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I’ve long thought that Joe Biden’s lead isn’t as solid as polling suggests. This article suggests that President Trump is making a spirited pitch to Hispanics. When Democrats attacked and boycotted Goya Foods, it gave the Trump campaign the opening it needed to attack Democrats and Joe Biden.

In a TV ad set to start airing in south Florida, Cuban actress Susana Pérez says “We sacrificed so much to be free and respected. Now the left has launched a smear campaign against Goya, the brand we love, just because Goya is working with President Trump, just like it did with Obama. Joe Biden and the Democrats are too extreme, socialism, cut police funding, take away charter schools and Joe Biden is too weak to defend us.”

The message is clear and powerful. Mixed throughout the ad are images of Che Guevara, the Cuban Refugee Airlift, AOC and a picture of Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders smiling on a debate stage while the Chiron says “Extremists.”

That’s just part of the bad news. Here’s more bad news for Biden:

The same survey found 60 percent of Latinos said they’d vote for Biden over Trump. An NPR-PBS NewsHour-Marist poll from late June found that 59 percent of Latino voters back Biden over Trump. Those figures, if translated into November vote totals, would be less than the 66 percent Hillary Clinton achieved in 2016 and the 71 percent Barack Obama won in 2012.

If President Trump gets 30%-35% of the Hispanic vote, he’ll put lots of states in play. Think of it this way. If President Trump loses Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin but holds all of the other states he won in 2016, he’d be at 260 electoral votes. If President Trump then wins New Hampshire and New Mexico, that puts him at 269 electoral votes, which throws the race to the House of Representatives.

That’s before considering possibilities like Colorado and Minnesota. Thanks to Jacob Frey’s mishandling of the George Floyd riots, Minnesota is definitely in play, though it’s still an uphill fight for Trump.

That’s academic if President Trump wins any of the Hillary Blue Wall states this time.

This election isn’t like most elections in that it’s a binary choice. This isn’t about whose policies are better. This election isn’t a question about who’s more competent. The cards have been put on the table. A player has gone all-in. Joe Biden thinks that the MSM will cover for him if he says he’ll redirect money away from police instead of saying he’ll defund the police. He’s probably right. Unfortunately for him, the people living in fear of the rioters won’t give him a pass.

They’ve seen he’s feeble. Democrats have essentially admitted that they can’t afford to let him do a hard-hitting interview with a hard-hitting journalist with integrity. Biden would be a puddle within 10 minutes if questioned by journalists like Bret Baier or Harris Faulkner.

This election is simply about which candidate is serious about protecting Americans and which candidate is a wimpy, do-nothing Democrat. Democrats have shown that they aren’t serious about protecting their citizens. This election on down-ticket races is simple, too. Senate Democrats don’t care about their constituents. They’ve voted against even starting debate on Sen. Tim Scott’s JUSTICE Act. After that vote failed, all hell broke loose in NYC, Portland and Seattle.

Monday marked the 53rd straight day of rioting in Portland. Still, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler insists that the riots are President Trump’s fault. His explanation is rooted in the thought that the violence was subsiding after 30-something days. Perhaps they were just running out of targets left to attack?

When Bill de Blasio and the NYC City Council cut $1,000,000,000 from the NYPD budget, Black Lives Matter said that wasn’t good enough. Originally, BLM said that they’d stop protesting in front of City Hall if that $1,000,000,000 was made. Nobody with a functioning brain (Joe Biden and de Blasio aren’t included) thought that BLM would keep their promise. Here’s why Biden isn’t included:

Democrats think that individual security isn’t a priority. They’ve fought for Black Lives Matter. They haven’t been visionaries, though. If they legitimately cared about African-Americans, they would’ve started an organization called All Black Lives Matter in honor of Secoriea Turner and Horace Lorenzo Anderson, Jr. Those children were killed without hurting anyone. Their deaths were senseless.

Elected Democrats and Democrats in the media reported the story, then moved onto the next story. These Democrats invested more emotion into raising taxes than they invested in the death of these African-American children. That’s the portrait of heartlessness.

In Minneapolis, the City Council voted to dismantle the police without talking to the people who’d suffer the most. The charter amendment appears to already be in trouble because “the most vulnerable communities” in Minneapolis “are very, very divided.”

