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I’m dealing with Joe Biden’s BS op-ed so you won’t have to read it. Actually, it’s highly likely that Biden didn’t write it. I’m not certain that he’s capable of stringing 3 consecutive coherent sentences together at this point.

The staffer’s op-ed opens by saying “The coronavirus, to date, has taken the lives of more than 79,000 Americans. One of every 5 U.S. workers has filed for unemployment, with the unemployment rate now the highest since the Great Depression. It is an extraordinary moment, the kind that begs for urgent, steady, empathetic, unifying leadership.”

Let’s deal with the urgency issue first. Just 10 days after the first human-to-human case was reported in the United States, President Trump issued a travel ban with Chine, though he brought home 40 U.S. nationals from China, which he was obligated to do. President Trump’s State Department worked tirelessly to get these U.S. nationals home. Upon arriving home, these people were quarantined immediately.

Meanwhile, Urgent Joe Biden criticized the decision:

“We need to lead the way with science, not Donald Trump’s record of hysteria, xenophobia, and fear-mongering,” he wrote. “He is the worst possible person to lead our country through a global health emergency.”

Where’s the urgency, Joe? All I hear is a politician attempting to sound relevant — and not doing a very good job of it. Next, let’s talk about how Andrew Cuomo, New York’s Democrat governor, found himself out of bed space and ventilators. President Trump rescued him on both counts. He ordered the Army Corps of Engineers to turn the Javits Center into a 2,900-bed hospital. Then he ordered the U.S. Navy to equip the USNS Comfort for additional bed space. This was expected to take 3-4 weeks. It took the Navy 4 days to properly equip the Comfort and send it to New York Harbor. Meanwhile, that harbor wasn’t deep enough to let the ship in so the Army Corps of Engineers went to work and made the harbor deep enough. Again, this was done in “Trump Time”, a phrase first coined by Trump Trade Adviser Peter Navarro:

Then Trump assigned Navarro the task of getting ventilators manufactured:

“In under 11 days, GM sourced materials, converted a manufacturing facility and trained a workforce to build life-saving ventilators in Kokomo, IN.”

Meanwhile, the Obama-Biden administration didn’t replace the ventilators used during the H1N1 crisis. That crisis happened in 2009. Talk about lacking urgency.

In a crisis, give me a leader who gets the important things done immediately over a man with empathy, whatever that means. President Trump fits that description perfectly. Is he a little rough around the edges? Yup. Does he get the important things done in “Trump Time”? That’s his specialty.

The truth is that everyone wants America to reopen as soon as possible — claiming otherwise is completely absurd. Governors from both parties are doing their best to make that happen, but their efforts have been slowed and hampered because they haven’t gotten the tools, resources and guidance they need from the federal government to reopen safely and sustainably.

That’s BS. Here in Minnesota, the people have dragged Tim Walz kicking and screaming to open the economy just a little. In Michigan and Illinois, Democrat Governors Gretchen Whitmer and J.B. Pritzker are still trying to keep their economies closed. They’ve been hampered by themselves, not the federal government. That’s before talking about Democrat Governors Cuomo and Murphy. They’re in a class all of their own.

Biden suffers from Obama Disease. That’s when you see things as you want to see them instead of seeing things as they actually are. It isn’t lethal but it’s crippling.

It’s fair to ask if Democrats are reaching the wrong conclusion. At this point, a legitimate argument can be sustained that the pundits aren’t reading things right. Chris Cillizza’s article highlights the latest Gallup Poll, which finds that “Trump’s job approval is back to 49%, matching the highest it’s ever been, while his disapproval is at 47%. That marks a 6-point improvement on Trump’s approval number from the last Gallup tracking poll. And that improvement comes exclusively from independents, 47% of whom now approve of the job Trump is doing, the best he has ever done among that group in Gallup polling.”

