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This article is definitely music to President Trump’s ears. The Bureau of Labor Statistics, aka the BLS, reports that “U.S. employers added 1.4 million jobs last month and the unemployment rate fell to 8.4%.” This isn’t just a recovery. To use President Trump’s terminology, it’s a rocketship recovery. In a campaign speech in Latrobe, PA, he said it isn’t just a V-shaped recovery. It’s a super-V. At its worst, the unemployment rate hit 14.7%. In the 4 months since, that rate dropped to 13.3%, then to 11.1%, then to 10.2%. This month’s unemployment rate dropped to 8.4%.

Despite that major drop in the unemployment rate, ABCNews did its best to characterize the drop this way:

The “unemployment rate dropped slightly”? Seriously? As usual, Ed Morrissey nails it with this analysis:

All in all, it’s a fantastic report, especially given the predictions of collapse when the CARES Act expired. There may still be some need for targeted stimulus, but it’s become clear that we do not need broad-based helicopter cash to keep the economy on track now. What we need is broad-based support for getting the rest of America reopened.

Earlier this week, the ADP report predicted a much smaller increase in jobs:

Private payroll growth came in well below expectations for August, according to a report Wednesday from ADP, whose job tallies have differed widely from the government’s during the coronavirus pandemic. Companies added 428,000 jobs during the month, well below the 1.17 million estimate from economists surveyed by Dow Jones though a leap above the lackluster 212,000 that ADP measured for July.

They were only off by 1,000,000 jobs created. There’s nothing disappointing or lackluster about August’s jobs report. This article takes an optimistic view of things:

“We are still moving in the right direction and the pace of the jobs recovery seems to have picked up, but it still looks like it will take a while, and likely a vaccine, before we get back close to where we were at the beginning of this year,” said Tony Bedikian, head of global markets at Citizens Bank. “We continue to be optimistic that the economy has turned a corner and that we’ll continue to see steady progress.

This isn’t good news for the Biden campaign. It isn’t good news for Nancy Pelosi’s negotiations on another stimulus package. This says that targeted relief is more in order rather than tons of cash just dropped indiscriminately to everyone.

Last week, 6 DFL mayors issued a statement that they were endorsing President Trump’s re-election. This week, 3 of those mayors officially endorsed Jason Lewis’s US Senate campaign. While both gentlemen still face uphill fights to win a statewide election in Minnesota, the odds keep improving.

One of the mayors that’s endorsed both the Trump-Pence ticket and Jason Lewis is Babbitt Mayor Andrea Zupancich. She joined with Virginia Mayor Larry Cuffe and Eveleth Mayor Robert Vlaisavljevich in a roundtable discussion with Lewis. After the event, Lewis said “I’ve been on the Iron Range countless times since launching our campaign a year ago and I’m proud to be back today chatting with outstanding leaders like these Mayors. I am humbled to have the support of Larry, Bob, and Andrea in my campaign to represent Minnesotans and the Iron Range in the United States Senate. It speaks volumes about how radical Democrats in D.C. and St. Paul have become when even lifelong Democrats here on the Iron Range are willing to stand up and endorse Republicans for federal offices.”

Mayor Zupancich was interviewed by Tammy Bruce Thursday night. Bruce was filling in for Laura Ingraham. Here’s that interview:

It’s long past time for the Iron Range to flip from bright blue to red. The DFL is controlled by the Metro DFL, which means anti-mining environmental activists. The DFL’s anti-mining activist wing of the party hate Iron Rangers. They tolerate Iron Rangers only to have a chance of holding House or Senate gavels.

This article highlights part of the letter endorsing President Trump:

“Today, we don’t recognize the Democratic Party. It has been moved so far to the left, it can no longer claim to be advocates of the working class. The hard-working Minnesotans that built their lives and supported their families here on the Range have been abandoned by radical Democrats. We didn’t choose to leave the Democratic Party, the party left us.”

President Reagan once historically said that he didn’t leave the Democrats, that they’d left him. The DFL isn’t the party representing farmers and laborers. The DFL has become the party that’s dominated by environmental activists and white collar elitists. Republicans now represent farmers and laborers.

