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Despite Poligraph’s opinion about a recent DCCC attack against Stewart Mills, the DCCC’s attack is mostly BS. Here’s what the DCCC press release said:

“Millionaire Stewart Mills III has taken thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the health insurance industry, and now he wants to put the insurance companies back in charge to deny care to people with-pre-existing conditions and kick kids off their parents’ plans,” a DCCC press release states.

PoliGraph admitted that the DCCC’s first claim is BS:

According to Mills’ campaign finance records, he’s gotten $1,000 from the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association PAC, and that’s it.

Apparently, the DCCC needs to return to grade school English. Apparently, they didn’t learn that thousands is plural for 1,000. Apparently, the DCCC didn’t learn that 1,000 is singular for thousands. Either that or they’re just lying through their teeth, which is a distinct possibility.

Here’s the part where PoliGraph is wrong:

The DCCC also claims that Mills wants to scrap popular parts of the Affordable Care Act, including a provision that prevents insurance companies from rejecting patients with pre-existing conditions and another provision that allows children to stay on their parents’ plans until they turn 26.

Here, the DCCC is on stronger footing.

First, saying that the DCCC “is on stronger footing” isn’t saying much considering the fact that they were totally wrong about the DCCC’s first statement. Further, the DCCC’s claim is false. Here’s why:

Campaign spokeswoman Chloe Rockow says Mills isn’t opposed to making sure young adults and those with pre-existing conditions have access to health insurance; he just thinks there are better ways of doing it.

For instance, Mills wants to strengthen privacy rules for people with pre-existing conditions and to reinstate the Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association, which is a special health insurance program for people with pre-existing conditions who can’t get insurance elsewhere.

In other words, Stewart Mills wants people with pre-existing conditions to get insurance. He just prefers a different method of getting people with PECs that coverage.

The DCCC said that Mills wants “to deny care to people with-pre-existing conditions.” That’s verifiably false. Period.

The title to PoliGraph’s article is “DCCC Mills claim half wrong, half right”. The article’s accurate title should be “DCCC Mills claim almost entirely wrong.” Mills didn’t take thousands of dollars from health insurance companies and he doesn’t want to deny health insurance to people with pre-existing conditions.

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TakeAction Minnesota’s latest press release instructs the press to investigate Stanley Hubbard:

Statewide people’s organization TakeAction Minnesota, which has offices in Duluth and Grand Rapids, issued the following statement regarding a political TV ad running in the 8th Congressional District which was pulled off the air by Hubbard Broadcasting last week in a flurry of controversy:

“The real story isn’t about Stewart Mills or Rick Nolan. The real story is about corporate conservatives limiting political dialogue and eroding free speech. It’s about a billionaire, Stanley Hubbard, protecting certain candidates who protect wealth at the expense of working people. It’s about corporate conservatives and media conglomerates owned and run by billionaires like Stanley Hubbard and the Koch Brothers protecting candidates for their own economic gain. How concentrated wealth increasingly controls public discourse at the expense of people. You can swap in any corporate conservative candidate you want for Stewart Mills.

“There are several important questions voters and the media should be asking. Why did the ad run in the first place? When and why was it decided that it must be pulled down? Did someone from the Mills campaign see it was running and call in a favor from Hubbard? Did Stanley Hubbard himself see the ad and decide it was damaging to Mills? Did someone from Hubbard’s friends connected to the Koch Brothers decide it needed the ax?

It’s understatement to say that the ad they’re talking about didn’t enhance public dialogue. It’s defamatory and dishonest. Saying that it’s highly edited and spliced is understatement. These 128 words that Stewart Mills said:

What happened in the last round of elections, where you had folks saying that ‘the wealthy, the wealthy are not paying their fair share, that there’s all these loopholes and they don’t pay any taxes and we have to make them pay more. Well, you know what? I’m gonna speak for myself and then I’m going to allude to a few others here. We’ve paid for all of our taxes. We reinvest the money we make into our business.

How come we are not generating the jobs in Northeastern Minnesota that we otherwise would? Well I can tell you why. Because the overwhelming group of people that run businesses, that have the ability to employ people are taxed at that personal rate. They are the villains, they’re the bad guys. They’re the ones that quote are not paying their fair share. They’re the ones quote that ‘the 2%, the 1%, whatever percent you want.

To be singled out as a deadbeat is personally offensive.

turned into this 26-word sentence he didn’t say:

…folks saying that ‘the wealthy, the wealthy are not paying their fair share…the 2%, the 1%, whatever percent you want…is personally offensive.

