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It’s safe to say that Democrats living in the Fever Swamp aren’t happy with certain Democrats. In fact, these Fever Swamp Democrats are threatening mutiny against Sens. Heitkamp, Donnelly, Manchin, McCaskill and Jones.

Some Fever Swamp Democrat with a screen name of e2247 was upset with those Democrats for how they voted, saying “Sure happy Jones beat Moore. As if that matters. Lucky we have McCaskill in there fighting for us — not. There was a report that Manchin was at the last minute whipping votes for the McConnell faction. Yay. Heitcamp [That’s spelled Heitkamp but whatever] never could be trusted to back the Dem’s. Reading names of Sen’s. voting yes went by fast — sure hope I didn’t make a mistake ;) sorry if I did.”

Meanwhile, Sen. Mitch McConnell is applying the heat to these Fever Swamp Democrats. Last night, Sen. McConnell delivered this speech on the Senate floor. Among the things he said that’ll sting Democrats is when he said “But what has their filibuster accomplished? The answer is simple – their very own government shutdown. Shutdown effects on the American people will come as no surprise. All week, as we have stood on the floor and begged our colleagues to come to their senses, Senate Republicans have described exactly what this will mean. For America’s men and women in uniform, shutting down the government means delayed pay. For the many thousands of civilian employees who support their missions, it means furloughs. And for the families of fallen heroes, it may well mean a freeze on survivor death benefits. For veterans who rely on our promise of care, shutting down the government means threatening their access to treatment. For so many Americans struggling with opioid addiction, the same is true. And thanks to the Democratic Leader’s decision to filibuster an extension of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, low-income families will slip closer to losing health coverage for their kids. And in many states this is an emergency. I’m having trouble understanding which one of those outcomes my Democratic colleagues could possibly be proud of. Which one of them? I think our friends on the other side took some really bad advice.”

If this doesn’t end soon, it won’t end well for Democrats. Shutting down the government to protect DACA recipients is what the Fever Swamp Democrats insist on but it isn’t something that’ll play well with ordinary people. If Democrats think that not paying the military to force a showdown on DACA is a winner, God bless them. They’re handing election victories to tons of swing district and swing state Republicans because I’ll guarantee that this isn’t playing well for Democrats on Main Street. Watch Sen. McConnell’s inspired speech here:

Anyone that thinks that parents whose children have health insurance through S-CHIP will be happy with Sen. Schumer’s Shutdown is kidding themselves. Sen. Schumer’s insistence on including a DACA fix when there’s still a ton of time left is a major tactical error on his part.

If you want to laugh about this a bit, Kurt Schlichter’s column is must reading:

What a tragedy it would be if Democrats made good on their threat and decided DACA was so important that they must shut down the federal government over it. Please don’t! Why, I’d be heartbroken if the government did less and a bunch of foreigners didn’t get rewarded for ignoring our laws. I think this is just the right hill for the Democrats to choose to fight to the death on, and I encourage them to do so. Throw us right in that briar patch, because you are smart and savvy and there’s no way a big dummy like Trump could beat you and make you look like fools.

Fever Swamp Democrats never were that bright. Apparently, that affliction is spreading to DC Democrats, too.

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It’s impossible to think that the Nutroots lefties aren’t intent on holding onto their hold of the DNC after reading this article. These people aren’t willing to admit that most people think they’re nuts. For instance, when Katrina Vanden Heuvel spoke, she said the “people in South Carolina who run hotels, who understand — self-interest. They will be overrun by rivers and water if they don’t deal — deal with climate crisis.”

What idiot thinks that they’re going to win back coal miners and steel workers talking like that? I don’t doubt that Ms. Vanden Heuvel thinks that. Even if it’s true, which it isn’t, why would a coal miner support Ms. Vanden Heuvel’s policies? Hardline progressives like Ms. Vanden Heuvel simply don’t appeal to blue collar workers because their worship of the environment turns huge parts of the upper Midwest off politically.

Salena Zito highlights the Democrats’ disdain for blue collar workers in this article. Think of what the difference between the Democratic Party of LBJ, Hubert Humphrey and Pat Moynihan and the Democratic Party of Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer. Then read Ms. Zito’s column, which says “Since then white, traditional-values, working-class, predominantly male voters have been severed from their party so they could build an urban- and cosmopolitan-centered coalition of minorities, elites and women.”