I wrote here that President Trump won the 4 rural congressional districts by comfortable margins:

In 2016, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by a 54%-38% margin in Minnesota’s Eighth District. That year, In 2016, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by a 61%-31% margin in Minnesota’s 7th District. Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by a 52%-38% margin in Minnesota’s First District. Finally, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by a 59%-38% margin in Minnesota’s Sixth District.

It’s time to recognize the GOP as the Blue Collar Party. These Iron Range mayors reflect that change.

Tons of bandwidth has been consumed talking about President Trump. I won’t waste time talking about who has momentum, who’s getting defensive or the usual horserace chatter. Instead, I’ll write about the important stuff, as reported by Salena Zito, the best grassroots political reporter of my lifetime.

Salena’s latest report highlights why President Trump will win this presidential election. The article starts by saying “On Nov. 9, 2016, Rick Potter was driving to the airport, having spent the last two weeks in Western Pennsylvania campaigning for Donald Trump, when his phone rang. Jerry Morgan, a longtime Republican grassroots strategist, was on the line. “Potter, I’m glad I caught you,” he said. “I’ve been up all night long, analyzing the results from Pennsylvania. We won by less than 1 percent, 40,000 votes. I’m absolutely convinced if the Mighty American Strike Force had not been here for the past 15 days Trump would not have carried Pennsylvania.”

The RNC’s GOTV operation is massive. This time 4 years ago, the RNC supplied the GOTV troops. This time around, President Trump and then-Campaign Manager Brad Parscale started putting together a 2,000,000-volunteer army for getting out the vote back around the start of the Mueller investigation. This is the nonglamorous part of campaigns but it’s the most important part of winning campaigns.

It isn’t that Democrats don’t have a GOTV operation. It’s that the Mighty American Strike Force has a different method for campaigning:

But Potter believes his group is different. “There is something that sets our volunteers apart from other volunteers and that is their personal passion,” he said. “They are willing to pay their own way to travel to these states, pay for their own hotels, and get up at the crack of dawn to make the calls and knock the doors sometimes for 18 hours of every day for 15 days. That kind of commitment shines through when they talk to people they are trying to persuade.”

President Trump is a different type of campaigner, too. Nothing about him says ‘typical politician.’ Everything about him says ‘let’s get things done.’ In a nation that’s thirsty for someone to roll up their sleeves and put the American people first, President Trump isn’t a difficult product to sell. That’s why, I think, why President Trump always attracts big crowds.

We are likely just 28+ days away from Nancy Pelosi’s Shutdown. She’s been in a fowl mood all year for multiple reasons. It started with impeachment, which helped Republicans. Next, Ms. Pelosi ripped up her copy of President Trump’s State of the Union Address:

After that, Pelosi told people to visit Chinatown even though COVID had started spreading human-to-human:

Next, Pelosi tried stuffing the COVID relief bill with lots of Democrat wish list items. She wound up getting a little extra funding for the Kennedy Center. When the COVID 2.0 relief bill was passed out of the Senate, Pelosi got caught on TV talking about her favorite ice creams:

Next, Pelosi thought that she’d hurt Trump with the George Floyd Riots. That turned out to be wishful thinking. Law and order turned out to be a majore net plus for President Trump. It still is. She’s still trying to play hardball over the next COVID relief bill. Thus far, that hasn’t gone well for Ms. Pelosi.

Knowing that Ms. Pelosi a) often misreads the room and b) doesn’t like getting humiliated, there’s a high profile bill that needs to pass just after the first presidential debate — the bill to fund the government for the next year. I’m betting she’s willing to shut down the government. In fact, I’m betting she’s planning on blaming the shutdown on President Trump.

The problem with that strategy is that President Trump, Sen. McConnell, Secretary Mnuchin and Chief of Staff Meadows are likely anticipating this gambit. They’ll have a reasonable option available. When Pelosi tries blaming her shutdown on Trump, he’ll be able to take to the world’s biggest megaphone and highlight his plan. It won’t take long for congressional Democrats in swing districts to bail on Pelosi.

Without a PR stunt, Pelosi is likely to lose her speaker’s gavel. What does she have to lose at this point?

This Politico article is what happens when outsiders write about Minnesota in the context of this year’s presidential election. The first tip-off that the reporter is either ill-informed or dishonest comes when he says “Interviews with more than a dozen officials and strategists from both parties in recent days depict a state in which Joe Biden is leading, but where the president is making inroads in rural Minnesota.” That’s BS.

