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The proposed Minneapolis city Charter amendment appears to be in trouble. Commissioner Andrea Rubenstein had lots of questions for Minneapolis City Council members “Jeremiah Ellison, Alondra Cano, Steve Fletcher, Cam Gordon and Council President Lisa Bender.” Commissioner Rubenstein “noted that they have heard the ‘pain and grief’ that exists in the community.” She essentially accused the 5 City Council members of rushing the process without thinking things through.

That isn’t difficult to imagine. From the start, these activist Democrats have essentially said what they wanted as a final outcome should be for the Minneapolis Police Department, aka MPD, without saying what they wanted to replace it with. Most of the fear that Commissioner Rubenstein talked about comes from the neighborhoods’ worries:

She added later in the meeting that she was particularly concerned about the most vulnerable communities in Minneapolis. “They are very, very divided. I fear that if they remain divided, this amendment as it’s structured now may fail. And we want a change in the culture, and the way we do things in this city, as much as you do, but we want to make sure we’re doing what’s right.”

These Democrat activist councilmembers are polemicists more than they’re interested in serious governance. It’s obvious that they didn’t think this through because they would’ve noticed that eliminating the MPD was stupidity on steroids. These activist Democrats didn’t notice that their proposal didn’t protect their fellow Minneapolis citizens.

Protecting the people is the first affirmative responsibility of any government. Councilmembers Cano, Ellison, Fletcher and Gordon, Council President Bender and Mayor Frey failed Minneapolis residents in that respect. This video is especially damning:

It says “The proposal, which comes following widespread criticism of law enforcement over the killing of George Floyd, would replace the police department with a new ‘Department of Community Safety and Violence Prevention’ that has yet to be fully defined.” That’s spin on steroids. I’m betting that this bunch hasn’t even gotten past what to call the new department. I’m confident that they haven’t figured out what’s going to go in it. That isn’t how Bender, Cano, Ellison, Fletcher and Gordon think.

Spin vs. reality

Opponents, including Mayor Jacob Frey, have blasted the proposal, saying they feel it is too vague for voters to make an informed decision. Council members, during Wednesday’s meeting, said that was intentional, because they wanted to gather more input from the public and wanted to make it easier for future generations of leaders to make changes to public safety.

That’s 100% spin from the Council. First, it’s apparent that they reached their verdict before they conducted the investigation. What happens if the public opposes the Council’s plan? Would the Council admit that they’d made a mistake? Next, this is spin because they aren’t thinking about the future. From what I’ve seen, next month is the future to this bunch.

The Charter Commission could, if it wanted, choose to take up to 150 days to review the council members’ proposal, overshooting an Aug. 21 deadline for adding items to the November ballot. At the end of the review process, City Council members are not required to comply with the commissioners’ recommendations.

That would deal a death blow to the Council’s amendment petition. Finally, there’s this:

Some Charter Commission members pushed back on that notion Wednesday night, asking why they hadn’t already dropped the police force to its minimum levels or why they hadn’t already further boosted additional funding for violence prevention efforts. The Minneapolis Police Department had 892 sworn officers as of June 1, while the charter requires closer to 730, based on the latest census data.

The City Council doesn’t want to cut police forces if it can help it. They want the political cover of a vote.

According to this article, Minneapolis isn’t the only city that’s planning on dismantling their police department. According to Sophie Mann’s reporting, “The Black Lives Matter Philadelphia chapter is calling for the “complete abolition” of the city’s police department in the next five years.”

In their own words

“One of the things that we are demanding over five years is the complete abolition. We don’t want to see any police in our community. Over the course of those five years, it gives time for the community to begin to build what is needed. We aren’t looking to leave any kind of vacancy around the issue of safety,” BLM activist YahNé Ndgo told Fox News.

Without police, there isn’t safety. That’s been proven in NYC, Minneapolis and Chicago. The notion that social workers will replace the police is beyond absurd.

The history of the police force is “centered around the ruling class and protection of the ruling class and being an extension of the system of oppression,” said Ndgo. “Quite often, if there is violence happening, by the time the police arrive, that has already occurred and particularly in poor neighborhoods and in black and brown communities. So the police are not really a resource for preventing that kind of crime from happening. Just a response,” she continued.