Byron York’s article highlights Biden’s flip-flopping:

Just as he did with Barkan, Biden suggested he agreed with the liberal move to defund the police and then quickly moved on to a set of generic points. The next day, June 10, Biden published an op-ed in USA Today. “While I do not believe federal dollars should go to police departments violating people’s rights or turning to violence as the first resort, I do not support defunding police,” he wrote.

With President Trump, we know what he stands for. He’s stood for criminal justice reform and police reform. He’s stood for sentencing reform and for community policing. Most importantly, he’s consistently stood with the police.

You can’t say that about Biden. On his best days, Biden might not know what he’s thinking.

Anyone that thinks that today’s Democrats are similar to Hubert Humphrey’s Democrats or Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s Democrats is kidding themselves. Today’s Democrats aren’t even like Paul Wellstone’s Democrats. Democrats took a terrible trip when Harry Reid and Ms. Pelosi won leadership positions in the Senate and House respectively in 2006.

Since then, they’ve governed from a my-way-or-the-highway philosophy. In 2008, Al Franken joined the Senate. Discourse sunk even lower. During Sonia Sotomayor’s confirmation hearing, Franken struck up a conversation with Sotomayor about Perry Mason. We were so enlightened by the exchange:

The point is that Democrats aren’t about making America better. They’re about changing the US into something it isn’t. When Biden says that he wants to transform the US, just like his boss said, that isn’t what a patriot would say. That’s what a hater would say. If you thought that the US was founded on great principles and that we’ve helped dozens of nations achieve liberty or helped them through natural disasters. you don’t think that the US needs a transformation. It needs some changes. It doesn’t need a transformation.

If you’re a patriot, you think that the US is great, though it isn’t perfect. Patriots think that the US is constantly changing, sometimes for the better, sometimes not. We’re constantly a work in progress.

Far left Democrats think that slavery is the lasting mark against the US. It isn’t. That’s like thinking that a student who didn’t understand math at first is forever destined for poor grades. That’s like saying the student can’t get tutoring that changes everything. One day, the final piece of the puzzle drops into place and the struggling student starts acing tests.

Today’s Democrats apparently think that anyone white is a racist. They talk about white privilege and implicit bias. The only thing we can do is constantly ask for forgiveness for something that’s beyond our control.

Today’s Democrat leadership aren’t patriots. They’re liars. Check out this joint statement from Ms. Pelosi and Rep. Earl Blumenauer:

As our nation mourns the loss of our colleague and beloved civil rights leader John Lewis, we are again reminded of the immense power of peaceful protest in the fight against racial injustice and police brutality. Yet time and time again, the Trump Administration shows its lack of respect for the dignity and First Amendment rights of all Americans.

Last month, the Administration tear-gassed peaceful protestors in Washington, D.C. Now, videos show them kidnapping protestors in unmarked cars in Portland, all with the goal of inflaming tensions for their own gain. While Portland is the President’s current target, any city could be next.

We live in a democracy, not a banana republic. We will not tolerate the use of Oregonians, Washingtonians, or any other Americans, as props in President Trump’s political games. The House is committed to moving swiftly to curb these egregious abuses of power immediately.

What a pile of BS. Predictably, Ms. Pelosi intentionally left out a few important details. She intentionally omitted the fact that the rioting in Portland had gone on for 40 days prior to President Trump’s action. Pelosi intentionally omitted the fact that this wasn’t a peaceful protest, which are protected by the First Amendment. They were full-fledged pre-planned riots. Dozens of arrests were made, with virtually each arrestee getting charged with interfering with the police. Does that sound like it falls within the protections of the First Amendment, which permits people to peaceably assemble.

Riots aren’t protected by the First Amendment. Portland police declared a riot when Democrat protesters attacked a building housing the police officers’ union. So much for Democrats supporting working families.

The next time that Ms. Pelosi wants to lecture us about the First Amendment, she should commit to telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Intentionally omitting important details of a story is lying. Lying for partisan gain isn’t patriotism. It’s the opposite of patriotism.

Kim Strassel’s Potomac Watch column nails it in terms of the presidential campaign. She wrote “The headlines of late proceed from the premise that Joe Biden is on a glide path to the White House. Stories highlight polls showing President Trump losing key swing states, even GOP strongholds. Texas is in play! Georgia is at risk! Journalists explain that Mr. Biden is banking money, while the Trump campaign’s leadership team is in chaos. They feature congressional race trackers, who rate more Republicans as vulnerable. All that’s left is for Jill Biden to pick the curtains.”

