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Special Counsel Robert Mueller has agreed to testify before the House Judiciary Committee, then the House Intel Committee. In both instances, the hearings will be public hearings. Democrats are touting this as a big win for the American people and Democrats. I’ll agree that it’s a win for the American people but I’m betting it’ll be a loss for Democrats.

Fox News had panel after panel, interview after interview on the potential ramifications of Mueller testifying. Capitol Hill Producer Chad Pergram is exactly right when he said “We’ve had some explosive hearings on Capitol Hill before. You think of James Comey testifying, Jeff Sessions in the Senate a couple of years ago. You think about Michael Cohen in February. This will dwarf that. The pure magnitude of this will be off the Richter scale.” Democrats will rue the day they insisted on calling Mueller to testify.

Speaker Pelosi issued this statement:

“We are pleased that the American people will hear directly from Special Counsel Mueller. Our national security is being threatened and the American people deserve answers. The Mueller Report revealed that the Russians waged a ‘sweeping and systematic’ attack on our elections, and America’s top intelligence and law enforcement officials have warned that the Russians will attack our elections again. Yet, sadly the President calls it a hoax, and suggests that he would welcome Russian interference again. Members of Congress must honor our oath and our patriotic duty to follow the facts, so we can protect our democracy.”

That’s PH.D. worthy spin, as in Pile it High and Dry worthy.

President Trump is right in calling the investigation being a hoax. Russia attacking our electoral system isn’t a hoax. The Obama-Biden efforts to prevent the Russians’ attacks weren’t a hoax. They were either a joke or an embarrassment. Team Obama-Biden flunked that national security test. (Remember, it was Democrats that controlled the levers of government at that point. It wasn’t Republicans.

Alan Dershowitz laid it out pretty nicely on what Democrats should expect. Dershowitz said Democrats should expect Republicans to question Mueller about the basis of the FISA warrant against Carter Page. There’s lots of fertile ground that Republicans can plow through. Rest assured that they’ll persist in getting answers to questions that Mueller didn’t investigate.

Mueller has stated repeatedly that his report is his testimony. When news broke Tuesday night, Mueller confirmed that his testimony would stay “within the 4 corners of the report.” Further, DOJ guidelines prevent prosecutors from going beyond saying who they refused to prosecute and who they prosecuted. Tuesday night, Dershowitz said that the questions that Democrats want to ask about are questions that DOJ guidelines prevent Mueller from talking about. Dershowitz said that the questions that Republicans want to ask can be asked because they weren’t part of the Mueller investigation.

Imagine how sensitive Mueller will be when (not if) a Republican asks him why he exclusively hired partisan Democrats to his attorney staff. Imagine the follow-up question to that initial question. Does anyone think that’ll turn out well for Democrats? I don’t.

Democrats were already tiptoeing past a minefield. Thanks to Tuesday night’s decision, Democrats face the possibility of tiptoeing through that minefield — while wearing snowshoes. Good luck with that.

I wish that President Trump’s allies (think Tucker Carlson and Steve Hilton) would get their Iran policy right. Unfortunately, they’re constantly getting it wrong because they’re thinking about Iran as another nation that plays by the rules. That’s foolish, perhaps even foolish.

Hilton cited a conversation he had with President Trump:

Steve Hilton: I want to read you something Lindsey Graham said, your friend Lindsey Graham. He was in a magazine profile, and he reported on a conversation that he had with you. He said that you said to him, “The trouble with you, Lindsey, is you want to invade everywhere except the places I want to invade.'” So my question is where does he want to invade? But more importantly, where do you want to invade?”
President Trump: I want to invade, if I have to, economically. We’ve created a much stronger country economically than when I took it over … We have tremendous power economically. If I can solve things economically that’s the way I want it.

From that exchange, Hilton surmised the Trump Doctrine:

President Trump’s preferred weapon is economic. As he showed last week, he is not casual about military conflict, unlike the inhuman establishment geniuses who’d send other people’s children, in their eyes, the deplorables’ children, into war at the drop of a policy memo.