Years of understaffing (and undercutting) police officers has made Philadelphia a less-than-safe city. What’s needed is a culture change in Philadelphia, starting with their mayor, city council and police chief. The passivity of the Philadelphia city government helps feed the ineffectiveness of the police force. This sends the wrong message:

It’s foolish to think that this won’t beget more rioting, violence or disorder. Weakness begets weakness. That’s been proven in Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis, NYC and Seattle in the last month. That’s because there’s lots of bad people out there. Dismantling the police is just a way to turn a difficult situation into a terrible situation.

These ‘protesters’ aren’t entirely peaceful. They’re there as human shields for the anarchists, looters and rioters.

According to Rashida Tlaib, Democrats “it is critical that we listen to and trust the leadership of Black activists around the country.” She continued, saying “They’ve been on the front lines in defense of Black lives for decades, and it is our responsibility as legislators to hear them, respect them and follow their example.”

Let’s correct that to the Don Lemon definition. According to Lemon, “The Black Lives Matter movement was started because it was talking about police brutality. If you want an all Black Lives Matter movement that talks about gun violence in communities, including Black communities, then start that movement with that name. That’s not what Black Lives Matter is about. It’s not all-encompassing.”

Democrats are trying to have it both ways by playing word games. To the public, they’re saying black lives matter. To the activists, Democrats are saying that the Black Lives Matter organization matters. Democrats are exposed as dividers because they’ve booed former Democrat presidential candidate Martin O’Malley for saying that all lives matter:

Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley apologized on Saturday for saying “All lives matter” while discussing police violence against African-Americans with liberal demonstrators.

Several dozen demonstrators interrupted the former Maryland governor while he was speaking here at the Netroots Nation conference, a gathering of liberal activists, demanding that he address criminal justice and police brutality. When they shouted, “Black lives matter!” a rallying cry of protests that broke out after several black Americans were killed at the hands of police in recent months, O’Malley responded: “Black lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter.”

It’s apparent that Democrats are doing whatever it takes to get African-American voters excited about Joe Biden. The Democrats insist that African-American voters catapulted Biden to the nomination. That’s true with an asterisk. Biden was stumbling and in danger of being forced out of the race.

James Clyburn endorsed him right before the South Carolina Primary. Biden went from being in danger to winning the primary. Without Clyburn’s endorsement, Biden wouldn’t be the nominee. Period.

As for paying attention to the activists, that’s a small strip of voters. Paying attention to all the voters might yield a bigger turnout though it wouldn’t help push Rep. Tlaib’s radical anti-police agenda. If Democrats see that strategy as a winner, they need to visit an optometrist. This isn’t a winner for Democrats with Tlaib, AOC, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley pushing the issue.

Biden is supposed to be the leader of the party but the Squad is dictating the Democrats’ policies. Democrats are a house divided. The Democrats’ activist wing confidently wants radical change. The Democrats’ establishment wing timidly wants ‘Squad lite’. Republicans simply want to protect communities, especially children.

It took Jenny Durkan long enough to realize that the occupation of the CHOP/CHAZ Zone wouldn’t turn into a “summer of love.” Long ago, CHOP/CHAZ had turned into a zone where criminals ran free. This morning, the Seattle Police moved into CHOP and liberated that part of Seattle:

Seattle police have begun clearing out the protest area known as the Capitol Hill Organized Protest, or CHOP, making more than a dozen arrests after Mayor Jenny Durkan declared the gathering an unlawful assembly.

Police issued the order to disperse around 5 a.m. local time Wednesday, telling protesters to leave within eight minutes. At least 13 protesters have been arrested so far for failing to clear the area after multiple warnings, police said. As officers in riot gear performed the predawn sweep to clear holdouts from the streets, police said a woman apparently went into labor on the east side of Cal Anderson Park inside the CHOP. Seattle Fire said it was responding to the scene.