One way to look at this data is by eliminating the partisans from both sides, then focus on independent voters. Independent voters aren’t tied to ideology. They’re focused on who’s solving problems and who’s looking to taking the next step in ending this China-induced nightmare. That’s clearly been President Trump. I won’t dispute the fact that President Trump’s made mistakes. In a crisis, that’s inevitable. Still, his mistakes have happened while trying to move the nation to a better place. He’s worked hard in getting more ventilators built. He’s built hospital space in California, New Jersey and New York. Testing has increased dramatically. He’s working on changing supply chains from relying on China to relying on domestic manufacturers.

That’s before talking about the things he’s done to reopen the economy. That’s a lengthy list, too, especially including the PPP and the relief payments. He’s advocating for reopening the economy quickly but safely. He doesn’t always agree with the scientists but he isn’t ignoring them, either. That’s reading the American people right. Then there’s this:

The Point: Be wary of conventional wisdom. Especially when it concerns Trump.

If ever there was a president that shouldn’t be underestimated, President Trump is that president. Let’s remember all of the ground game that the Trump campaign built before the COVID pandemic. That volunteer army hasn’t disappeared. That GOTV machine is still intact. At this point, the Biden campaign’s social media game, to use Larry Jacobs’ phrase, is just starting spring training. Meanwhile, figuratively speaking, the Trump campaign is working on its 6-pack abs for the summer.

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a million times. Yeah, that politician is crooked but they’re all crooks. That’s disheartening. What’s worst is that it’s a defeatist attitude. I’m planting a stake in the ground and saying ‘No more!’ If our president is willing to fight against the Swamp, and he’s definitely willing, then it’s time for people of integrity from all political persuasions to join him in saying No More!

There’s nothing more Swamp-like than the upper echelon (singular, not plural) of the FBI. Republicans Jim Jordan and Michael Johnson have put FBI Director Christopher Wray on notice that they intend to interview “a mysterious FBI agent, Joe Pientka” in connection with the perjury trap crafted against Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. Expect Democrats to attack Jim Jordan and Mike Johnson for impugning the reputation of the FBI. Spare me the dramatics.

Democrats, starting with Adam Schiff, (D-Calif.), have launched one defense of the FBI after another. The infamous Schiff Memo was demolished by the Horowitz Report. The Schiff Memo said that “FBI and DOJ officials did not ‘abuse’ the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act process, omit material information, or subvert this vital tool to spy on the Trump campaign.”

The Horowitz Report determined the exact opposite. In fact, the Horowitz Report went further than that:

The Justice Department inspector general’s report contradicted Schiff’s defense. It listed 17 significant omissions and errors that the FBI made in the Carter Page surveillance warrants, including derogatory information about Steele and at least one of his sources.

Then there’s this:

The key claim in the Nunes memo, that the Steele dossier “formed an essential part of the Carter Page FISA application”, is backed up by the inspector general’s report. The inspector general also faulted the FBI for failing to tell the surveillance court that Steele told a Justice Department official, Bruce Ohr, that he was “desperate” in September 2016 to see Donald Trump lose the election.

Don’t expect Mssrs. Jordan and Johnson to relent. Here’s why:

Pientka was conspicuously removed from the FBI’s website after Fox News contacted the FBI about his extensive role in Crossfire Hurricane Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) matters, a change first noticed by Twitter user Techno Fog, but sources say Pientka remains in a senior role at the agency’s San Francisco field office.

This is what the Democrats’ pushback will look like:

The Horowitz Report utterly demolished the Schiff Memo. I’ve listed some of the specifics. The fact is that Pientka, Wray, Comey, McCabe and Strzok all need to testify. Further, it’s worth noting that field agents wanted to close Crossfire Razor, the name for the operation against Gen. Flynn. Strzok ordered it to stay open.

Here’s a question that hasn’t been posed to Strzok, Comey or Wray: why would field officers who interviewed Gen. Flynn want to shut the operation down but a suit from the 7th Floor overrule the field officers? The Swamp must be drained. The Swamp’s defenders must be defeated ASAP. Keeping gavels in Pelosi’s and Schiff’s hands is protecting the Comey/Strzok/Wray of the FBI Building. That isn’t acceptable.

