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Thus far, it’s seemed like big multi-national corporations have been the only companies that have spread the wealth gained through the Trump/GOP tax cuts. Apparently, that’s coming to an end. According to this article, Minnesota companies are getting into the action.

According to the article, “Data Sales Co. said it will benefit from a cut in the corporate tax rate from 35 to 21 percent. The rate cut is part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed by Republican majorities in Congress and signed in December by President Trump. ‘With the majority of our 80-plus-strong workforce here in Burnsville, I’m pleased that the benefits of tax reform will be felt at home,’ Data Sales CEO and Burnsville resident Paul Breckner said in a news release.”

Breckner praised Rep. Jason Lewis, praising him “for his consistent advocacy of tax reform and seeing it through to becoming law.” Lewis replied, saying “Critics said the business cuts ‘wouldn’t help the hardworking middle-class families that work for these businesses,’ Lewis said in a Jan. 22 message to constituents. ‘Thankfully, it’s actually the case that making American businesses more competitive is very good for our families. Across the country, employers have responded to tax reform by giving a combined total of over $1 billion in bonuses to their employees over the past month. That’s over 1 million Americans with approximately $1,000 more in their pocket today!'”

The American Action Network put together this ad thanking Congressman Lewis for voting for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act:

Congressman Lewis is a rising star in the Republican Party. He’s principled, articulate and conservative. Congressman Lewis’s intellectual heft is impressive, too. I’d love to see him debate nonentities like Betty McCollum or Rick Nolan. Frankly, it’d be a mismatch.

The rematch between Congressman Lewis and Angie Craig, if it happens, would also be a mismatch. Lewis is already hitting her:

“It seems the Erdmann campaign is feeling the Craig hypocrisy we saw regularly last cycle as the same Democrats who claim to be working to get money out of politics seem more interested in someone who can raise money than someone to represent their values,” his campaign manager, Becky Alery, said in a statement. She added: “In 2016, the country made it clear they didn’t want Hillary and this year Minnesota will (once again) make it clear they don’t want Angie Craig.”

Angie Craig would be a good fit in Minnesota’s 4th or 5th districts because she’s exceptionally liberal. She’s a terrible fit for Minnesota’s 2nd District because she’s too liberal for the district. Lewis didn’t vote for the Schumer Shutdown. Angie Craig would’ve voted for the Schumer Shutdown.

All you need to know about the rematch between Angie Craig vs. Jason Lewis is that Ms. Craig still isn’t about fighting for all of our civil liberties. According to Ms. Craig’s issues page, Ms. Craig still thinks that the First Amendment shouldn’t apply to everyone. Specifically, Ms. Craig’s issue page said “The Supreme Court in its 2010 decision in Citizens United completely changed elections in the United States, by allowing unlimited and dark money spending. Money in politics was always a problem but now it is worse than ever before. Now special interest groups can spend unlimited amounts of untraceable money to elect people who will tip the rules in their favor once in office. The voices of the people are lost in favor of the voices of the few and the powerful. It is a big part of what is wrong in Washington. I am committed to pass laws to end Citizens United and get big money out of politics. Corporations and special interests are not people and their oversized influence on the way our government works needs to end now.”

The oath of office that members of congress take states “I, AB, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”

How can Ms. Craig support and defend the Constitution of the United States when she doesn’t understand the Constitution or its Bill of Rights? You can’t right laws that negate parts of the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. The only thing you can do is amend the Constitution, which require two-thirds of the House of Representatives to vote in favor of the constitutional amendment, then have two-thirds of the Senate vote in favor of the constitutional amendment, then have three-fourths of the states’ legislatures ratify the Amendment.

Last year, Craig had a major fundraising advantage. That isn’t the case this year:

2nd District: GOP incumbent Jason Lewis raised $235,000 and had about $583,000 in available cash. Lewis’s 2016 DFL challenger, business executive Angie Craig didn’t report any fundraising after announcing a new run in July and has $200,000 remaining on a personal loan from her last run.

Last time, Rep. Lewis trailed Ms. Craig in fundraising. Now he’s leading. That’s a sign that Lewis’ base has solidified and that he’ll be running from a position of strength this time.

That doesn’t mean the Twin Cities media won’t attack Rep. Lewis like they did in this video:

That being said, the attacking Twin Cities media better be prepared because Rep. Lewis knows how to fight back.

Yesterday, amidst the heartbreak from Las Vegas, 2 candidates for Congress made their candidacies official. In CD-2, Angie Craig officially announced her rematch with Rep. Jason Lewis. Jason Lewis will defeat Ms. Craig again because he has a real economic plan that will benefit Minnesotans.

