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This must be ‘Bad Breath Week’ for Democrats. This week’s Onions and Orchids is filled with onions for the Democrats. Here’s another example:

Onions: To the 3 Stooges — Governor Dayton, Senator Franken and Congressman Nolan. Will the lies never stop. These 3 will do everything they can to destroy the mining industry in Minnesota. Their Sierra Club masters will see to that and pump all the money they can into their campaigns. The sad part is that your union leadership is supporting this effort under the cover of being a Democrat. Remember that a socialist is not a Democrat and a real liberal embraces all ideas and views. All you young miners should be watching the news. Your leadership has betrayed you and the future of your families. If any of these 3 are re-elected, plan on retiring from Walmart. Whether you have a job or not, your union elite will still get a check, expense account and a car thanks to you. Also, I hope you keep an eye on the Highway 53 route; there are a few surprises coming. (Submitted by a Real Democrat and Retired Miner.)

The question miners have to ask themselves is whether they can afford another term from Larry, Moe and Curly. The median household income for Eveleth is $35,500. That’s $23,626 less than the statewide average.

The union leadership hasn’t pressured the Three Stooges into going to bat for the miners. You can’t be pro-union if you don’t fight for union jobs. Supporting the right to organize is what these politicians specialize in. That isn’t what these Rangers need, though. They need high-paying union jobs.

There’s no question that Gov. Dayton, Sen. Franken and Rep. Nolan will fight for the environmental activists. That’s what they’ve consistently done throughout their political careers.

The decision facing Rangers is straightforward. A vote for Larry, Moe and Curly is a vote to end mining. Unlike the Three Stooges’ act, this isn’t a laughing matter.

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This morning’s @Issue was offensive to informed voters. It started with Tom Hauser sleepily repeating the discredited DFL talking point that jobs are “coming back.” It continued when Sarah Janacek called ABM’s ads against Jeff Johnson “outside money.” Retread political hack Don Betzold kept the misinformation going by saying that “it’s too early to tell” what insurance rates will be.

Let’s start with Hauser repeating the DFL line about jobs. It’s BS. They aren’t coming back. That’s just the DFL lying through its teeth. This year, the Dayton/DFL economy has created 2,900 jobs in 7 months. The Dayton/DFL economy lost 4,200 jobs in July. The revenue projection for July was off by 6.6%, coming in $69,000,000 short of MMB’s projection.

That isn’t proof of a Minnesota economic recovery. It isn’t proof that the Dayton/DFL policies are taking us in the right direction. It’s proof that they’re failing, especially when you consider the fact that one-third of the jobs created in the last 12 months were government jobs.

It’s sad to see Sarah Janacek make foolish statements like calling ABM “outside money.” She knows better than that. She knows that ABM is funded by Alida Messinger, the public employee unions and community organizing organizations with deep ties to the DFL.

In short, ABM is the DFL’s messaging unit. Pretending that they’re an arms-length distant organization just isn’t being honest with people. Further, Ms. Janacek shouldn’t be that gentle with ABM. They’re a disgusting organization that specializes in smear campaigns. ABM is devoid of virtue and honesty. They should be treated like the parasitic political hatchet organization that they are.

Let me repeat this message to timid GOP pundits like Ms. Janacek: ABM should be exposed and ridiculed for being dishonest and untrustworthy. Tip-toeing around ABM’s disgusting tactics gives them a legitimacy they didn’t earn.

Finally, Don Betzold should’ve been criticized for saying that he didn’t know what insurance premiums would be. If he actually doesn’t know, then he should be put out to pasture. If he knows, he should be exposed as a political hack repeating the DFL’s talking points.

Honesty matters in messaging and reporting. That’s why Tom Hauser and Sarah Janacek should be criticized for their timid, misinformed statemenets.

The lone bright spot was Brian McClung. Brian was well-informed and confident in his presentation of important information.

One of my favorite reads each week is the Mesabi Daily News’ Onions and Orchids column. Here’s the highlight of this week’s edition:

Onions: Smelly ones to the same old same old by our Minnesota union executives endorsing Al Franken and the new Democratic Party. The Steelworkers, Carpenters, AFL-CIO, AFSCME … once again bow down to the party they send our dues to. The new Democratic Party would not endorse mining in northeast Minnesota a few monthThe s ago when they attempted to construct a platform to run on. Franken has done nothing for the real working middle class at all. He votes against things like Keystone Pipeline and has not strongly supported mining. He supported the minimum wage increase but that in reality does nothing to the working middle class being more of a political move than a real help to anyone. Franken has gladly gone along with everything Obama has pushed for, including Obamacare. Unions are supposed to support its members and the work they are trained to do. Our unions once again let us down supporting a candidate like Franken who is part of the elite left against mining, logging, fossil fuels, etc. He has no real clue about what a middle class family endures watching our median income drop by almost 18 percent over the past six years. Think on your own and vote your conscious. Our way of life depends upon it.