While some corrupt Democrats insist that the released Flynn documents aren’t a smoking gun, fair-minded Democrats say the opposite. Norman Eisen, the apologist for corrupt Democrats, wrote that “A review of these internal FBI communications, however, shows none of the wrongdoing that Mr. Trump would like to see. But no matter: The mischaracterization of these documents as evidence of FBI misconduct, and by extension, absolution of Mr. Flynn, signals that the president will escalate his abuses of power in the run-up to the 2020 election.” That’s quite a trick. A hand-written note from Bill Priestap asked “What is our goal? Truth/Admission or to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired?” The FBI should be in the business of investigating crimes, not manufacturing crimes that they hope to use to impeach and remove a president they don’t like.

Mr. Eisen, it’s sad that you don’t recognize corruption when you see it. Eisen wrote “The Michael Flynn scandal was one of the first to reveal the pattern of lawlessness that has characterized the Trump administration. In December 2016, Mr. Flynn, in a phone call, successfully implored Russia to moderate retaliation against the United States for sanctions imposed because of the attack on U.S. elections. The conduct raised serious questions under the Logan Act, which prohibits private parties from conducting U.S. foreign policy.”

Flynn wasn’t a private citizen at that point. He had already been named President-Elect Trump’s National Security Adviser. Calling foreign ambassadors is what NSAs do as part of their job. Mark Penn has a different opinion of what Priestap’s hand-written note represents:

The new documents are in effect the “smoking gun” proving that a cabal at the FBI acted above the law and with extreme political bias, targeting people for prosecution rather than investigating crimes.

Then Penn wrote this:

The principal evidence that prompted the FBI to open the overall investigation into Trump has been definitively determined to be the Steele dossier. We now know, based on recently disclosed footnotes in the Horowitz report, that the dossier was discredited by its own sources and may even have been deliberate Russian disinformation. After receiving this information, the FBI’s top brass, even after learning that the dossier was paid for by the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign, opened a broad investigation into Trump and his campaign.

What was this “broad investigation” predicated on? The fact that the Steele Dossier was Russian disinformation? Was the FBI attracted to it because its authors discredited the report? Former federal prosecutor Trey Gowdy was visibly upset when what the Priestap note represented:

I’ll take the thoughts of a former federal prosecutor over the words of a Democrat political operative anytime. Eisen is a Democrat political hack. Trey Gowdy is a former federal prosecutor who never lost a case in his career.

Anyone that trusts the MSM hasn’t paid attention to the COVID-19 briefings. At yesterday’s COVID-19 briefing, New Yorker correspondent Olivia Nuzzi asked President Trump a question. She asked “If more Americans died in the last six weeks than the entirety of the Vietnam War, do you deserve to be re-elected?”

Rather than take the bait, President Trump responded by a) touting the decision to shut off travel with China, b) praising the work of Vice President Trump’s task force and c) talking about how the US is “lapping the world” in terms of testing.

It isn’t surprising that that Q & A was the last exchange of the briefing. It isn’t surprising that former Bush Administration Press Secretary Ari Fleischer took to Twitter to criticize Nuzzi. What’s surprising is how harsh he was in criticizing her:

In a very lady-like reply (if that lady is Nancy Pelosi, AOC or Hillary), Nuzzi replied this way:

If Nuzzi was a US senator, Mazie Hirono would praise her. For those who’ve forgotten Sen. Hirono, here’s a reminder of who she is:

Nuzzi and Hirono give witches a bad name. They almost make Nancy Pelosi look pleasant.

President Trump has instructed the U.S. Navy to “shoot down and destroy” any Iranian gunboats harassing American ships. If the Iranian Navy has a death wish, the U.S. Navy should help them meet their 72 virgins.

According to the article, six “U.S. Navy warships were conducting drills with US Army Apache attack helicopters in international waters off Iran last Wednesday when they were repeatedly harassed by 11 Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Navy vessels, the U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet reported. The Iranian ships repeatedly crossed in front and behind the U.S. vessels at extremely close range and high speeds, including multiple crossings of one ship, the Puller, with a 50-yard closest point of approach and within 10 yards of another ship, the Maui’s, bow, a 5th Fleet statement said.”