For that matter, think of the difference between Mrs. Clinton’s disdain for Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin vs. President Clinton’s attention to those states. The contrast is stunning. Watch this video and tell me that this reminds you of the Democratic Party of 25 years ago:

If this is the new identity of the Democratic Party, they’d better prepare to lose lots of races in the 2018 midterms.

There’s no polite way to put this. An astroturfed organization is attempting to annoy Chip Cravaack. That’s about all they can do since their candidates stink to the high heavens. This is a taste of the newest astroturfed anklebiters’ schtick:

Congressman Cravaack is a leader in the Republican War on Women, and has voted repeatedly to deny women their basic rights.

Congressman Cravaack has:
Voted to defund Planned Parenthood
(Roll Call Vote #2011-93; H.R. 1; 2/18/11)
Called the Obama Administration’s contraception mandate for insurance companies an “an act of federal aggression.”

There’s no question that this is an outside astroturf organization. Any organization that thinks being pro-life is a negative in the Eighth District is clueless.

There are tons of churches on the Iron Range. Parishioners, especially devout Catholics, care about the teachings of the church. To Catholic voters, there’s nothing that’ll get them to vote their religious beliefs first, their political party second, more than the government telling them that they have to violate their religious beliefs.

The HHS telling Catholic hospitals that they have to provide insurance policies that cover contraception will trigger a negative reaction from the Catholic church and their parishioners.

According to this website, Chip Cravaack has voted against women, seniors and students.

UPDATE: I was right. This is an out-of-town astroturf organization:

2012 Federal law requires us to use our best efforts to collect the name, address, occupation and employer for all contributors who contribute, in the aggregate, in excess of $200 in a calendar year. Contributions from foreign nationals who are not permanent resident aliens, national banks and federal contractors are prohibited.

Contributions are not tax deductible.

Paid for by CREDO SuperPAC,, not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

According to OpenSecrets, the Working Assets Funding Service, Inc. of San Francisco contributed $422,690 to CREDO SuperPAC thus far.

It’s foolish to think that a hard left superPAC from San Francisco has anything in common with the hard-working people of the Iron Range.

Check back later today for additional information on who’s supporting CREDO. It’s this morning’s must reading.

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President Obama’s week is off to a terrible start. This week, we learned that the DNC is too broke to pay for a real convention. We learned that President Obama’s favorite banker, Jamie Dimon helped create a $2,000,000,000 loss for his shareholders.

This morning’s news reports highlights another embarrassing story:

Dozens of demonstrators dashed into the Loop building housing President Barack Obama’s campaign headquarters this morning, slipping past security guards and running up escalators as they kicked off what they called a “Week Without Capitalism.”

Eight protesters were led out in handcuffs about half an hour later after they refused to clear the lobby. They were cheered by other demonstrators who began dancing and singing folk and gospel songs.

The demonstration, organized by the Catholic Worker movement. began with about 100 demonstrators picketing at Prudential Plaza and passing out rolls to commuters in what they called a symbolic invitation to break bread with world leaders expected here this weekend for the NATO summit.

A week without capitalism was the theme of the protest. How appropriate for the Obama administration. The only ‘capitalism’ they believe in is crony capitalism that subsidizes their political allies’ failures.

Conservatives would likely enjoy finding out that the “Catholic Worker Movement” is strikingly similar to the Occupy Wall Street movement. Here’s how similar they are:

Soon after legendary folk singer Loudon Wainwright III finished performing for cheering protesters in Zuccotti Park yesterday afternoon, telling them that the Occupy Wall Street encampment reminded him of the 1968 “Summer of Love,” a Catholic Worker band called the Filthy Rotten System showed up.

Bud Courtney, who plays banjo in the group, said its decidedly unholy name came from the late Dorothy Day, who started the Christian-anarchist Catholic Worker Movement 78 years ago with Peter Maurin during the Great Depression. She is now being considered for sainthood by the Catholic Church.

“Dorothy observed that all of our problems come from our acceptance of the filthy rotten system,” said Mr. Courtney, 61, a former actor who served on a Christian Peacemaker Team in Iraq last year and now lives at one of two Catholic Worker hospitality houses in the East Village. With the help of several bandmates as well as protesters who sang along, he belted out Woody Guthrie’s classic, “My Land is Your Land.”