That’s fine if you’re dealing with rational people who care about the people they lead. The Iranians don’t fit that description. President Obama once thought that the Iranians would use the money they got back from John Kerry’s negotiations to rebuild Iranian infrastructure. Instead, the Iranian ruling mullahs used that $150,000,000,000 to ramp up terrorist proxy operations throughout the Middle East. Tightening the sanctions only hurts the people President Trump wants to embolden.

If idiots like Hilton think that tightening the screws will cause Iran to stop funding terrorist proxies, they’re idiots. That isn’t just stupid. It’s downright dangerous. It’s nice showing restraint to an extent but it’s dangerous at some point. It’s time for pacifists like Hilton and Carlson to realize that they need to think things through better. They should read their history books, too. To the Iranians, President Trump’s decision to call off the raid is proof of his weakness.

One of the most underreported movements is the #Walkaway Campaign. According to my Google search, there are just 2,620 articles on the subject. The first article listed in the news search was this article from the Daily Caller. The title of the article is “OPINION: A Big Civility Gap Between The Left And Everyone Else, Say WalkAway Democrats.”

The opinion piece starts by saying “The ‘WalkAway’ campaign, started by Brandon Straka, is about exiting the Democratic Party. We studied the videos on the movement’s official YouTube channel, including 150 people who walked away. A large majority report a civility gap between the left and the non-left. Fully 70 percent suggested that the left is less civil than Republicans and others.”

There are lots of Establishment Republicans who don’t deserve our loyalty. Still, it’s clear that Democrats won’t tolerate people they slightly disagree with. With the hardline progressives, the slightest ‘infraction’ is enough to reject a person. That isn’t what made America exceptional. What’s made this nation exceptional is the ability and willingness to make a deal that’s a combination of mild disappointment and extreme satisfaction. This video must’ve struck a nerve:

The #WalkawayCampaign published this video on Jul 14, 2018. It already has almost 850,000 views. It’s attracted over 22,000 comments. It’s been approved or liked over 74,000 times while attracting less than 1,000 disapprovals in a year. Any political video that has a 75:1 approve-to-disapprove ratio in the comments section is astonishing.

The point I’m making is that the #WalkawayCampaign isn’t attracting much attention from the MSM. It should be. This isn’t insignificant. The opening page of the #Walkaway website tells what they’re doing:

The #WalkAway Campaign is a true grassroots movement, founded by former liberal, Brandon Straka on May 26th, 2018. The #WalkAway Campaign encourages and supports those on the Left to walk away from the divisive tenets endorsed and mandated by the Democratic Party of today. We are walking away from the lies, the false narratives, the fake news, the race-baiting, the victim narrative, the violence, the vandalism, the vitriol. We are walking away from a party driven by hate. We are walking toward patriotism and a new, unified America! We are the future of this great nation!

Rest assured that these patriots aren’t just abandoning the hate-mongering Democrats. They’re running towards the new patriotism and a new, unified nation. It’s apparent, too, that the #WalkawayCampaign intends on influencing the 2020 election.

It’s difficult to measure a freshly minted grassroots’ movement’s impact prior to the next election. This one, however, seems distinct from past grassroots organizations. This time, it’s apparent that Democrats have played the division card thousands of times too many. It’s like the Democrats’ chief strategy is to divide, divide some more and divide the nation even more.

That isn’t the America that the Founding Fathers envisioned. That isn’t the “Shining City on a Hill” that President Reagan envisioned, either:

Today’s Democratic Party doesn’t seem capable of envisioning President Reagan’s Shining City on a Hill. Today’s Democratic Party seems only capable of division, propaganda and encouraging illegal immigration.

When Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi or other Democrats talk about America’s principles, they’re talking trash. Based on what we’re seeing in the #WalkawayCampaign and in the Trump movement, Biden and Pelosi couldn’t identify America’s principles if their lives depended on it.

I won’t pretend that I like President Trump’s decision to postpone ICE’s deportation of illegal aliens who have already been evicted through the courts. However, I like the fact that President Trump has highlighted the Do-Nothing Democrats’ intention to do nothing in terms of illegal immigration.