A few days ago, Ken Martin said that Republicans would forget about the Range the day after the election. I wrote this post to highlight the fact that the DFL has forgotten the Range the day after each of the last 5 cycles. The closest Al Franken’s gotten to supporting miners is telling them he’s pro-union.

That’s BS.

You can’t be pro-egg and anti-chicken. You can’t be pro-jobs and anti-businessman. In this instance, you can’t be pro-mining and pro-environmental activist. That’s who Al Franken is.

The writer is right. The “new Democratic Party” didn’t endorse mining at this year’s state convention. That necessarily means they’re anti-mining. Saying that you’re for mining “if it can be done in an environmentally safe way” is code for saying ‘I don’t have the spine to tell Conservation Minnesota and the Sierra Club to take a hike.’

That’s Al Franken. He’s spineless. He’d rather have environmental activists send him campaign contributions than fighting for good paying mining jobs. That isn’t opinion. It’s what he’s done the last 5+ years.

As for the “new Democratic Party”, they’re owned by Alida Messinger, Conservation Minnesota and the environmental activists living comfortably in the Twin Cities. They don’t just run the DFL. They own the DFL. They’re the people who’ve antagonized the blue collar workers of the Range.

Check back later this weekend for more on the “new Democratic Party.”

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The AFL-CIO of Minnesota should simply change its name. They aren’t a union representing “working families.” Based on their announcement, they’re just another DFL front group. Look at their endorsement list:

Governor & Lieutenant Governor
Governor Mark Dayton & Tina Smith (DFL)

United States Senate
Senator Al Franken (DFL)

Secretary of State
Steve Simon (DFL)

United States House of Representatives
District 1 – Congressman Tim Walz (DFL)
District 2 – Mike Obermueller (DFL)
District 3 – Sharon Sund (DFL)
District 4 – Congresswoman Betty McCollum (DFL)
District 5 – Congressman Keith Ellison (DFL)
District 6 – Joe Perske (DFL)
District 7 – Congressman Colin Peterson (DFL)
District 8 – Congressman Rick Nolan (DFL)