In 2016, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by a 54%-38% margin in Minnesota’s Eighth District. That year, In 2016, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by a 61%-31% margin in Minnesota’s 7th District. Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by a 52%-38% margin in Minnesota’s First District. Finally, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by a 59%-38% margin in Minnesota’s Sixth District.

The point is that President Trump already dominates rural Minnesota. When you dominate each of the rural districts, you’re past the “making inroads” stage. I agree with the writer on this:

He’s still preoccupied with his near-miss four years later. “One more speech, I would have won,” Trump told a crowd recently in Mankato, a small college town in southern Minnesota. “It was so close.”

This time, his campaign has poured staff into the state, creating an operational footprint that Democrats only recently eclipsed. He reserved millions of dollars in TV time for a fall ad blitz, and seized on protests following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the state’s liberal stronghold, as a springboard for his broader law-and-order campaign.

President Trump won’t win the Twin Cities vote. He doesn’t need to, though he needs to do well in the suburbs. President Trump’s law-and-order message will play well in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the suburbs. School choice is shaping up to be the sleeper issue in the Twin Cities. If President Trump pounds that message, he’ll have a strong shot at winning Minnesota.

Joe Biden’s flip-flop factory worked overtime yesterday. During his speech in Pittsburgh, Biden emphatically stated “I am not banning fracking. Let me say that again: I am not banning fracking no matter how many times Donald Trump lies about me.”

Joe thinks we’re stupid. People paying attention know that he’s repeatedly stated that he’s willing to ban fracking. This video highlights what he said yesterday in Pittsburgh with things he said during the Democrats’ presidential debates:

C’mon man, Joe. That video doesn’t depict President Trump lying about Joe Biden’s ever-shifting positions on fracking. That’s Mr. Biden repeatedly flip-flopping on the issue of fracking. Blaming President Trump for things Mr. Biden said himself isn’t a portrait in accountability. It’s a portrait in excuse-making. Coming to think of it, Mr. Biden dishonestly accused President Trump for not taking responsibility for President Trump’s decisions.

As disgusting as Mr. Biden’s flip-flops were, they weren’t the worst part of Mr. Biden’s speech. Mollie Hemingway’s article highlights Mr. Biden plagiarizing Vice President Pence’s speech. First, here’s what Biden said yesterday:

Rioting is not protesting. Looting is not protesting. Setting fires is not protesting. None of this is protesting.

Next, this is what Vice President Pence said in his acceptance speech last Thursday:

President Trump and I will always support the right of Americans to peaceful protest, but rioting and looting is not peaceful protest; tearing down statues is not free speech. And those who do so will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Joe Biden’s plagiarism knows no limits, as this videotape proves:

Let’s summarize these videotapes. What they prove is that Joe Biden is disgustingly dishonest, a serial plagiarist and a candidate that’s willing to say anything when he’s in political hot water. Joe Biden didn’t deliver his speech on riots because stopping rioting is a priority for him. Biden delivered that speech because a bunch of Democrat consultants told him he was slipping in the battleground states because he’d ignored the rioting.

Joe Bidewn is a cheap fake, a say-anything career politician. Democrats prefer that type of politician.

Last week, Joe Biden started a new Democrat talking point when he said that the violence happening in Portland, Seattle, Chicago and Kenosha was happening in Donald Trump’s America. It’s an absurd statement on multiple levels but let’s look at it starting with the most obvious part.

For months, literally, President Trump has offered to help end the rioting and bloodshed in Portland and Chicago. In both instances, the mayors rejected President Trump’s offers of help. Here’s how Lightfoot reacted to President Trump’s offer of help:

“This morning the Tribune editorial board urged me to be more collaborative with President Trump. And surely those well meaning people cannot be that naive. President Trump’s attention to Chicago is transparently political,” Lightfoot said Monday afternoon during a press conference announcing investment in Auburn Gresham and North Lawndale.

It’s absurd to blame President Trump for Chicago’s violence, partly because Lightfoot emphatically turned him down repeatedly. Democrats now insist that President Trump wants violence to increase:

Joe Biden isn’t trustworthy. It isn’t just that he isn’t honest. It’s that he’s ignoring facts:

President Trump isn’t playing politics. He’s trying to fix a mess. For Biden to say that Trump is acting like career politicians (like himself) is insulting. Over the past 4 years, people have seen President Trump put the people first rather than putting Washington, DC first. I don’t expect the Swamp Media to trust him but I expect real people living out in America’s heartland to trust him.

