelosi should be criticized for putting someone this unqualified on a committee charged with protecting our nation’s intelligence.

The Democrats’ attitude toward China is frightening and appalling. This isn’t the first time a Chinese spy has infiltrated a Democrat’s office. Check this out:

In July, 2017, Politico writer Zach Dorfman wrote an in-depth piece on Chinese intelligence gathering in the Silicon Valley area of California. The piece was focused on China’s acquisition of modern tech, but a small blurb in the middle of the piece noted that one of Senator Dianne Feinstein’s staffers reported to the Chinese Ministry of State Security, China’s foreign intelligence agency. The staffer was a spy, working for a Senator on the Select Committee on Intelligence (she was the Chair at the time) and the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee.

Apparently, Democrats aren’t doing a good job of screening their office employees. This shouldn’t be happening. In this video, Krystal Ball said that this could happen to anyone:

That’s BS. If you’re on the House or Senate Intelligence committees, you should be paranoid 24/7 about this sort of stuff. This morning, Nancy Pelosi said that Capitol Hill interns don’t need background checks:

That’s insane. It’s frightening that Democrats aren’t taking the China threat seriously. The Democrats’ accusations of xenophobia are disgusting. The Republicans’ fears of Chinese infiltration is intelligence-based, not racism. It’s thoroughly rational to make decisions based on a nation’s actions.

Nancy Pelosi just admitted that she doesn’t care about the American people. CNN’s Manu Raju asked Pelosi if it was a mistake to not accept a smaller COVID relief package months ago.

Pointing her finger, Pelosi replied “I’m going to tell you something. Don’t characterize what we did before as a mistake, as a preface to your question, if you want an answer. That was not a mistake. It was a decision, and it has taken us to a place where we can do the right thing without other, shall we say, considerations in the legislation that we don’t want.”

In other words, she intentionally didn’t negotiate a COVID relief bill in good faith in order to defeat President Trump. Pelosi needs to be called out for being the snake she is. She’s as nasty as Harry Reid was. She doesn’t care that thousands of businesses went under. Pelosi and the Democrats don’t care that people lost their life savings. Pelosi and the Democrats don’t care because they defeated the best president of my lifetime.

Pelosi’s Democrats don’t care about what’s best for the USA. If they did, Democrats would’ve passed each COVID relief bill faster. In Pelosi’s Democrats’ minds, the people whose life savings were lost is simply collateral damage. It’s a statistic to be read, not a tragedy to be mourned.

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t care because she’s utterly cold-hearted. She can just go home to her $24,000 freezer filled with $14-a-pint chocolate ice cream. She can open a beauty salon to get her hair done, then close it down when she’s done using it. When it’s over and she’s been exposed, she insists that she’s the one that’s owed an apology.

Remember these things in 2022. The people who said that they were moderates voted for impeachment without a bit of eyewitness testimony. In 2018, many of them swore that they wouldn’t vote for Pelosi as Speaker. This week, they all voted to make her Speaker again.

During this crisis, Democrats put America last. They shut down small businesses and churches. They told the peasants not to travel. The mayor of Austin, TX, even videotaped the stay-at-home message from his timeshare in Cabo. There’s tons of proof like that showing how Democrats want you put down while they travel in private jets. Throw these America haters out the next time they’re up for re-election.

Last night, Sean Hannity talked about a number of things that need changing before the 2022 midterm elections. I’ve been talking about changing election laws for months so I’d better throw in my 2 cents worth. One thing that’s important to change is the last date that early voting/mail-in/absentee ballots can be submitted. I’d love a change to end early voting but that isn’t likely with Democrats controlling enough governorships or state legislative bodies to prevent that outcome.

If the words ‘early voting’ mean anything, then the last day of early voting shouldn’t be the day before Election Day. The only reason to have it that late is to create a chaotic system. If you want an orderly system, you have to end early voting 7-10 days before Election Day. Further, you allow the counting and inspection of early voting/absentee/mail-in ballots a week before Election Day.

To ensure accountability with mail-in, early and absentee ballots, ballots and envelopes should have a barcode printed on it. Day of Election, aka DOE, ballots shouldn’t have a barcode on them. That way, we could separate DOE ballots from mail-in, early and absentee ballots.

As usual, Kim Strassel’s article highlights the problems she found:

Yet the beauty of ballot harvesting is that it is nearly impossible to prove fraud. How many harvesters offered to deliver votes, only to throw away inconvenient ones? How many voters were pushed or cajoled, or even paid—or had a ballot filled and returned for them without their knowledge? And this is before questions of what other mischief went on amid millions of mailed ballots (which went to wrong addresses or deceased people) and reduced voter verification rules. As the Heritage Foundation’s election expert Hans von Spakovsky has explained, mail-in voting is the “single worst form of election possible” because “it moves the entire election beyond the oversight of election officials.”

Election integrity legislation should be the first priority of every GOP legislator or governor in 2021. Legislators and governors should insist that accountability be their state’s highest priority. If possible, wipe away the agreements that courts reached with Democrat politicians:

Using the virus as an excuse, Democratic and liberal groups brought scores of lawsuits to force states to adopt its provisions. Many Democratic politicians and courts happily agreed. States mailed out ballots to everyone. Judges disregarded statutory deadlines for receipt of votes. They scrapped absentee-ballot witness requirements. States set up curbside voting and drop-off boxes. They signed off on ballot harvesting.

Challenging these courts’ rulings is the essential first step. Get federal courts involved as often as possible. That’s why President Trump nominated all those conservative judges and Lindsey Graham, Chuck Grassley and Mitch McConnell got them confirmed. Put them to work.