Minnesota House of Representatives
1A Bruce Patterson (DFL); 1B Eric Bergeson (DFL);
2A Rep. Roger Erickson (DFL); 2B David Sobieski (DFL);
3A Rep. David Dill (DFL);3B Rep. Mary Murphy (DFL)
4A Rep. Ben Lien (DFL);
5A Rep. John Persell (DFL),5B Rep. Tom Anzelc (DFL)
6A Rep. Carly Melin (DFL); 6B Rep. Jason Metsa (DFL)
7A Jennifer Schultz (DFL); 7B Rep. Erik Simonson (DFL)
8A Jim Miltich (DFL); 8B Jay Sieling (DFL)
9A Dan Bye (DFL); 9B Al Doty (DFL)
10A Rep. John Ward (DFL); 10B Rep. Joe Radinovich (DFL)
11A Rep. Mike Sundin (DFL)
12B Gordon Wagner (DFL)
13A Emily Jensen (DFL)
14A Dan Wolgamott (DFL); 14B Rep. Zach Dorholt (DFL)
15A Dale James Rittenour Jr. (DFL); 15B Brian Johnson (DFL)
16A Laurie Driessen (DFL); 16B James Kanne (DFL)
17A Rep. Andrew Falk (DFL); 17B Rep. Mary Sawatzky (DFL)
19B Jack Considine (DFL)
20B Rep. David Bly (DFL)
21A Lynn Schoen (DFL); 21B Mark Schneider (DFL)
22A Diana Slyter (DFL); 22B Cheryl Avenel-Navara (DFL)
23A Pat Bacon (DFL)
24A Beverly Cashman (DFL); 24B Rep. Patti Fritz (DFL)
27B Rep. Jeanne Poppe (DFL)
31B J. D. Holmquist (DFL)
32A Paul Gammel (DFL); 32B Laurie Warner (DFL)
33A Todd Mikkelson (DFL)
34B David Hoden (DFL)
35A Peter Perovich (DFL)
36A Jefferson Fietek (DFL)
37B Susan Witt (DFL)
38A Pat Davern (DFL); 38B Greg Pariseau (DFL)
39A Tim Stender (DFL); 39B Tom DeGree (DFL)
40A Rep. Mike Nelson (DFL); 40B Rep. Debra Hilstrom (DFL)
41A Rep. Connie Bernardy (DFL); 41B Rep. Carolyn Laine (DFL)
42A Rep. Barb Yarusso (DFL); 42B Rep. Jason Isaacson (DFL)
43A Rep. Peter Fischer (DFL); 43B Rep. Leon Lillie (DFL)
44A Audrey Britton (DFL)
45A Rep. Lyndon Carlson (DFL); 45B Rep. Mike Freiberg (DFL)
46B Cheryl Youakim (DFL)
47A Matt Gieseke (DFL)
48A Rep. Yvonne Selcer (DFL); 48B Joan Howe-Pullis (DFL)
49A Rep. Ron Erhardt (DFL); 49B Rep. Paul Rosenthal (DFL)
50A Rep. Linda Slocum (DFL); 50B Rep. Ann Lenczewski (DFL)
51A Rep. Sandra Masin (DFL); 51B Rep. Laurie Halverson (DFL)
52A Rep. Rick Hansen (DFL); 52B Rep. Joe Atkins (DFL)
53A Rep. JoAnn Ward (DFL); 53B Kay Hendrikson (DFL)
54A Rep. Dan Schoen (DFL); 54B Don Slaten (DFL)
55A Jay Whiting (DFL)
56B Rep. Will Morgan (DFL)
57B Denise Packard (DFL)
58A Amy Willingham (DFL); 58B Marla Vagts (DFL)
59A Rep. Joe Mullery (DFL); 59B Rep. Ray Dehn (DFL)
60A Rep. Diane Loefffler (DFL); 60B Rep. Phyllis Kahn (DFL)
61A Rep. Frank Hornstein (DFL); 61B Rep. Paul Thissen (DFL)
62A Rep. Karen Clark (DFL); 62B Rep. Susan Allen (DFL)
63A Rep. Jim Davnie (DFL)
64A Rep. Erin Murphy (DFL); 64B Dave Pinto (DFL)
65A Rep. Rena Moran (DFL); 65B Rep. Carlos Mariani (DFL)
66A Rep. Alice Hausman (DFL); 66B Rep. John Lesch (DFL)
67A Rep. Tim Mahoney (DFL); 67B Rep. Sheldon Johnson (DFL)

I wouldn’t have been shocked if 90% of the politicians that the AFL-CIO endorsed were Democrats. It’s stunning, though, to see that every candidate that they endorsed is a Democrat. Shar Knutson’s statement is utter fantasy:

“The 2013 and 2014 legislative sessions were some of the most productive sessions for working people in a generation.” said Minnesota AFL-CIO President Shar Knutson. “Their focus on middle class values like investing in education and job creation is working as Minnesota’s economy continues to strengthen.”

This legislature didn’t “invest in education.” They spent money on Education, which is the teacher’s union. There’s a big difference between the two things.

In fact, lower income families in the inner city are running from schools where these ‘investments’ were supposedly made. Further, the DFL legislature tried imposing a total moratorium on frack-sand mining, which would create hundreds of middle class jobs.

The AFL-CIO should stop pretending that it isn’t a DFL front organization. They should change their name to the DFL-CIO.

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This afternoon, I received an email from the Johnson for Governor campaign saying that Jennifer Parrish endorsed Jeff. Here’s the highlight of the email:

“Mark Dayton has thrown me and hundreds of my fellow childcare providers under the bus to pay back his campaign contributors,” Parrish said. “And when we fought back, he belittled us and said we were just ‘throwing little fits.’ Minnesota small businesswomen need a champion in the governor’s office, not someone who views us and our livelihoods as nothing more than collateral to be used to pay back the union bosses who own his administration.

“Jeff Johnson is the champion small businesswomen need as the governor of our state. Like my fellow child care providers, Jeff is a fighter; he can take a punch, and then hit back twice as hard. That’s what it’s going to take to defeat Mark Dayton and his union boss friends. I wholeheartedly endorse Jeff for governor.”