This was long overdue. The Zone had turned from an anarchist’s heaven into an authoritarian hell. Originally, Mayor Durkan spun the Zone as a 6-block summer block party. When rapes and murders were reported, that spin effectively melted. Then there’s this:

That’s what CHOP violence looks like. Soon, the thugs will be migrating to a different liberal city where a different spineless Democrat will let them run roughshod over a different city. If there’s anything that’s apparent, it’s that Jim Clyburn lied through his teeth when he said that there isn’t a connection between liberal mayors and rampant crime.

Sorry, Jimbo, but there’s a distinct connection between liberal mayors and crime. These mayors identify with these mobs’ agendas. In some instances, they count on their votes. These mayors are into “reimagining” their police departments. In their minds, that means assuming that criminals aren’t violent and that crimes are really just misunderstandings. That’s crimefighting from a pacifist’s perspective.

Seattle Police Chief Best just gave a briefing:

The memorable line from the briefing: “Enough is enough.” That being said, the memorable line for me is that she said she’d work with Black Lives Matter. Best isn’t as hair-brained as Durkan but she isn’t a Giuliani either.

Imagine Tim Scott campaigning with Jason Lewis on Lake Street during the Senate’s August recess. Then imagine them holding an invitation-only townhall with residents who own businesses or homes where the looting, rioting and violence happened. Schedule it to last 2-3 hrs. if needed. Tell the audience that respectful questions will be accepted but that that agitators’ taunts will be dealt with by security.

The point is that Lewis and Scott would be doing something that the DFL hasn’t done in a generation or more. The DFL has listened occasionally, which is what Sen. Scott and Rep. Lewis would do. The difference is that, after listening to the respectful audience, Lewis and Scott would propose solutions to the problems that they’d heard.

Tim Scott could tell the audience how he’d dealt with racism, including while he’s a US senator. Imagine Tim Scott walking into the room with Jason Lewis, then telling them that Sen. Scott has a bill that would fix the vast majority of problems the audience has cited. Imagine Tim Scott and Jason Lewis passionately embracing police reform and school choice.

During Sen. Scott’s interview with Guy Benson, Benson said told Sen. Scott that the major networks didn’t cover his historic speech after the Democrats voted against the starting of debate on Sen. Scott’s JUSTICE Act. Imagine Tim Scott asking that minority audience why Tina Smith voted to prevent debate and amendments on Sen. Scott’s bill.

What are Democrats afraid of? If their ideas are good, they should welcome this debate. That’s why they don’t want that debate. Democrats have a monopoly stranglehold on the African-American vote, which has led them to not compete for African-American votes with ideas. If Sen. Scott offered legitimate solutions, there’s a legitimate chance that minorities, not just African-Americans, would withdraw their support from Democrats. That thought must frighten the daylights out of Democrats.

The truth is that Democrats love minorities — for their votes. Anything beyond that, Democrats would rather ignore voters. These Democrats’ agenda is purely ideological. Whether it’s health care, climate change or police reform, Democrats would rather insist than listen to voters. Check this out from Glenn Reynolds:

Not only did the Democrats block debate on the bill, but Scott has been subjected to racial slurs — Sen. Dick Durbin used the word ”token” to describe Scott’s bill, a racial code word that Scott called out. And Democrat-supporting callers to Scott’s office are subjecting him to racial slurs and threats and calling him a “sellout.” That for pushing a revolutionary piece of reform legislation.

So do Black lives matter to Democrats? Not if there are votes at stake, apparently. Bear that in mind between now and November.

Democrats are the party of racist remarks and no solutions. It isn’t that these Democrats are do-nothing Democrats. It’s that they’re opposed to any solutions. It’s their ideological wish list or it’s nothing.

There’s a good chance that this will replace the current Minneapolis Police Department, aka MPD, when the DFL City Council dismantles the MPD. According to the article, “If anyone is put in physical danger, they instead vowed to seek help from the American Indian Movement, which was founded in Minneapolis in 1968 to address systemic issues of poverty and police brutality against Native Americans and has been policing their own communities for years.”

