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A week ago, Jerry Brown and Xavier Becerra, California’s governor and state attorney general respectively, were riding high while touting California’s sanctuary state law. Since then, Brown and Becerra have done nothing but backtrack on immigration. Don’t expect their losing streak to end anytime soon. Los Alamitos was the first openly defiant city to challenge SB 54. It wasn’t the last.

Last night, Los Alamitos voted for a second time to opt out of SB 54. By a vote of 4-1, “Los Alamitos Council members voted … to opt out of a state law that prohibited state and local police agencies from informing federal authorities in cases when illegal immigrants facing deportation are released from detention.”

Councilman Mark Chirco was the lone dissenting vote. Afterwards, Chirco said “the council has no legal authority to approve the ordinance and criticized the council members for what he called being irresponsible, stating that the measure will open the city to lawsuits.”

That started the Democrats’ criticism:

Shortly after the vote, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) tweeted that the ordinance is “a blatant violation of the city’s obligation to follow a state law that puts our local resources to use for the safety of our communities rather than toward federal immigration agencies.” The civil rights group previously threatened the city with a lawsuit if it passes the ordinance.

It isn’t surprising that the ACLU has it bassackwards. California doesn’t have the authority to ignore federal immigration policies. Let’s be blunt. That’s what California is doing by not notifying ICE of when illegal immigrants are getting out of jail.

The Democrats’ arguments are worthless as trash:

Omar Siddiqui, a U.S. Congressional candidate in California running to unseat Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, also spoke at the meeting, urging the council to oppose the motion as “our communities are safer when we work with each other and trust each other, not when we operate under a police state.”

Tell that to the Steinle family. This is an outright lie that’s told by Democrats. There’s no proof that verifies that as anything more than spin or theory.

Don’t be surprised if people reject Siddiqui. There’s an anti-sanctuary state backlash building in California. More people are getting tired of California’s failed liberal policies, especially with regards to illegal immigration. They’re tired of hearing how safe their communities are when they aren’t.

It doesn’t require a rocket scientist to figure out that this controversy is increasing voter intensity on the right. People are rejecting the Democrats’ anything goes immigration policies.

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Anyone that thinks liberalism is intellectually significant is kidding themselves. Think of this: liberals think that 18-year-olds are old enough to serve in the military but too stupid to make an informed decision about smoking and buying firearms. Further, Democrats think that that 16-year-olds can cast well-informed votes. If those facts don’t give you intellectual whiplash, then you’re a liberal.

This article almost gave me intellectual whiplash. Fortunately, I could tell from the title of the article that this was typical Democrat propaganda.

The article opens by saying “Akron City Council is expected to vote tonight on whether to prohibit the sale of tobacco products to those under 21. Proponents hope the rest of the Summit County will follow Akron’s lead.”

That sounds eerily similar to the arguments made by proponents of a similar measure put before the St. Cloud City Council. In that instance, the Council passed the proposed ordinance 4-3. After the motion was made and seconded in St. Cloud, Mark Fritz, the owner of E-Cig Emporium in St. Cloud, testified, saying “Your ordinance will not stop them. You need to recognize all you’re doing is hurting your local businesses.”

What Fritz referred to is the fact that St. Cloud’s neighboring cities haven’t adopted this ill-fated measure. It’s ill-fated because the 26th Amendment states:

Section 1. The right of citizens of the United States, who are eighteen years of age or older, to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of age.
Section 2. The Congress shall have the power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

The minute these laws get challenged, they’ll be flushed into the dustbin of history by the Supreme Court. One of the organizations pushing the 21 age limit for smoking in Minnesota is Clearway Minnesota / Minnesotans For A Smoke Free Generation. They present as fact this opinion:

Raising the purchase age to 21 will prevent youth tobacco use and save lives.

It’s impossible to verify this. Something else worth considering is whether the laws will be enforced. This video hints that they aren’t enforced:

That’s before talking about how high a priority preventing ‘under-age’ smoking is to police departments. I can’t picture a PD for a city the size of Akron will put a high priority on stopping underage smoking when there’s an opioid epidemic underway. There’s only so many hours in a day. Police departments don’t have unlimited resources.

