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The opening paragraph from Speaker Pelosi’s statement on the November jobs report indicts the Speaker. Here’s what she said:

Despite some encouraging numbers, the November jobs report offers little solace to the farmers and hard-working families who are struggling to stay above water with the costs of living rising and uncertainty surging.

If she’s so worried about “farmers and hard-working families”, why hasn’t she brought USMCA up for a vote yet. For over a year, Ms. Pelosi has said that a) USMCA would be easy to pass and b) she was working her way to yes on ratifying it. Simply put, she’s failed farmers. Ms. Pelosi’s Do-Nothing Democrats have been more interested in impeaching a president who has created 7,000,000 jobs since taking office less than 3 years ago.

Ms. Pelosi’s Do-Nothing Democrats unanimously voted against the Trump-GOP tax cuts that have lit a fire under this economy. These Do-Nothing Democrats voted against eliminating the Obama administration’s regulations that would’ve killed the fossil fuel industry. In short, Pelosi’s Do-Nothing Democrats have stood in the way of pretty much every Trump administration plan that’s produced this prolific economy.

Thus far, the Trump administration’s record includes the lowest unemployment rate in half a century, the lowest black unemployment rate and the lowest Hispanic unemployment rate ever, the lowest unemployment rate for women since WWII, rising wages, improving workforce participation rate and soaring consumer confidence. That’s what Pelosi’s Do-Nothing Democrats voted against.

Getting lectured by Ms. Pelosi about “struggling” farmers and manufacturers is insulting. Ms. Pelosi’s focus on impeachment has prevented her from reaching yes on USMCA. She can complain all she wants about the 275 bills waiting for Senate action but that’s bad-faith whining. Why should we trust a caucus of Do-Nothing Democrat Socialists who voted against the policies that built this fantastic economy? This sums things up perfectly:

“What a contrast? A great economy, terrible politics.”

Pelosi’s Do-Nothing Democrats haven’t helped with anything. They’ve focused on impeachment, not the economy. They haven’t lifted a finger to close the asylum loopholes or the immigration system. The 275 bills are meaningless. It’s time for Democrats to focus on what’s important instead of focusing on appeasing their special interest base.

It’s appropriate to steal James Carville’s phrase from the 1992 election. That legendary phrase was “It’s the economy, stupid.” The White House economic team has reason to celebrate after this morning’s November jobs report simply crushed it. Check out this list of positives:

  1. Nonfarm payrolls surged by 266,000 in November, better than the 187,000 expected by economists polled by Dow Jones.
  2. The unemployment rate ticked down to 3.5% from 3.6%, back to the 2019 low and matching the lowest jobless rate since 1969.
  3. Average hourly earnings rose by 3.1% from a year ago, slightly above the 3% expected by economists polled by Dow Jones.

Then there’s this:

Those totals easily beat the Wall Street consensus. Economists surveyed by Dow Jones had been looking for solid job growth of 187,000 and saw the unemployment rate holding steady from October’s 3.6%.

At the end of this video, the Fox News anchor could be heard excitedly saying “It’s a blowout”:

That it is. Stephen Moore was one of then-Candidate Trump’s initial economic advisers. You’d expect him to be jubilant after a jobs report like this. He didn’t disappoint:

Leisure and hospitality increased by 45,000 and professional and business services rose by 31,000; the two sectors respectively are up 219,000 and 278,000 over the past 12 months. Wage gains also were a touch better than expectations. Average hourly earnings rose by 3.1% from a year ago, while the average workweek held steady at 34.4 hours.

Economists had been looking for wage gains of 3%. A separate gauge of unemployment that includes discouraged workers and the underemployed declined as well, falling to 6.9%, one-tenth of a percentage point below October.

Wall Street loves this report. As of 9:15 CT, the DJIA is up 1.04%, which translates into a 281- point gain.

Somewhere in DC, Nancy Pelosi is attempting to figure out a way to minimize the impact of this report. Good luck with that.

UPDATE: I just visited Fake News CNN’s website to see what they were saying about this morning’s jobs report. They hadn’t said a thing as of 9:45 am CT. ABC had written an article on the report, characterizing the jobs report as “solid.”

Anyone with an IQ north of 75 and a willingness to view last week’s testimony honestly isn’t surprised that the Democrats’ impeachment hearings went terribly. Still, it isn’t surprising that Democrats are surprised that the polls are tanking for them.