Earlier in the article, readers find out that “traffic has reportedly increased in the neighborhood around Powderhorn Park, as drug dealers seek to meet their clientele displaced during the civil unrest, rioting and looting following Floyd’s death at the end of May. At least one person overdosed inside the park and was brought out by an ambulance. Prostitution has also been reported in the area.” Then there’s this:

A progressive Minneapolis neighborhood that pledged not to call the police in the wake of the death of George Floyd is now dealing with a 300-strong homeless encampment in a local park, according to reports.

Thank God that this neighborhood checked their white privilege instead of calling 9-1-1. I’m betting that’s making life easier for the drug dealers. That’s probably high on this neighborhood’s priority list. This is what it’s come to:

According to this segment on KARE11 News, the community organizers demand the city present a plan to help with the homeless problem. The neighborhood invited them into the park. The neighborhood’s invitation makes it the neighborhood’s problem. Frankly, I’d tell them to take a hike.

This is what happens when pacifists and appeasers run a city:

Residents in the neighborhood historically known for its far-left politics and activism intervened last week when park police gave campers 72 hours to dismantle their tents and leave. The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board has since passed a resolution not to evict people from any city park and has called for increased funding for longer-term housing for campers, according to the Star Tribune.

“We are not going to kick the can down the road, push people out of public spaces when they have nowhere else to go,” Park Board President Jono Cowgill told the Tribune. “This is not a sustainable, dignified solution for folks who are experiencing homelessness right now, and the state needs to step up.

The state better not step up with funding. Minneapolis created this crisis with its irresponsible policy-making. That’s their problem. It’s one thing to say that the entire state should pay to fix MNLARS. That program serves the entire state. It’s another thing when Minneapolis makes a stupid mistake that affects only them.

Minneapolis created the problem by inviting these vagrants into this park. Then they said that they wouldn’t protect their citizens because they were checking their white privilege at the edge of the park. That’s their right. It’s their city. If they want state money to pay for this problem, then rural taxpayers should get a say in setting Minneapolis’s policies. If Minneapolis Democrats want the money, just not the lecture, that’s fine. They just shouldn’t get the money in that scenario.

PS- Good luck to the Minneapolis DFL. If they’re relying on AIM to protect them, they’d better buy lots of guns.

Republican Sen. Tim Scott has lived with racism all his life. Since entering Congress, he’s worked on race-related issues. He was the chief author of the Opportunity Zones section of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act. He’s worked hand-in-hand with HUD Secretary Carson to bring economic opportunities to minority neighborhoods. Frankly, he’s got more credibility on race-related issues than any politician, including President Obama.

Democrats are losing credibility on race-related issues because they’re constantly thinking of how this or that event can be converted into a political advantage. That isn’t how normal people think. They just think about doing the right thing, then making it happen. Yesterday, Democrats ripped the mask off. They exposed themselves as interested in race-related issues only in the context of winning control of the Senate majority.

Yesterday, Senate Democrats exposed themselves of putting a higher priority on partisanship than on doing the right thing when they voted to not even start debate on Tim Scott’s JUSTICE Act. Democrats voted to not start debate on the bill. Democrats voted to not let the amendment process start. Minnesota senators Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith are constantly touting their bipartisan record. They voted against starting debate. Think about that.

Democrat senators Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith, who theoretically represent Minnesota, the state where George Floyd was allegedly murdered, voted against the JUSTICE Act, aka police reform. Minneapolis is the city where Floyd lost his life. Their city council wants to “dismantle” the Minneapolis Police Department, aka the MPD.

This pair should be leading the fight for the JUSTICE Act. Instead, these Democrats voted against it. That isn’t a sign of bipartisanship. That’s proof of bad faith negotiating. If I lived in Minneapolis, especially in one of those minority neighborhoods that were looted, then destroyed, I’d take it out on the politicians that didn’t protect me.