These are just the first few suggestions. They aren’t the only things that need fixing to implement election security. This project requires vigilance, activism and educating/persuading people. Let’s get this system fixed.

Saying that Nancy Pelosi’s diatribe wasn’t her finest moment is understatement. Appearing on CNN’s The Situation Room, Nancy Pelosi lost her cool when Wolf Blitzer pushed her on the latest stimulus bill. During the interview, Pelosi said “What I say to you is, I don’t know why you’re always an apologist and many of your colleagues are apologists for the Republican position.” That’s rich. Calling CNN’s hosts GOP “apologists” is rich.

Pelosi wasn’t done, though. Next, she said “Ro Khanna, that’s nice. That isn’t what we’re going to do. And nobody’s waiting until February. I want this very much now because people need help now. But it’s no use giving them a false thing just because the president wants to put a check with his name on it in the mail.” Pelosi isn’t interested in compromising. She’s interested in saying no until she gets everything.

When she wasn’t lashing out at Blitzer, she lashed out at Democrats:

Andrew Yang, he’s lovely. Ro Khanna, he’s lovely. They are not negotiating this situation. They have no idea of the particulars

Then there’s this:

“What makes me amused, if it weren’t so sad, is how you all think that you know more about the suffering of the American people than those of us who are elected by them to represent them at that table,” Pelosi said.

What’s sad is having a rich San Fransisco hardline progressive living in a gated community telling people that they’re out of touch with people’s suffering. It’s really pathetic to see this:

As pathetic as that was, this diatribe is exponentially worse:

Seeing Pelosi screaming “We feed them” is kinda frightening. She was angry. Pelosi’s facial expressions said everything, though I thought it was interesting for her to say that President Trump’s $1.8 trillion package was “nowhere close to the good.” This partial paragraph speaks volumes:

In addition to Khanna and Yang, moderate Democrats in the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus have also been vocal in recent weeks about urging leaders to reach a deal to help Americans in need because of circumstances arising from the pandemic.

The Democrats on the Problem Solvers Caucus haven’t pushed any solutions. They’ve been spineless. Problem Solvers Caucus Democrats haven’t pushed Pelosi. She’s treated them like nuisances. That’s what she does with members of her caucus when they speak out against her.

It’s painfully obvious that Pelosi isn’t interested in negotiating with anyone. She’s pushed aside Mnuchin and Meadows, then the Problem Solvers Caucus, then Wolf Blitzer.

This morning, President Trump took to Twitter to taunt Nancy Pelosi into doing the right thing for the American people. President Trump tweeted “The House and Senate should IMMEDIATELY Approve 25 Billion Dollars for Airline Payroll Support and 135 Billion Dollars for Paycheck Protection Program for Small Business. Both of these will be fully paid for with unused funds from the Cares Act. Have this money. I will sign now!”

Pelosi is now in a can’t win situation. That’s why President Trump is considered a master negotiator. When he cut off negotiations on a COVID relief package, analysts of all political stripes said that he’d handed Democrats a political victory. Obviously, President Trump had this quartet of aces up his sleeve when he ordered Secretary Mnuchin and Chief of Staff Meadows to suspend negotiations.

That announcement yesterday sent stocks tumbling, with the DJIA finishing off 375.88. With this new plan, the DJIA (Dow Jones Industrial Average) is currently up 424.79, gaining back everything from yesterday, then jumping above the 28,000 mark.

Less than 30 minutes later, President Trump tweeted this:

Meanwhile, Democrats continue insulting President Trump:

This is behavior unbecoming of the Speaker’s office:

Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), in a call with Democratic lawmakers on Tuesday, floated the question of whether the steroids President Trump is taking to treat his case of the coronavirus led to his decision to endorse parts of a coronavirus stimulus deal just hours after telling his negotiators to walk away from talks.

“Believe me, there are people … who think that steroids have an impact on your thinking. So, I don’t know,” Pelosi said on a call with Democrats after Trump’s Tuesday night tweets, according to two sources.

What’s happening is that Pelosi has found herself boxed in again. Because she’s boxed in, she’s upset. If she doesn’t pass these standalone relief bills, she’s the villain to the airline industry, to people everywhere waiting for stimulus checks and to small businesses. That’s a disaster for Democrats up for re-election. It would likely hurt Joe Biden, too. If Biden doesn’t support President Trump’s plan and doesn’t offer a plan of his own, then he’s on the hot seat, too. More immediately, this becomes the hot topic for tonight’s Vice Presidential Debate.

Collin Peterson is suffering from Tom Daschle Disease. For those too young to remember, Tom Daschle Disease is characterized when you act conservative when you’re ‘back home’ in a red state or district but vote liberal in Washington, DC. Collin Peterson insists that he still represents Minnesota’s Seventh District just like he always has. That isn’t the truth.

Peterson represents a district that President Trump won by 31 points in 2016. In her announcement that she’s running against Peterson, Michelle Fischbach highlighted as fact that Peterson voted against President Trump’s agenda 85% of the time. That isn’t representing Minnesota’s Seventh District. But that’s just the tip of Peterson’s difficulties. This information should be shared with Seventh District voters immediately:

Each Congress, Peterson votes more with Pelosi. It’s understatement to say that Pelosi’s priorities aren’t the Seventh District’s priorities. Peterson is counting on voters giving him credit for being independent-minded:

“He doesn’t back down”? Seriously? Apparently, that’s DC-Speak for ‘He does what Pelosi wants.’ Like someone who’s been in DC 30 years, Peterson has a nasty case of DC-itis, too, which is just as bad as Tom Daschle Disease. The only cure for DC-itis is defeat at the ballot box.