New public opinion polls are moving against Democrats on impeachment, as independents sour on the House inquiry and increasingly express opposition to the hearings that have consumed Washington in recent weeks. The new data comes as a surprise to Democrats, many of whom believe the roster of witnesses have offered damning testimony about President Trump’s dealings with Ukraine.

This isn’t surprising. Democrats have wanted to impeach President Trump so badly for so long that they’d do anything to make it happen. The past 2 weeks, the Democrats’ testifiers would say something provocative in their opening statement, which was immediately leaked to CNN with the heading of “bombshell” testimony.

It didn’t matter that, in each of these instances, the testifiers’ provocative accusations was utterly shredded during the Republicans’ cross-examinations. For instance, Mike Turner got Gordon Sondland to admit that “I was presuming” the meeting was being conditioned on the investigation. Turner said that Sondland didn’t have anything on this theory, to which Sondland replied “Other than my presumption.” Turner immediately replied “Which is nothing.”

Democrats have based this impeachment on a series of nothingburgers. Seriously, each of the Democrats’ testifiers have gotten crushed. The apolitical people haven’t had any problems identifying the Democrats’ testifiers’ flawed testimony. That’s why the polling shows Democrats in trouble:

In October, independents supported impeachment 48 percent to 35 percent in Emerson’s polling. In the new poll released this week, independents opposed it by a 49 percent to 34 percent margin. In that time, overall support for impeaching Trump swung from 48 percent in favor and 44 percent against, to 45 percent in opposition to impeachment and 43 percent in favor.

Going from a +13 to a -15 is a 28-point swing in a month. That’s like falling off a cliff. This isn’t just a modest drop. It’s a warning sign to Democrats that the people want them to actually do things rather than insisting on impeaching a gruff but productive president. Voters have factored in President Trump’s personality traits and said ‘we can live with that as long as the economy keeps humming.’

Democrats bet everything on impeachment. They lied to the American people for 3+ years. When the Mueller Report went bust, Schiff’s Democrats found a CIA snitch, dressed him up as a whistleblower, then insisted that President Trump had tried strong-arming the Ukrainian president into investigating the Biden family. The problem was that President Trump released the transcript of the phone call. The minute that happened, the Democrats were screwed.

People could read the 5-page transcript and judge for themselves. They didn’t need to watch the Democrats’ testifiers to know what happened. Try as the media might, they couldn’t move the Democrats’ impeachment needle. As I’ve said consistently, these weren’t witnesses because they didn’t witness anything substantive. They were testifiers. Democrats voted to investigate a rabbit hole that was empty.

Only Democrats are surprised that they found nothing.

Most people understood that it wasn’t likely that Nancy Pelosi would put the USMCA trade negotiation up for a vote before the end of the year. This article seems to confirm that suspicion. The article opens by saying “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that she doubts Congress has enough time left to pass the USMCA this year, but Democrats and the Trump administration will continue talks next week to work out a compromise on remaining issues.”

The latest DC rumor is that Pelosi is holding that vote up to pressure reluctant Democrats to vote for impeachment. In this scenario, Ms. Pelosi will withhold the USMCA vote until after they vote on impeachment. Ms. Pelosi knows that Schiff’s impeachment case was weak going in. Further, she knows that impeachment got beaten up quite a bit during the public hearings.

When Democrats voted to authorize the impeachment inquiry, 232 Democrats voted for it. When the entire House votes on Articles of Impeachment, there won’t be 232 Democrat votes. If I was scoring the hearings the way I used to score baseball games, I’d score it this way: Democrats pretty much won each day’s opening statements, especially the witnesses’ opening statements. I think that was intentional.

Think of the witnesses’ opening statements as political clickbait. Their job was to feed the MSM. It was then up to the MSM to plaster that day’s “bombshell” into that day’s chyrons to pound the message home. That message was simple — Testifier A, B or C delivered a “bombshell” testimony. The case against Trump is insurmountable. He’ll be impeached and removed. Pay no attention to what Fox says. Don’t pay attention to what Townhall or the Federalist says, either.

What Democrats wanted people to ignore was the cross-examinations, especially this one:

Mike Turner’s cross-examination of Ambassador Sondland all but officially finished the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry. That’s the most powerful cross-examination of the 5 days of hearings. All of the other gossip from the other testifiers is worthless. Sondland spoke directly with President Trump and President Zelenskiy. He’s the only one with firsthand knowledge of the central characters in these hearings.

Turner, BTW, is just one of the new GOP heroes coming out of these hearings. For those of us who’ve followed this Russia Ukrainian Hoax, we already knew that Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan and John Ratcliffe were heavyweights. During the 5 public hearings, Elise Stefanik, Mike Turner and Chris Stewart turned in their finest performances.