To summarize things to this point, President Obama praised the OWS movement earlier this year. Now an offshoot of the movement is taking Newt Gingrich’s advice, though they aren’t marching on DC. Instead, they’re marching on Obama’s campaign HQ in Chicago.

The irony is just sweet.

It wasn’t that long ago that Ms. Pelosi was praising the OWS protesters. For that matter, President Obama praised the OWS protesters, too. Now that the protesters President Obama praised have invaded his campaign HQ, what are the odds President Obama will stop praising them?

Ironies this rich should be savored.

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When doesn’t 99% equal 99%? That’s simple. It’s when Rasmsussen’s polling shows #OWS’s popularity disappearing:

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 39% of Likely U.S. Votes hold at least a somewhat favorable view of the Occupy Wall Street protesters while 55% have an unfavorable view.

The OWS criminals have been calling themselves the 99% for far too long. The reality is that they don’t represent the mainstream of American politics. The vast majority of them are significantly to the left of Ms. Pelosi. That’s why Americans don’t have a high opinion of OWS thugs.

This is a major problem for Democrats wanting to wrap themselves in the OWS’ protests against “the 1%”.

The Democrats’ class envy campaign is turning people off. Most people don’t begrudge “the rich” for their success. Most people either would be satisfied with doing well or by following in “the rich’s” footsteps.

Democrats are betting this election on the hope that Americans will suddenly change their minds and become bitter people who begrudge other people’s success. That isn’t our national character. Because we’re a nation of doers, we’d rather create success than begrudge those that are successful.

OWS doesn’t represent the 99% because they’re whining, sniveling ‘the world owes me’ whiners. This poll proves it.

If President Obama wants to attach himself to OWS and incorporate their class warfare message into his stump speech, something that appears to have happened, then he’ll inflict pain on his campaign. While it might solidify his base, this rhetoric hurts him with independents.

The dirty little unspoken secret, except on this website alone, is that a president that’s struggling to rally his base is in deep re-election trouble.

When Bill Clinton ran for re-election in 1996, his base was solidly behind him. When George W. Bush ran for re-election, his base was enthusiastically working to get him re-elected. When President Reagan ran for re-election, he won 49 states. Need I say more?

OWS isn’t popular. It’s a curse on the Democratic Party. It’s worth noting that it’s a curse that the Democratic Party created. If President Obama wants to wrap himself in OWS’s type of populism, we’ll gladly bury him politically in that OWS coffin.

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President Obama, like the vast majority in the progressive chorus, has whined about “income inequality.” According to this post, income inequality has shrunk during this administration. Unfortunately, it’s shrunk for the wrong reasons:

In the last two years, it’s way down. Recessions are bad for the rich. If you care about inequality per se, recessions are great. That appears to be true, so in 2009 the top 1% I calculated at 17.6%. I’ve seen other calculations a tad under 17%, but it’s basically gone from 23.5 to 17. What’s interesting about 17 is that inequality in 2009 is actually lower than it was during any year of Bill Clinton’s second term.

“The Rich” have taken a hit during this administration. Thanks to President Obama not getting the economy running, the percentage of money millionaires made is 20% less than when President Obama took office. Jim Hoft, the Gateway Pundit, has frequently called President Obama the “Worst. Jobs. President. Ever.” Later this am, I’ll be emailing Jim to let him know that I’m adding another title to President Obama’s list: The. Biggest. Wealth. Destroying. President. Ever.

Most presidents increase the country’s wealth. President Obama’s policies have shrunk American wealth. It isn’t just “the rich” that’ve gotten hurt, either. There are more people on food stamps now than ever before. The middle class has shrunk significantly.

At some point, people will know that President Obama a) a harmful to their bank accounts’ health, b) has pursued policies that won’t ever create wealth or prosperity and c) has increased debt, both personal and national, at a faster rate than any other president in U.S. history.

President Obama’s stimulus fed his political allies. His policies have assisted his rich bundlers and union thugs alike. Everyone else has pretty much gotten the shaft.

Personally, I don’t care about income inequality. I worry about whether the economy is creating wealth. If it’s creating wealth, the jobs will come. It isn’t healthy to worry about income inequality. It’s important, though, to use that as motivation to propel yourself higher.