Next, let’s answer some of TakeAction Minnesota’s questions, starting with this one:

Why did the ad run in the first place?

To smear Stewart Mills. It isn’t a coincidence that this smear campaign started after the DCCC put Nolan on their version of endangered incumbents list and after the Cook Report changed their rating of the race from Leans Democratic to toss-up.

Rick Nolan is a deeply flawed candidate running a terrible, 1-issue race. It isn’t a coincidence that Nolan’s campaign is focusing on Mills “representing the 1-percent.”

Q2: When and why was it decided that it must be pulled down?

After attorneys from the Mills campaign a) notified KSTP and WDIO of the defamatory nature of the ad and b) reminded them that the TV stations weren’t protected from running the ad:

The false ad bankrolled by AFSCME/House Majority PAC against Stewart Mills does not constitute a “candidate use.” Under Columbia Broadcasting Sys., Inc. v. Democratic Nat’l Comm., 412 U.S. 94 (1973), and Nat’l Conservative Political Action Comm., 89 FCC 2d 626 (1982), your station is not obligated to air any advertisements from third parties, such as the AFSMCE/House Majority PAC, as third parties have no guaranteed right of access to air their advertisements on your station. Thus, broadcasting stations are not protected from legal liability for airing a false and misleading advertisement sponsored by the AFSCME/House Majority PAC. Moreover, broadcast licensees have a legal responsibility to review and to eliminate any false, misleading, or deceptive materials contained in advertising.

KSTP and WDIO pulled the ad when they saw that the ad was defamatory and they weren’t protected from having a lawsuit filed against them.

Q3: Did someone from the Mills campaign see it was running and call in a favor from Hubbard?

This is pure speculation intended to take the spotlight off the fact that Rick Nolan didn’t support mining jobs on the Range until the political pressure forced him into supporting creating mining jobs.

It isn’t a DFL conspiracy theory without throwing in this boogeyman:

Did someone from Hubbard’s friends connected to the Koch Brothers decide it needed the ax?

The paranoid rantings and the conspiracy theory just wouldn’t be complete without a reference to the Koch Brothers.

Now it’s time to ask TakeAction Minnesota this straightforward question: How can an organization that’s a major part of the DFL’s messaging and GOTV machine benefit from our nation’s tax laws? After all, TakeAction Minnesota’s facebook page states pretty clearly that they’re a nonprofit. Their member organizations page is filled with DFL front organizations. Their every action is, by Al Franken’s definition, political.

Simply put, TakeAction Minnesota’s public call for an investigation into Stanley Hubbard and the Koch Brothers is both a farce and a gimmick. This DFL front group’s questions are illegitimate because TakeAction Minnesota knows that the Pelosi ad was pulled because it was defamatory.

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This Strib article certainly can’t help Rick Nolan:

Republicans on Friday slammed Democratic Rep. Rick Nolan for planning a fundraiser with Peter Yarrow, the singer from the 1960s band Peter, Paul and Mary, who admitted in 1970 to having improper relations with a 14-year-old girl.

Rep. Nolan must be totally stupid for planning a fundraiser with this pervert. “Having improper relations with a 14-year-old” is timid language. Mr. Yarrow should still be in prison for statutory rape.

What’s interesting is that Nolan’s campaign didn’t respond to the Strib reporter:

Nolan’s spokeswoman deferred comments to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

“This is a desperate attempt from Stewart Mills to distract from the fact that he is personally offended when millionaires like himself are asked to pay their fair share,” said Brandon Lorenz, in an emailed statement.

If Rep. Nolan and the DCCC thinks that playing the class warfare card will deflect attention away from Peter Yarrow’s stench, they’re fools. If anyone’s desperate, it’s Nolan’s campaign and the DCCC.

Stewart Mills just was endorsed this weekend. According to people attending Saturday’s convention, Mills gave a great speech. Most importantly, these activists reported, the party’s support for Stewart Mills is enthusiastic. They think they’ve found a great candidate who’s got a fantastic message and who’s got a great fundraising machine.

Something else that’s interesting is what the Strib’s article didn’t include. Here’s part of Yarrow’s Wikipedia file:

In 1970, Yarrow was convicted of, and served three months in prison for, taking “improper liberties” with a 14-year-old girl who went with her 17-year-old sister to Yarrow’s hotel room seeking an autograph.

Why didn’t the Strib include this in their article? Saying that Yarrow admitted that he’d had “improper relations” with a 14-year-old isn’t the same as saying the pervert was convicted of a crime that included a prison sentence.

