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Anyone that wants to live in the Squad’s America is beyond stupid. Yesterday, they announced that they’d introduce the BREATHE Act. These ingrates are serious about passing this legislation. If you’re wondering what’s in the BREATHE Act, I’ll tell you.

According to the article, the BREATHE Act “would radically transform the nation’s criminal justice system by eliminating life sentences, retroactively expunging drug crimes, shutting down multiple federal agencies and permanently closing prisons and immigration detention centers, among other agenda items.” Among the federal agencies that they’re attempting to shut down are the DEA and ICE. (Perhaps you’ve heard of them?)

At the Democrats’ press availability, Ilhan Omar said that criminal justice reform isn’t enough:

“We can’t stop at criminal justice reform or policing reform,” she said during an outdoor press conference. “We are not merely fighting to tear down the systems of oppression in the criminal justice system. We are fighting to tear down systems of oppression that exist in housing, in education, in health care, in employment, [and] in the air we breathe.”

What Ilhan Omar is describing isn’t the United States that the Founding Fathers fought for. Sen. John Kennedy, (R-LA), put it best:

Growing up, I was taught that America was “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” If Biden, Pelosi and Schumer are running things, neither of those things will be true. Biden has said that he wants to transform America. Into what, Joe? This?

Let’s be emphatic about this. Until now, people haven’t talked forthrightly about Joe Biden’s mental instability. I won’t make that mistake. On his best day, Joe Biden is hard-pressed to tell the difference between a Friday in November or a Monday in July. If elected, he’d become the first president removed via the Twenty-Fifth Amendment. That wasn’t a question. That’s a prediction. Watch this, then tell me I’m wrong:

Eight seconds into this video, Biden’s eyes glaze over. He doesn’t know what he’s saying anymore. And that’s reading from a teleprompter! That’s frightening. It’s time for Republicans to stop playing nice. This isn’t a friendly debate over tax policy or education. This is a fight to make sure that the next president isn’t a puppet of the Squad.

Joe Biden used to be a failed politician. Surrounded by Bernie Sanders, the Squad and Chuck Schumer, he’d be a puppet of BLM. within 3 years, the United States wouldn’t be a constitutional republic anymore.

Midwest Joe Biden and Blue Collar Joe Biden are quickly disappearing. In his latest idiot move, Joe Biden announced that he’ll “overturn President Trump’s approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline.” While that doesn’t end Biden’s shot at winning Pennsylvania, it’s like to drive down enthusiasm for him in Rust Belt states.

Energy issues are major issues in the Rust Belt. Energy drives manufacturing and manufacturing drives Pennsylvania and Ohio. Salena Zito explains in this article the importance of the phrase Made In America:

On Tuesday, Trump held a Cabinet meeting to discuss measures to cut red tape so that companies could begin either expanding or starting businesses that will begin making more products here a reality and not just a campaign slogan. “The pandemic has shown, once again, the vital importance of economic independence and bringing supply chains back from China and other countries. I probably got elected, one of the primary reasons was that. ‘Make America Great Again,’ ‘America First’, call it whatever you want,” he said.

Nothing says ‘let’s rely on foreign oil’ like shutting down a major pipeline. That’s the equivalent of telling China, Iran and Russia that the Biden administration wants to be held hostage by those tyrant nations. Nothing says negotiating from a position of weakness like cutting manufacturing jobs in your nation.

AOC environmentalism is the pathway to capitulation to the Chinese, Russians and Iran. President Obama once said that “you can’t drill your way to cheaper gas prices.” The past 3 years, President Trump proved him wrong. During this 2012 speech in New Hampshire, President Obama said that “your bull detector is pretty sharp. You know that we can’t just drill our way to cheaper gas prices.”

Actually, my BS detector is pretty sharp and I know that what President Obama said is pure BS. Biden comes from the same socialist school that couldn’t explain the concept of supply vs. demand if his life depended on it. That’s why it isn’t surprising that VP Biden appointed 2 socialists to his climate change advisory board.