That’s why passing these laws is a waste of time. If you want to decrease teenage smoking, education programs are much more efficient than banning products.

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Many of the Parkland people that’ve hogged the spotlight (pun intended) can’t hold a candle to one of the true heroes of that horrific day. At the age of 15, Anthony Borges has done more heroic things than David Hogg and Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel will likely do in their combined lifetimes. All young Mr. Borges did on that fateful day was use his body to protect the lives of 20 other students.

Compare that with disgraced Deputy Scot Peterson, who stayed outside to establish a perimeter while Nikolas Cruz allegedly fired his weapon, killing 14 students and 3 teachers. But I digress.

Borges “was released from the hospital Wednesday after suffering wounds to the lungs, abdomen and legs.” In his statement, which was read by his attorney, Borges said Superintendent Runcie and Sheriff Israel “failed us students, teachers and parents alike on so many levels. I want all of us to move forward to end the environment that allowed people like Nikolas Cruz to fall through the cracks. You knew he was a problem years ago and you did nothing. He should have never been in school with us.”

The FBI and the Broward County Sheriff’s Office have come under intense scrutiny following the shooting. The FBI admitted days after the shooting that they received a call on Jan. 5 from a person close to Cruz expressing concerns about his erratic behavior and disturbing social media posts. The former school resource deputy, Scot Peterson, did not enter the school during the shooting. The former deputy denied wrongdoing and retired from the office before an investigation was launched.

Peterson is the poster child for a disgrace. What he did fits the description of a coward. Rest assured that he’ll be one of the defendants in the Borges’ civil lawsuit.

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It’s difficult taking Parkland students David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez and Cameron Kasky seriously, especially since their targeting seems more guided by ideology than logic. Their targets have been Marco Rubio, who definitely isn’t part of the problem, and the NRA. They’d have a hint of credibility if they’d taken the FBI and the Broward County’s Sheriff to task for their failings. Since that didn’t happen, there’s nothing that they’ve said that suggests that they’re serious policymakers.

This discredited trio seems disinterested in the fact that Deputy Scot Peterson ignored sheriff office’s protocol when he told other deputies “Do not approach the 12 or 1300 building, stay at least 500 feet away.” The sheriff’s protocol “calls for deputies to engage an active shooter until the threat is eliminated.”

By not engaging the shooter, Deputy Peterson didn’t do his job. The Parkland student activists haven’t criticized him or his wimpy sheriff boss. Why haven’t they taken aim at Dep. Peterson and Sheriff Israel? Is it because Sheriff is helping them criticize the NRA? If that’s the case, then these students aren’t principled problem solvers. They’re displaying the traits that do-nothing career politicians show.

Why haven’t these frauds gone after Sheriff Israel like this?

WPLG’s Bob Norman approached Sheriff Israel on Monday outside a Wings Plus restaurant where the Democrats club was scheduled to meet, asking the sheriff, “How do you have the time to politic when you got all these problems?”
“Your stories have never been balanced,” Sheriff Israel accused the reporter.

“This isn’t about me, sheriff,” Mr. Norman fired back. “There are 17 dead people. If you’re disappointed in me, I think there’s a lot of people disappointed in you.” “You know, I disagree with you,” Sheriff Israel said. “You haven’t heard? About the country being disappointed in you and the [Broward Sheriff’s Office]?” Mr. Norman asked. “No, not at all,” Sheriff Israel responded. “My job is to protect and serve the Broward County residents.” “Did you do that?” Mr. Norman asked. “Did you do that?”

“But when the report is in, we’ll have that conversation,” Sheriff Israel said. “Are you ever going to take responsibility for what happened at Stoneman Douglas?” Mr. Norman asked. “When the report’s in, we’ll have that conversation, Bob,” the sheriff repeated.

Gonzalez, Hogg and Kasky haven’t gone after these incompetents even though they stood by while their classmates died.

It’s impossible for me to take these students seriously because they haven’t proven that they’re interested in solving the problem. Thus far, they’re more interested in being media stars.

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In the gospel according to David Hogg, politicians who accept money from ‘special interests’ (like the NRA) have “blood on their hands when an innocent dies. If that’s the battlefield that Mr. Hogg wants to fight and die on, let’s have at it. Hogg insists repeatedly daily that politicians (like Marco Rubio) have blood on their hands if they’ve accepted campaign contributions from the NRA.