I’d be suprised if Nolan doesn’t disinvite Yarrow from the fundraiser. If he doesn’t, his political opponents will have a field day with him.
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Rep. Steve Israel’s op-ed is long on whining. The message that comes through clearly is that he doesn’t like it that Republicans put together a strategy for highlighting the ACA’s multitude of shortcomings:

New Yorkers have two ways of looking at a problem. You can ask, “What went wrong, and who do we blame?” or you can roll up your sleeves and ask, “What went wrong, and how do we fix it?”

If anyone in America had any question about which question congressional Republicans would ask, we now have an answer: House Republicans engineered a 17-page playbook detailing how to sabotage and repeal the Affordable Care Act so they can score political points. In this lengthy manual, however, Republicans didn’t offer a single idea for solutions, for helping constituents enroll in health care or understand their benefits. Rather, the entire handbook is a tactical guide to tearing down the law.

I’m impressed with the GOP’s playbook. What’s clear is that they’re effectively attacking the Democrats and the Affordable Care Act with statistics, personal anecdotes and op-eds.

Additionally, this isn’t a policy document on how to fix the Affordable Care Act’s multitude of shortcomings. It’s a playbook for attacking the Democrats while they’re especially vulnerable.

No DCCC op-ed is complete without a healthy dose of Democratic demagoguery. This blast of BS satisfies that ‘requirement':

Republicans have no playbook to create jobs, they have no playbook to build infrastructure, they have no playbook to pass immigration reform, they have no playbook to pass a budget and they have no playbook to propose a better health care system.

Their only playbook is to take us back to a system that didn’t work, that led hardworking people into bankruptcy and gave insurance companies unchecked power to deny care and drop coverage. Democrats, on the other hand, are going to relentlessly remind Americans that one party is willing to fix the Affordable Care Act and that one party, the Republican Party, wants to repeal the law and put insurance companies back in charge.

To quote a friend of mine, those paragraphs are more full of BS than a Christmas goose. The DCCC, like President Obama and the DNC, can’t talk without piling on the BS. That’s why people don’t trust President Obama anymore. He’s repeatedly lied to the American people about keeping their plan if they liked it. Now that he’s been caught lying, President Obama’s apologists have started rationalizing those promises away, saying that you can’t reform the health care system without significant changes.

That’s indisputably true but that isn’t the point. What’s equally true is that the ACA couldn’t have passed had President Obama told the American people that they could keep their plan if they liked it and if his HHS secretary approved of people’s plans.

Next, the GOP plan for creating jobs is equal parts repealing the ACA, expanding oil, coal and natural gas exploration and cutting EPA regulations that are killing industries.

Third, there’s one party, the Democratic Party, that’s trying its best to paint the Affordable Care Act as fixable, which it isn’t, while the other party, the GOP, predicted about the cancellation notices, the crashed website, the rising premium prices. Democrats call that being mean-spirited. Truth-seeking people call that getting it right.

If Democrats don’t want to get tagged over the Affordable Care Act every few minutes, they should worry first about doing right by the American people, not about how news affects them politically. No op-ed would be complete without them lying. Here’s Israel’s lie-infested trash:

Because when Americans see Republicans in Congress sharing an anecdote or holding a hearing, they can know it is designed to do one thing: Take the country back to the dark days when our health care system didn’t work.

The “dark days when our health care system didn’t work” is now. It isn’t that the system worked perfectly before the Democrats shoved the ACA down Americans’ throats. It’s that that system worked significantly better than it’s working under the Affordable Care Act. Republicans have offered their own plans, which Democrats have refused to consider. It isn’t Republicans’ fault that Democrats, starting with Harry Reid and President Obama, are the obstructionists in DC.

Rep. Israel’s statements are misleading, incomplete or verifiably false. In other words, they’re what’s expected from Democratic leadership.

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Tom Steward’s article contains some spot-on analysis of the impact Michele Bachmann’s announcement will have on the DFL and the DCCC:

Strategists say it’s not a good day, however, for Graves’ chances to wrestle the seat out of the Republican column.

“Graves doesn’t have Bachmann to run against and partly I think he was benefiting by her being a lightning rod,” said political analyst David Schultz of Hamline University. “So now he’s got to worry about perhaps now there may be another Republican running who’s less of a lightning rod and doesn’t come with all the baggage Bachmann has.”