Let’s stop this stupidity this instant. Joe Biden is proposing to destroy the fossil fuel economy but fossil fuel-rich Texas is in play? That’s a joke and then some. This article says it all: “Biden’s liberal climate policies feared by unions in Pennsylvania.”

If Biden’s climate change policies worry union bosses in Pennsylvania, which Trump won by 44,000 votes, what’s the likelihood that Trump’s in danger of losing Texas, which he won by 807,000 votes? Does Trump have an enthusiasm problem in Texas? I wouldn’t bet on it.

Mr. Biden is promising to delete the jobs of millions of Americans—at a time of soaring unemployment. A study by the National Ocean Industries Association finds that a ban on offshore drilling alone would cost 200,000 jobs, damaging regional economies. Mr. Biden would overrun the nation with solar panels, wind turbines and charging stations. Basic consumer choice would disappear for vehicles, dishwashers, even homes. The Justice Department would become a weapon against businessmen who run afoul of fast-changing progressive standards.

That will be a huge issue in battleground states this fall. It won’t be the biggest issue, though. Riots and “Defund the Police” will be the biggest issue. COVID will be important, just not as important as Defund. People have worries about COVID but they’ve learned to live with the risk. They’re frightened about the riots and Defund the Police. Outside elderly neighborhoods, COVID isn’t that big of a worry.

Every neighborhood is threatened by Defund the Police. Either that or they know someone who’s threatened by defunding police departments. Further, Joe Biden is on the wrong side of the Defund issue. Yes, Chris Wallace, Biden did say that he’s for defunding the police:

Hint: redirecting money away from police departments is defunding. It’s just using a different word. The effect is still the same.

The Trump White House used the week to lay out a competing vision. At a UPS facility in Georgia Wednesday, the president announced a “top-to-bottom overhaul” of the federal environmental review process, which stands in the way of nearly every infrastructure project in the country. Transformation of that permitting regime would clear the way for new highways, ports, bridges, pipelines and tunnels. That would create millions of jobs, attract more business to America and make the country more competitive. “Biden wants to massively re-regulate the energy economy,” Mr. Trump said, drawing the contrast. “We want to get things built.”

In other words, President Trump wants to make life better faster. Biden wants to listen to AOC’s and Bernie’s socialist instructions. That’s the fast-track to a lost decade.

We lost a decade of economic growth during the Obama administration. We’d experience worse economic growth during a Biden-Sanders-AOC administration. In fact, we’d likely experience a major recession during a Biden-AOC-Sanders administration.

This election shouldn’t be that close. Joe Biden is barely able to form sentences, much less put together complete paragraphs. President Trump has put together an economic record that outshines any other recent president. Prior to the Chinese Communist Party Virus, wages were rising, minority unemployment was the lowest in this nation’s history and we were standing up to China for the first time in history.

It’s time to admit that, whether you like President Trump or not, he’s accomplished more in 3 years than Obama or Bush got done in 8 years each. It’s time to admit, too, that being presidential isn’t as important as making Americans’ lives better with great policies. To the disgusting Never Trump brigade, their hatred of Trump is more important to them than saving our nation.

David Limbaugh captures this perfectly in this column:

These establishment handwringers have shown themselves ill-equipped to analyze Trump or his supporters because they can’t adapt their expertise and experience to Trump, who broke the mold and is unlike any political figure they’ve ever encountered. They are handicapped by their blindness to the unprecedented fascism of today’s political left.

Newsflash: The overwhelming majority of Trump supporters don’t give a rip about his so-called presidentiality. They don’t care about the proverbial crease in his pants, or many other characteristics the pseudo-sophisticated Beltway elite cherish. They don’t want someone like Mitt Romney, who let President Barack Obama walk all over him in a presidential debate instead of fighting for what he purported to believe in.

This isn’t debate society, where judges rate which contestants used the proper verb and nuance to persuade the masses. This is a street fight, complete with baseball bats wrapped with barbed wire and other lethal weapons wielded by Marxists. If we don’t fight this fight with everything we’ve got, America will be lost.