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In the 60’s, Democrats were the party of main street and neighborhoods. Fifty years later, that Democratic Party doesn’t exist, having been replaced by a new PTA. The people that make up today’s Democratic Party are progressives, thugs and anarchists.

Hardline progressives have controlled the Democratic Party since 2005. That’s when a) the nation’s policies took a hard left turn and b) the economy took a dramatic nosedive.

The last time the GOP controlled the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives, that year’s unemployment rate was 4.6% and the deficit was $161,000,000,000.

Thanks to the Democrat’s hardline policies, unemployment has stayed above 9% and the last 3 deficits averaged $1,300,000,000,000 annually. In short, unemployment has doubled and stayed there and the deficit is 800% bigger than it was in 2006.

Another ‘member’ of the Democrats’ new coalition are union thugs. It isn’t that unions’ associations with the Democratic Party is something new. It’s that the unions now associated with the Democratic Party are outright thugs and criminals.

These unionistas didn’t hesitate in invading private property to threaten children. SEIU thugs beat up a conservative black man a) for selling flags outside a townhall meeting and b) because he’s conservative.

Another major piece of the new Democratic Party puzzle are anarchists like David Graeber. Here’s a brief bio on Mr. Graeber:

Graeber is a 50-year-old anthropologist—among the brightest, some argue, of his generation—who made his name with innovative theories on exchange and value, exploring phenomena such as Iroquois wampum and the Kwakiutl potlatch. An American, he teaches at Goldsmiths, University of London. He’s also an anarchist and radical organizer, a veteran of many of the major left-wing demonstrations of the past decade: Quebec City and Genoa, the Republican National Convention protests in Philadelphia and New York, the World Economic Forum in New York in 2002, the London tuition protests earlier this year. This summer, Graeber was a key member of a small band of activists who quietly planned, then noisily carried out, the occupation of Lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park, providing the focal point for what has grown into an amorphous global movement known as Occupy Wall Street.

That’s a brief Businessweek bio of Mr. Graeber. Here’s what he did this summer:

Graeber began the summer on sabbatical, moving back to New York from London and frequenting an artists’ space called 16Beaver. It was an intellectual activist salon, located near Wall Street, the sort of place where people would discuss topics like semiotics and hacking and the struggles of indigenous peoples. Like many other American activists, Graeber had been deeply moved by the occupation of Cairo’s Tahrir Square and by the “Indignados” who had taken over central Madrid; in mid-July, he published a short piece in Adbusters asking what it would take to trigger a similar uprising in the West. For much of the summer, the discussions at 16Beaver revolved around exactly that question. When a local group called Operation Empire State Rebellion called for a June 14 occupation of Zuccotti Park, four people showed up.

On July 13, Adbusters put out its own call for a Wall Street occupation, to take place two months later, on Sept. 17. Setting the date and publicizing it was the extent of the magazine’s involvement. A group called New Yorkers Against Budget Cuts—student activists and community leaders from some of the city’s poorer neighborhoods—stepped in to execute the rest. For three weeks in June and July, to protest city budget cuts and layoffs, the group had camped out across the street from City Hall in a tent city they called Bloombergville. They liked the idea of trying a similar approach on Wall Street. After talking to Adbusters, the group began advertising a “People’s General Assembly” to “Oppose Cutbacks And Austerity Of Any Kind” and plan the Sept. 17 occupation.

The OWS movement is developing quite a list of felonies. Here’s the first 75 items Big Government’s John Nolte has documented thus far:

1. NY: 10/1/2011 — Police Arrest More Than 700 Protesters on Brooklyn Bridge
2.Madison, WI: 10-27-2011 — Madison Occupiers Lose Permit Due to Public Masturbation
3.Phoenix: 10/28/2011 — Flier at Occupy Phoenix Asks, “When Should You Shoot a Cop?”
4.NY: 10/18/2011 — Thieves Preying on Fellow Protesters
5.NY: 10/9/2011 — Stinking up Wall Street: Protesters Accused of Living in Filth as Shocking Pictures Show One Demonstrator Defecating on a POLICE CAR
6.NY: 10/7/2011 — Occupiers Rush Police … More
7.Cleveland: 10/18/2011 — ‘Occupy Cleveland’ Protester Alleges She Was Raped
8.NY: 10/10/2011 — ‘Increasingly Debauched’: Are Sex, Drugs & Poor Sanitation Eclipsing Occupy Wall Street?
9.Seattle: 10/18/2011 — Man Accused of Exposing Self to Children Arrested
10.10/12/2011 — Iran Supports ‘Occupy Wall Street’
11.Portland: 10/16/2011 – #OccupyPortland Protester Desecrates Memorial To U.S. War Dead
12.Portland: 10/15/2011 — #OccupyPortland Protesters Sing “F*** The USA”
13.Chicago: 10/17/2011 — COMMUNIST LEADER Cheered at Occupy Chicago
14.10/15/2011 — American Nazi Party Endorses Occupy Wall Street‘s ’Courage,‘ Tells Members to Support Protests and Fight ’Judeo-Capitalist Banksters’
15.Boston: 10/14/2011 — Coast Guard member spit on near Occupy Boston tents
16.Boston: 10/11/2011 — Boston Police Arrest Over 100 from Occupy Boston
17.New York: 10/11/2011 — “You Can Have Sex with Animals.”
18.New York: 10/15/2011 — Harassing Police with Accusations of Phony Injuries
19.New York: 10/9/2011 – ‘Occupy Wallstreet’ Protesters Steal from Local Businesses
20.New York: 10/25/2011 — Three Men Threatened to Kill 24-Year-Old Occupy Wall Street Protester for Reporting Rape
21.Baltimore: 10/18/2011 — #OccupyBaltimore Discourages Sexual Assault Victims from Contacting Police
22.Portland: 10/27/2011 — Occupy Portland’s Attempt At Wealth Redistribution Ends In Theft
23.Los Angeles: 10/14/2011 – Anti-Semitic Protester at Occupy Wall Street
24.10/27/2011 — A Death Threat From an Occupy Wall Street Protester
25.10/27/2011 – Anti-Semitic Tweet From Occupier or Sympathizer
26.Boston: 10/20/2011 — Occupy Boston Doesn’t Want Police Involved in Rape
27.New York: 10/5/2011: Anti-Semitic Occupier Screams About Jews, Israel
28.New York: 10/4/2011 — Occupier Taunts Jewish Man
29.Boston: 10/2011 — Occupiers Block Street
30.New York: 10/2011 — Occupier Tries to Steal Police Officer’s Gun
31.New York: 10/27/2011 — Occupiers Block Traffic, Get Arrested
32.Oakland: 10/27/2011 — Occupiers Throw Garbage at Police
33.Oakland: 10/19/2011 — Abusive #OccupyOakland Protesters Ban Media from Tent City
34.Eugene, OR: 10/19/2011 — Occupiers Displace Farmers’ Market Threatening Hundreds of Jobs
35.Portland, OR: 10/18/2011 — Capitalist Offering Jobs at Occupy Portland Finds Few Takers
36.NY: 10/20/2011 — #OccupyWallStreet Threatens Businesses, Patrons
37.NY: 10/14/2011 — Violence Breaks Out During #OccupyWallStreet March Toward Stock Exchange
38.NY: 10/14/2011 — Protesters March On Wall Street, Scuffle With Cops
39.Oakland: 10/19/2011 — #OccupyOakland Protesters Threaten Reporter
40.Oakland: 10/26/2011 — Occupiers Scuffle with Police
41.Oakland: 10/24/2011 — Protesters Storm, Vandalize, Shut Down Chase Bank
42.Dayton, OH: 10/22/2011 — Protester: ‘F*ck The Military, F*ck Your Flag, And F*ck The Police’
43.Chicago: 10/14/2011 – Protesters’ Message At #OccupyChicago Rally: ‘Destroy Israel’
44.NY: 10/23/2011 — #OccupyWallStreet Supporter Rants Against Israel, Jews
45.NY: 10/22/2011 — #Occupy Kid: ‘Burn Wall Street, Burn!’
46.NY: 10/21/2011 — New Yorkers Fed Up With Noisy, Defecating Protesters
47.Oakland: 10/21/2011 — Occupy Oakland Evicted After Reports Of Crime And Intimidation
48.Oakland: 10/19/2011 — #OccupyOakland Out of Control: Rats, Graffiti, Vandalism, Sexual Harassment, Public Sex and Urination
49.Chicago: 10/26/2011 – Occupiers Under Investigation by FBI for Links to Terrorism
50.Cleveland: 10/29/2011 — Rape Reported at Occupy Cleveland
51.Dallas: 10/24/2011 — Police Investigating Possible Sexual Assault Of Teen At Occupy Dallas
52.Bloomington, IN: 10/26/2011 — Man Claims Occupy Bloomington Protesters Drugged, Handcuffed Him
53.NY: 10/10/2011 — Sex, Drugs and Hiding from the Law at Wall Street Protests
54.Glasgow: 10/26/2011 — Woman Gang-Raped
55.Boston: 10/23/2011 — Occupy Boston Protesters Arrested For Dealing Heroin – With 6 Year-Old in Tent
56.Portland: 10/16/2011 – Sex Offender Registers Occupy Portland Camp as Address
57.Denver: 10/15/2011 — Occupy Denver Demonstrator Accused of Groping TV Photographer
58.Lawrence, KS: 10/25/2011 — Sexual Assault Reported at Occupy Camp
59.Minneapolis, MN: Bricks, Rocks, ‘Riot Supplies’ Discovered by Police
60.Phoenix, AZ: 10/27/2011 — Neo-Nazis Patrol “Occupy Phoenix” With AR-15?s
61.Chicago: 10/26/2011 — Occupy Chicago Invades City Hall
62.10/26/2011 — ACORN, Occupy Email Talks About Assault on Banks
63.10/26/2011 – OccupyWallStreet Strategy for Reports of Violence Against Cops
64.Chicago: 10/26/2011 — Unrepentant Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers Wows Occupiers
65.Chicago: 10/25/2011 — Ayers Coaches #OccupyChicago, Calls for School ‘Occupations’
66.10/26/2011/ — Occupy Protests Have Jewish Leaders Concerned
67.Wash DC: 10/27/2011 – OccupyDC Leftists Provoke Police, Hang Flag on Top of DC Statue
68.Albuquerque, NM: 10/26/2011 — Occupy Squatters Riot With Police
69.San Diego: 10/25/2011 — Flag Used as Chew Toy by Occupier’s Dog
70.Oakland: 10/25/2011 — Occupiers Throw Bottles at Police
71.NY: 10/27/2011 — Occupy Wall Street Protesters: Rush Limbaugh Is Bigger Threat Than Al-Qaeda
72.10/27/2011 — Occupy Wall Street Launching First Nationwide General Strike in America Since 1946
73.NY: 10/28/2011 — Fox 5 News Reporter Assaulted at OWS
74.10/28/2001 — Total Occupy Arrests Made Thus Far: 2750
75.Nashville: 10/28/2011 — 30 Arrests Made at Wall St. Protest