This is typical Democrat thinking:

This is typical GOP get-positive-things-done thinking:

That’s quite a contrast. Republicans want to fix existing problems. Democrats want to stoke racial fears ahead of their next campaign. It isn’t that Democrats want to fix things. That isn’t part of the Democrats’ recent history. Democrats used to be dealmakers back before they lost their minds. Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Bill Clinton were dealmakers. By the way, where is Bill Clinton these days? We see Hillary too often. Ditto with President Obama. Bill Clinton is nowhere to be found. That isn’t difficult to figure out. Bill Clinton doesn’t want his legacy tarnished by today’s Democrats.

Things aren’t working too well for the anti-police Democrats:

A progressive Minneapolis neighborhood that pledged not to call the police in the wake of the death of George Floyd is now dealing with a 300-strong homeless encampment in a local park, according to reports. Traffic has reportedly increased in the neighborhood around Powderhorn Park, as drug dealers seek to meet their clientele displaced during the civil unrest, rioting and looting following Floyd’s death at the end of May. At least one person overdosed inside the park and was brought out by an ambulance. Prostitution has also been reported in the area. Residents though have agreed to “check their privilege” and “protect people of color” by not involving law enforcement to report instances of property damage, according to the New York Times.

By checking their privilege, there’s been an upsurge in prostitution and drug overdoses. Isn’t that lovely? Thanks to the Democrats’ bad faith and their unwillingness to negotiate during this historic opportunity, major cities are falling apart. Needless to say, these cities are run by Democrats.

If you think that Democrats care about crime, you’re kidding yourself. There’s no proof that Democrats are willing to do the things that are required to maintain a civil society.

Anyone who’s paid attention to Joe Biden can’t dispute the fact that he’s in cognitive decline. John Hinderaker’s post on the subject includes a hard-hitting ad paid for by “The Committee to defend the President.” As John says, this won’t be the last ad on this subject:

A little over halfway through the ad, they show Biden struggling, straining to recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Here’s what Biden said:

All men and women created by the — you know the thing.

John’s commentary is right, too:

The Democrats have also announced that Biden will participate in three presidential debates. Frankly, this surprises me. I question whether he can survive them. The problem with presidential debates, for the Democrats, is that reporters can shield their candidate only so far. At some point, he has to try to answer questions. Biden can’t do that.

This is one of several reasons why I think current polls are meaningless.

The other thing that’s certain to work against Biden is what’s happening with the Defund the Police movement. While I don’t doubt that the “CHOP” zone will cause Washington State to flip from blue to red, it’s quite possible the BLM-Antifa rioting and looting in Minneapolis will make Minnesota much more competitive than normal. One thing that won’t fly is lawlessness in the streets. Big city after big city is facing that type of lawlessness. The problem isn’t a bipartisan problem.

Let me repeat that. The problem isn’t a bipartisan problem. It’s the Democrats’ problem. Let me repeat that. It’s 100% the Democrats’ problem. Chicago, where over 100 citizens were shot this past weekend and 14 citizens were killed this weekend, hasn’t had a Republican mayor since 1932. There isn’t a Republican on the Chicago City Council. Minneapolis hasn’t had a Republican mayor since 1978. Their City Council is 100% Democrat. Seattle’s mayor is nuttier than a warehouse filled with fruitcake. Republicans will ram that point home endlessly the rest of the campaign.

That issue won’t play well for Democrats. People naturally want to feel protected, their families safe. When people see fires burning in neighborhoods, they don’t feel safe. Tweets like this don’t make people feel comfortable, either:

Thus far, Joe Biden hasn’t said a thing about the rioting, looting, violence and killings. With AOC and others pushing dismantling or defunding the police, this won’t make people feel safe. Biden has looked like a tower of mush throughout this. His impotence in the face of all this violence and his clear cognitive decline aren’t the characteristics people are looking for in a leader.

If you don’t realize that Robert Reich, Bill Clinton’s former Labor Secretary, is a socialist by the time you reach the third paragraph of this article, then you’re either a Democrat or a product of a government school. The article starts by saying “Some societies center on social control, others on social investment.”

It continues, saying “Social-control societies put substantial resources into police, prisons, surveillance, immigration enforcement and the military. Their purpose is to utilize fear, punishment and violence, to maintain what they consider order. Social-investment societies put more resources into healthcare, education, affordable housing, jobless benefits and children. Their purpose is to free people from the risks and anxieties of daily life and give everyone a fair shot at making it.”