According to the Democrats’ own words, “Trump is ‘trying to create leverage in a situation where he has none,’ adding that ‘it won’t work. Democrats aren’t going to compromise their values,’ the aide said. ‘He’s walked away from several deals on immigration. We have no illusions here.'” Those deals were political CYA. They weren’t solutions. They didn’t fix the broken asylum laws. They didn’t secure the border. The Democrats’ legislation fixed nothing while providing minimal political cover to Democrats.

Most importantly, when people start focusing their attention on this issue, they’ll notice that the Do-Nothing Democrats have stood in the way of fixing the problem. In my opinion, this will bite these Do-Nothing Democrats, aka Problem Solvers Caucus Democrats, in the arse.

The Democrats’ core principles are gaining political power, adding to that power, then maintaining that power for as long as possible. Thinking that Pelosi’s Democrats care about civil rights, public safety or law enforcement is beyond silly. There’s no proof that those things matter even slightly to Pelosi’s Democrats. If those things mattered, they’d address California’s homeless crisis, fix the borders and do everything possible to prevent another parent from becoming an Angel Parent.

Pelosi’s Do-Nothing Democrats haven’t tackled any of those problems. That’s what drove Candace Owens from the Democratic Party:

President Trump has tried getting Pelosi’s Do-Nothing Democrats to fix problems but they’ve been worthless. That’s their options but that decision will be costly. In my opinion, not fixing the crisis will cost Pelosi her Speaker’s Gavel in November, 2020. It’ll end lots of House Democrats’ political careers, too. That’s fine. If you aren’t part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem. We need problem solvers.

Democrats risk sounding like they hate America. In the aftermath of Iran’s shooting down of an unmanned US drone, Sen. Schumer said “The president may not intend to go to war here, but we’re worried that he and the administration may bumble into a war.”

There’s no indication that President Trump is interested in military action. There’s a far greater likelihood that Israel would take military action than there is of the US hitting Iran militarily. Sen. Schumer knows this. It’s just that he couldn’t resist taking a political cheap shot at President Trump. It didn’t bother Sen. Schumer that he took that cheap shot while President Trump was dealing with a national security crisis.

That’s why I’m starting to think that there aren’t many pro-American Democrats left. With Democrats, it’s always about partisanship. It isn’t about doing what’s right. This should bother people, too:

Later in the day, Pelosi planned to hold a briefing for the House Democratic caucus with Wendy Sherman, who helped negotiate the Iran nuclear agreement that Trump withdrew from, and former CIA Director John Brennan.

Why on God’s green earth would you have one of the idiots that negotiated the disastrous Iran nuclear agreement and a political hack brief people on the Iran situation?

John Brennan is stupid. He doesn’t belong briefing a fifth grade class about bullies. He certainly doesn’t belong in a meeting on Capitol Hill briefing congresscritters about an international crisis. Then there’s this:

“We have to be strong and strategic about how we protect our interests. We also cannot be reckless in what we do. I don’t think the president wants to go to war. There’s no appetite for going to war in our country,” she said at her weekly news conference on Capitol Hill. “This is a dangerous neighborhood. A miscalculation on either side could provoke something that could be very bad in terms of security and our interests.”

She’s right. “This is a dangerous neighborhood.” It was already dangerous prior to the Obama administration. Rather than taking steps to make the region more safe, the Obama administration, from a policy standpoint, poured a gallon of white gas on the region by signing the JCPOA, which now has Iran at the brink of nuclear weapons capability. The JCPOA didn’t prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons. It just put them on a predictable glidepath towards getting a nuclear capability.

Though Democrats won’t admit it, thus far, President Trump has handled this crisis perfectly. He’s worked hard to de-escalate the situation while Iran has tried escalating the situation. If Democrats don’t start showing a bipartisan streak, they’ll get tagged with this well-deserved cliché:

The only thing that Democrats have to offer is fear itself. Final point: If you’re a voter, would you really rather have Crazy Bernie, Sleepy Joe Biden or Pocahontas negotiating with the Iranians, the Chinese or Kim Jung-Un? Or would you rather have President Trump negotiating against those dictators or nations?

