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When I saw that Al Hunt had written this article, I thought it would be another screed about the loss of civility in politics, that ‘the right’ was villainizing the word compromise and other familiar complaints whenever Republicans are beating Democrats in a debate.

Instead, I saw an article that’s fairly reasonable, especially considering it’s written by a hard left lefty:

This year, Tea Party activists are winning Republican Senate primaries and are favored to win seats in the fall. They include Ted Cruz in Texas, Deb Fischer in Nebraska and Richard Mourdock in Indiana. Primaries over the next 10 days in Missouri and Wisconsin could catapult others.

Cruz, a former law clerk to the late Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist, handily defeated the Texas lieutenant governor last week. He’s considered a virtual shoo-in in the general election.

Fischer, who won an upset victory against a more established candidate, has been embraced by the Tea Party, as has Mourdock who knocked off six-term Republican Senator Richard Lugar in Indiana. Facing tough Democratic opponents, they are favored in states that are decidedly Republican.

Of the 3 races, Mourdock faces the toughest fight. I’d be surprised if Cruz doesn’t win by at least 15 points. I’d be surprised if Deb Fischer doesn’t win by 12 points or more.

If all these Tea Party-backed Republicans win in November, it means Mitch McConnell, the current Republican Senate leader, will be in the majority. From day one, however, the Kentucky senator will be looking over his shoulder. The real power may be South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, who stood up and supported a number of these Tea Party candidates in the 2010 elections.

Another politician who benefits: Sarah Palin. The former Alaska governor endorsed Mourdock, Fischer and Cruz when they were underdogs.

Hunt is exactly right in saying that Gov. Palin and Sen. DeMint will exert considerable influence on the Senate’s agenda. If Sen. McConnell recognizes that, he could make this a productive Senate.

In fact, McConnell could earn some points with the TEA Party by saying he’d support Jim DeMint over John Cornyn if Sen. DeMint ran for the soon-to-be-open spot created by Jon Kyl’s retirement.

Increasing the number of influential conservative voices in the Senate is the fastest way of righting this nation’s economy. Despite President Obama’s spin, this nation’s economy isn’t headed in the right direction. It won’t improve until President Obama is fired by the voters this November.

Increasing the TEA Party’s influence in the Senate will dramatically hasten the economy’s recovery.

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It’s safe to say that last night’s Tribute to Andrew Breitbart was a great event for a great man. As good as that event was, the next event was even better because it was, in many ways, a continuation of the tribute.

Sarah Palin rocked the house with her speech, which focused on the “lamestream media.” She talked about the lamestream media camping out at the local diner to find out “the dirt” about Bristol Palin. She talked about how they learned that Todd Palin wasn’t a registered Republican. She said that Todd “had never been a registered Socialist” in reference to President Obama.

Gov. Palin said that bloggers and others who use social media were needed because “those independent-minded bloggers have the courage to report the truth.”

Gov. Palin presented the indictment against the lamestream media but it was Michelle Malkin who prosecuted the case. Ms. Malkin said that she wasn’t willing to call the radical left “good people who conservatives disagree with.” She said that the radical left were criminals, after which she rattled off a lengthy partial list of the disgusting behavior of the OWS crowd.

Ms. Malkin also talked about the Kimberlin scandal. She said that “Everyone in this room should have their backs”, a line that drew a major round of applause.

After Gov. Palin presented the indictment and Michelle Malkin prosecuted the case, Occupy Unmasked delivered the conviction against the radical left. Occupy Unmasked is a Citizens United production. Stephen Bannon directed the documentary.

First, Occupy Unmasked is a stinging closing argument against the radical left and their protectors. People like Dylan Ratigan, then of CNBC, and Tasha Lennard, still of the NYTimes, did their best to populate Zucotti Park and activate the radicalism of the OWS criminals.

Footage of the criminals assaulting the police and committing acts of vandalism was incredibly powerful. Ties to major labor unions, aka the Teamsters and the SEIU, exposed the OWS ‘movement’ as being the biggest astroturf effort in the radical left’s history since the anti-war movement of the 60’s and 70’s.