For instance, Ms. Craig’s issue page talks about infrastructure. It says “Congress must invest in infrastructure revitalization by rebuilding our roads, highways, and bridges and increasing access to high-speed internet – especially in rural areas. Not only will this create good-paying construction jobs in the short-term, experience has shown that public infrastructure investment stimulates private sector jobs growth.”

Notice that it doesn’t mention pipelines. That’s odd considering the fact that Flint Hills Resources is one of the district’s bigger employers. If she’s going to represent the entire district, shouldn’t she represent the major employers in the district?

Rather than making the announcement in person, Craig’s announcement came in the form of a statement. The statement said “I’m proud to launch my campaign today with the voices and support of so many great Minnesota leaders. I’m running for Congress to build a Minnesota for all of us. I want to work so that every member of every family is rewarded for their hard work with an outstanding education, the training or re-training for a good job, and a fair shot at a better life. Washington needs leaders that work for all of us here in Minnesota and with the broad support we’ve already built, I know I can be that leader for the Second District.”

Again, how can you build a Minnesota for all of us if you’re ignoring a major employer’s needs?

Lewis for Congress spokesman Stephen Bradford spoke about his accomplishments:

Rep. Lewis was proud to receive the endorsement that counted in 2016, the endorsement of the voters, and is grateful for continued support from families, businesses, and unions across the 2nd District. He’ll keep working hard on issues that matter to people at home, like reforming health care, lowering taxes, and his successful amendments to improve career and technical education.

There’s no question about whether Rep. Lewis is representing his district. Education is a big issue in CD-2 because Lewis’s predecessor, John Kline, was the chairman of the House education committee. Last time around, Lewis had to defend some things he said as a radio talk show host. That’s been litigated already so that’s ancient history. This time, Rep. Lewis gets to defend his policies and accomplishments.

Expect this seat to stay in Republicans’ hands. In southern Minnesota, Carla Nelson announced her bid to replace Tim Walz in an unusual way:

State Senator Carla Nelson issued the following statement regarding the announcement of her candidacy for Minnesota’s 1st District congressional election.

While I have decided to run for Congress, today is not a day for campaigning. This is a solemn day for our nation, a time when we need to come together and pray for the victims of Las Vegas, their families and all who have been affected by this tragedy. I look forward to the days and weeks to come as my campaign gears up, but for now I hope everyone will continue to keep the victims, their families, and the first responders in their thoughts and prayers.

Expect the Republicans to flip this district from blue to red.

Hearing Angie Craig and Rebecca Otto talked about education should be considered cruel and unusual punishment. First, I have to talk about a statement Ms. Craig made during the event. She said “I’m running for Congress in 2018 and I’m coming back to claim our seat.”

Though she wants to focus on education, Ms. Craig apparently isn’t interested in history. It’s been quite some time since a Democrat represented MN-2 in Congress. According to Wikipedia’s history of CD-2, Republicans have held the seat 66 of the last 74 years. That’s a pretty red district. But I digress.

During her presentation, State Auditor Rebecca Otto sounded like a typical far left liberal, saying “A lot of the politics that end up getting passed by the politics of greed end up running over our interests and the common good. The people’s interest and our values, 2018 will really be defined by the politics of greed versus the politics of people and the common good. The politics of greed say all taxes are bad and need to be slashed. That all regulation is bad and must be repealed. That all government workers are bad and must be privatized – that’s our roads, our airports and our schools. As your governor, no public funds are going to private schools.”

Translation: I’m owned by Education Minnesota. The achievement gap will continue or get worse.

I’d describe Ms. Otto’s messaging as scorched earth messaging. There isn’t a hint of nuance to it. The implied message behind Ms. Otto’s words is simple: Republicans are evil. They only look out for themselves. Initially, I thought that this was her messaging to be the DFL gubernatorial candidate. I’m not certain that’s the case anymore. I think there’s a possibility that that’s just who she is as a candidate.

If Republicans get to run against Ms. Otto, it’ll be a gift. She’s an environmental extremist who voted against mining leases, then tried fundraising off of that vote. She’s suing the legislature for limiting the State Auditor’s responsibilities. That lawsuit is costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. What’s worse is that she’s going to lose that case.

Finally, she’s a Metrocrat that hates mining. Considering the fact that Donald Trump thumped HRC on the Iron Range last year, that’s a significant gift to the Republican candidate.

Minnesota is one of several states in the nation leading in education with one of the worst achievement gaps in the nation. As Alpha News reported in 2016, Minnesota led the nation with the highest achievement gap when it came to science scores between white and black eighth grade students.

Ms. Otto needs to work on her presentation skills:

That’s brutal. She won’t get another chance to make a first impression with that audience.

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