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Predictably, Becky Rom’s op-ed in this morning’s St. Cloud Times is as misleading as she is.

She started the op-ed by saying “Every Minnesotan should be alarmed at the recent actions by Congressman Tom Emmer, which are intended to turn the Superior National Forest into an industrial copper mining district.
Pollution of the clean waters of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness would be one of the devastating consequences.” Ms. Rom continued, saying “Copper mining in the watershed, upstream and next door to the Wilderness, would cause harm that cannot be prevented or remedied.”

Notice that Ms. Rom said that copper mining in the BWCAW “would cause harm that cannot be prevented or remedied.” She didn’t say copper mining might cause hard that can’t be remedied. At this point, it’s important to give people a little background on Ms. Rom. The definitive word on Ms. Rom’s untrustworthiness is found in the Ely Echo’s excellent reporting. In their article, they wrote:

What’s strange is no group or individual has had the intestinal fortitude to stand up and say that they requested that a PEIS be conducted. There have been plenty of fingers pointed at groups like Friends of the Boundary Waters, Northeastern Minnesotans for Wilderness, Sustainable Ely along with one person who has connections to those groups and who has consistently spoken against copper-nickel mining in northeast Minnesota. That person is Becky Rom of Ely.
So we called Rom and asked her if she or any of the groups she is affiliated with formally requested a PEIS from the Forest Service. As a former attorney, Rom is skilled at not answering questions. So we pressed and pressed some more.
Here’s the best of answers we could get:
“I’ve encouraged the agencies to do what’s required under the law and using the best science.”
“Nobody is pushing for an extra layer or extra delays or costs or more money. I’m just saying this is really important and doing right is following the law and basing decisions on the best science.”
“I did not pen any letter but I’ve had these discussions.”
“As far as I know there’s no formal process for a request like a petition.”
We specifically asked if Rom had approached U.S. Department of Agriculture Under Secretary Robert Bonnie (who oversees the USFS).
“I never talked about this to Mr. Bonnie.”
We put a phone call into the USFS office in Duluth but weren’t able to get any answers prior to deadline on the Thursday prior to Memorial Day weekend.
We checked the news releases of the various groups who have been accused of asking for the PEIS and found nothing. Nobody wants to claim they asked for this.
Then, late Thursday a Freedom of Information Act request by Twin Metals-Minnesota was granted. Upon request, they shared those documents with us. If anyone would like a copy, just send us an email.
In the documents provided by the Bureau of Land Management was a letter asking for the PEIS. The agency requesting the PEIS? Northeastern Minnesotans for Wilderness. And who is the vice-chair of NEMW? Becky Rom.

Look at how Ms. Rom attempted to tap-dance around the Ely Echo’s questions. Ms. Rom’s character is totally in question. Put more bluntly, Ms. Rom’s history is that of a dishonest, deceitful progressive activist who got caught being dishonest. That undercuts her statements in her op-ed. She came an inch away from lying to the Ely Echo. Why should we trust her statements in the SC Times op-ed? It’s pretty obvious that Ms. Rom isn’t a person of integrity.

The final point I’ll make is that the DFL will say whatever it needs to say to stop mining in Minnesota. We’ve seen what they’ve said before. This isn’t a prediction. It’s reminding people of what the DFL, including Ms. Rom, have said in the recent past.