Let’s apply those principles to illegal immigration. Instead of the NRA, let’s plug in La Raza and Eric Holder or Luis Gutierrez. Let’s swap out the NRA and Marco Rubio. Mary Ann Mendoza lost her son in May, 2014 when her son “was killed in a head-on collision with a wrong-way driver.” The driver, Raul Silva-Corona, wasn’t “deported two decades ago after he was convicted for crimes in Colorado.”

In July, 2014, Ms. Mendoza wrote to then-President Obama, saying “The prosecutors were ‘lenient’ on him and several charges were dismissed. When he was convicted of these crimes (in) 1994 and the government knew he was in the country illegally, why wasn’t he deported? Why are any of these illegal criminals in this country? I am furious that the Federal Government allowed this criminal to stay in this country and KILL my son!” Tonight, Ms. Mendoza was interviewed by Martha McCallum. Here’s that interview:

Democrats insist that people who accept campaign contributions from the NRA have “blood on their hands.” By their definition, politicians who accept campaign contributions from La Raza or other open borders organizations have blood on their hands. By Hogg’s definition, politicians like President Obama, Eric Holder, Jerry Brown and Xavier Becerra have blood on their hands because they’ve let criminal aliens out of jail, only to see them be commit more crimes, including murder, rape and other violent crimes.

BTW, yes, that means that liberals like Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham and John McCain have blood on their hands, too. But I digress.

Let’s get serious about this. Democrats won’t vote for funding the border wall. Ever. They’ll play gimmicks and say that they’ll vote for funding the wall but they won’t actually vote for funding Trump’s wall. It’s a simple matter of admitting that Democrats are beholden to their open borders special interest allies.

Building the wall is imperative. If you think that walls don’t work, ask Prime Minister Netanyahu and the IDF if they work. Finally, here’s Ms. Mendoza’s letter to President Obama in 2014:

It’s 4 years later and Democrats still haven’t built the wall or secured the border. It’s time we stopped believing that Democrats give a damn about protecting US citizens. The façade is crumbling. It’s a myth to think that they give a damn about anything other than acquiring, then maintaining political power.

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Xavier Becerra once thought he could push Sheriff Hutchens around. When he found out he couldn’t push Sheriff Hutchens around, he quickly backed down. Thursday afternoon, he issued this guidance letter, otherwise recognized as a white flag of surrender. In the letter, he states “The Values Act does the following: 1. Sets the parameters under which California state and local law enforcement agencies may engage in ‘immigration enforcement,’ as defined, and requires certain information about joint law enforcement task forces and transfers of individuals to immigration authorities to be reported to the California Department of Justice.”

Actually, SB 54, aka the California Values Act, states “This bill would, among other things and subject to exceptions, prohibit state and local law enforcement agencies, including school police and security departments, from using money or personnel to investigate, interrogate, detain, detect, or arrest persons for immigration enforcement purposes, as specified, and would, subject to exceptions, proscribe other activities or conduct in connection with immigration enforcement by law enforcement agencies. The bill would apply those provisions to the circumstances in which a law enforcement official has discretion to cooperate with immigration authorities. The bill would require, by October 1, 2018, the Attorney General, in consultation with the appropriate stakeholders, to publish model policies limiting assistance with immigration enforcement to the fullest extent possible for use by public schools, public libraries, health facilities operated by the state or a political subdivision of the state, and courthouses, among others.”

Wednesday, when Becerra was full of himself, hinted that he might arrest Sheriff Hutchens. Thursday, after Orange County voted to join US Attorney General Sessions’ lawsuit, Becerra backed down quicker than Barack Obama backed away from his Syrian red lines.

Becerra is a lightweight who tried fighting someone in a higher weight class in terms of gravitas. This shows who’s the heavyweight in terms of gravitas:

Wednesday night, immigration attorney Raul Reyes did the unthinkable. He agreed with Tucker Carlson that Sandra Hutchens, the Orange County Sheriff, isn’t breaking the law and shouldn’t be arrested by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra.