They’ve been warned multiple times. If this persists, Persian Gulf recreational divers will get new shipwrecks to explore. President Trump issued this tweet to announce his decision:

The Navy said that the Iranian’s dangerous and provocative actions “increased the risk of miscalculation and collision” and were in violation of international maritime “rules of the road.” The Navy also said they were not in accordance with international law to act safely with other vessels in the area.
The incident last week came one day after Iranian gunmen stormed a Hong Kong-flagged tanker in the Strait of Hormuz before quickly leaving when they learned the vessel was from China.

The Iranian Navy has been put on notice. What happens next is their decision.

While Nancy Pelosi didn’t create the current recession, it’s certain that she’s responsible for extending it. First, the recession started because of the COVID-19 virus that was spread by China because they weren’t transparent about how infectious the virus is. The Chinese Communist Party, aka the CCP, is still hiding information from the world. They’re still lying, too.

That being said, Nancy Pelosi has twice caused tons of economic harm that didn’t have to happen. First, there was bipartisan agreement on a relief package in the Senate. Meanwhile, the House left on recess. Pelosi returned to DC and immediately insisted on a ton of demands that had nothing to do with COVID-19. She held that original bill hostage for a week. That’s the bill that created the Payroll Protection Program, aka the PPP. After a week of holding small businesses hostage, Pelosi settled for $25,000,000 in funding for the Kennedy Center and funding for the National Endowment for the Humanities and funding for the National Endowment for the Arts.

This time, Pelosi is holding Blue Collar America hostage again. The PPP ran out of money. Senate Democrats objected to Sen. McConnell’s bill for a supplemental appropriation of $250,000,000,000 to the PPP after it ran out of money. Again, Pelosi wasn’t in DC searching for a solution. She was in her San Francisco mansion showing off her “two Wolf Sub-Zero refrigerator-freezers.”

Speaker Gingrich wrote that “my wife Callista knew what a Wolf Sub-Zero refrigerator was, but I sure did not. I Googled it. Wolf’s own description is: ‘Find the best luxury refrigerators for your needs with Sub-Zero full-size stainless steel or custom panel refrigerators, freezers and undercounter refrigerators.’ They range in price up to $20,000-plus.” Then Speaker Gingrich added this:

While many Americans were gathered around their Easter tables praying and wondering what they would do without income or a job, Pelosi was blocking small business support and wondering what she would have done without ice cream. By the way, you, too, can get the ice cream she was bragging about having delivered – five pints for $58 before tax.

Pelosi could’ve signaled that she was ok with topping off the PPP account via unanimous consent and this crisis could’ve been averted. Loans could’ve still been approved. Payrolls could’ve been met without interruption. Lives wouldn’t have to have been disrupted for something that wasn’t an urgent need.

Blue Collar America has had their lives disrupted unnecessarily because Ms. Pelosi couldn’t resist the opportunity to play partisan politics yet another time. Lives hang in the balance but Ms. Pelosi thinks that it’s a game. This quickly puts things into perspective:

What makes the Pelosi attitude so infuriating is the fact that the small business payroll protection plan has worked far better than anyone thought possible. The Small Business Administration, working with the nation’s banks, has gotten nearly $350 billion into the economy in 14 days. Before the Trump administration, $30 billion in an entire year was a major SBA effort. Now, it had managed to loan $349 billion in two weeks.

There’s a book that I gave to my brother as a Christmas present years ago titled “Nothing else like it in the World”, written by Stephen Ambrose. It’s the history of how the Transcontinental Railroad was built in the 19th Century. America is still that amazing place, though it’s changed some. This video captures my sentiments perfectly:

Ari Fleischer nailed it by saying that “It all comes from freedom, capitalism and innovation.” The default position of the United States is growth, innovation and the occasional miracle that stuns the world. A friend of mine from Fingerhut was one of the most optimistic people I’ve ever met. He had a little sign in his office that fits this situation perfectly. It said “The difficult, we do immediately. The impossible takes a little bit longer.”

