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The US Senate must abolish their tradition of giving blue slips to senators in a judicial nominee’s home state. It must happen ASAP, too. This article illustrates how this quaint tradition is getting abused.

According to the article, “Scott Cottington lives and has been working in Minnesota as a political consultant for several years. When I asked for his opinion, as an observer of politics and Minnesotan he told me on the phone, ‘This is partisanship pure and simple. If you look at what Franken did to Gorsuch, between Gorsuch and Stras, he’s being intellectually so dishonest and he’s doing it for partisan posturing purposes.'”

Let’s be honest. Al Franken is a political hatchet man. He isn’t a man of integrity. Back when he hosted a radio talk show, he got embroiled in a most unsavory scandal. According to the article, “A month ago Al Franken claimed ignorance of the transfers. ‘I didn’t know anything about this until late last week,’ he told Air America listeners on Aug. 8. The network’s brass echoed this: Air America CEO Danny Goldberg told the New York Sun this week that the ‘on-air talent’ has ‘never had any responsibility for this loan.’ This seemed plausible at the time, since no one expects the talent to be arranging finances, so in our Aug. 3 editorial on the subject, we gave Mr. Franken a pass. Regrettably, it appears we shouldn’t have. In light of documents that surfaced last week, it looks to be the case that as of November 2004, and possibly earlier, Mr. Franken knew the amount of money, the money’s origins and the dates the transfers occurred. This came to light after a settlement agreement between former and current owners of Air America, a document which details the Gloria Wise transfers, was leaked to Michelle Malkin and Brian Maloney, who promptly posted the document on their Web sites. The document shows that Mr. Franken signed off on the settlement, and did so in the presence of a notary public, no less.”

This is the man that’s holding up a confirmation hearing of Justice David Stras? It’s frightening enough that he’s a US senator. It’s disgusting that he essentially holds a one-man veto power over a highly qualified jurist. It’s time for the Senate to rethink some of its traditions.

What’s the value of consulting senators from a judicial nominee’s home state? What information can they provide that isn’t already known by the Judiciary Committee? Another important question is whether blue slips are being used too frequently for purely partisan purposes. In this instance, it’s clearly being used for purely partisan purposes. This video illustrates how dishonest and mean-spirited Sen. Franken is:

At one point, Sen. Franken, the man who lied about knowing about a loan he signed off on, accuses a judicial nominee of lying. At another point, he accused the judicial nominee of letting her religious faith direct her judicial rulings:

This is why Senator Al Franken, (D-MN), asked Barrett about speaking honorariums she received from the religious-liberty nonprofit Alliance Defending Freedom, comparing the group to the late Cambodian leader Pol Pot. (The group was recently smeared by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group for pursuing religious-freedom cases in court.) “I question your judgment,” the former star of Stuart Saves His Family lectured the ‘mother of seven.

It’s disgusting that a liar would question a person’s judgment. Personally, I’ve questioned Sen. Franken’s character for years. It’s been proven that he’s lied about loans he’s signed off on. He’s an admitted cokehead:

He then he says that in his book, he writes “pretty frankly” about the fact that drugs were a regular part of life on the show, at least in those early years. Franken reveals how he did acid at Grateful Dead concerts and smoked dope and snorted cocaine.

But with regard to his own drug use, including of cocaine, Franken explained that he was careful to never abuse it, unlike cast mates such as Belushi, who died in 1982 of a drug overdose.

But I digress. Asking questions about a person’s religious beliefs is prohibited by the Constitution:

Since Durbin inquired in the form of a question, we can only assume that Barrett’s answer was pertinent to the confirmation. That is problematic, considering that the Constitution explicitly states that no religion, not even a belief in orthodox liberalism, should be a prerequisite for holding a federal office.

It’s apparent that the Constitution is just a set of suggestions to DC Democrats. It’s time to drain the swamp.

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