Democrats insist that Biden is a moderate. That depends on how you define moderation. If moderation is defined by comparing him to loons like Stacey Abrams, Bernie Sanders or AOC, then Biden is a moderate. If moderation is defined by whether he accepts time-tested capitalist principles that’ve created wealth, then VP Biden isn’t a moderate.

I’d argue that Biden hid his immoderation by trafficking in gaffes and plagiarism. Finally, I’d argue that President Trump has done more to improve the lives of the African-American community than Biden. Biden created the mass incarceration mess with the 1994 crime bill. President Trump fixed that mess when he signed the First Step Act into law. Biden criticizes capitalism for income inequality. The Trump economy had closed the gap on income inequality, often through cheaper energy prices.

Frankly, if President Trump opens both barrels on accomplishments against Biden, the American people will have an easy decision. That doesn’t mean it won’t be a tight race. It just means the decision will be easy for independents.

Perhaps, Joe Biden shouldn’t think that he’s got the Democrats’ base solidified. After reading this article, it’s clear that his base is split and likely unenthusiastic. By comparison, President Trump’s base is fired up and waiting instructions. Check this out:

Noting the eye-popping voter turnout, Graham credited Democrats for getting more votes than they did in the last cycle. However, Republican voters left no chance for defeat, with a turnout “more akin to, not quite a presidential year, but approaching gubernatorial their rivals at polls,” according to Graham. More than 17,000 votes were cast in the election in which all four council members were vying to protect their seats.

That’s in Virginia. If Biden loses Virginia but flips Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan, Trump still wins. That’s a heads-I-win-tails-you-lose situation.

Mrs. Whitsett praised the president at the White House after she recovered from COVID-19 after taking hydroxychloroquine, a decades-old treatment for malaria and lupus that Mr. Trump has touted as a prophylactic or treatment for coronavirus.

Last week, Michigan Democrats censured her:

As a result of her White House appearance, a Michigan Democratic organization censured her. Last week, Mrs. Whitsett filed a federal lawsuit against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and several other Democrats, claiming violations of free speech and defamation.

Mrs. Whitsett’s praise for President Trump represents the Democrats’ worst nightmare. She’s African-American, urban and willing to challenge her party elders in a swing state. If that doesn’t represent the Democrats’ nightmare trifecta, what does? If the Democrats want a future, they need someone this articulate, this sensible:

Unfortunately, Rep. Whitsett isn’t considered leftist enough. She’d likely be called Republican lite or something similar to that.

In Pennsylvania, county Democratic leaders rose up to castigate the party’s highest-ranking politician, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California. They also slammed Rep. Adam Schiff, the California Democrat who led the impeachment effort against Mr. Trump. It is part of a “Democrats for Trump movement,” according to a Washington Post report, that is causing headaches for the party’s county and state leaders in the Keystone State.

I’ve been operating from the position that this election won’t be about right vs. left as much as it’ll be adults vs. children. Joe Biden has changed his positions more times than a chameleon changes colors. Why would blue collar Pennsylvania Democrats stick with Biden are he names AOC and Bernie Sanders to co-chair his climate change advisory panel? That’s like waving a red flag in front of a bull.

Justin Haskins’ article highlights Biden’s difficulties:

It’s a strategy that has been adopted by virtually every U.S. presidential candidate in modern history: During the primaries, candidates appeal to their base, but after capturing a party’s nomination, campaigns move to the political center to win over undecided voters.

But in this unconventional cycle, Joe Biden is being forced to throw conventional campaigning to the wind. Instead of positioning himself as a centrist, Biden is choosing to move further to the left than ever before to satisfy the demands of Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and his radical base of dissatisfied progressives and “Bernie bro” socialists who hate the Democratic Party establishment almost as much as they do free-market capitalism.

Biden is frightened by the prospect of a Bernie Bro rebellion. This means that the Obama coalition is dead. I can’t imagine socialism appealing to affluent suburban voters.

Further, it’s impossible for me to think that the Green New Deal will appeal to Blue Collar America. That’s like a pale of cold water on a hot fire. While it might not put the fire out, it’ll stop it from burning hot. This isn’t the way to unite Democrats. It’s a way to split it in two for a generation.

That’s a Democrat dilemma.