“Jim Graves’ candidacy is based on the fact he’s not Michelle Bachmann,” said Ben Golnik, a Republican consultant. “Graves went from a slight shot to virtually little chance of winning against a Republican candidate with a fresh slate.”

Jim Graves shouldn’t be underestimated. He’s got tons of money he can spend on his campaign. The media will take every opportunity to pretend that he’s a “new Democrat.” The DCCC will dump tons of money into the race.

That said, Graves’ only shot at winning in 2014 hinged on his ability to remind voters that he isn’t Michele Bachmann. That strategy disappeared this morning about 3:00 am. Whether it was Pelosi vilifying her or Bill Clinton vilifying Newt Gingrich, the reality is that Democrats need to a) run as something they’re not and b) run against a boogeyman.

When Michele’s video got noticed, the DFL’s and the DCCC’s biggest boogeywoman disappeared.

The loss of Bachmann also complicates Democratic messaging and fundraising well beyond the borders of her district. “Bachmann has been a great boon for Democratic fundraising and MSNBC has loved her,” Schultz said. “She’s become basically the person they get to rail against for ratings and to fund raise against and in the state of Minnesota she has been part of the face of the Republican party in Minnesota for the last eight to ten years. Her leaving just makes it harder for people to identify a boogeyman to run against.”

John Hinderaker’s post highlights just how foolish Democrats sound in their messaging with this commentary:

This morning the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sent out an email commenting on Michele Bachmann’s announcement that she will not run again in 2014. The email employed the breezy, low-rent tone that the Democrats have perfected. You wonder who writes these things; is it a 22-year-old slacker, or is there some middle-aged guy who gets paid millions to impersonate one?

In their email fundraising appeal, they talked themselves into a circle. They started with this:

THIS IS HUGE! Now that the Tea Party’s ringleader has called it quits, Boehner has to be wondering who’s next to go. If we can sweep up 17 Republican seats, we can take Boehner’s Speaker’s gavel and win a Democratic House for President Obama!

Then they say this:

Bachmann’s announcement is a huge blow to vulnerable House Republicans, so we need to put the pressure on them while they’re still reeling.

The DCCC essentially said that she’s a crazy nutjob who is the key to the Republicans keeping their House majority. That’s as credible as saying that Jim Graves is a policy heavyweight. Now Graves is a man without a boogeyman to run against.

In an exclusive interview with LFR, Matt Dean has confirmed that he’s thinking about running for the seat left open by Michele Bachmann’s retirement.

While Jim Graves, the DFL and the DCCC are undoubtedly happy that Minnesota’s Sixth District is now an open seat, they shouldn’t think that this will be an easy seat to win. Matt Dean is a formidable candidate. First, he’s got a good understanding of the Sixth District. He’s participated in townhall meetings throughout the District, including in St. Cloud. Second, his message is a great fit for the Sixth District. Third, Matt’s got the ability to work across the aisle without sacrificing his principles:

A commendable thing happened last week after the Minnesota House failed to override Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s veto of the bill preserving General Assistance Medical Care (GAMC) for the very poor: The two House members leading their respective parties’ efforts on the matter, DFL Rep. Erin Murphy and GOP Rep. Matt Dean, just kept working.

Constructively, too. On Friday, a deal was struck that has the blessing of the Legislature’s top leaders in both parties. It’s expected to go to the full House and Senate this week.

That praise was written by Lori Sturdevant, one of the most openly liberal writers at the Strib. It’s important to note that the compromise was built on conservative principles.

Third, he’s got a great understanding of two issues that are important to the Sixth District: health care and education. Fourth, he’s got a track record of being the taxpayers’ watchdog:

House Majority Leader Matt Dean (R-Dellwood) is doing his own inquiry into how the Minneapolis Public Schools spends it money after reading this Star Tribune report. The story revealed Superintendent Bernadeia Johnson’s decision to award $270,000 in retroactive raises to central office administrators at the same time the district cut more than 100 jobs including 52 teaching positions.

Rep. Dean started this investigation right after a long, tough legislative session. He saw money being spent foolishly so he started an investigation into the mismanagement.

The Sixth District needs a congressman a) whose principles are solidly conservative and b) who pays attention to the details on whether government is doing its job or if it’s failing the people.

If Rep. Dean decides to jump in, I suspect that announcement will come sooner rather than later.

UPDATE: Welcome Powerline readers. Follow this link for more information on the early shape of the race.