Today’s Democrats don’t care about creating great policies. Hubert Humphrey’s, Bill Clinton’s or Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s Democrats cared about that. Those Democrats disappeared in 2006-07. Today’s Democrats are increasingly Marxist. Jessica Tarlov and Marie Harf can talk all they want about there being more moderate Democrats than Marxist AOC-Bernie Sanders Democrats. Joe Biden used to be somewhat of a centrist. Today, he’s telling hand-picked fawning reporters that he favors cutting funding for police officers while angry mobs attack police officers.

Today’s Democrats are busy “reimagining policing” while neighborhoods and family businesses get demolished by Antifa/BLM. Most importantly, Democrats aren’t listening to the people they’re supposed to represent. When white activists attend the Minneapolis Charter Commission hearing, then demand the dismantling of the MPD, that’s disgusting. Yes, they have the First Amendment right to air their grievances to the Commission. Let’s be honest, though. They’re calling for minority neighborhoods to lose police protection.

Fine. In the words of Harold Hamilton, if these activists want to dismantle the MPD, then let their neighborhoods go without police protection. Let their 9-1-1 calls get answered last. They wanted policing reimagined. Let their neighborhoods experience what it’s like to be vulnerable. Perhaps, that’ll trigger a woke awakening to reality.

It’s one thing to spew Democrat talking points. It’s quite another to live with the reality of Democrat policies.

People my age remember a movie title “If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium.” It wasn’t critically acclaimed. It didn’t have a big box office take. It had a mediocre cast. It’s kinda like the Biden campaign. The Biden campaign has a mediocre cast, too.

The point is that Joe Biden’s positions keep changing. Once upon a time, Joe Biden used to support the Hyde Amendment. That’s the past, though. He doesn’t support it anymore. He can’t afford to in today’s ‘Woke’ Democrat Party. There was a time when Biden was a tough-on-crime Democrat. Then AOC and Bernie Sanders took over the Democratic Party. Shortly thereafter, Biden told interviewers that funding for police departments should be redirected.

Today, DNC Spokesperson Xochitl Hinojosa told Bill Hemmer “Let me be very clear about this. Joe Biden does not support defunding the police. And specifically, what he is saying is [that] he wants to make sure that police departments have the tools that they need in order to do their jobs.”

If it’s Thursday, the DNC must have its mops out to clean up the messes Biden’s made. Actually, that’s pretty much every day with Biden at the top of the ticket. Biden’s likely to say something stupid at any time.

The frightening part is that I’m not certain Biden remembers anything he’s said from the previous hour. There’s no guarantee that he’ll remember what he said in his previous speech. It’s quite possible that Biden doesn’t remember what he said in this interview:

That’s where he was all over the place. One minute, he’s talking about reforming the police, the next minute, he’s calling the police the enemy. Another minute, he’s talking about “an up-armored Humvee coming into a neighborhood– it’s like the military invading.” What the hell is he babbling about? Ms. Hinojosa can’t know what he meant because Biden doesn’t know what he meant.

The difference is that Ms. Hinojosa stands a decent shot of remembering what she said. Joe Biden doesn’t even stand a 50-50 shot of remembering what he said an hour ago.

Less than a minute later into the interview, Biden was asked “But do we agree that we can redirect some of the funding?” Biden’s reply was straightforward. Biden replied “Yes. Absolutely and one of the things that we also need to be doing is fundamentally changing the way – and I’ve been pushing it for years – is the way that we deal with our prison system.”

Joe Biden’s 1994 Crime Bill started the mass incarcerations of African-Americans that President Trump is cleaning up. Obama and Biden had 8 years to fix Biden’s mess. Nothing happened during their administration. Now Biden is saying that we need to redirect money away from police officers. Biden’s saying that while riots are breaking out in Chicago, Minneapolis, NYC, Portland and Seattle. What is Biden thinking?

Wednesday afternoon, the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) endorsed President Trump. That’s a major switch from 2008 and 2012, when NAPO endorsed the Obama-Biden ticket. NAPO didn’t endorse a candidate in 2016.

According to NAPO’s website, “The National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) is a coalition of police unions and associations from across the United States and was organized for the purpose of advancing the interests of America’s law enforcement officers through legislative advocacy, political action and education.”

The National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) endorsed President Trump’s reelection Wednesday, praising his “steadfast and very public support” for law enforcement. NAPO did not endorse a candidate in the 2016 election but endorsed former President Barack Obama and then-Vice President Joe Biden in both the 2008 and 2012 elections.