“As governor, I will never, ever treat any Minnesotans the way Mark Dayton treated Jennifer and her fellow small businesswomen. It’s appalling how he has used these women’s livelihoods to pay back his campaign contributors, and then had the gall to belittle them for fighting back. As governor, I will listen to ALL Minnesotans. I am honored to be endorsed by Jennifer, and I am looking forward to undoing the damage Mark Dayton has inflicted on Minnesota child care providers,” said Johnson.

Jennifer Parrish is right. Gov. Dayton threw an entire group of independent businesswomen under the bus to appease Gov. Dayton’s special interest allies. Gov. Dayton and the legislature didn’t care about these independent businesswomen. They cared only that this was the highest priority on the public employee unions’ wish list. Gov. Dayton couldn’t afford to say no to their GOTV machine, aka the public employees union.

That would’ve been political suicide.

The fact that Gov. Dayton accused these independent businesswomen of “throwing little fits” is exceptionally sexist and demeaning. That’s something Jeff Johnson would never think, much less say.

Jeff Johnson has fought hard against entitled government. He’s been the taxpayers’ staunchest watchdog. The best thing about Jeff is that, wherever you’re talking to him, it’s like you’re talking to your favorite neighbor. Jeff isn’t into politicspeak. He’s into neighborspeak. That’s why he connects with people.

It’s time to close the final chapter of Gov. Dayton’s political career. He was a terrible senator. He’s been worse as governor. He’s thrown Main Street Minnesota under the bus while shoveling the taxpayers’ money to his special interest allies. That’ just plain un-Minnesotan.

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While writing this post, I thought about the Democratic Party’s disgusting tactics. First, here’s what caught my attention:

But his billionaire friends at Hubbard Broadcasting won’t air an ad that uses his own words to call him out.

And here’s the kicker: the owner of Hubbard Broadcasting, Stanley Hubbard, is a major donor to Mills’ campaign and a friend of the Koch brothers. When a media station owned by someone who has maxed out to a candidate is keeping voters from knowing where that candidate stands, something’s not right.

TakeAction Minnesota is one of the DFL’s front organizations. They, along with organizations like the Alliance for a Better Minnesota and AFSCME PEOPLE, specialize in smearing Republican candidates. In this instance, they’re unloading both barrels on Stewart Mills.

There’s more to this than just a smear campaign.

That’s bad enough but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s remember that Al Franken enthusiastically signed a letter to the IRS telling them to crack down on TEA Party organizations. We know that the IRS and other government agencies made life a living hell for Catherine Engelbrecht.

The DFL, like the Democratic Party nationally, is the party that’s deployed ‘weaponized government’ to harass people that don’t agree with them. They used the IRS, OSHA and the ATF to harass TEA Party organizations. They’ve used the EPA to intimidate private property owners.

It isn’t a stretch to think that the DFL might organize a boycott of KSTP. Further, it isn’t a stretch to think that Sen. Franken’s friend Chuck Schumer might ask the FCC to look into KSTP’s broadcast license. They unleashed the IRS against the TEA Party. Why wouldn’t these senators use other government agencies to harass their political enemies?

Just the threat of a boycott by the DFL would have a chilling effect on stations. Having advertisers leave their station because TakeAction Minnesota and other DFL front groups is a threat stations would have to take seriously.

While this would be the first time that TakeAction Minnesota has organized a boycott against a business, it’s old hat for AFSCME:

Last month, Dawn Bobo, owner of Village Dollar Store in Union Grove, Wis., was asked to display a pro-union sign in her window. Ms. Bobo, a self- described conservative Republican, refused and received a letter from the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees asking her to reconsider. “Failure to do so will leave us no choice but do [sic] a public boycott of your business,” the letter said.

It isn’t coincidence that AFSCME PEOPLE (Public Employees Organized to Promote Legislative Equality) is running the same defamatory ad that got pulled from KSTP and WDIO.

Why would anyone think that these thugs wouldn’t attempt to intimidate businesses into not criticizing DFL front groups when they run their smear campaigns? Contrary to Mitt Romney’s statements, these aren’t “nice people we simply disagree with.” These Democratic front groups are despicable, dishonest people that can’t be trusted because they won’t hesitate to use government as a weapon against their political enemies.

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Zach Dorholt’s statement in Mark Sommerhauser’s article is utterly laughable:

Dorholt is abiding by the public subsidy. He decried Knoblach’s decision not to as a case of campaign cash run amok. “Who out there isn’t going to say they’re sick and tired of more money in politics?” Dorholt said. “This is just another example, I think, of campaigns getting out of control with spending.”