Though recent polling shows Michele Bachmann with a solid lead, the DCCC has decided to assist Jim Graves:

Buoyed by internal polling that shows hotel magnate Jim Graves within striking distance of tea party favorite Michele Bachmann, House Democratic leaders are set to pump resources into the race to help the Democratic-Farmer-Labor candidate knock the three-term incumbent off her perch.

The DCCC’s definition of “within striking distance” is interesting:

Israel cited internal poll numbers from Graves’ campaign showing he trails Bachmann, a former presidential candidate, by just two percentage points. The poll also shows Bachmann with a 57 percent unfavorable rating and a 20-point swing against her among independent voters.

“Voters are experiencing buyer’s remorse with Congresswoman Bachmann and her relentless desire to put ideology over solutions,” Israel said.

A KSTP-TV poll released Monday suggests Graves still has some ground to make up between now and Nov. 6. The poll conducted Oct. 9-11 of 598 likely voters shows Bachmann up 50 percent to 41 percent, with 9 percent undecided. The poll had a margin of error of plus or minus 4.1 percent.

Graves has talked endlessly about being competitive. The KSTP-SurveyUSA poll shows what’s reality. When Graves attended a fundraiser hosted by Barney Frank, he lost 2-4 points in the polling. That’s because people know that Frank is the man who brought the housing market to its knees.

The KSTP-SurveyUSA poll is an extremely reliable poll. In 2010, their final polling showed Tim Walz with a 9 point lead and Jim Oberstar with a tiny 1 point lead. Walz won by 9 and Oberstar lost by 4,000 votes. In 2006, they predicted a 9 point victory for Rep. Bachmann. Michele won 50-41 against Patty Wetterling.

Let’s dispel some myths about the internal polling. First off, the 57% disapproval rating for Michele is utter myth. Thanks to redistricting, the district is more conservative this time than 2010, when Michele won with 53% of the vote. Michele’s supporters are just as committed today as they were in 2010.

For the 57% figure to be true, Michele’s approval would have had to drop 10-12 points in 2 years. That’s BS. The business community is just as solidly behind her this time as they were 2 years ago. She’s still the TEA Party’s darling. Those two groups comprised 90+ percent of Michele’s support.

Second, independents aren’t as big in the Sixth as in other districts. A 20-point swing of independents isn’t as big a swing of actual votes as it would be in the Third, Seventh or Eighth.

Rep. Steve Israel, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, announced Monday the DCCC has elevated Graves’ campaign to its “Red-to-Blue” program, which targets the most highly competitive challenges to Republican-held seats.

That’s pure spin from Rep. Israel. A 9-point Bachmann lead isn’t competitive, especially when she’s reached the magical 50% mark. In 2010, Michele campaigned hard in the district. This year, she’s campaigning harder this time around.

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Just like President Obama doesn’t want this election to be about his failed economic policies, it’s clear that the DCCC doesn’t want this election to be about their votes on President Obama’s failed policies.

That’s why they’ve sunk to this:


CONTACT: Jennifer Crider & Jesse Ferguson (202) 485-3440

Foreign Chinese prostitution money is allegedly behind the groups funding Congressman Sean Duffy’s (WI-07) Republican Majority.

The Associated Press reported that Sheldon Adelson, the single largest donor to Congressman Sean Duffy’s House Republicans, allegedly “personally approved of prostitution and knew of other improper activity at his company’s properties in the Chinese enclave” of Macau, China. Recently, Senator John McCain said that Adelson is “injecting millions of dollars in Chinese ‘foreign money’” by contributing to Republican campaigns.

What will Congressman Sean Duffy do when his Chinese prostitution money comes from billionaire Sheldon Adelson?” said Jesse Ferguson of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “House Republicans like Congressman Duffy are fighting tirelessly to protect billionaires like Sheldon Adelson who make fortunes overseas and Adelson is now the largest single donor to Congressman Duffy’s Republican Majority. It’s past time for Congressman Duffy to reject the support of these groups funded by foreign money from a Chinese prostitution strategy.”

Billionaire Adelson has given $5 million to Speaker Boehner’s Congressional Leadership Fund Super PAC, pledged $5 million to Leader Cantor’s Young Guns Network Super PAC, given $70,800 to the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), and has committed at least $20 million into Karl Rove’s American Crossroads. Earlier this year, ABC News found that Adelson’s company “has been under criminal investigation for the last year by the Department of Justice and the Securities Exchange Commission for alleged bribery of foreign officials.”

The Las Vegas Sun is reporting that Sheldon Adelson isn’t turning the other cheek this time:

In a scathing letter to the [DCCC], Sheldon Adelson’s lawyer accused the organization of “maliciously branding Mr. Adelson as a pimp” and demanded the DCCC either retract and apologize or be sued.