This is a major snub to Biden. NAPO figures to be a pivotal voting group this fall, especially with the rioting and looting taking such a prominent position in terms of issues that Americans care about. According to this report, NAPO is “the biggest group that represents the police benevolent associations and police unions across the country”:

This is NAPO’s endorsement letter, which was sent to President Trump:

Here’s why NAPO rejected Biden:

Officers have faced routine disparaging in wake of nationwide racial injustice protests, and some have called out presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden for not condemning anti-police rhetoric. While Biden’s campaign has staunchly opposed the idea of abolishing police departments, the candidate said that some funding should “absolutely” be redirected from the police.

Al Franken’s stupidity and partisanship are fully displayed in this CNN op-ed. Early in the op-ed, Franken writes “When your opponent is digging himself a hole, you let him keep digging. By design or necessity, Joe Biden has laid low since we all sheltered in place, allowing President Donald Trump to turn the November election into a referendum on Donald Trump. And right now, Donald Trump appears to be losing badly to Donald Trump.”

This is what I’d expect from an idiot like Franken. Franken apparently hasn’t figured out that Biden’s dementia has robbed him of an ability to look plausible. Apparently, Franken isn’t bright enough to figure out that the rioting and looting are losing issues for Democrats in battleground states. It’s obvious that Franken is discounting the economic recovery that’s already underway thanks to the steps President Trump put in place.

While I don’t have the official data that proves the start of the COVID economic recovery, the signs are getting impossible to miss. Consumer confidence is rising. Millions of jobs are getting created. Home sales are going up. Oil prices have recovered, which wouldn’t happen if the economy is still contracting.

After reading this, I’m wondering if Franken has used his brain lately:

The first, of course, is that a Trump victory would be a disaster for everything Democrats hold dear. Here’s a short list — democracy, economic justice, social justice and justice. That leaves out a whole bunch — for instance, providing health care for all Americans and global warming. Stuff like that.

Secondly, between now and November, Trump and the Republicans will do everything they can to cheat. That means using every tool possible to suppress votes, including a full court press to prevent vote-by-mail, even if we are still deep in the throes of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Third, if Trump loses a close election, he may very well refuse to leave.

Franken’s right about something. A second Trump victory “would be a disaster for everything Democrats hold dear.” That, though, would be a positive thing for the nation. Another Trump victory would mean 4 more years of hitting China hard for the Chinese Communist Party’s corruption and deception. Another Trump victory would mean 4 more years of a soaring economy that works for everyone. Another Trump victory means that Republicans would expose Democrats as being weak on crime and defense, economically illiterate and that they talk a better game about the middle class than they deliver.

Next, President “Trump and the Republicans” won’t try to cheat. Sen. Franken should check with the NJ Attorney General. Democrats, not Republicans, committed voter fraud, mostly through the Vote-By-Mail, aka VBM, system in Paterson, NJ. People in glass houses should carelessly throw stones around.

Third, it’s time to retire the ‘Trump won’t leave if he loses’ line. Hillary still hasn’t accepted the results of the 2016 election. This is the worst case of projection in the history of partisan politics.

Then again, Franken’s brain is likely too fried from all the drugs he’s used during his SNL days:

Saying that Nancy Pelosi stepped in it when she said that President Trump is “messing with the health of our children” with push to open schools is understatement. That statement, according to this interview of Scott Atlas, is a whopper. In the interview, Dr. Atlas said “I think we have a different scale because that’s just completely wrong and contrary to all the science. And when I say all the science, I’m talking about signs all over the world not just in the United States but Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Australia, Asia.”

Atlas then continued to bury Ms. Pelosi with scientific information:

But I think the most important thing of all, well, the other — there’s two points that I want to make. One is that teaching is a young profession. In the United States half the teachers are 40 or less and a quarter of them are under 30. Ninety percent are under 60 in public schools.

They have almost zero risk from this and for those high risk teachers, which there are some, if they believe in masks and social distancing, don’t think they know how to do that by now, and if they’re still afraid to do their job, why can’t they teach from a distance? If they think social distancing works, teach in a class, if they think a distance learning works, teach from home.

But the problem here and this the biggest point of all, I never hear anyone talk about the harms of closing schools. The harms are against the children. Anyone who prioritizes children would open the schools. That’s just counterfactual to say that, you know, the children are not the risk or, you know, were at risk here.