Joe Biden has a Pennsylvania problem and it isn’t going away. Blue Collar Joe disappeared when he promised to stop fracking. He can’t run from that because he’s threatened that multiple times.

He’s trying his best to thread the needle. Biden wants to win over Bernie voters, many of whom are environmental activists, while he holds onto his Blue Collar Joe image. Joe’s problem is that he’s lost that Blue Collar Joe image because he’s been an enthusiastic partner with President Obama in shutting down the fossil fuel industry. Once you’ve gone over to the dark side, there’s really no returning. People might forgive but they won’t forget.

They won’t forget because this isn’t just a job to them. This is their family, their community, their lives.

Jeff Nobers, executive director of the Builders Guild of Western Pennsylvania, estimates there are 30,000 people in the region directly employed by the shale industry “and at least 75,000 more jobs downstream. There is no other way to say this other than this industry is [a] major economic driver in our state.”

Nobers said the Builders Guild covers the 33 counties of western Pennsylvania. “Between the trade unions and the contractors, you’re in the neighborhood of 60,000 people that are either members of unions or they work for contractors or in their offices and so forth,” he said of his organization.

That’s before factoring in these men and women’s families and relatives. I’ve said this before but it’s worth repeating. If Democrats don’t flip all of these ‘blue firewall’ states back to blue, there’s no path to victory. Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan represent 46 electoral votes. In 2016, President Trump won with 306 electoral votes. That means that he’d get re-elected by simply picking off Wisconsin again. Trump is currently leading there.

He also does not understand why Biden would want to possibly alienate voters of all stripes. “Not just the Democratic Party but the Republican Party and independents,” said Nobers.
Nobers adds these are not just blue-collar jobs, “These are chemists, geologists, people in computer science and technology, as well as electrical, environmental, and chemical engineers, accountants, human resources, and so forth.”
“You also have the security guy at the front desk. It’s not just the people that work right out there in the field. It’s tens of thousands of people in the industry, quite frankly. From the fella working on the pipeline all the way up to the CEO,” he said.

During the Democrats’ Sunday night presidential debate, Bernie Sanders twisted Joe Biden into killing Biden’s presidential hopes. Sanders started by saying “I’m talking about stopping fracking as soon as we possibly can and telling the fossil fuel industry they’re going to stop destroying the planet. Your heart is in the right place but it doesn’t take on the fossil fuel industry.”

Sleepy Joe couldn’t let that stand so he replied “No new fracking and, BTW, on the Recovery Act, I was able to make sure we invested $90,000,000,000 in making sure we brought down the price of solar and wind that is lower the price of coal.” That drew this response from the Twitterverse:

If anyone knows the politics of Appalachia better than Salena Zito, I wouldn’t know who it’d be. I don’t think that person exists. Reading through Ms. Zito’s articles quickly informs people that she travels extensively through what I’d nickname Blue Collar America. She doesn’t just know the area. It’s apparent that it’s part of who she is.

The article continues, saying “Biden’s official climate plan posted on his website does not commit to a fracking ban and allows for the potential of using fossil fuels in the near term while pledging that the United States will reach net-zero emissions by 2050.” I wonder how Sleepy Joe gets around that one.

The truth is that Joe is just a typical sleepy-headed dishonest politician. It’s quite possible that he’ll tell the next gathering of miners that he’d be their best friend in DC, not knowing that video of tonight’s debate exists. In 2004, this two-faced act became nicknamed “Tom Daschle Disease.” Sen. Daschle was the Democrats’ leader in the Senate at the time. In 2005, Sen. Daschle was a year into involuntary retirement.

President Trump based his campaign on connecting with these communities. That’s why he’s nicknamed the “Blue Collar Billionaire.”

At the start of this video, a young lady questioned Bernie Sanders about Joe Biden’s mental health:

Bernie responded by saying “I’m not going to go at that level and attacking…Joe and I have…Look, that’s something for people to decide. All I can say is that Joe and I have very significant political differences and I’m not going to be making any personal attacks on Joe. That’s not what I do.” At that point, the audience applauded spontaneously.