In fact, “Raul Reyes said he agreed with Carlson when it came to the case of one county official who is planning to post names of inmates-to-be-released so that ICE can take proper action. The official has been warned that their actions may defy the new state law. Reyes said it complies with the law because it doesn’t “single out” Latino names or names of illegal immigrants.” Later in the interview, though, Reyes said that most Californians agree with Becerra.

From the judicial system’s perspective, it’s irrelevant if it’s popular politically. In this instance, the only thing that’s relevant is whether Sheriff Hutchens obeyed the language found in SB 54. SB 54 prohibits California law enforcement officials from contacting ICE and telling them when illegal immigrants who’ve broken California’s laws when the prisoners are getting released from jail. Sheriff Hutchens hasn’t contacted ICE. Instead, she’s simply posted the release dates for all prisoners. That’s what happens when legislation is sloppily written.

Mr. Reyes might be right in saying that Becerra might be supported by Californians if he arrested Sheriff Hutchens. That’s what happens in the court of public opinion. In a court of law, though, that’s irrelevant. In court, what’s important is whether the state can produce evidence that proves beyond a reasonable doubt whether that Sheriff Hutchens broke the law.

Since there isn’t proof that Sheriff Hutchens contacted the federal government, California can’t convict Hutchens of violating any criminal statute. In fact, depending on California state law, it’s possible the sheriff might be able to file a lawsuit of malicious prosecution against Mr. Becerra.

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Xavier Becerra’s op-ed isn’t just dishonest. It’s also filled with Democrat propaganda.

Early in his op-ed, Becerra wrote “The Trump administration and California can agree on this point: Public safety must be a top priority. But in California, we believe our communities are safest when we have trust between our law enforcement and the communities they serve.” Thus far, California’s approach has failed. Just ask Kate Steinle’s family. Thanks to Becerra’s policies, they’ll never get to talk with Kate again. Suffice it to say that Democrats haven’t put a high priority on keeping communities safe.

Later, Becerra wrote “Just ahead of visiting California for the first time as president Tuesday, President Trump tweeted misleading claims about California’s public-safety policies, suggesting that our state laws put people at risk. In fact, our laws are in place to protect our families and strengthen public safety.” That’s a non sequitur answer. California’s laws have put people at risk. It’s entirely possible that the California legislature wanted to protect people. It’s also possible that their laws have failed to accomplish what they wanted to accomplish.
The proof that Gen. Becerra is utterly dishonest comes in this video:

First, the video highlights the fact that Becerra was a member of Congress “for almost 25 years” and that he was part of the House Democratic leadership team. Then it shows Becerra saying “You can trace all of this back to the fact that Washington, DC, the Trump administration as the Governor said, has just failed utterly to help us fix a very broken immigration system.”

What a liar. President Trump has put together a totally reasonable offer to fix the US immigration system. Further, it’s Becerra and the Democrats who’ve failed. In 2009, Democrats had a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, a supermajority in the House and a Democrat president. They had the perfect opportunity to fix the US immigration system. It’s stunning that Becerra thinks that it’s Trump’s fault for not fixing the immigration system. Becerra had a quarter of a century and didn’t fix it. President Trump has been in office 18 months.

None of our state’s laws regulate immigration or interfere with the ability of federal immigration authorities to do their jobs. Rather, California is acting on its own turf by regulating its own law enforcement officers, detention facilities and workplaces to ensure that the confidentiality of the state’s residents is safeguarded and their constitutional rights protected.

That’s a lie. One of California’s ‘immigration laws’ prohibits employer cooperation with immigration enforcement:

AB 450, Chiu. Employment regulation: immigration worksite enforcement actions.

Existing law prohibits an employer or other person or entity from engaging in, or to directing another person or entity to engage in, unfair immigration-related practices against a person for exercising specified rights.

That law is unenforceable because it limits an employer’s right to free speech. If an employer wants to work with, for instance, ICE, that’s their right under the First Amendment. Period. AB 450 interferes “with the ability of federal immigration authorities to do their jobs.”

Simply put, Xavier Becerra isn’t skilled at telling the truth.

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Saying that it took courage for Shaquille O’Neal to speak out against gun violence is understatement. Nonetheless, that’s precisely what he did when he said the solution isn’t to ban guns.