Holding up the USMCA is further proof that Ms. Pelosi is the nastiest partisan this century. She’d rather hurt President Trump than do what’s right for the nation. The US needs selfless leaders who put the nation’s needs ahead of partisanship. That isn’t what we’re getting right now. Right now, we’re getting overdoses of partisanship from Pelosi and Schiff.

Despite a topsy-turvy day on Capitol Hill, President Trump still has plenty to smile about. President Trump should smile at Marquette University’s latest presidential polling. The highlight of Marquette’s poll is that President Trump leads each of the top 4 Democrats in the race:

President Trump leads the top Democrats in the battleground state of Wisconsin. In October, Trump trailed Biden, Sanders and Warren by 6, 2 and 1 points respectively while leading Buttigieg by just 2 points. This month, after the public impeachment has started, Trump leads Biden, Sanders and Warren by 3, 3 and 5 points respectively. Meanwhile, Trump leads Buttigieg by 8 points.

It’s interesting to see President Trump taking the lead over the top 4 contenders while Democrats pursue impeachment. The ratings kinda tell the tale on that. The first day of testimony attracted 13,800,000 viewers. The second day of testimony attracted 12,700,000 viewers. The third day attracted 11,400,000 viewers. It’s apparent that the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry is backfiring.

Despite all of the MSM headlines that talk about bombshell testimony and Republicans in despair, the people are sending a different message. While House Democrats are working themselves into a lather, the people are tuning out. Again, the Democrats have overpromised and underdelivered. With impeachment sucking all the oxygen out of the presidential campaign and with President Trump frequently holding rallies across the nation, it isn’t surprising that President Trump is gaining momentum.

Once the RNC ground game kicks into high gear, which it will, this race will turn. President Trump has a lengthy list of accomplishments that will appeal to independent voters. Democrats have earned the title of Do-Nothing Democrats.

There’s an old saying in football and track. It says “If he’s even, he’s leaving.’ Right now, the Trump campaign is even. With the Trump/RNC cash advantage, a lengthy list of accomplishments and a weak opponent, President Trump won’t be even much longer.

Tuesday, President Trump sounded a triumphant note in a speech to the Economic Club of New York. At one point, President Trump said “Blue-collar jobs are leading the way in our middle class boom. We’ve added 25,000 mining jobs, 128,000 energy jobs, and 1.2 million manufacturing and construction jobs. And manufacturing was supposed to be dead in our country. You would need, according to a past administration representative at the highest level of that past administration — you would need a magic wand to bring back manufacturing jobs. Well, we brought them back, and we brought them back to over 600,000 manufacturing jobs as of today. And those are very important jobs.”

Trump continued, saying “Nearly 7 million people have been lifted off, very importantly, food stamps. Seven million people off of food stamps. And we’re getting Americans off of welfare and back into the workforce. Nearly 2.5 million Americans have risen out of poverty. That’s a record. The rate of African American and Hispanic American families in poverty has plummeted to the lowest level ever recorded, by far. And most of you people wouldn’t know these numbers because most of you aren’t very active in the market.”

It’s impossible to say that people aren’t feeling uplifted about an economy that’s lifted 2,500,000 Americans out of poverty in a 3-year period. Despite these major improvements, Democrat presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren insists that the economy is working only for the wealthy. It’s dishonest to say that the economy is only working for the wealthy when 7,000,000 people have gotten lifted off of food stamps.

American markets have vastly outpaced the rest of the world. This exceptional growth is boosting 401(k)s, pensions, and college savings accounts for millions and millions of hardworking families. You hear so much about inequality and all of the differences and all of the problems. The single biggest benefactors of what we’ve done are middle-class workers and low-income families. It’s been amazing, actually.

This is what I’d hang my hat on:

Perhaps most importantly, after years of stagnation and decline, American wages, salaries, and incomes are rising very fast. Median household income is now at the highest level in the history of our country. The average median income under President Bush rose only $400 over an eight-year period. Under President Obama, it rose $975 over an eight-year period. And under my administration, it rose $5,000 over slightly more than just two and a half years. That’s a big difference.

That’s a very positive statistic. Certainly, President Trump’s predecessors didn’t come close to achieving in 8 years what he’s done in less than 3 years. Elizabeth Warren can yap all she wants about the economy only working for the rich. Middle-class people are feeling the effects of President Trump’s policies and they’re liking it.