President Trump’s America is chaotic because he’s getting important things done. Life in Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago or Ted Wheeler’s Portland is hell on earth because neither has shown a bit of leadership.

Finally, it’s rich for Biden to say that President Trump is cheering for increased violence when Democrat mayors in Washington, DC and NYC took time to paint Black Lives Matter murals on the streets of their cities. Who’s the people cheering for increased violence now? The evidence is clear:

Demorats sided with BLM, the people that rioted in Minneapolis and Atlanta. They can’t now say that they’ve opposed violence from the start. President Trump has opposed violence since the first day of the George Floyd Riots. It doesn’t get more consistent than that.

We’re already seeing the Trump bounce. The battleground states have tightened further. President Trump’s approval rating improved during the DNC. The RNC put on one of the best conventions in history. That’s because they featured real people telling their stories of how President Trump’s legislative and executive actions improved their lives.

As is always the case, Salena Zito has paid the price in tires, interviews and penmanship in this article. This time, Salena interviews Trump campaign workers in Ohio’s Mahoning Valley. What’s in the article should be taught for decades to come. For instance, she wrote “Outside the Trump headquarters, the door here opens and closes repeatedly as supporters old and new make their way into their office to pick up a sign, or three for their yards, a Trump face mask, and, more often than not, offer to help the effort.” Then she wrote this:

“I’ve been at this since 1992 in some capacity or the other, and I’ve never seen anything like this,” explained Tom McCabe, the county party chairman, emphasizing the last two words as he points to the busy office and packed parking lot.

Show up to watch, and you cannot miss the brisk activity. Show up and listen, and you cannot miss the enthusiasm. McCabe is also blown away by the efficiency, investment, and bodies the Trump campaign has placed here in Mahoning for person-to-person voter contact.

“We’ve always told our candidates over the years, if you’re going to do one thing, it’s your shoe effort, and you knock on doors,” he said. “It’s that personal contact, because that retail poll ticks with door-to-door. And what we saw this time is different than in ’16.” He added that at times “’16 was a little chaotic because the Trump team didn’t have that organization.”

The enthusiasm gap is visible. So is the tightening of this race. That tells you the what. This speech tells you the why:

President Trump hasn’t changed the GOP. He’s transformed it. He’s constantly fighting for the forgotten men and women that past admininstrations from both parties ignored. That’s why this will happen:

Trump did not win ‘the valley,’ but he came shockingly close. Clinton won the county with 49% of the vote; Trump had 46.9%. In contrast, four years earlier, President Barack Obama crushed Mitt Romney by 28 percentage points, earning more than 63% of Mahoning County’s vote. This time, Republicans plan on making the shift whole. If Trump flips the county, it will become the poster child for the slow drift of the working class into the Republican Party.

If President Trump completes the shift, Mahoning won’t be the only county doing that. If other like-minded counties find President Trump appealing, he’ll win by a bigger EV margin than he won with in 2016.

Sracic explains Biden’s inconsistency on trade is a big part of the problem, “He is running ‘Buy America’ ads now but voted for Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China and NAFTA.” That kind of flippant pandering does not earn voters back.

“One of the mistakes people make when talking about places like the Mahoning Valley is that we think of Trump’s supporters as down-and-out white voters with no college degree who the globalized economy has passed by. Well, that’s a bit of a distorted image,” said Sracic. “While many of Trump’s voters may lack a college degree, that doesn’t mean they don’t work for or maybe even own a small business, for example, a landscaping business or HVAC repair company. They appreciate the Trump administration’s pushback on costly regulations,” he said.

The Democrats’ disdain for blue collar voters is evidenced in this infamous video:

I’ve said this since the start of the faux impeachment investigation but I’ll repeat it again. Whether you call it Flyover Country, the Rust Belt or America’s Heartland, that part of the nation is lost to the Democrats at the presidential level for the forseeable future. The Democrats’ elitist attitudes sink them like Bloomberg’s elitist attitude sinks him.