First, Dorholt isn’t abiding by the spending limits because he’s in favor of spending less on campaigns. He’s abiding by it because he’s done a terrible job raising money. Next, Dorholt doesn’t have to raise much money because DFL front groups like the Alliance for a Better Minnesota, aka ABM, will spend tons of money to keep his seat in DFL hands. In 2012, estimates were that pro-DFL organizations dumped more than $300,000 into this district to defeat King Banaian.

To be fair, pro-GOP groups spent lots of money on King Banaian’s behalf in 2012.

The point is that Mr. Dorholt didn’t speak out while tons of money poured into the district from DFL front groups. He was silent as a mouse then because he was the winning end of the money war.

If Mr. Dorholt wants to prove he hates money in politics, he can tell his friends in DFL front groups to not spend tons of money in his district. While he can’t coordinat with ABM or other likeminded organizations, there’s nothing improper about him telling DFL front groups to stay out of his district.

That’s proof that Mr. Dorholt’s stand isn’t principled. Rather, it’s based on whether he thinks DFL front groups like ABM or pro-DFL PACs pour money into his race. A quick look at Mr. Dorholt’s campaign finance report shows that a high percentage of Dorholt’s contributors are from New York and California. Just 2 contributors are from Minnesota. Two other contributors are from North Dakota.

The other point is that Mr. Dorholt has raised $4,600 from PACs but just $500 from Minnesotans. When you’re raising 3 times as much money from PACs as you’re raising from Minnesotans, it’s easy to see who’s bought and paid for by special interests. Hint: it isn’t Jim Knoblach.

Dorholt was a rubber stamp for Gov. Dayton and Speaker Thissen. I don’t need to be represented by someone who votes like he’s representing Minneapolis. Minneapolis’s priorities are different than St. Cloud’s priorities. In fact, they’re dramatically different.

Thus far, Mr. Dorholt’s biggest ‘accomplishments’ in the legislature have been voting for the biggest middle class tax increase in Minnesota history, voting to spend $77,000,000 for the Senate Legislative Office Building instead of voting to use that $77,000,000 to repair St. Cloud’s roads and bridges, voting to force independent businesswomen into public employee unions and voting to repeal part of that massive middle class tax increase.

St. Cloud doesn’t need a rubberstamp for the Democrats’ agenda. We need a real representative who cares about St. Cloud’s priorities.

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There’s now enough evidence to prove that Nancy Pelosi is as corrupt a Democrat as Harry Reid or President Obama. Last week, Pelosi’s PAC, which supports Democrat congressional candidates and incumbents, put together an ad so dishonest and defamatory that WDIO and KSTP, a pair of TV stations, pulled the ad. That didn’t stop Ms. Pelosi, though. Instead, Ms. Pelosi’s PAC doubled down by essentially running the same ad as a pop-up ad on RealClearPolitics. Here’s one of the ads from Pelosi’s PAC:

If dishonesty were diamonds, Pelosi’s PAC would be filthy rich.

Let’s get something straight from the start. Pelosi’s PAC doesn’t care about honesty. If they have to throw out integrity to defeat a Republican, that’s what they’ll do. While Democrats specialize in smearing Republicans, they aren’t that good at it.

When the House Majority PAC accused Stewart Mills of wanting tax cuts for his “wealthy friends,” I exposed that lie in this article in less than an hour. All it took was a quick visit to Stewart’s issues page on his campaign website. I proved that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats had lied again.

Stewart’s position is that tax simplification would immediately help small businesses by dramatically reducing a ssmall business’s compliance costs. Reducing compliance costs frees up capital, which can then be used to expand the business and create jobs.

There’s no question that Democrats see Mills as a threat. First, Pelosi’s PAC put together a defamatory ad against him. Sunday night, I saw another dishonest ad from the Democrats smearing Stewart Mills, this one paid for by AFSCME PEOPLE. The ads were virtually the same. They even used the same narrator and virtually the same dishonest statements. AFSCME PEOPLE’s ad will certainly be taken down as quickly as the Pelosi PAC ad was last week.

The TV station running the AFSCME PEOPLE ad, in this instance WCCO-TV, would be in the same negative legal situation as KSTP and WDIO would’ve been in if they hadn’t pulled the ad. When a candidate runs an ad, the TV station can’t pull the ad, which means the TV station can’t be sued. When an independent expenditure organization or a PAC runs a defamatory ad, the TV station can pull the ad, which puts the TV station in legal risk.