Notice that I didn’t call these thugs protesters. The rapists, the murderers, the vandals and the people that created the disgusting public health hazards aren’t protesters. They’re convicted criminals or are awaiting trial. It’s ironic that some of the thugs awaiting trial are trust fund babies, future members of the 1%.

With the amount of footage created by citizen journalists of the crimes, there isn’t any doubt that the people awaiting trial will be convicted. Strong eyewitness testimony will seal these criminals’ fate.

The courts have convicted the OWS thugs. The lamestream media, President Obama and Nancy Pelosi would have the people believe that these criminals are people frustrated with current economic conditions. They’d have us believe that the OWS movement isn’t what it is: an attempt by the radical left to bring down the capitalist system and to throw the Constitution out.

I strongly recommend everyone who wants to know the truth and the details about the OWS movement should get a copy of David Bossie’s and Stephen Bannon’s documentary. Follow this link to preorder Occupy Unmasked. You’ll be glad you did.

Last night’s events and speeches were a stunning indictment, prosecution and conviction of the radical left.

It’s the type of tribute to Andrew Breitbart that he would’ve loved.

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This video brightened my afternoon almost as the 70 degree weather outside:

I wouldn’t doubt that Mitch Berg will get upset with the video, though not because he’d disagree with the message or music. I’m betting that he’ll be upset that he didn’t think of it first.

Seriously, though, the video is a reminder that President Obama’s anti-energy policies have hurt the nation. High gas prices are crippling family budgets, both by eating up families’ earnings and by adding to grocery bills.

That’s before talking about how President Obama’s moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico has destabilized gas prices. The truth is that you’d have to try hard to get gas and electricity prices much higher.

Unfortunately, Steven Chu, President Obama’s anti-energy secretary, has been working on policies that would make energy prices much higher for years. That’s his Holy Grail achievement.

Thankfully, most people disagree with President Obama’s and Secretary Chu’s anti-energy policies. Thankfully, Republicans have great spokespeople on the subject of drilling. When Sarah Palin talks about “Drill, Baby, Drill”, the American people understand that increasing oil production is the fastest way to cheap energy. When Speaker Gingrich talks about “Drill here, drill now, pay less”, the American people agree with him.

If President Obama insists that his policies are the right policies, then he’ll get thumped because the American people disagree with his anti-energy policies.

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I’ve long had great respect for Mark Levin. This year, my appreciation for him has grown because he’s willing to take on the GOP’s biggest windbags. When Mitt Romney used sleazy tactics against his GOP opponents, Mark Levin yelled stop. Now Ann Coulter’s attempting to savage Sarah Palin. Once again, Mark Levin is there to set the record straight:

There was a time when Coulter was a principled conservative. She immediately lost credibility with the conservative movement when she endorsed Mitt Romney. She’s lost credibility by attacking a true conservative heavyweight in Sarah Palin.

Coulter saying that certain individuals become celebrities and are allowed to profit off that status and yet still interfere in GOP politics is laughable. She’s been a well-paid conservative speaker for years. She’s constantly in self-promotion mode.

Now, she’s shilling for a RINO named Romney while insisting that she’s a conservative. Ms. Coulter will always attract loyalists. This time, she’s shrunk the size of that base of loyalists. She’s seen as a windbag, not as a serious conservative.

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When Mitt spoke to the CPAC crowd, he told them that he was “severely conservative.” This Hill article quotes Sarah Palin saying that she isn’t sure about Mitt’s conservatism:

In a blow to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, Sarah Palin said Sunday that she’s “not convinced” the former Massachusetts governor is conservative enough to do Republicans’ bidding in the White House.

Palin, the former governor of Alaska, said the GOP presidential field remains wide open because Romney’s past positions on healthcare, abortion and other issues have been moderate-to-liberal, leaving Republicans confused about what he’d do as commander-in-chief.