The three-page missive to DCCC press secretary Jesse Ferguson refers to a claim already rated “Pants on Fire” by PoitiFact because it is a claim made in a lawsuit against the Las Vegas Sands chairman, who is dominating the headlines this cycle with his SuperPAC donations. The letter demands the claim be scrubbed from the DCCC site as well as an apology, “a prominent statement, in a form approved by Mr. Adelson, retracting and apologizing for your false claims.”

This might change the subject from the economy but it isn’t the type of distraction that’ll help the DCCC. It’s the type of thing that’ll tell people that the DCCC won’t hesitate in defaming people in their effort to win control of the House.

Mr. Adelson has more than enough money to hire a legal team to totally bury the DCCC if that’s what he chooses. If the DCCC doesn’t publicly apologize for these dishonest, disgusting statements, he’ll file the lawsuit against the DCCC.

Once that happens, the DCCC will be exposed as one of the most digustingly vile, corrupt political organizations in American politics. While it’s true that the American people think most politicians are corrupt, there is a tipping point, a jump-the-shark moment, where they get utterly disgusted and turn on that organization.

If the DCCC doesn’t apologize ASAP, Democrats nationwide will suffer. Their reputations will suffer because of their connection to this organization. They’ll suffer financially because people who need money to be competitive won’t have the money because fundraising will dry up.

The DCCC, and the candidates that get assistance from them, will be tainted by this disgusting press release. If they don’t apologize for this ASAP, that’ll be the least of their worries.

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After being obstructionists without an original idea, the DCCC is facing the likelihood that their top targeted race is slipping away. With each passing day, the case for re-electing Chip Cravaack keeps getting stronger. That’s why they dispatched hatchetman Eric Pusey to continue their fabrications:

The title for Pusey’s video is an outright lie:

Chip Cravaack will not hold town halls in Duluth

That wasn’t enough for Pusey, though. He shoved a microphone in Chip’s face and asked why Chip hasn’t had a townhall in Duluth. That’s factually inaccurate. Chip was right in pointing that out. Then Pusey made his mistake. That’s when he asked Chip if he planned on having another one, which is fair game.

After Chip replied that he was planning “something special” for Duluth and that they were ironing out the details, Pusey asked if Chip would show up for the event.

That’s one of the dumbest things a pretend reporter has ever asked. It’s impossible to take Pusey seriously. Why would a congressman announce that he’s planning something special, then not attend?

There are really 2 stories working here. The first is that Chip Cravaack will be far more difficult to topple than the DCCC initially thought. The morning after Chip Cravaack defeated Jim Oberstar, the DCCC has salivated over the thought that the seat would return to their column in 2012.

That isn’t going to happen because Chip’s won over old-fashioned Democrats by fighting for mining. Meanwhile, Democrats in DC have shown that they won’t fight for the construction unions.

The other story is that the DFL’s pathetic chanting point of Chip being out of touch with his constituents isn’t working. That’s why they tried shoving a mic in his face in the hopes of getting Chip flustered.

It isn’t just that Chip handled it perfectly. It’s that Pusey looked like a spoiled brat having a hissy fit.

In the end, this is about Chip getting re-elected. Right now, the DFL and the DCCC aren’t happy that they won’t retake the seat they thought was their’s for the taking.

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This morning, I had the privilege of interviewing Congressman Chip Cravaack. The first thing that comes across with Congressman Cravaack is his common sense.

When asked about his fight for mining families, Congressman Cravaack talked about a recent townhall meeting. During his presentation, he noticed a union worker nodding his head as he listened to Chip. Chip said that “It was like he was thinking to himself ‘Why is it that I don’t support him'”?

The DFL and the DCCC has done its best to villainize Congressman Cravaack, which is to be expected. What they aren’t expecting is the difficulty they’ll have in pigeon-holing Congressman Cravaack. What they can’t anticipate is the difficult time they’ll have in proving Congressman Cravaack doesn’t relate to the people of the Iron Range.

Two years ago, Chip Cravaack competed with then-Rep. Jim Oberstar for a union endorsement at the Minntac Mine. He lost the endorsement to then-Rep. Oberstar but he was bouyed by the fact that he lost by a 28-25 margin.

Congressman Cravaack isn’t like previous GOP candidates in CD-8. His no-nonsense style and his outreach will make Rep. Cravaack difficult to defeat.

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