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Jessie van Berkel’s article will put a smile on Republicans’ faces across the nation. That’s especially true for Minnesota’s Republicans.

According to van Berkel’s article, “Republican Doug Wardlow has pulled ahead of Democrat U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison in the race for Minnesota attorney general, a Star Tribune/MPR News Minnesota Poll found. Wardlow now leads by 7 percentage points, at 43 percent to 36 percent for Ellison, just a month after the Democrat held a 5-point edge in a September Minnesota Poll. The switch follows a turbulent period for the Ellison campaign, as he has navigated the political fallout of his former girlfriend’s allegation that he abused her in 2016, a claim he denies.”

That certainly isn’t good news for Ellison but it isn’t the worst news for him. This is:

Voters in Hennepin and Ramsey counties preferred Ellison in the new poll, but Wardlow was ahead in every other part of the state. Wardlow’s support also grew among voters aged 18 to 34. That age group went for Ellison by a wide margin in the September poll, and while he still leads among such voters, the percentage that backed Wardlow more than doubled.

This is terrible news:

After Sunday night’s terrible performance by Ellison at the KSTP debate, it’s time for Wardlow to go for the jugular and put Ellison out of our misery.

After reading this article by Stephanie Dickrell, there’s no doubting whether Doug Wardlow has a positive, pro-Minnesota agenda in mind when he’s elected to replace Lori Swanson as Minnesota’s Attorney General. (Yes, I’m predicting that he’ll defeat Keith Ellison, ending Ellison’s political career.)

Whereas Ellison has made it clear his office would essentially be used to sue the Trump administration, Wardlow has a dramatically different vision for the office. Wardlow “said he would focus resources on combating welfare fraud, rebuilding the office’s criminal law division and becoming a leader in stopping human trafficking.”

Dickrell reports that one “place the two candidates differ greatly is on immigration. Wardlow said he opposes sanctuary cities. ‘As attorney general, I’m going to do everything I can to persuade cities to cooperate with federal authorities, and make clear that federal immigration authorities are welcome in Minnesota,’ he said.”

Last night, I wrote a post titled The Walz-Ellison Ticket. In it, I wrote that Walz is proud to tell voters that he wants to make Minnesota a sanctuary state. Ellison isn’t quite as bold but he’s definitely interested in promoting illegal immigration. If you want higher crime rates across Minnesota, vote for Ellison and Walz. If you prefer sanity and lower crime rates, you’d better vote for Doug Wardlow and Jeff Johnson. This ad is accurate. I know because I’ve written about each of the allegations.

It’s time to end Keith Ellison’s political career. He’s an extremist in the worst way.

Elect Doug Wardlow. He’s the only candidate in this race with a positive, pro-law enforcement agenda.

Traditionally speaking, Tim Walz’s running mate is Peggy Flanagan. From an agenda standpoint, though, Tim Walz’s running mate is Keith Ellison. If either of them or, God forbid, both are elected, Minnesota will become one of the worst states in terms of crime and illegal immigration.

According to a recent Reality Check by Pat Kessler, Tim Walz proudly states that he’d push for turning Minnesota into a sanctuary state:

Read between the lines of Keith Ellison’s issues page and it’s clear that Ellison supports sanctuary state status:

Minnesota has a proud immigrant tradition, from those seeking economic opportunity to those fleeing violence abroad. As Attorney General, I will fight efforts by the Trump Administration to remove protections from DREAMers who contribute so much to our economy and society. I will ensure that our immigration detention system is humane, and free from mistreatment, and will prioritize efforts to reunite families who were heartlessly separated at the border. I will stand up to the un-American, discriminatory Muslim Travel Ban. Our country is at its best when we welcome those fleeing horrendous conditions, not when we fan the flames of bigotry and division.

If Tim Walz and Keith Ellison are elected, it’s certain that Minnesota’s crime rate will head in the wrong direction. Kessler rightly highlights the fact that immigration is a hot issue for the GOP base. That’s why I expect Jeff Johnson and Doug Wardlow to highlight this issue as much as possible through Election Day. Follow this link to contribute to Jeff’s campaign. If you want a safe Minnesota, follow this link to contribute to Doug Wardlow’s campaign so he can protect Minnesota while finishing Keith Ellison’s political career.

During this campaign, Democrats have distanced themselves from Nancy Pelosi. If they retake the majority on Nov. 6, they’ll re-elect her to be their speaker. That’s the game Democrats are playing. It’s a game we should immediately opt out of.

It isn’t that Nancy Pelosi isn’t tone-deaf. She is. It’s that other Democrats are just as bad. A vote for a so-called Democrat moderate is a vote for another Democrat lunatic. Does anyone seriously think that there’s any moderates in the Democrats’ leadership team?

This is a game. It’s the Democrats’ attempt to use a shiny object (Pelosi) to distract attention away from the Democrats inadequacies (think identity politics, income inequality, comprehensive immigration reform). Democrats don’t want to talk about immigration.