What a total wimp Bernie is. Joe Biden is having major cognitive disturbances. Everyone has noticed them. There’s even a video out by Bill Whittle that says “I’m Joe Biden and I forgot this message.” The video lasts 20+ minutes:

If Sen. Sanders won’t highlight Biden’s mental acuity issues, then he’s a wimp who is selectively tough guy. Back when I was getting started as an activist, we used to talk about a presidential candidate passing the Commander-in-Chief Test. Joe Biden can’t pass anything except the slobbering-old-grandpa-in=the-nursing-home test at this point.

These aren’t gaffes. They’re happening daily. Here’s another incident:

If Bernie wants to be president, he can’t be this wimpy. If he won’t take people on about the big things, then he isn’t a legitimate presidential candidate. Imagine that spineless idiot negotiating with Iran, Russia, China or North Korea. That’s a frightening thought.

Saying that Joe Biden’s Super Tuesday exceeded expectations is understatement. As I write this, Biden has won Alabama, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. Bernie has won California, Colorado, Utah and Vermont. At this point, Maine remains too close to call.

At this point, Biden leads Bernie in delegates by 88 delegates. To be precise, Biden leads Bernie in delegates by a 390-312 margin. Thus far tonight, Biden had won 341 delegates to Bernie’s 257.

In other Super Tuesday news, the AP is reporting that “Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg will reassess on Wednesday whether he should stay in the race after getting disappointing results in Super Tuesday primaries despite spending more than a half billion dollars on his campaign. A person close to the Bloomberg campaign confirmed the deliberations. The person wasn’t authorized to discuss the matter by name and requested anonymity.”

Elizabeth Warren had a disappointing night, too:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren was poised to place third in Massachusetts’ Democratic primary, a blow to the liberal lawmaker’s presidential candidacy in a state that sent her to the U.S. Senate twice. The Associated Press declared Joe Biden the winner Tuesday evening, with Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont trailing in second place with about 62% of the vote reported.

She’s essentially crippled. Finishing second in your home state is bad enough. Finishing third is terrible. This race isn’t over yet, though. Joe Biden still has some glaring weaknesses, which this video does a nice job of highlighting:

The expectation is that Bloomberg and Warren will drop out before the next set of primaries. Also worth noting: Biden supposedly only spent $11,000 in winning Massachusetts. He pulled a Hillary in Minnesota (0 visits) and still won. Apparently, the Democrat Establishment had more to do with Biden winning than Biden had to do with his winning. MSNBC reported on-air that Obama got the word out that Joe was the Establishment’s candidate. Since he allegedly put the word out, Klobuchar and Buttigieg dropped out and the Establishment fell into line. This wasn’t just a win for the Establishment. This represents the best shot at saving Pelosi’s gavel. Jonathan Karl kinda lets the secret out with this tweet:

Joe Biden is still a deeply flawed candidate. No amount of endorsements will hide his flaws. Does anyone seriously think that a guy who hasn’t won a single primary in 3 presidential campaigns finally wins a primary, then wins 9 primaries a week later without visiting some of the states and while spending $11,000 in another state? Anyone that thinks that isn’t mentally fit for office.

Is Joe Biden poised to surprise Bernie Sanders in a couple of big Super Tuesday states? Based on RealClearPolitics aggregation of polling in Texas and North Carolina, the answer is yes. I’m not predicting the outcome of those states’ primaries but I’m seeing some late changes in the polling. Let’s start with the Texas polling:

If Biden can pull off the upset in Texas, something that’s still very much in doubt, that changes everything delegate-wise. Even if Biden and Bloomberg don’t win but have strong showings, those are delegates that Bernie very much wants and needs. Then there’s North Carolina:

Notice the margin in the final polling. It looks like an outlier but I’m not certain of that. Remember Biden’s wide margin of victory in South Carolina. Biden doubled up Bernie’s support so I’m totally willing to accept this as legitimate. If it’s a wipeout in North Carolina and if Biden and Bloomberg grab a bunch of delegates in Texas, that mitigates a large portion of the California damage from Bernie.

Yesterday, Bernie Sanders reported that he’d “raised $46.5 million, which I wrote about here.” That’s quite a haul. That being said, the Trump/RNC digital fundraising for February was pretty extraordinary, too:

The fundraising numbers for February are in, and the RNC and Trump campaign saw their largest digital fundraising hauls since 2016. According to the Daily Caller: Trump’s reelection campaign and the Republican National Committee raised upwards of $86 million in February, making it the largest digital fundraising monthly haul since 2016.

Additionally, the joint Trump/RNC account has $195,000,000 Cash-on-Hand. Then there’s this:

Republicans raised more than $3 million per day for the entire month. The campaign has raised more than $600 million since the start of 2019 and currently has more than $225 million cash on hand. According to Monday’s announcement, the campaign has gathered more than 4 million voter contacts this cycle in conjunction with the RNC and authorized joint fundraising committees.

The thing that I look at most closely is the number of voter contacts. I’m also paying attention to the size of the Trump rallies. According to Brad Parscale, Trump’s campaign manager, 96.6% of the people who attend a Trump rally wind up voting for him. Additionally, Parscale said that if a person who attends a Trump rally and who makes a contribution, the chances of that voter returning and voting for Trump jumps to 98.4%.

Finally, Republicans are holding voter registration drives at these events. They break things down into categories. For instance, they track what percentage of new voter registrations are from people who haven’t voted recently. I don’t have the number of people who fit that category but it’s a significant percentage of the new registrations.

Still, with so much riding on this election, Republicans must work hard through election day. Bernie’s voters are supermotivated and we can’t afford to get complacent.

Amy Klobuchar had a no-good, downright terrible weekend this past weekend. Saturday night, she finished ahead of only Tulsi Gabbard in South Carolina’s First-in-the-South Primary. In that primary, she got only 3% of the vote, well behind Joe Biden’s 48%:

After that disappointing finish, she returned to Minnesota with the hopes of rallying her supporters. Instead, #BlackLivesMatters protesters took over the stage right before the event and never relinquished control. After negotiations broke off, the event was cancelled:

Family members of Myon Burrell, a Minnesota teenager who was sentenced to life in prison under then-County Attorney Klobuchar for murder, along with protesters affiliated with the Racial Justice Network, Minneapolis NAACP and others took the stage in Burrell’s honor chanting “Free Myon” and “Black Lives Matter.” CNN has reached out to Nekima Levy Armstrong, a civil rights attorney who was one of the organizers of the protest, for comment. A recently published Associated Press investigation into Burrell’s case labeled his conviction “flawed,” causing some of the same groups present to call for Klobuchar to suspend her campaign.

The image on Sunday was striking. At one point, Klobuchar supporters holding “Amy for America” signs stood on chairs directly across from stage shouting “Amy, Amy,” to shout down the protesters while they responded with “Black Lives Matter” chants. After a brief pause, a majority of crowd joined in the effort to drown out protesters that worked for a brief amount of time, but eventually, the cancellation was announced.

“Ladies and gentleman, thank you very much for coming tonight and for your patience,” the announcer said. “We’re sorry to say that tonight’s event has been canceled. We are sorry for any inconvenience. Please remember to vote on Tuesday.”

#BlackLivesMatter-Minneapolis isn’t alone in calling for Sen. Klobuchar to suspend her campaign. Earlier in the weekend, Sen. Klobuchar tried putting the best spin possible after her disappointing finish:

On Saturday, Klobuchar finished a distant sixth in the South Carolina Democratic Primary, winning a pathetic three percent of the vote. The Minnesota senator only managed to beat Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), who seemingly fell off the face of the earth after failing to qualify for the last five Democratic debates. But as Klobuchar sees it, she’s still in “the top five vote-getters in the early four primaries and caucuses.” The senator made her delusions known during an interview with a local NBC News affiliate in Memphis, Tennessee on Sunday.

It isn’t likely that Sen. Klobuchar will win many delegates in Super Tuesday voting. It should be noted, though, that she’s leading in home state Minnesota. That lead might not last, though, because Sen. Sanders is flying into Minnesota for a Monday night rally. If Sen. Klobuchar doesn’t do well, the campaign will have a difficult decision to make.