Crazy Bernie and Elizabeth Warren, aka Pocahontas, won’t like what a recent Rasmussen poll showed about socialism. Newt Gingrich wrote about the poll in this article.

In his opinion piece, Gingrich cited the poll as saying “As the Rasmussen poll reported on Wednesday, 41 percent of Americans may have a favorable view of socialism…” That doesn’t sound like bad news for Crazy Bernie or Elizabeth Warren but that’s because I didn’t include the rest of the sentence. The full sentence said “As the Rasmussen poll reported on Wednesday, 41 percent of Americans may have a favorable view of socialism – but “most who like the term socialism do not think of it as an economic ideology.” It gets worse from there:

Voters still think free markets are better than socialism, by 55 percent to 12 percent, according to Rasmussen. They also say free markets are better for raising people into the middle class, creating good jobs and shrinking poverty. Finally, a clear majority of Americans of every political persuasion are optimistic about the future of our country, according to the survey.

That last sentence is a killer for Democrats. I’ve listened to the Democrats’ economic message, if they have one. Most of them are trying to convince people that the booming Trump economy isn’t booming. That’s if the Democrat presidential candidate even has an economic message.

That’s how a party walks into a harsh, stinging defeat. To say that these candidates are tone-deaf is understatement. They think that Sleepy Joe Biden is a moderate. Good luck with that one.

Every Democrat running for president wants to eliminate the corporate tax cuts that have played a huge part in reviving the lackluster Obama-Biden ‘recovery’. Blue collar workers are experiencing the fastest wage growth of any cohort while Democrats insist that President Trump didn’t deliver on his promises to these workers. Good luck with that. This is the post-kickoff reaction of Trump supporters:

Forgive me on this but I’m betting it’s difficult to convince that many smiling people that they’re living in Soup Line America. The point is that it’s difficult to convince a person who’s having a fun time that their life is a struggle. To put it differently, Democrats are trying to tell people that their lives really aren’t better than they were 4 years ago. The great news is that the American people get it:

This AP article is proof positive that the AP is a charter member of the Agenda Media. It’s proof that the AP is part of the Media Wing of the Democrat Party.

I lost all remaining respect for the AP when they wrote “President Donald Trump jabbed at the press and poked the political establishment he ran against in 2016 as he kicked off his reelection campaign with a grievance-filled rally focused more on settling scores than laying out his agenda for a possible second term.”

I watched the entire speech, then wrote about it here and here. The crowd started gathering 40+ hours before the event. It’s worth noting that 150,000 RSVPs were received for an event that held 25,000 people indoors and another 50,000+ outdoors in the rain.

It defies logic to think that 75,000+ people stood out in the rain at least part of the day waiting to hear a president deliver a “grievance-filled” speech that ran 75 minutes. Further, it’s apparent that this AP idiot didn’t watch the speech. President Trump rattled off an impressive list of accomplishments, from the renegotiated treaties that he’s worked on to the tax cuts and regulations that saved the energy industry to rebuilding the manufacturing industries to filling the courts with highly qualified judges (in record numbers) to prison reform to signing ‘Right-to-Try’ legislation to signing VA reform that gives VA patients the ability to see a clinic if the VA hospital doesn’t fit them into their not-so-busy schedule.

Other than that lengthy list of accomplishments, President Trump’s speech was pretty much “grievance-filled.” Then there’s this:

“A vote for any Democrat in 2020 is a vote for the rise of radical socialism and the destruction of the American dream,” he said. Trump made only passing mention of any of the Democrats running to replace him even as he tossed out “radical” and “unhinged” to describe the rival party.

Name a Democrat that doesn’t want universal health care, aka socialized medicine. Name a Democrat that doesn’t want to throw away our energy advantage that’s fueling this booming economy.

Which one of those policies sounds mainstream? I don’t think any of those positions, especially the ones on energy, sounds like they’re within a country mile of the mainstream.

The apocalyptic language and finger-pointing made clear that Trump’s 2020 campaign will probably look a whole lot like his run three years ago. Even after two-and-a-half years in the Oval Office, Trump remains focused on energizing his base and offering himself as a political outsider running against Washington.