So, we’ve achieved this stunning turnaround because we’ve adopted a new economic policy that finally puts America first. As President, I understand and embrace the fact that the world is a place of fierce competition. We’re competing against other nations for jobs and industry, growth and prosperity. Factories and businesses will always find a home. It’s up to us to decide whether that home will be in a foreign country, or right here in our country, our beloved USA. And that’s where we want them to stay, and be, and move to.

I wish Tim Walz was willing to learn this. Minnesota is getting its butt kicked by other states. But I digress. If this is the message that President Trump deploys on the campaign trail, he’ll win. Period.

It’s pretty obvious that the Do-Nothing Democrats are so locked in on impeachment that they’re willing to ignore ratifying a major trade agreement. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell highlighted the Do-Nothing Democrats unwillingness to get their work done in a speech on the Senate Floor:

By one analysis, twelve million American jobs are dependent upon trade with Mexico and Canada. Together they make up a $500 billion-dollar market for U.S. exports. So it’s no surprise that updating our trading relationships with both of our North American neighbors would stand to have a major positive effect on our economy. To be more specific, according to data from the International Trade Commission, the USMCA would generate about 176,000 new American jobs. It would pump nearly $70 billion into the U.S. economy. And the already massive markets for U.S. products would be expected to grow by tens of billions more.

For months, Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats have been claiming they notionally support this agreement and want to get to “yes.” But, month after month, this happy talk has seemingly led to no tangible progress, just more heel-dragging. Hardworking Kentuckians, people like our farmers and our cattlemen, keep writing to me, asking Congress to pass the USMCA. But Speaker Pelosi won’t make time for it. House Democrats have enough time to continue their three-year-old obsession with impeaching the president, but they cannot find the time to pass a landmark trade deal that would create 176,000 new American jobs. Just saying their priorities out loud indicates how backwards they are.”

Pelosi might get around to putting USMCA up for a vote. If she does, it’ll pass with overwhelming bipartisan support. Speaker Pelosi hates President Trump so much that she can’t stand the thought of giving him another legislative victory, especially one that strengthens an already-strong economy.

While Pelosi wastes time, the freshman Democrats sit silent out of sight. They’ve learned not to cross her. The candidates who swore that they wouldn’t vote for Pelosi as Speaker are now obedient Pelosi puppies. These aren’t moderate Democrats. They’re simply obedient to Pelosi.

Rest assured that this is Pelosi’s final term as Speaker. Republicans will pick up the 19 seats they need to retake the majority and then some.

Adding to a lengthy list of disruptions, Senate Democrats refused to fund the heroes in the US military. Do-Nothing Democrats, this time in the House of Representatives, refused to ratify the USMCA trade agreement. The trade agreement’s ratification would lift the economy significantly. That’s why Democrats don’t want to ratify it.

As for Democrats’ repeated attempts to paralyze the US military, they’re doing their best to cripple long-term planning by the Pentagon:

Last week, Senate Republicans had hoped to proceed to the urgent priority of funding our national defense. But for the second time in two months, Senate Democrats filibustered defense funding. They blocked the Senate from funding our armed forces.

Over the summer, the Speaker of the House and my colleague the Democratic Leader both signed on to a bipartisan, bicameral budget deal that Democrats hammered out with President Trump’s team. In order to avoid exactly the kind of partisan stalemate that we are now experiencing, and avoid a 12-bill omnibus, that agreement laid out specific topline numbers and ruled out poison pills.

With respect to presidential transfer authorities, the agreement specifically stated, quote, “current transfer funding levels and authorities shall be maintained. The President’s transfer authorities, as they relate to border funding or anything else, were to remain exactly as they existed in current law. The deal just preserved the status quo that was established by bipartisan legislation last fiscal year.

This just verifies as fact that Democrats can’t be trusted. Democrats agreed to specific provisions, especially in the DoD funding bill this past summer. Now, Democrats have reneged on their promises. This isn’t surprising. Anyone that’s watched Shifty Schiff knows that Democrats aren’t trustworthy.

These Democrats are owned by the Resistance, which is equal parts media and equal parts impeachment activists. Shame on the Democrats for putting partisanship ahead of the nation. These ‘party-first’ partisans don’t care about doing the right thing. Those partisan Democrats ahead of everything else. What a disgusting bunch.

Today, Senate Democrats did another stupid thing. Senate Democrats voted to filibuster the “funding for our national defense for the second time in two months.” Sen. McConnell continued, saying “This funding was agreed to in the bipartisan, bicameral deal that Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic Leader signed onto just a few months ago. But now they have walked away from the agreement they signed and filibustered funding for our military commanders.”