These hardline progressives, union thugs and anarchists are the face of today’s Democratic Party. Democratic leaders like President Obama and Nancy Pelosi are the most prominent Democrats to have praised the OWS anarchists.

I used to be Democrat when I was young. I knew alot of Democrats back then. I especially admired Hubert Humphrey, Scoop Jackson and Daniel Patrick Moynihan. These were principled patriots.

That Democratic Party is gone, replaced with pathetic professional protestors, pigheaded progressives and aggressive anarchists.

The Democratic Party I knew and supported, I’m afraid, is gone forever. What a shame.

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This Kos post questions a) whether Tarryl Clark is liberal enough and b)whether she’s pro-union enough. To read this post is personally delightful.

It is shocking, then, to watch DFLer Tarryl Clark tap dance around the issue during this St Cloud Chamber of Commerce debate with Michele Bachmann and Bob Anderson in 2010:

I’ve always had good working relationship with our business community and with labor. I want to work with both sides to be sure we have a level playing field for business and for our employees…a much bigger issue right now for our businesses and our employees is this continual outsourcing of our jobs…this is not the big issue in front of us, what the big issue is, is how we’re going to get back to creating jobs.

I attended that debate. It was apparent to everyone in the room that Tarryl was finished if she answered that question honestly. I said that Tarryl hasn’t stood up to the unions:

Tarryl denied that she’d vote for EFCA, aka Card Check. She’s been endorsed by every alphabet union imaginable. Ditto with organizations like EdMinn and the Teamsters.

Should I believe that the biggest item on the unions’ priority list isn’t a priority anymore? Should I believe that Tarryl told a great big whopper? It isn’t that she’s stood up to the unions before.

Whatever the CD-8 DFL decides is up to them. Whatever Kos wants to do is up to him. Saying that Tarryl isn’t pro-union enough, though, is utterly laughable. Days after Tarryl’s website appeared, it was filled with union endorsements:

Here’s a comprehensive list of the unions that have endorsed her:

Greater Minnesota AFSCME, Council 65
Teamsters Joint Council 32
Minnesota Nurses Association
Minnesota Association of Professional Employees
SEIU Minnesota State Council
Minnesota AFL-CIO
AFSCME Council 5
Education Minnesota

That list makes this part of the Kos post that much more delicious:

Clark’s refusal to take a stand on the Employee Free Choice Act is inexcusable and unacceptable. Indeed, Trumka makes it quite clear there is no equivocating on this issue; if you are not with us, you are against us:

When it comes to politics, we’re looking for real champions of working women and men. And I have a message for some of our “friends.” It doesn’t matter if candidates and parties are controlling the wrecking ball or simply standing aside—the outcome is the same either way. If leaders aren’t blocking the wrecking ball and advancing working families’ interests, working people will not support them. This is where our focus will be—now, in 2012 and beyond.

That’s right, Mr. Trumka. You can’t trust Tarryl, especially on union issues. It’s time to throw her under the bus for a true hardline union supporting candidate for Congress.

Seriously, it’s a hoot for conservatives like me who’ve followed Tarryl for 5 years getting called too wishy-washy by hardline progressives. It’s positively delicious.

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Cap and Trade is a God-forsaken idea whose time should never come. That’s why this editorial caught my attention. Here’s what I noticed first:

How companies might earn such rewards, other than by greatly reducing their output, is a bit of a puzzle. “There is no way to comply,” said Assemblywoman Shannon Grove, R-Bakersfield. “Not only is it extremely expensive to try to comply with the standards in the medium-risk category, there is no approved technology that reduces emissions and enables food manufacturers to come in below the emissions cap set by CARB and still maintain the current level of production.”

While Ms. Nichols’ promised “rewards” may be nebulous, the government will be fully capable of punishing those who do not comply. There will be punitive fees and penalties for companies that fail to reduce emissions enough to satisfy the air board’s arbitrary overseers.

Why any state would voluntarily commit environmentalist-assisted suicide based on discredited junk science is beyond me. There’s a reason why California is an economic basket case and will continue to be one. It’s because they’re freaking nutjobs.

This paragraph would be laughworthy if it wasn’t so boneheaded:

Businesses emitting more than the government says they should will have to use “allowances”, credits, to make up the difference. Credits “will be mostly free when the program starts” on Jan. 1, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. But eventually they will have to be purchased at an auction run by a centralized government “market,” which, of course, is a contradiction in terms.

Will this “market” operate like the stock market and other markets? Let’s get serious. It’s government-run, meaning some people get more favorable treatment than others:

As with other government-administered markets, some companies will be required to buy a greater percentage of allowances, while others will be allowed more free credits, all at the government’s discretion.

I bet I’ve got company in thinking this ‘market’ is perfectly set up for cronyism, kickbacks and corruption.

When Republicans control the Senate and the White House again, they should send the message to California that there won’t be any Obama-styled bailouts for them. They should tell California that US taxpayers won’t foot the bill for their stupidity.

If California wants to be an economic basket case, that’s their constitutionally protected right thanks to the Tenth Amendment. If they want to make idiotic decisions, let Californians pay for those idiotic decisions.

The term too big to fail is mostly associated with banks and other financial institutions. I’d argue in this instance that term should apply to states, too. Too big to fail should quickly become a quaint term in a history book ASAP.

As with most liberal ‘paradises’, California’s economy has been decimated by reckless spending and idiotic regulations. If they continue making these types of decisions, then expect them to start losing people and businesses to Nevada, Arizona and Utah at an accelerated rate.

Labor and capital are mobile. California should’ve learned that through this year’s census. The census showed that, for the first time in decades, California didn’t gain additional US House seats.

It isn’t difficult to predict that California will start losing House seats starting with the 2020 census and reapportionment.

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After reading this WDIO article, I decided to Google the leader’s name to see what type of man we’re talking about. This Duluth News article sheds alot of light on the rally leader of Occupy Duluth. First, let’s look at the WDIO article:

Local protestors who are a part of the movement dubbed “Occupy Duluth” are making a statement with their rally. They’re preparing to protest through the night.