We’re still that people — when politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Tim Walz and other Democrats get out of the way.

Apparently, Nancy Pelosi isn’t interested in doing the right thing for Blue Collar America. Apparently, Pelosi is just interested in telling whoppers and criticizing President Trump with those whoppers. Her appearance on Fox News Sunday turned into a full-fledged negative campaign ad against President Trump.

The first question she was asked was about how long she was prepared to hold out on funding PPP. Pelosi replied “Well, I think we’re on a very good path. First of all, I support the CARES Act. We’re very pleased to be able to turn it from a corporate, trickle down bill to a worker’s first bubble up and support the PPP, the Paycheck Protection Program in there.” What type of BS is she spinning? President Trump, from Day One, wanted all workers to be protected. Now she’s insisting that Democrats who dragged Republicans kicking and screaming to the table? Pelosi is a liar. She’s holding Blue Collar America hostage while the PPP sits empty. You can’t be Blue Collar America’s hero while you deprive them of paychecks.

Further, when the PPP was first created, Pelosi wasn’t even in DC. She was in her San Francisco mansion eating her $12-per-half-pint ice cream. Nothing says ‘I love Blue Collar America’ like eating expensive ice cream while workers go without paychecks.

And so as they have committed the money that is there, we want to add more money there. It is very urgent though that we support our — our police and fire, our healthcare workers, our nurses, our teachers and that’s what the state and local government is about is meeting the needs of the coronavirus. And everything that we’re doing is about the corona virus, understand that. We’re not going afield on any other thing.

Still, no mention of funding the PPP during the interview. Does Pelosi really think that President Trump will say no to helping out firefighters, the police, etc.? If Pelosi’s Democrats think that, then they’re too stupid to run committees. If legitimate sensible Democrats still exist, they need to challenge Pelosi. We’ve been told that Tim Ryan is a centrist Democrat. Where’s he in this fight? We’re told that Seth Moulton is a centrist Democrat. Where is he in all this? Ryan and Moulton both ran for president so they’ve got supporters. Ryan is said to be a blue collar guy. Prove it. Pelosi isn’t helping Blue Collar America.

If Democrats won’t stand up to Pelosi, then centrist Democrats don’t exist anymore. If that’s the case, then it’s time to throw the socialists out in November.

According to this article, Tim Walz, our not-that-loved DFL governor, is puzzled about why President Trump tweeted this on Friday:

Jason Lewis, the Republicans’ candidate for US Senate in Minnesota, tweeted this reply:

The last report that I’d heard was that Minnesota had 2,213 confirmed COVID-19 infections, with 121 fatalities; 222 people were hospitalized, with 105 in ICUs. This search says that 76 of Minnesota’s 87 counties have had confirmed infections. Of those counties with infections, 24 counties have a dozen or more confirmed infections. The three counties that St. Cloud sits in (Benton, Sherburne and Stearns) have a combined 32 confirmed infections and no fatalities. It’s worth noticing that I didn’t say that St. Cloud had 32 confirmed infections.

A paltry 14 Minnesota counties have 25 or more confirmed infections. Can Gov. Walz explain why the other 73 counties aren’t open? Here’s a map showing Minnesota’s population by county:

In terms of confirmed infections, Scott County, Wright County and Stearns County have 23, 23 and 16. That ranks them T-15, T-15 and 22, respectively. Population-wise, Stearns ranks 7th in population, Scott County ranks 9th and Wright ranks 10th, respectively. Why aren’t those counties open?

Opening those counties doesn’t mean you relax social distancing guidelines. It means that you open them with warnings of great caution still intact. Gov. Walz said he doesn’t understand why Minnesota was criticized by President Trump. That’s easy to explain. I’d point him to Jim Abeler’s speech. Specifically, I’d point Gov. Walz to this part of the speech:

Minnesota families are interested in the safety of their neighbors and their town. They are deeply frightened about Covid-19 for their elders, their families, and themselves. And it shows. They are good people. They care about Minnesota as much as you do. These are the locals who contribute to the middle school girls’ softball team. The ones who always give a door prize for the church bazaar. The Rotarians who always seek to help others. The people who make me proud to know them.