“Most voters in the GOP, and Independents, we will want to see that candidate who we can trust will just inherently, instinctively turn right, always err on the side of conservatism,” Palin said on Fox News Sunday. “I am not convinced [Romney is that person]. And I don’t think that the majority of GOP and Independent voters are convinced, and that is why you don’t see Romney get over that hump.”

Despite Mitt’s winning CPAC’s straw poll, Mitt’s trouble is still with conservatives. Despite Mitt’s description of being “severely conservative”, the reality is that he’s got a lengthier list of liberal ‘accomplishments’ than conservative accomplishments.

When thinking Mitt’s liberal ‘accomplishments, think harsh, expensive CO2 emission limits regulations on power plants. Think O’Romneycare. Think of his not understanding the Second Amendment.

Mitt’s inability to talk fluently about these things creates alot of anxiety with conservatives. With more liberal accomplishments than conservative accomplishments on Mitt’s record, why wouldn’t conservatives, especially TEA Party activists, question Mitt’s conservative credentials?

It’s worth asking this simple question: Did Ronald Reagan ever need to highlight his conservative credentials? Did Milton Friedman? Thomas Sowell? Mark Levin? They didn’t because it was apparent that they were staunchly conservative.

If a presidential candidate feels the need to describe himself as “severely conservative”, it’s likely that he realizes that a) he isn’t a conservative and b) he needs conservatives’ votes this November.

It’s different, too, in that Mitt wasn’t attacked by Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich. Mitt was attacked by Sarah Palin, the woman with the most conservative credibility in America, even more than Michele Bachmann.

If Mitt doesn’t fix his conservative problem ASAP, he’ll be badly damaged. There’s no sugarcoating this problem.

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If this poll is right, then Mitt’s in trouble:

In the three days leading up to Thursday’s debate at the University of North Florida, First Coast News and St. Augustine-based Dixie Strategies commissioned the Dixie Strategies/First Coast News Public Opinion Survey, a poll of Republicans throughout the state who described themselves as “likely” voters in the Jan. 31 primary.

When asked, “If the Republican Presidential Primary were held today, for whom would you vote?,” 35.46 percent of the 2,567 likely voters polled selected former House speaker Gingrich, and 35.08 percent selected Romney.

I’ve never heard of this polling company but 2,500 likely voters are 2,500 likely GOP primary voters. That’s a huge sample, one with a tiny MOE, possibly in the 2.5-3 range.

I think there’s a decent chance it is true. Wednesday, Mitt Romney and the GOP Establishment took aim at Newt. Thursday and Friday, 4 of conservatism’s biggest voices, Rush, Sarah Palin, Mark Levin and Michael Reagan, blasted Mitt’s team for their disgusting assault against Newt’s Reaganite credentials. Bloggers dispersed that message far and wide Thursday and Friday.

Most importantly, the message that Newt was a steadfast supporter of President Reagan’s policies and priorities, along with steadfast TEA Party support, certainly has the potential for being a game-changing force.

Mitt’s Alinskyite attacks, coupled with Sarah Palin’s and Mark Levin’s harsh criticism of Mitt and the GOP Establishment might well be all that’s needed to push Newt to victory in the Florida GOP Primary. If that happens, expect the Establishment’s long knives to get longer and sharper.

In their mind, this is an existential fight. They’re right about that. It’s time to get rid of their corruption, cronyism and appeasement.

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I’ll readily admit that I’m late to comment on Sarah Palin’s Facebook post. A couple things she said need additional highlighting because this is bigger than Newt vs. Mitt.

We know that Newt fought in the trenches during the Reagan Revolution. As Rush Limbaugh pointed out, Newt was among a handful of Republican Congressman who would regularly take to the House floor to defend Reagan at a time when conservatives didn’t have Fox News or talk radio or conservative blogs to give any balance to the liberal mainstream media. Newt actually came at Reagan’s administration “from the right” to remind Americans that freer markets and tougher national defense would win our future.