Dozens of supporters showed up at the Minnesota Power Plaza starting at 9 o’clock this morning. They’re protesting in solidarity with those who have been camping out near Wall Street in New York. They’ve held several rallies and meetings within the last week preparing for occupation. Today there was music, a tent, and other accommodations to encourage anyone to join in.

“We’re just trying to set up a festive, fun, family friendly atmosphere where people can discuss the state of the union,” says Tyler Nord, the facilitator of Occupy Duluth. “I think it’s great that the president has the opportunity to do that but I also think it’s great for people to have a safe environment to discuss their points of view.”

At midnight, the group will move to the civic center where they’ll stay overnight. Nord says that space is fine for now, but they plan on meeting with the City’s Parks and Rec Department on Monday to discuss occupying Lake Superior Place.

Tyler Nord for family values? There’s something seriously wrong about that picture. Here’s why that picture doesn’t work:

A University of Minnesota Duluth student involved in planning this week’s Occupy Duluth demonstrations had an unusual run-in with the law in 2008, an alleged attempted baby snatching and says he’s sorry for it.

Tyler Ray Nord, 23, from Wolverton, Minn., was charged in June 2008 with attempted felonious restraint for trying to pull a baby carrier holding a 7-week-old boy away from the infant’s mother. The woman said she grasped the carrier and Nord pulled her along with it because she wouldn’t let ago.

Authorities said Nord only let go when a friend intervened and asked him what he was doing. His friend said the incident was out of character for Nord.

That’s the sanitized version of the event. This article isn’t a sanitized version:

Amanda Steckler didn’t know what to think when the dreadlocked stranger approached her garage and picked up the baby carrier holding her 7-week-old son.

“That’s all right, I got him,” she told the man, thinking he might just be trying to help her carry the boy inside her south Fargo apartment building. Her 2-year-old daughter was still in the car.

The stranger asked where she lived.

Steckler repeated herself. “That’s OK, I got him. I have to get my daughter out,” she said, her hands now tugging firmly on the carrier.

The stranger started to pull.

Steckler pulled back.

“He was basically pulling me along with him because I wouldn’t let go of it, and then I hollered for help,” she said.

“All I could think of was to not let go.”

Authorities say Tyler Nord, 20, of Duluth, Minn., let go of the carrier only after his friend, Steven Kressin, ran over to the garage and demanded to know what he was doing.

Kressin added this information to the article:

Kressin, who went to high school with Nord in Breckenridge, Minn., said that as they walked back to his apartment after the incident, Nord “was pretty out of it” and said he “needed his meds.”

The leader of the Occupy Duluth protests pled guilty to misdemeanor unlawful restraint in 2008. Now he’s preaching about setting up “a festive, fun, family friendly atmosphere where people can discuss the state of the union”?

Apparently Mr. Nord thinks we’re as gullible as the idiots protesting in Duluth.

Nord isn’t the only piece of human debris associated with the Occupy Duluth protests. Here’s a little information into another protester:

So when President Bush visited Duluth, Minn., for a Bush-Cheney rally on July 13, just one week after Almosaleh’s arrest, it wasn’t surprising that the Secret Service was on alert. It had even done some homework, identifying three specific men to watch for. Fliers with photos of the men were taped to tables at the Secret Service’s security checkpoints at the rally, apparently to aid agents in spotting and stopping the men before they could harm the president.

Who were these three men? Members of an al-Qaida sleeper cell? Iraqi resisters “bringing the fight” to Minnesota? If so, at least two were under very deep cover. One, Joel Sipress, 40, is a University of Wisconsin history professor and Green Party activist. Another, Joel Kilgour, 27, is a pacifist, homeless advocate and member of the 71-year-old Catholic Worker Movement, which is “committed to nonviolence, voluntary poverty, prayer, and hospitality for the homeless, exiled, hungry, and forsaken,” according to its Web site. The third man, whom the Secret Service would not identify, remains unknown to the public.

What a lovely bunch. A mentally-challenged criminal who tried abducting a 7-week old baby leads the protest. A “pacifist, homeless advocate and member of the 71-year-old Catholic Worker Movement” is one of the foot soldiers in the protest.

This Occupy Duluth bunch is looking more like members of George McGovern’s Democratic Party with each passing day.

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