That’s the most important thing for Gov. Walz to understand. Trusting in the people, now, is the right thing to do. Then I’d point him to this part of Sen. Abeler’s speech:

Main Street is dying. It’s little mom and pop stores aren’t powerful corporations. They can’t pay their bills. My Anoka Chamber President tells me that time is running out for these businesses to survive. In these executive orders, they are being cast off like chaff. Reopening Anoka’s automated car wash will add no deaths. Reopening Anoka’s Greenhaven unmanned golf course will endanger nobody. Allowing the local shoe and clothing stores to reopen is at least as safe as Walmart.

That’s why President Trump criticized you, Gov. Walz. Stop flattening the curve. The goal of flattening the curve was to make sure hospitals weren’t overwhelmed. They aren’t. The latest report from Mayo Clinic was that they were operating at 35% of capacity. They just announced, along with the U of M, that they could do 20,000 tests per day soon.

Why is the DFL killing Minnesota’s small businesses while waiting for a surge that might not come? Why is the DFL killing Minnesota’s economy?

Ed Morrissey’s post about where the presidential race is at right now is rather revealing. First, Ed points out that “Republican and Democratic voters overwhelmingly favor their party’s candidate. Trump holds an early advantage in Republican-leaning states, while Biden has an even wider lead in Democratic-leaning states. In battleground states, neither candidate has an advantage (47% prefer Trump, while 45% favor Biden).”

A Trump 47%-45% lead in the battleground states doesn’t sound huge but it’s daunting for Biden. Don’t forget that Trump won the vast majority of battleground states in 2016, including Hillary’s Blue Firewall states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. The only battlegrounds that tipped in Hillary’s favor were Colorado, New Hampshire and Virginia. Meanwhile, President Trump won Florida, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Then there’s this:

Slightly more than half of white voters say they would vote for Trump (55%), while black and Hispanic voters are overwhelmingly likely to say they would vote for Biden if the election were held today (76% and 63%, respectively).

Here’s Ed’s commentary on that Pew finding:

Ahem. Getting 76% of the African-American vote is not “overwhelming” for a Democratic presidential candidate — it’s disastrous. Biden will need 90% or more of that vote to beat Trump, and he will need an enthusiastic turnout to boot. If Seven Months In The Future Guy (apologies to Gary Cole) showed up tomorrow and told Trump and Brad Parscale that Joe Biden would win 76% of the black vote and 63% of the Hispanic vote, they’d start measuring the Oval Office drapes for Trump’s second term now.

Ed says that those numbers won’t stay static and I agree. Still, if Biden can’t win with large minority turnout and win a high percentage of the minority vote, he’s sunk. That would cost him too many votes in states like Michigan and Pennsylvania.

I don’t think that Biden can unite Democrats. I don’t think anyone can do that, to be honest. It’s like there’s 2 distinctly different Democrat Parties. One Democrat Party is timidly socialist. The other Democrat Party is unabashedly socialist. That split’s been there for years:

Howard Dean’s stump speech used to say that he represents “the Democrat wing of the Democratic Party.” He was the frontrunner for Iowa for the better part of 6-8 weeks. Articles were written about his ground game and how they knew where each of their voters lived, etc. On the night of the Caucuses, Dean finished third behind John Kerry and John Edwards. Thereafter, Dean’s campaign was chiefly known for “The Scream”:

The animosity between the proudly socialist wing of the Democrat Party and the timidly socialist wing of the Party isn’t legend. It’s real. Plenty of Bernie Bros have already said that they aren’t jumping on the ‘Joe Train’. Still, it’s foolish for Republicans to think Trump’s a lock to win re-election. Republicans should run like they’re a point behind with a month left until Election Day. With that attitude, there won’t be room for complacency.