If you haven’t noticed, the Iron Range is changing. When Vice President Pence visited Duluth Friday, he took the stage with 6 Iron Range mayors. That would’ve been unthinkable in 2008.

It’s taken time to transition from DFL domination to where we’re at today but it’s worth it. It’s just a matter of time before the Iron Range delegation to the state legislature changes. When that happens, Republicans will cement their majorities in the Minnesota legislature.

“There’s many people in northern Minnesota who truly are Republicans,” Two Harbors Mayor Chris Swanson said, describing a blurring of what had once been solid Democrat country. “They truly understand what’s going on.” Swanson joined five other Range mayors in timing their Trump endorsement with Pence’s arrival at the Clure Public Marine Terminal.

This is telling:

Former Duluth Mayor Gary Doty was also pointed out of the crowd by Pence, for being another Democrat who has swung in favor of Trump. Afterward, Doty explained he was a Democratic-Farmer-Labor office-holder in the state Legislature in the 1970s, but held a series of nonpartisan offices after that. He’s always prided himself on being independent, he said.

“I come from a DFL family and many of them still are,” Doty said. “My dad was the head of the Teamsters and the things he fought for, jobs, benefits and working men and women, the Democratic party has lost that. They’ve gone so far left I can’t support the Democratic ticket this year.”

Environmental activists run the Metro DFL. The Metro DFL runs the DFL — for the time being. When Susan Kent defeated Tom Bakk to become the Senate Minority Leader, it signalled that the Metro DFL was asserting control. When Jen McEwen humiliated Erik Simonson in the SD-7 primary, the DFL sent the unmistakable message that support for mining in the DFL had finally evaporated.

Support for the Democrats is shrinking in Minneapolis, thanks to the Minneapolis City Council, which is 100% DFL, voting to eliminate the Minneapolis Police Department. Republicans already dominate rural/exurban Minnesota. With President Trump emphasizing school choice, the Trump-Pence ticket has a legitimate shot at flipping Minnesota into the red column.

Now that President Trump has accepted the Republicans’ nomination for another 4 years in the White House, it’s time to attempt to capture the essence of President Trump’s acceptance speech. Personally, I’m somewhat at a loss for words. Thankfully, the WFB’s Matthew Continetti wrote a nice summarization of President Trump’s speech. In his article, Continetti wrote “President Trump accepted the Republican nomination Thursday night with his family flanking him on a dais constructed atop the South Lawn of the White House. His speech hit all the marks of Trump-ism. He said Joe Biden was inept and a vehicle for the socialist left, described how he’s fulfilled the MAGA agenda, and reasserted his opposition to political correctness. ‘We are not a nation of timid spirits,’ he said. ‘We are a nation of fierce, proud, and independent patriots.'”

Continetti then closed the article, saying “All of a sudden, legitimate concerns about racial equity and social justice are transmuted into justifications for vandalism, theft, violence, cancellation, and ostracization. Random communities—Kenosha, Wis., diners in Washington—become sites of revolution, rebuke, and disorder. This cannot last. What Trump offers isn’t so much the end of the chaos—federalism and prudence circumscribe his sphere of action—but at least a rhetorical and gestural rebuke of the idea that my country was originally, and fatally, diseased. It was not. I love my country, and the Constitution, and the principles that animated its Founders. And I don’t think I’m alone. The Republican convention did a good job of demonstrating that white, black, Hispanic, and Asian Americans agree. What Donald Trump has done is reframe the 2020 election as a referendum on the American idea. And Joe Biden might not know how to answer.”

FNC’s Chris Wallace thought that President Trump’s speech went too long. It’s true that the speech lasted 70 minutes. That being said, it was perfect in the sense that President Trump hit all of the themes for the fall campaign — law and order, the economy, the China Virus and criticizing Joe Biden. Nothing brought the law and order theme home better than Ann Dorn, the widow of St. Louis Police Capt. David Dorn, who lost his life while defending a friend’s store. Here’s Ann Dorn’s presentation:

President Trump will hit Joe Biden hard on the law and order issue this fall, just like he hit Biden hard during his acceptance speech Thursday night:

President Trump has Democrats on the ropes as a result of this week’s convention. Thursday, the Biden-Harris campaign announced that Biden will travel this fall to battleground states. Last week, when asked if he could win from his basement, Biden replied “We will.”