Pelosi’s PAC and other Democratic front groups will undoubtedly keep attacking Stewart Mills because Rick Nolan can’t defeat Mills without driving Mills’ turnout down. The Democratic machine doesn’t care if they’re fined for defaming a Republican candidate after the election. Their only priority is winning that election.

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Alison Lundergan-Grimes’ speech at the Fancy Farm Picnic wasn’t a speech as much as it was an 8-minute long temper tantrum:

The highlight of Ms. Grimes’ temper tantrum came 6:10 into her speech. Here’s what she said:

Now I want you to put aside the partisan attacks and you’ll see that one of us represents the Washington establishment and one of us represents Kentucky.

That’s rich. Ms. Lundergan-Grimes speech is one negative attack after another, one temper tantrum after another. It makes sense that the candidate making the hyperpartisan attacks would then tell the people to “put aside the partisan attacks.” The only other notable thing Ms. Lundergan-Grimes said was “Sen. McConnell, you seem to think that President Obama is on the ballot this year. He’s not.”

That’s Ms. Lundergan-Grimes feeble attempt to distance herself from the Democrats’ agenda. When Ms. Lundergan-Grimes wasn’t throwing an on-stage hissy fit, she was talking up President Obama’s and Sen. Reid’s agenda item-by-item.

I haven’t paid much attention to this race but after watching Ms. Lundergan-Grimes’ temper tantrum, it’s easy to understand why Sen. McConnell has criticized her. Her stump speech is high on energy, high on partisan whining and short on talking about a pro-coal agenda.

Ms. Lundergan-Grimes tried talking up her pro-coal credentials once. She even hired a British actor to wear a hard hat in her pro-coal ad. While defending herself, she said that she’d stand up to Harry Reid. When he held a fundraiser for her and other Democrat candidates, though, she was silent as a mouse.

Of course, she talked about labor’s right to organize. Al Franken’s doing the same thing here in Minnesota. Both stop short, though, of saying they’re pro-mining. They’re both trying to win the labor vote without being pro-labor on mining.

Here’s a hint to Ms. Lundergan-Grimes: you can’t be pro-labor and anti-mining. You can be one or the other. You can’t be both.

The US Senate doesn’t need another Elizabeth Warren. There’s already one too many of them in there. Barbara Mikulski and Barbara Boxer don’t need another companion pushing a hyperliberal agenda.

Kentucky needs a senator who will stand up to Harry Reid and President Obama. Kentucky needs a senator who’s fought the EPA’s anti-coal regulations.

Ms. Lundergan-Grimes didn’t stand up to Harry Reid when she had the chance and she certainly didn’t stand up for coal miners. That’s why Ms. Lundergan-Grimes is wrong for Kentucky.

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This midterm election is different compared with 2010. That was a wave election. This isn’t. Still, this polling shows it isn’t shaping up as a good year for Democrats:

Republican challenger Bruce Rauner has edged further ahead in his battle with Democratic incumbent Pat Quinn for the governorship of Illinois. The latest Rasmussen Report telephone survey of Likely Illinois Voters finds Rauner with a five-point lead, 44% to 39%, over Quinn. Seven percent (7%) like some other candidate in the race, and 10% are undecided.

If this polling isn’t an outlier, it’s bad news for a governor who shouldn’t be in difficulty. This is Illinois, not Utah or Wyoming. If this polling holds through to election day, that might help down-ticket Republicans in Illinois.

It isn’t that Quinn isn’t properly financed. What Democratic incumbent in Illinois isn’t properly financed for a general election? They don’t exist. What, then, explains why Bruce Rauner is leading Gov. Quinn?

Part of the explanation, in my opinion, is that Illinoiss is talking like they’ll have to make some drastic cuts to their public pension plans. They’re staring down the gun barrel on unfunded liabilities. The only state that’s probably in worse shape is California.

Another contributing factor to this race is that Rahm Emanuel is embroiled in a big fight with powerful public employee unions. It isn’t good news for Democrats when the Democratic governor is staring at big cuts to public employee union pension funds. It’s terrible news for Democrats when the Democratic governor is staring at big cuts to public employee union pension funds and the Democratic mayor of Chicago is embroiled in a big fight with powerful public employee unions.

It’s difficult to see a path to victory for Gov. Quinn. He’s only getting 39% of likely voters. That means 60% of likely voters have rejected him. Gov. Quinn’s only shot at victory is going harsh negative against Rauner in his attempt to drive down turnout.

That’s the only path to victory for Gov. Quinn.

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