Does Reich really think that people who appreciate being safe push policies that “utilize fear, punishment and violence?” Does Reich, a hardline Democrat progressive, think that Democrats invest in policies that “free people from the risks and anxieties of daily life?” That’s the definition of socialism. Socialism guarantees equality of outcomes. That’s why it inevitably leads to a race to the bottom. Capitalism inevitably leads to innovation and prosperity. Then Reich said this:

Donald Trump epitomizes the former. He calls himself the “law and order” president. He even wants to sic the military on Americans protesting against police brutality.

That’s a lie. President Trump doesn’t want to use the military to put down peaceful protests. This video is proof of that:

The United States began as a control society. Slavery, America’s original sin, depended on the harshest conceivable controls. Jim Crow wasn’t much better. But in the decades following the second world war, the nation began inching toward social investment.

Slavery wasn’t just “America’s original sin.” It was many nations’ original sin. Native Americans took other tribes captive after their wars. Just because the MSM isn’t willing to talk about this doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. In fact, there’s lots of things that the MSM doesn’t write about that’s happened.

Reich’s propaganda is a rewriting of history. Thanks to civil order, more money could be invested in things like the military, the interstate highway system and other types of infrastructure. Also, as public employee unions gathered power, corruption set in. Rather than focusing on what’s best for students, the NEA and AFT worried about what’s best for their clients. Teachers, aka their clients, pushed for the status quo, which didn’t keep up with the students’ needs.

Insisting on maintaining civility didn’t cause the problems that Reich described. Officials who weren’t people of integrity had far more negative influence on the decline of society.

You don’t miss something (someone?) until you don’t have it anymore. These days, I’m missing Norm Coleman because he’d be a major upgrade over Jacob Frey and the idiots serving on the Minneapolis City Council. Norm’s op-ed in the Star Tribune reminds us what leadership and good policy making look like.

It didn’t take Norm long to criticize the leadership team in Minneapolis. Starting in the 4th paragraph, Norm wrote “Meanwhile, in times of great tragedy there are those who rise from the ashes to give comfort to the afflicted. There are those who provide leadership when communities are clamoring for a way out from desperation. There are people who bring the best and the brightest ideas to bear to change bad systems and bad processes.”

Next, Norm dropped a bombshell:

And then there is the Minneapolis City Council.

That bunch of wild-eyed activists can’t see straight. That’s why they’re leading Minneapolis off a policy cliff.

A majority of the City Council members who have publicly declared they will defund and disband their Police Department.

Norm mentions later in his op-ed that “the lawless always want less law.” Then he harshly criticizes Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender:

Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender claims that calling police during an emergency is an act of “privilege.” On the contrary, the first responsibility of government is to protect its citizens — all its citizens.

Minneapolis failed George Floyd. The City Council now wants to double-down on that failure of responsibility by dismantling their Police Department. Every American citizen is owed the right, not the privilege, of being able to call for police assistance in an emergency.

Outside of Seattle Mayor Jenny ‘Summer of Love’ Durkan, Lisa Bender might be the most foolish-sounding local politician in the U.S. That’s saying something. They both should be instant inductees into the Municipal Hall of Idiots.

Next, Norm asks some important questions, questions that the Minneapolis City Council doesn’t have answers for:

The people of Minneapolis have every right to ask their elected officials who are promoting eliminating the Police Department why this solution is better than all the other solutions they’ve offered up for decades that didn’t stop racism, violence and bad cops who failed their city.

  1. Why didn’t they protect the people of Minneapolis?
  2. Why didn’t they protect good cops from bad cops?
  3. Why didn’t they stop their city from burning?

Frey and the City Council failed because they’re activists, not serious policy-makers. During the 2016 presidential campaign, President Trump asked the African-American community “What do you have to lose?” This year, African-Americans should recognize that the inept leadership of the DFL mayor and the terrible policies of the DFL City Council cost their neighborhoods and their stores everything. It’s been reduced to rubble..