If this is what passes for reporting, then journalism died. Watch the speech for yourself, then determine for yourself if President Trump’s speechwriter used “apocalyptic language”:

Let’s be blunt. The things that Joe Biden outlined in ‘setting the record straight’ about President Trump’s record are extreme distortions. They aren’t lies but they’re extremely misleading.

For instance, Biden said “Let’s be clear: President Trump inherited a growing economy from the Obama-Biden administration. And now, he’s in the process of squandering it.” This coming from the administration whose economic growth was the most pathetic since WWII. Let’s be exceptionally brutally honest about this.

During the Obama administration, the economy grew at a feeble rate. The energy industry was held back by the Obama-Biden overregulation of the industry. That’s because President Obama was bought and paid for by environmental activists. Further, the manufacturing industry shrunk because the Obama-Biden administration ignored blue collar workers’ needs. Manufacturing jobs were lost during the Obama-Biden administration. That’s just the cold, hard fact. Then there’s this:

Did VP Biden mean it when he tweeted “As president, Biden will reverse Trump’s tax cuts for the super wealthy. It’s time we reward work, not just wealth.” I ask because that isn’t what VP Biden said last night at a high-bucks fundraiser. Here’s what he said when he thought the microphones weren’t recording him:

Remember, I got in trouble with some of the people on my team, on the Democratic side, because I said, you know, what I’ve found is rich people are just as patriotic as poor people. Not a joke. I mean, we may not want to demonize anybody who’s made money.

Truth of the matter is, you all know, you all know in your gut what has to be done. We can disagree in the margins. But the truth of the matter is, it’s all within our wheelhouse and nobody has to be punished. No one’s standard of living would change. Nothing would fundamentally change.

Which is it, Mr. Biden? Will you “reverse Trump’s tax cuts for the super wealthy”? Or will you “not want to demonize anybody who’s made money”? You can talk out of both sides of your mouth but you can’t have it both ways.

Finally, there’s this tweet:

This coming from the administration that had the chilliest relationship with Israel since 1948. This coming from the administration that removed a statuette of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office. This from an administration that told Russia they wanted greater flexibility after their re-election. This coming from the administration that negotiated, then signed a deal that let the biggest state sponsor of terrorism become a nuclear power.

This shit-for-brains idiot was part of the worst foreign policy/national security administration in our history. It was worse than Jimmy Carter’s administration. For those of us who remember the Iran Hostage Crisis, it’s almost impossible to believe that’s possible.

Finally, let’s tell the truth. The Obama administration surveilled AP reporters, FNC correspondent James Rosen and the Trump campaign. So much for the Obama administration upholding freedom of the press and other civil liberties.

Those are the distasteful truths about the Obama-Biden administration. They won’t admit to it but it’s there for the world to see.

Let’s set something straight this instant. We’ve heard Democrats insist that Trump’s a racist, misogynist and an Islamophobe. Tonight, Kirsten Gillibrand live-tweeted this:

If that’s the case, Sen. Gillibrand, you aren’t his kryptonite, because you’re just a loudmouth hoping to get a minute of attention for a pathetic campaign that’s already seen 2 relaunches.
Rep. Matt Gaetz and Lisa Booth attended the kickoff rally. Rep. Gaetz nailed it when he said that the people attending the Trump kickoff rally (or any of President Trump’s rallies) are parties that highlight the positivity between activists:

Simply put, anyone that portrays Trump voters as haters, racists and people who want to send us back to the 50s is either lying or stupid or both. Why would I show up to a rally attended by haters and racists 40+ hours before the rally? Why would there be people pitching tents, partying to their hearts’ delight and reinforcing each other if they hate each other?

If the idiots in the MSM want to peddle that BS, that’s their right. It just isn’t too bright in light of the videotaped evidence we’ve got to the contrary.

Finally, my opinion on the intensity of the rally as it pertains to the rest of the campaign and the 2020 election:

President Trump’s supporters genuinely like each other. They’re ready to work with each other. If they have to, they’re ready to run through brick walls for President Trump. This is a well-coordinated, well-financed campaign, unlike the 2016 campaign. The RNC has already fully staffed the DC and NYC offices. They’ve already staffed the field offices across the nation.