In an interview with WABC, O’Neal said “The government should give law enforcement more money. Give more money, you recruit more people, and the guys that are not ready to go on the streets, you put them in front of the schools. You put ’em in front of the schools, you put ’em behind the schools, you put ’em inside the schools. And we need to pass information. I would like to see police officers in schools, inner cities, private schools.”

I totally agree with one stipulation — that those officers not be like the cowards from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

What happened yesterday, what’s been happening for weeks, is that liberal cowards like Chuck Schumer and Richard Blumenthal have hidden behind kids that’ve been propagandized by anti-gun groups like Everytown and Moms Demand Action. Yesterday, Sen. Schumer and the other cowards pandered to these kids:

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (N.Y.) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) both spoke to the demonstrators, while other Democrats such as Sen. Richard Blumenthal (Conn.), Rep. Ted Deutch (Fla.) and Rep. Keith Ellison (Minn.) were spotted in the crowd. “[We are] representing in Congress the students who have sacrificed so much, spoken so eloquently, commanded the attention of the nation,” Pelosi told the crowd. “We are all moved by your eloquence and fearless insistence on action to prevent gun violence.” “Don’t give up the fight! We will win,” added Schumer.

Watch the stupidity on parade from these ‘moral authorities’:

It’s sickening to listen to these liberal blowhards pledge their allegiance to know-nothing kids. One minute, Democrats say these students are wise beyond their years and that their moral authority is absolute. The next minute, Democrats (and the students) say they’re too immature to buy weapons that they’d use to protect themselves with.

Shaquille O’Neal is right. Protecting students is a matter of hardening targets. Taking guns away from law-abiding citizens won’t make a dent. I know this because we tried it before. Dana Loesch got it right in this interview:

Here’s what she said:

Sheriff Israel had the best day yesterday because nobody was talking about him and I think that’s how he wants it. No one was talking about his incompetency. No one was talking about his failure to stand up for those kids by answering the 45 calls that came into his department, including calls from the murderer’s mother herself, who was warning law enforcement that he had put a gun to her head.

What’s sickening is that these students don’t know that former US Attorney General Eric Holder is partially responsible for this shooting because he put a higher priority on sending violent students to touchy-feely classes than he put on stopping the violence.

Shaq is right. It’s time to harden schools. If that hurts these youthful activists’ feelings, perhaps we should send students with hurt feelings to touchy-feely training.Shaquille O’Neal speaks out

Shortly after Nikolas Cruz’s deadly rampage at the Marjory Stoneman-Douglas HS, the Broward County School Board decided it was going to tell the rest of the nation how to run their schools. In its arrogance, the Broward County School Board got together to lecture America. It isn’t because they’re smarter than us. It isn’t that they’re wiser than the rest of us. It’s because they think they’re entitled to tell us what’s best.

That’s what progressives do.

Something that progressives don’t do is accept responsibility. (See Sheriff Scott Israel.) Days after the slaughter of 17 innocents, Sheriff Israel told CNN’s Jake Tapper that he’d provided “amazing leadership.” Unfortunately, 14 students and 3 teachers were unavailable to respond. It isn’t just that “dead men tell no tales.” It’s that they don’t issue responses to crackpot sheriffs either. But I digress. Let’s return to the geniuses of the Broward County School Board.

After losing 17 students and teachers in a barrage of gunfire, the Broward County school board is livid and demanding an array of nationwide changes. Board members passed a 24-point resolution Tuesday, calling for Congress to ban assault weapons, require universal background checks and broaden the perimeters of school gun-free zones.

How dare these people lecture us on how to protect children in our schools. They don’t know our neighborhoods or students. How would they know what’s best for people half a nation away?

Let’s be straight about something. Let individual school districts determine what’s best for their students. They’re the local experts. It’s time to ignore blowhards like Sen. Bill Nelson:

If pandering was political gold, Sen. Nelson would be a senator for life. Let’s be clear. Sen. Nelson knows that anti-gun rights organizations are paying for the Parkland protests. Why would I listen to Michael Bloomberg or Moms Demand Action?

Rather, I’ll choose to contribute to a local conversation on what’s needed here in St. Cloud.