If President Trump had said that schools should be kept closed, Pelosi would’ve complained that he’s against learning or something else. The part that’s most sickening is that everything is about gaining political advantage with Ms. Pelosi. Apparently, the truth is irrelevant to Ms. Pelosi. There’s still some things she does well in her Speaker duties but she isn’t the Speaker.

The Mob has given her their marching orders and she’s obediently following their orders. Axios is part of that Mob. In their article, they write:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ aggressive push to fully reopen schools this fall is “malfeasance and dereliction of duty,” accusing the Trump administration of “messing with the health of our children.”

Why it matters: Trump has demanded that schools reopen as part of his efforts to juice the economy by allowing parents to return to work, despite caution from health officials that little is known about how the virus impacts children.

Even with the coronavirus outbreak spiraling out of control in several states, Trump has threatened to withhold federal funding from schools that choose not to reopen and claimed Democrats want to keep schools closed past November for political reasons.

Thank God for impartial reporting. (Just kidding.) Axios apparently can’t afford to hire a doctor to confirm whether Ms. Pelosi’s statements are true or if they’re wildly imaginative. Thankfully, FNC is able to afford someone qualified on the subject. Dr. Atlas pounds home the falsity of Ms. Pelosi’s statements in this interview:

Dr. Atlas’ logic and data is straightforward. Ms. Pelosi’s statements are disgusting, frankly. She’s a liar of similar magnitude as Adam Schiff. With ‘leadership’ like Ms. Pelosi’s, it isn’t surprising that the Democrats have such little use for the truth.

Newt Gingrich has always been one of the best political thinkers in the business. When he writes or talks, I stop and listen to what he has to say. When I saw this article, I started digging into it. It didn’t take long to figure out that the Defund The Police Democrats are pushing a losing issue.

For instance, Gingrich wrote “The gap between the radical Left and the American people was captured in a recent Pew Poll that showed 73 percent of the American people opposed cutting spending on the police, and only 25 percent favored decreasing spending on the police.” Gingrich continued “Twenty percent of those asked said we should spend a little more on police, and 11 percent said we should spend a lot more (for a total of 31 percent who favor spending more money on policing). By contrast, 12 percent said to cut a lot, and slightly under 14 percent said to cut a little. The largest bloc of Americans was 42 percent, who said we should keep police funding where it is.”

Twenty-six percent of people wanted police spending cut a little or a lot. Everyone else wanted police spending kept the same, increased a little or increased a lot. That’s a 3:1 margin opposed to the Democrats’ Defund the Police policy.

It’s possible to win if you’re on the wrong side of a 3:1 issue if nobody cares about the issue. It’s impossible to win if you’re on the 1-side of a 3:1 issue that everyone cares passionately about.

This pattern is not just about speeches, slogans and platforms. Democrats in Minneapolis are abolishing the city’s police department and replacing it with some undefined community service program. You can imagine how intimidated robbers, murderers and rapists will be by the unarmed-but-sincere Minneapolis community service force.

In Seattle, Democrats are cutting the police budget by 50 percent with a similar community service fantasy replacement. Given that six people were shot, which led to the death of two teenagers, during what the Democratic mayor called “the summer of love” in the city’s “autonomous zone,” you might have thought the people of Seattle would get more police protection rather than less.

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best calls Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan’s plan to cut the SPD budget by 50% “reckless”:

Democrats like Pelosi, Schumer and Biden can insist that they aren’t for defunding the police all they want. What matters is Seattle cutting the SPD budget by 50%, Minneapolis voting to dismantle the MPD and Bill de Blasio cutting the $6,000,000,000 NYPD budget by $1,000,000,000. When crime rates skyrocket, Democrats will pay the price. Republicans are proposing reasonable reforms but they’re pushing cities to increase spending on police departments, too. The American people are smart enough to know that Republicans are proposing things that keep people safe and that Democrats are the party that support Antifa, BLM and decimated police departments.

People either understood or anticipated that COVID would eventually get defeated. They took COVID seriously but it wasn’t something that they were afraid of. This violence worries people. It isn’t just quarantined to poor neighborhoods. It’s migrated into Manhattan, some rich neighborhoods in St. Louis and Seattle. The point is that this violence doesn’t recognize geographic boundaries. It goes where it wants.

That’s why the Democrats defund debate is a loser.