The fact that the Democrats reneged on the deal negotiated in good faith is troubling enough. Proving that their word is worthless on national security isn’t the look you want heading into a presidential election. That’s what Democrats are doing heading into 2020. Sen. McConnell didn’t stop there:

Over in the House, Speaker Pelosi continues to stall the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement. The USMCA would bring tens of billions in new commerce and create 176,000 new American jobs, but House Democrats would rather pursue political theater. So American workers and farmers are still waiting.

However, while our Democratic colleagues block these bipartisan priorities, at least they are not shy about what they do support. We’ve seen what Democrats prioritize. We remember the ‘Green New Deal’, an effort to grab unprecedented control over American families’ daily lives.

The Do-Nothing Democrats are at it again. Rather than ratifying the USMCA, the Do-Nothing Democrats can’t bring themselves to putting the nation first. They’d rather crush the US economy than give President Trump a victory. How sick is that?

Impeachment is fueled virtually entirely by anti-Trump animosity. Democrats already know that they won’t remove President Trump from office. Schiff’s charges don’t add up to high crimes and misdemeanors. That doesn’t matter because Schiff would do anything to impeach President Trump.

This Congress started with House Democrats insisting that they could “walk and chew gum at the same time.” At the halfway point, Senate Democrats are showing that they don’t want to get things done. This isn’t about anything except Democrats obeying their Resistance masters. Democrats ditched fighting for America months ago. Democrats just fight for progressives’ ideological victories.

That’s why these Democrats can’t be shamed into doing something as simple as supporting the military. These Democrats are outright losers.

I can’t say that Marc Thiessen is President Trump’s most diehard supporter. What I’ve known for quite awhile, though, is that he’s a fair-minded man who’s written some good stuff that supports President Trump. For instance, this article is outstanding.

Thiessen opens the article by saying “With three polls showing her in the lead, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., may soon eclipse former Vice President Joe Biden as the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination. That’s great news for Republicans, because Warren has a problem: The central message of her campaign is that the economy is working for the very wealthy but it is not working for ordinary Americans. Unfortunately for her, ordinary Americans disagree.

Next, Thiessen empties both barrels of the heaviest artillery:

A Marist poll asked voters whether “the economy is working well for you personally.” Nearly two-thirds of Americans said yes. This includes large majorities in almost every demographic group. Sixty-seven percent of college graduates and 64 percent of those without a college education say the economy is working for them. So do 68 percent of whites and 61 percent of nonwhite people.

So do Americans of every generation: 63 percent of Generation Z and millennials; 69 percent of Generation X; 63 percent of baby boomers; and 69 percent of Greatest Generation and Silent Generation voters. So do supermajorities in every region in the country: 60 percent in the West, 65 percent in the Northeast, 67 percent in the Midwest, and 68 percent in the South. So do most voters in every type of American community: 63 percent of both big and small city voters; 64 percent of small-town voters; 66 percent of rural voters and 72 percent of suburban voters.

Call me crazy but that sounds like an economy that’s working for tons of people. That doesn’t sound like an economy that’s just benefiting millionaires and billionaires. That sounds like an economy that’s benefiting pretty much everybody in pretty much every geographic part of the US. Then there’s this:

The only groups who disagree, Marist found, are progressives (59 percent), Democratic women (55 percent) and those who are liberal or very liberal (55 percent.

That figures. Those groups are filled with sourpusses.

There is a good reason for that. Unemployment is near a record low, and the United States has about 1.6 million more job openings than unemployed people to fill them. Not only are jobs plentiful, but wages are rising. And The New York Times reported in May that “over the past year, low-wage workers have experienced the fastest pay increases.”

It isn’t surprising that Democrats opened their debate talking impeachment:

Old-fashioned Democrats had an economic agenda that appealed to people from time-to-time. Today’s Democrats aren’t persuasive because their ideas sound like they’re from outer space. They couldn’t sell ice-cold Gatorade in a desert if their lives depended on it. Bernie Sanders brags that he’ll raise everyone’s taxes. Elizabeth Warren’s evasive replies prove that she’d raise taxes, too, though not as much as Bernie. Think of Elizabeth Warren as ‘Bernie Lite.’

The other way to think of Crazy Bernie and Pocahontas is to think of them as destructive to this fantastic economy. Their policies wouldn’t make life better for families. Their policies are just plain stupid.