The RNC’s data analytics operation is the best in the business. (PS- That’s got to frighten the Democrats because the DNC is playing catch-up this time.)

Finally, Democrats tout the polls coming out now as proof that President Trump is on the ropes. Their problem comes at the end of the sentence when they say “if the election were held today.”

Tuesday was the kickoff of President Trump’s re-election campaign. At each of these rallies, campaign organizers have collected names of volunteers for the upcoming campaign. When Trump’s foot soldiers hit the ground, they’ll have a massive data operation supporting them. Why would anyone think that the campaign will look the same a year from now?

First, think of the head start that President Trump will start with. Next, think of the fighting that’ll happen during the Democrats’ primary fight. Why would any thinking person think that the polling we see now will remain unchanged over the next year?

Last night, I watched President Trump’s re-election kickoff speech. Saying it was President Trump’s finest speech is understatement in my estimation. He connected with the forever-adoring audience. He tied his accomplishments together to tell a compelling story for why he needs to be re-elected. He took shots at congressional Democrats and Democrat presidential candidates.

From a technical standpoint, the speech felt like it was half SOTU Address, half campaign speech. From the standpoint of rallying the faithful, it couldn’t have gone better.

One of the best applause lines came when President Trump talked about how Democrats attempted to demolish Justice Kavanaugh:

“[Democrats] tried to ruin the family of now-Justice Kavanaugh,” Trump says. “They tried to ruin his career. They tried to ruin his life … all in the pursuit of political domination and control.”

I’ll just add that Democrats tried destroying Justice Kavanaugh’s daughters, too. Remember this?

I do. It brought me to tears. I wish Democrats had the grace that Justice Kavanaugh’s daughter has. Unfortunately, Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats don’t have that much grace. But I digress. Later in the speech, President Trump said this:

“Since the very first day I walked through the doors of the White House, I have never forgotten who sent me there,” Trump says. “You did.”

President Trump also added that the people of this nation are the only special interest group he cares about. It’s especially believable in light of the fact that he isn’t listening to the lobbyists as they try changing his mind on the major issues of the day.

For instance, President Trump has ignored the Chamber of Commerce while negotiating trade deals with China, South Korea, Canada and Mexico. He certainly hasn’t catered to the pro-EU lobby. The proof is in his support for Brexit.

This was President Trump’s best zinger of the Democrats:

“Since my inauguration, we’ve added 16,000 manufacturing jobs a month,” Trump says. “… Remember the statement from the previous administration? You’d need a magic wand to bring back manufacturing. Well, tell Sleepy Joe that we found the magic wand.

That’s definitely a zinger. Obama-Biden deserve it, too, for putting the country through 7+ years of economic torture. The best substantive flourish came on immigration:

The Democrat agenda of open borders is morally reprehensible. It’s the greatest betrayal of the American middle class and, frankly, American life. Our immigration laws are a disgrace and the Democrats can get together with the Republicans and solve the problem quickly.

Democrats will howl over being called pro-open borders but it’s a fact. That’s who they are. If they cared about fixing immigration, they could sign onto Sen. Lindsey Graham’s bill tomorrow and have it signed into law before the 4th of July recess.

This was another great line:

“Republicans believe welfare, schools, hospitals and public resources should be protected for all Americans … We believe our country should be a sanctuary for law-abiding citizens, not for criminal aliens.”

The opening part of the speech was more thematic, I thought, while the last half of the speech delivered one clump of red meat for the partisans after another. All of the speech was well-delivered. The crowd ate it all up.

While #ImpeachTrump rallies held nationwide drew ‘crowds’ by the dozens, President Trump’s re-election kickoff rally attracted 150,000 RSVPs. The story that the MSM isn’t telling you is that the RNC/Trump GOTV operation is built to the max and the activists are chomping at the bit to throw Democrats out of office in 2020. If tonight is an indicator of who’s most fired up, Democrats better start worrying. Check this out: