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With Super Tuesday literally just days away, the question that all of the pundits are asking is whether Joe Biden will get a bounce from his victory Saturday night. A quick scan of the RCP average of polls for Super Tuesday primaries shows Bernie Sanders with leads in most of the states, including delegate-rich Texas and California. Sen. Sanders also leads in Virginia and Massachusetts. The RCP average shows Sen. Sanders running away with Colorado and Utah.

If things go well for Sanders on Tuesday night, he’ll be in a dominant position to win the Democrats’ presidential nomination. That’s what I’m expecting. Further, I’m expecting Biden to do just well enough to continue but not well enough to contend. I expect Klobuchar, Warren and Buttigieg to drop out of the race, with Klobuchar having the best shot at doing well enough to stay in the race.

California will send a harsh signal to the Democrats. Here’s why:

There’s an outside possibility that Sanders will be the only candidate who will win California delegates. If that’s what happens, Sanders will be virtually unstoppable. Sanders also leads in Texas:

This doesn’t sound like the type of performance Biden and the Democrats’ Establishment needs. If things go according to the RCP average in each of these states, Bernie will be the prohibitive favorite to be the Democrats’ nominee. After that, expect to hear about lots of article with ideas on how to steal the nomination from Bernie.

While Joe Biden will win South Carolina’s First-in-the-South Primary, things look bleak for him after that. Things look worse for Mini-Mike and Elizabeth Warren. That’s because Berniementum is gaining strength. Bernie leads by a wide margin in California, leads comfortably in Texas and leads narrowly in Elizabeth Warren’s home state of Massachusetts.

The key word in that paragraph is leads. If Bernie gets three-fourths of California’s 415 delegates, he’ll become the odds-on-favorite to win the nomination. If he wins with a solid margin in Texas, that strengthens his position. Defeating Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar in their home states, which seems likely at this point, would virtually eliminate their path to the nomination. Think of it like Hillary after the networks called Wisconsin for President Trump. At that point, pundits started talking about Hillary’s path to victory after spending most of the night wondering what Trump’s path to victory would look like. Check out this polling from RCP’s page:

After Bernie wraps up the nomination, expect President Trump to hit him with a barrage of ads from which Bernie will never recover from. Make no mistake about this. Bernie is a dead man walking. Check this out:

The Nevada Caucus has come and gone, but the debate leading to it had some rather worrisome tidbits if you’re a worker in the Rust Belt. The Democrats just hate you. That’s all we can gather from their agenda, especially Sen. Bernie Sanders.

If he isn’t bellowing about health care, it’s climate change. We’re less than a decade away from all of us dying from global warming, according to the Vermont senator. So, that means we have to act now. Not tomorrow, not after breakfast—now! We’re all going to die…unless we do exactly what the Democrats want on this issue, which is typical. And in doing so, Sanders, like his former rival Hillary Clinton, may have had his own coal miner moment. You might remember from 2016 that the former first lady and two-time presidential loser promised to put a lot of coal miners out of business if elected president.

Bernie must win back Hillary’s ‘blue firewall’ states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan while holding onto the states that Hillary won. Winning back Pennsylvania and Michigan while losing Wisconsin puts Trump right at 270 electoral votes. Killing fracking and mining kills those states’ economies, which means Bernie loses those states and his shot at the White House.

There’s no question whether President Trump will hit Bernie on this issue. In 2016, he told those voters that he considered them the forgotten men but that he’d promise to never forget them while he was president. President Trump has kept that promise.

People wonder what happens if the Coronavirus will hurt President Trump. It might if they don’t handle things properly. If the NIH and CDC respond quickly and the various agencies handle things properly, then people will realize that this was just something that was beyond President Trump’s ability to control. If President Trump and VP Pence make the right decisions administratively, they’ll benefit from those right decisions.

It isn’t like people will suddenly say ‘I’m abandoning President Trump’s policies. He’s just too prosperous.’

This article is built on the myth that there’s such a thing as a moderate Democrat. That critter hasn’t existed since President Obama’s inauguration. In 2007, Margaret Anderson-Kelliher, then the Speaker of the Minnesota House of Representatives, insisted that the DFL majority was a fiscally moderate caucus. Less than 2 months later, DFL Rep. Cy Thao told GOP Rep. Steve Gottwalt at a committee hearing that “When you guys win, you get to keep your money. When we win, we take your money.

That same year, when asked about all the tax hikes hidden in his transportation bill, DFL State Sen. Steve Murphy saidI’m not trying to fool anybody. There’s a lot of taxes in this bill.” The DFL of 2007 isn’t as nutty as today’s DFL.

Democrat superdelegates are planning how to steal the Democrats’ presidential nomination from Bernie Sanders. They aren’t hiding their plans. They’re simply telling reporters what they’re planning and why they’re motivated to steal the nomination from Sen. Sanders:

From California to the Carolinas, and North Dakota to Ohio, the party leaders say they worry that Mr. Sanders, a democratic socialist with passionate but limited support so far, will lose to President Trump, and drag down moderate House and Senate candidates in swing states with his left-wing agenda of “Medicare for all” and free four-year public college.

Earlier this week, Newt Gingrich announced that he’s writing a book about House Democrats that he calls “the radical 200.” Newt then said that “the entire Democratic Party is marching off a left-wing cliff. There’s a bill, for example, that would raise the FICA Tax, your Social Security tax, by 19% and they had 206 Democrats signed onto it.”

Social Security is the third rail of American politics. Anyone that thinks that these Democrats aren’t in huge trouble is kidding themselves. That’s political suicide. Ed Morrissey puts it quite succinctly in this post:

The superdelegates and other party officials are warning Pelosi and Schumer that vacillation will cost them their party, one way or the other. It’s not just the megadonors who see Sanders as a disaster on a grand enough scale that they’re willing to risk utter ruination to stop it. If the party leaders won’t lead, these same establishment figures will start looking for replacements who can.

When people claim that Sanders’ rise is not really that big of a deal and that he’s not as extreme as he’s being painted, they should read this NYT report carefully. Democrats aren’t making these kinds of plans over someone who’s just a skosh off their center. They know Sanders better than most, and they’re outright scared of putting him within voting range of the White House, enough to burn the party to the ground to stop it. That tells us all we need to know about Sanders.

Bill Clinton’s Democrat Party doesn’t exist anymore. Barack Obama’s Democratic Party exists by its fingertips. By the time the electors assemble in the state capitols, that Democratic Party will be almost as extinct as the Dodo Bird. The so-called moderates sound moderate until they get their election certificates. That’s when they turn into AOC supporters.

Democrats would be wise in the long-term if they jettisoned Bernie, AOC, et al. They wouldn’t have to sound totally nutty on the environment. Democrats wouldn’t have to treat farmers and other blue collar workers like dirt like AOC treats them like dirt. Best of all, Democrats wouldn’t have to live in fear of getting primaried.

Last night, the Democrats’ presidential candidates essentially engaged in a 2-hour-long food fight. Pete Buttigieg, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders seemed to enjoy the festivities the most. At the end, the most common reaction to the food fight across America was ‘Thank God that’s over.’ Democrats did their best to not look competent, composed or somewhat sane.

Now that the shouting match is over, it’s time to get serious about what’s important to the people these buffoons want to serve. At the moment, the top issue is limiting the spread of the Coronavirus. Anyone watching last night’s food fight must admit that nobody on that stage is prepared to lead this nation through a medical crisis.

Think of the Democrats’ presidential candidates. The frontrunner is a Marxist who praised Cuba for starting a literacy program, then started slaughtering their own people. The previous frontrunner supposedly had a good night despite the fact that he said that half the nation’s population had been killed through gun violence in the past 15 years but didn’t notice what he’d said. Pete Buttigieg, who thinks highly of himself despite this fact:

Pete Buttigieg barged in on a protest led by McDonald’s workers in Charleston, South Carolina Monday. While some of the protesters appeared to be supporters, others were not at all pleased to see him, especially when he took the microphone and began to speak.

The protest was in support of workers’ unions and a $15.00 minimum wage. He joined in with the marchers on the front line and helped hold a banner that read “Racial Justice = Economic Justice.” The crowd was mostly African-American. A group of Black Voters Matter protesters began to chant, “Pete can’t be our President, where was $15 in South Bend? when he began his remarks and continued until he cut it short after about a minute or two.

Why would anyone have confidence in these buffoons to properly handle a situation like this? There was a time when the first test for a presidential candidate was passing what I’ve called the commander-in-chief test.

While I don’t think it’s time for panic, I think it’s time to trust in a presidential administration that’s done a pretty good job of handling hurricanes and other crises. I wouldn’t trust the buffoons on last night’s debate stage:

What a bunch of wimps these Democrats are. I watched the Democrats’ last presidential debate before the South Carolina First-in-the-South Primary. After Bernie’s convincing victory in Saturday’s Nevada Caucuses, everyone knew that Bernie would be Tuesday night’s piñata.

As is often the case when expectations run high, this ‘Shoot-out at the OK Corral’ didn’t live up to expectations. It didn’t come close. It wasn’t for lack of trying. It was because none of the people could drop a welterweight. Half the field came in needing to land a KO of Sanders to re-establish momentum. These Democrats didn’t connect, at least not with a hard enough punch to stop Sen. Sanders from plowing through the competition for the Democrats’ nomination.

The Democrats’ debate started off strong enough. Everyone came after Bernie — for the first 10-12 minutes. After that, it was like an out-of-shape boxer who didn’t knock out his opponent by the fourth round. After that, Bernie could essentially cruise. It isn’t that Bernie performed that well. It’s that he survived. Before surviving the night, though, this happened:

There were times that the Democrats’ debate was simply unwatchable. Period. The shouting made it difficult. Listening to a bunch of competing angry voices brag about who could propose the dumbest policies made it impossible to watch.

Other than the shouting, what stood out the most were the attempts to out-progressive each other. This isn’t a progressive nation, as Sen. Warren insisted. It’s a center-right nation, especially right now. The other thing that couldn’t be mistaken was that none of these wimps stand a fighting chance of standing up to President Trump. Trump’s charisma and personality is overwhelming. By comparison, Mini Mike’s personality is as underwhelming as his net worth is overwhelming.

Pete Buttigieg lacks in personality but in a different way. He just isn’t likable. He’s elitist too much of the time and he’s impolite. For most of the night, he tried bullying his way into the conversations. It wasn’t a good look.

The biggest losers last night were the CBS moderators. They lost control virtually immediately. They didn’t regain control until after the final question. They should watch the Fox News moderators for the GOP debates in 2016. That’s how to moderate a debate, maintain control while asking substantive questions.

This was the first time for these moderators so I won’t be too harsh. I’ll just say that there’s room to grow.

Last week, Bernie didn’t have an answer for how he’d pay for his socialist programs. According to this article, he’s fixed that. First, let’s list his highest priority programs as being “Medicare for All, the Green New Deal … and Housing for All.”

According to Sen. Sanders’ factsheet, “Sanders said he planned to raise $16.3 trillion for the Green New Deal to combat climate change. The money would come from making the fossil fuel industry pay for ‘their pollution,’ garnering profit from the wholesale of energy, decreasing defense spending, getting new income tax revenue and saving federal and state safety net spending from the jobs created in the plan and enforcing higher taxes on large corporations.”

That’s fantastic. Bernie wants to give us tons of ‘free stuff’ by taxing us into oblivion. What could possibly be wrong with that? Let’s see. “Making the fossil fuel industry pay for ‘their pollution'” means giving Vladimir Putin a geopolitical advantage by killing our economy.

Next, what “jobs created in the plan”? The jobs already getting created by President Trump’s policies? Or are these jobs as imaginary as the jobs created by President Obama’s stimulus bill, which I wrote about here?

Apparently, Bernie thinks that eliminating profits won’t cut into people’s willingness to work hard. Why would I work hard if I didn’t get to keep the profit? A world without incentives is a world without productivity.

I can’t wait to see President Trump slice-and-dice Bernie’s Alice-in-Wonderland economic policies. These won’t work, at least not in the real world. LFR readers, ask your neighbors, friends and co-workers if they want our nation to be less safe. Ask these people if they’d like to pay exorbitantly more for gas in their car or for heating their homes. Then ask them if they’d prefer keeping the economy they’ve got.

I’m betting that they’ll pick the latter, not the former.

Shelby Pierson, the woman who allegedly briefed members of the House Intel Committee, aka the House Committee for Leaking Classified Information, shouldn’t have briefed the Committee last week. That’s the gospel according to Bryan Dean Wright, a self-identified Democrat. Wright also was a former CIA officer. Pierson was allegedly the briefer who told Committee members that Russia was attempting to interfere with the 2020 presidential election and that Russia wanted President Trump to win.

This weekend, Fake News CNN reported “The US intelligence community’s top election security official appears to have overstated the intelligence community’s formal assessment of Russian interference in the 2020 election, omitting important nuance during a briefing with lawmakers earlier this month, three national security officials told CNN. The official, Shelby Pierson, told lawmakers on the House Intelligence Committee that Russia is interfering in the 2020 election with the goal of helping President Donald Trump get reelected.”

According to Laura Ingraham, Pierson “has a reputation of being injudicious with her words.” Wright said that “Well, when the Intelligence Community sends a briefer to Capitol Hill, they aren’t sending us their best.” Later, Wright said “She was a career satellite imagery specialist. Why, then, did DNI Coats select her for this role in the depths of political analysis, the nuance necessary for that?”

John Ratcliffe, one of the smartest members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, nailed it when he told Maria Bartiromo “Look, I’m not trying to be hyperbolic here, but I don’t know anyone in the last three years who has done more to help Vladimir Putin and Russia with their efforts to sow the seeds of discord in American elections and American election security than Adam Schiff has.”

Frankly, that’s being too nice to Schiff. It isn’t that Schiff hasn’t helped Putin a lot. It’s that, in addition to that, Schiff couldn’t identify exculpatory evidence that exonerates a Republican if Schiff’s life depended on it. When I wrote this post, I quoted Rep. Ratcliffe as saying “the narrative often from Democrats and the media is that Republicans don’t think the Russians have meddled in our election. They did. They meddled in 2016, they are going to meddle in 2020. That’s not the issue. The issue is why Russia is being so successful in shaking American confidence in the integrity of our elections. And the reason is, it’s because Democrats keep perpetuating and accentuating and proliferating Russian propaganda for their political gain and for their political motivation against Donald Trump.”

It’s time for Democrats to put the US first instead of putting themselves first. Democrats used to be patriots. Democrats aren’t patriots anymore. They’re really anarchists.

That reality, not the briefing, is the bombshell.

According to this article, enthusiasm is running high for what might be called the United Socialist States of America, aka USSA. That’s wishful thinking on the socialist activists’ part, in my opinion. Still, it’s worth noting that these activists’ enthusiasm is legitimate. It’s just that they’re overestimating their ability to persuade people into accepting their agenda.

Clearly, Bernie and AOC are the spiritual leaders of this movement. That doesn’t mean that they’ll soon dominate the entire political landscape. Their theories don’t play in real life. Socialism isn’t built on the notion of persuading people. It’s built on the notion of forcing people into doing things they don’t want to do.

For instance, Medicare-for-All is built on the premise that Bernie knows what’s best for all of us and that we should just listen to him because that’s what Bernie’s ideology dictates. It’s the opposite of capitalism. When the first iPhone hit the shelves, people wanted it so badly that they virtually flew off the shelves. Nobody forced customers to buy iPhones. People wanted them and bought them at unprecedented rates.

To stop this race-to-the-bottom cycle undercutting workers’ power and lay the groundwork for revolutionary change, we must erode the power of the capitalist class. We can accomplish that by, for example, imposing capital controls—measures that stop the free movement of capital in response to changing social and economic conditions. But to pass economic reforms as significant as these, we can’t just agitate in the streets, as important as that is. We have to be in power.

There you have it. The façade has been ripped off, the agenda exposed. This isn’t a debate over which ideas are best. In these socialist activists’ minds, that fight has been fought and the socialists won. Therefore, Democrats aren’t interested in debating. That’s why organizations like Antifa and Black Lives Matter were created.

They were created to intimidate, not persuade. With goal being to gain, then maintain, political power, the need to break down civil society is imperative. This is about ruling, not governing. If Republicans don’t figure that out ASAP, the socialists’ inroads will be too deep.

Fortunately, President Trump figured this out long ago. That’s why he told us in his 2019 State of the Union Address that the United States will never be a socialist nation:

Pundits are telling us that Bernie 2020 isn’t that much different than Trump 2016. I wholeheartedly disagree. The policies Bernie is espousing in 2020 are getting adopted by more and more Democrats but they still aren’t majority positions. The policies that President Trump espoused were majority positions, especially with Republicans but also with independents.

Voters will reject Bernie’s socialist policies. Thanks to Democrats challenging Biden, then Warren, then Bloomberg, Bernie’s policies haven’t gotten challenged. That’ll change the minute it’s a one-on-one fight with President Trump. President Trump won’t pull his punches like Warren, Klobuchar, Buttigieg, Bloomberg and Biden have pulled their punches.

By the time President Trump’s haymakers start landing, Bernie won’t know how to hand them. By the time Bernie figures it out, it’ll be over except counting the votes. Fortunately, Democrats won’t be in charge of that.

Everyone’s heard the cliché that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” When it comes to presidential campaigns, the cliché changes. The videos contained in this post signal the end of Sen. Klobuchar’s presidential campaign.

First, the video in this article says everything. In a medium-sized auditorium, Sen. Klobuchar attracted a ‘crowd’ that’s measured in the dozens. At the rally in Fargo, Sen. Klobuchar said “This is a campaign that believes in underdogs. A lot of people didn’t predict that I would make it through that snowstorm. Then they said she’s not going to make it through the summer. Then they said she won’t make it through the debate stage. It is one thing after another.”

This is essentially the speech she gave last night after getting trounced in Nevada. All that’s missing is Sen. Klobuchar’s claim that she’d exceeded expectations in Nevada. How you finish 40+ points behind the winner while exceeding expectations is a little confusing but that’s her line.

Another step on Sen. Klobuchar’s schedule was in Arkansas, where she ‘rallied’ with defeated U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln:

The ‘crowd’ in Arkansas was better, perhaps reaching 200 people. Still, the writing is on the wall. This poll shows how she’s falling in South Carolina:

When the top 2 in the polls are averaging in the upper- or mid-20s and you’re stuck in the mid-single-digits, that isn’t proof that the campaign is built for the long haul. At some point, exceeding expectations are meaningless. At some point, you have to start winning primaries. At some point, you have to start building a coalition that gets you into the mid- to upper-20s, then eventually into the mid- to upper30s and 40s.

Yesterday in Nevada, Bernie proved that he could put such a coalition together. He was the only one that did that. With most of the others running short on cash, this is starting to look like the field will get narrowed pretty quickly.

While that question seems a little far-fetched initially, let’s look at what’s known thus far. It’s known that:

  1. Democrats have wanted to undermine the legitimacy of the Trump administration since before President Trump’s inauguration.
  2. Adam Schiff has leaked more classified information than any other Democrat in Congress.
  3. As chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Adam Schiff saw more classified information than any Democrat in Congress.
  4. Adam Schiff has ignored tons of exculpatory evidence that would’ve prevented President Trump’s impeachment.
  5. Adam Schiff looked at the same intelligence that Trey Gowdy and John Ratcliffe looked at about the FISA warrant application. He said the FBI did everything right. Ratcliffe and Gowdy raised red flags about the FBI. The Horowitz Report vindicated Ratcliffe and Gowdy. It didn’t vindicate Schiff and the Democrats.
  6. After a recent intel briefing on potential Russian interference in the 2020 presidential election, classified information was leaked to the NYTimes and the Washington Post.
  7. The information that was leaked isn’t accurate.

Thanks to John Ratcliffe’s interview this morning, we know with certainty that the information leaked isn’t accurate. It isn’t just thanks to Rep. Ratcliffe’s interview that we know that it isn’t accurate. It’s because another leak from the intel briefing that said that Russia was interfering with the election to help Bernie Sanders. The initial briefing leak said that Russia is interfering to help President Trump.

It’s impossible for both statements to be true. The Russians aren’t interfering to exclusively help President Trump. The Russians aren’t interfering to exclusively help Sen. Sanders. The only thing that’s certain is that the Russians are attempting to interfere in the election. Who they’re trying to help is unknown. Whether they’re trying to help either side is unknown and unknowable.

Adam Schiff insisted that Republicans have denied the fact that Russians interfered with the 2016 election. That’s BS. Ratcliffe addressed that BS during this interview:

He then went on to explain that “the narrative often from Democrats and the media is that Republicans don’t think the Russians have meddled in our election. They did. They meddled in 2016, they are going to meddle in 2020,” he continued. “That’s not the issue. The issue is why Russia is being so successful in shaking American confidence in the integrity of our elections. And the reason is, it’s because Democrats keep perpetuating and accentuating and proliferating Russian propaganda for their political gain and for their political motivation against Donald Trump.”

The House GOP majority of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence issued a comprehensive report detailing the ways that Russia interfered with the US Election. Devin Nunes criticized Adam Schiff on that during the impeachment hearings.

Here’s the transcript of the key part of Ratcliffe’s interview:

“The issue is why Russia is being so successful in shaking American confidence in the integrity of our elections. And the reason is, it’s because Democrats keep perpetuating and accentuating and proliferating Russian propaganda for their political gain and for their political motivation against Donald Trump.”

It isn’t a stretch to think that Adam Schiff has told some whoppers. In fact, that’s been proven. While I won’t say that Schiff is a Russian agent, I won’t hesitate in saying that Schiff has helped Russians spread confusion by spreading the Russians’ disinformation. It’s my opinion that the Russians’ primary goal is to spread disinformation. Further, I think it’s the Russians’ goal to help get Bernie elected. That’s my opinion because his policies best fit with their goals.