Mitt won’t hesitate to mangle his opponents because winning this nomination is all that matters to him. If making America better was his goal, he’d never employ these tactics.

And make no mistake about this: these are being done by the GOP Establishment on Mitt’s behalf because they aren’t conservatives. These aren’t limited government, TEA Party conservatives. They don’t hate spending. They just want the money to go to their cronies, not to the Democrats’ cronies.

To add insult to injury, this “anti-Reagan” claim was made by a candidate who admitted to not even supporting or voting for Reagan. He actually was against the Reagan movement, donated to liberal candidates, and said he didn’t want to go back to the Reagan days. You can’t change history.

What proof do we have that Mitt isn’t the liberal-loving man he was in the 90s and during his administration? More importantly, do we have proof that he’s changed? Let’s stipulate that talk isn’t proof.

One of the last things he did as governor was impose expensive CO2 emission regulations on power plants. What’s worse is that Mitt once claimed that power plants had killed people:

Romney dramatically limited emissions on six power plants, even going so far as to claim, with radical environmentalists at his side, that one power plant had killed 59 people. It was a myth perpetrated by the environmentalists since no one had died, but Romney had no problem adopting the hysterical language of the left.

Mitt Romney’s life is littered with his talking conservative and acting liberal. Here’s what the American Conservative said about Mitt’s regulations:

In other words, the Romney administration in 2005 essentially did what Barack Obama’s EPA wants to do now. He imposed CO2 emission caps, the “toughest in the nation”, in an effort to curtail traditional energy production. Not only did Romney impose these costly new regulations, he then imposed price caps to keep power companies from passing the cost along to the consumer. The outcome of the cap was Massachusetts’ electrical production it dropped 18% in four years, from over 46 billion megawatt hours to 38 billion. International imports, however, went from 697 million megawatt hours in 2006 to 4.177 billion megawatt hours two years later, and to almost 5 billion megawatt hours in 2009, more than twice the amount imported in any of the previous twenty years.

Remember that Mitt’s the man that’s sharpened his attacks on Newt by insisting that Newt Gingrich isn’t a Reaganite conservative.

It isn’t a stretch to argue that Mitt is just as adept at employing the nastiest of Alinsky’s tactics to distract attention from his liberal record as governor.

I come armed with verifiable facts. President Obama will come with alot more than this if Mitt’s the nominee. That’s why it’s vitally important to ask yourself this simple question: Why is the GOP Establishment willing to defend Mitt’s liberal actions?

The Tea Party grassroots will certainly feel disenfranchised and disenchanted with the perceived orchestrated outcome from self-proclaimed movers and shakers trying to sew this all up. And, trust me, during the general election, Governor Romney’s statements and record in the private sector will be relentlessly parsed over by the opposition in excruciating detail to frighten off swing voters. This is why we need a fair primary that is not prematurely cut short by the GOP establishment using Alinsky tactics to kneecap Governor Romney’s chief rival.

As I said in my speech in Iowa last September, the challenge of this election is not simply to replace President Obama. The real challenge is who and what we will replace him with. It’s not enough to just change up the uniform. If we don’t change the team and the game plan, we won’t save our country. We truly need sudden and relentless reform in Washington to defend our republic, though it’s becoming clearer that the old guard wants anything but that.

Getting Mitt elected might put a smile on the rich fat cats’ faces but it won’t effect the changes that America desperately needs. If we replace a far left radical with a moderate lefty who still thinks climate change is real, what have we gained?

I’d argue that Mitt isn’t the candidate we want going up against President Obama. In fact, I’d argue that it isn’t that difficult to see that.

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Many is the time that Sean Hannity has reminded viewers and listeners alike that he isn’t a registered Republican. Hannity’s reminded them that he’s a registered conservative in New York.

Wednesday night, Hannity interviewed Sarah Palin. Though he didn’t say it in this interview, Hannity has repeatedly said that Mitt’s a conservative. Shame on him for pulling his punches with Mitt. It’s intellectually reprehensible for him to criticize the mediaa for not digging into President Obama’s past, then do a half-assed job of scrutinizing Mitt.

If the gutless media, Hannity included, did their jobs, charlatans like Mitt Romney wouldn’t gain traction in a GOP presidential campaign. At minimum, they wouldn’t be allowed to call themselves conservatives. They could mouth the words but they’d be ridiculed mercilessly.

Thankfully, Paul Hoffmeister wrote this article to emphasize some important points. Here’s the first noteworthy point:

According to the polls summarized by RealClearPolitics, Mitt Romney has been unable to win more than 25% of the Republican vote for the party’s presidential nomination for more than a year. This is because the former Massachusetts governor is not a pro-growth Republican. Instead, his economic platform reflects a man who is devoutly Keynesian, and who, as president, would not be able to reinvigorate the U.S. economy.

That’s the unvarnished truth spoken by the chief economist “at Bretton Woods Research, LLC.” Hoffmeister’s goal isn’t to curry favor with politicians. It’s apparent that Hoffmeister’s goal is to tell the truth even if it hurts a presidential candidate. There’s more to Hoffmeister’s column:

Eliminating the death tax is certainly positive because it would unleash more capital into the economy. A 25% corporate tax rate would only cause the U.S. rate to be equivalent to the average rate for OECD countries. As a result, U.S. corporations would not gain a meaningful competitive advantage. And only extending current income tax rates and limiting the tax exemption on capital gains, dividends, and interest are unacceptable. But Romney’s defense of not completely eliminating the tax on capital gains, dividends, and interest is shocking.

In an interview with Fox’s Chris Wallace on December 18, Romney said: “I’m saying don’t raise taxes on anyone. I want to make sure that with the precious dollars we have, if we can provide the tax relief, that those dollars go to middle-income Americans. The people that have been hurt in the Obama economy are not the wealthy. The wealthy are doing just fine. The people that have been hurt are people in the middle class. And so I focus the, those precious dollars that we have, I focus that on the middle class.” In other words, let’s only cut taxes for the middle class because they have been hurt the most by the recession.

Based on the supply-side economic model, Mitt Romney and his tax platform will hurt the very people that he is trying to help. His plan will scarcely benefit middle and lower income Americans, effectively delivering four more years of the current economic stagnation. The wages and livelihoods of middle and lower income Americans will only begin to improve when investable capital becomes abundant, and what Mitt Romney is proposing will not make investable capital abundant. If Mitt Romney understood the supply-side model and specifically how capital formation increased real wages, he would never make such a defense.

I wrote in this post that that was the equivalent of Mitt playing the class warfare card:

The only thing I can think of for Mitt’s playing the class warfare card is to appeal to the most liberal parts of the GOP. That’s his right but it’s a stupid move, strategically speaking.

He’ll get their votes but he’s essentially telling conservatives that they aren’t a priority for his campaign. This shows that his saying he’s the “ideal [TEA Party] candidate” isn’t serious because ‘Mitt, the conservative’ isn’t real.

The point of all this is simple. Journalists like Sean Hannity and phony politicians like Mitt Romney shouldn’t get away with perverting the English language.

Another pet peeve of mine is intellectual laziness. Hannity said that it’s important to pay attention to President Obama’s actions, not his words. I agree with that. What’s true with President Obama is true with Mitt. Mitt’s actions scream liberal.

Mitt signed Romneycare into law. Mitt imposed expensive CO2 emissions regulations on power plants in the name of climate change. Mitt imposed price controls on those power plants so ‘the middle class’ wouldn’t get hurt.

What part of that sounds like something that President Reagan would do? Right. It doesn’t. It’s time that conservative pretenders like Hannity and Ann Coulter got called out for just being airheads that like tax cuts.

What’s worse than Hannity and Coulter pretending to be conservatives is having Mitt pretend to be a conservative.

Thoughtful conservatives have the responsibiliy to call out pretenders. It’s time we got started with that.

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