Further, I’d highlight the fact that Democrats are turning increasingly violent. John Hinderaker’s post highlights the fact that this violence isn’t just happening in Portland, OR and NYC. It’s happening in Minnesota, too.

BTW, it’s impossible to picture Keith Ellison pursuing charges against the hooligans in Hinderaker’s post. He’d side with the DFL. Either that or he’d pretend that it didn’t happen.

Once the election is behind them, does anyone think that Pelosi won’t twist these new Democrats’ arms until she’s speaker again? Of course she will. What’s worse is that she presided over the House until the U.S. economy tanked. We don’t want that all over again.

The reality is that, under Democrat governance, we’ll have more crime and less economic growth. That’s been proven before.

After reading Doug Wardlow’s op-ed, which was published by the Duluth News Tribune, it’s becoming crystal clear that Doug Wardlow would make an outstanding attorney general. It’s equally clear that Keith Ellison isn’t interested in protecting Minnesotans.

In his op-ed, Wardlow highlights his priorities, saying “Meanwhile, even though the attorney general is Minnesota’s chief law enforcement officer, the criminal law division within the office has been ignored and downsized. But Minnesota has statewide problems that need to be tackled, like the terrible sex trafficking that occurs in our state and the opioid epidemic.”

Mike Hatch and Lori Swanson loved paying attention to high profile lawsuits but they didn’t do a good job with crime. It’s apparent that stopping crime and beefing up the criminal division within the OAG will be Wardlow’s highest priority.

Playing politics means fewer resources for law and order and has disastrous results. For example, we know the number of children being trafficked is astronomically high. According to a study, each month in Minnesota, hundreds of children, usually young girls, are trafficked multiple times a day. But the arrests of the human-traffickers behind this great evil are far too low, and the number of convictions of these criminals is even lower.

That’s because county attorneys, on the front lines with local law enforcement, are starved of resources. When it comes to statewide criminal enterprises, our county attorneys need coordination, assistance, and leadership from the state attorney general. That’s why, on day one, I will start rebuilding the office’s criminal law division.

Let’s stop this horrific crime against young girls. It’s long past time to permanently shut this type of crime down.

That won’t be a priority with Keith Ellison. Ellison’s already promised to file lawsuit after lawsuit against President Trump. Stopping sex trafficking isn’t on Ellison’s list of priorities.

It’s time to elect an AG whose priorities include stopping sex trafficking and opioid abuse.

Further, it’s time to reject a politician who can’t control himself:

Keith Ellison’s multiple character flaws are proof that he isn’t fit to be Minnesota’s top law enforcement officer. This weekend, William Davis, his top attack dog, gave us another reason to reject Ellison and end Ellison’s political career.

This weekend, Davis left a nasty reply to this Facebook post:

What a disgusting directive. What’s amazing is that Davis still has a job as I write this article. If a Republican had written this, the MSM would’ve been all over this like white on rice.

Because it was written by a Democrat mobster, the only sound we’ll hear is that of crickets. Like one of my frequent commenters often reminds us, if the Democrats didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards. Well put.

The difference between Ellison and Doug Wardlow is starting to show itself. In the next post, I’ll explain why Doug Wardlow needs to be our next AG.

It’s understatement to say that Keith Ellison has chutzpah to spare. This week, Ellison criticized Doug Wardlow for being a mouthpiece for special interest groups while speaking at the Minnesota AFL-CIO headquarters.

While at the AFL-CIO headquarters, Ellison said “The special interests already have high-powered lawyers on their side. They don’t need another one in the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office.”

To his credit, Wardlow hit back hard, saying “Keith Ellison, he wants to talk about anything other than the domestic abuse allegations against him.” With the judge just unsealing Ellison’s divorce records this past Thursday, rest assured that this wasn’t Ellison’s best week in politics ever.

Then again, Ellison hasn’t had many good weeks lately. He certainly didn’t have a great week when Karen Monahan accused him of sexual assault. Ellison definitely didn’t have a great week when various bloggers highlighted the fact that Ellison has frequently supported cop-killers.

Ellison not only supports special interest organizations. He couldn’t thrive without their support.

In the past, Ellison was a politician in the minority, a bomb-thrower. This time, he’s running to become Minnesota’s chief law enforcement officer. John Hinderaker summed things up beautifully in this post, titled “Who wants a pro-crime attorney general”?

If you want a pro-law enforcement attorney general in Minnesota, the only choice is Doug Wardlow:

Click on this link if you want to permanently retire Keith Ellison from politics.

Keith Ellison is running to be Minnesota’s Attorney General. Today, Minnesotans are learning that Ellison hates paying his federal and state income taxes. This afternoon, I received an email from the Wardlow campaign highlighting this article, which was written by Bill Williamson.

According to the article, “Ellison’s critics in the DNC and some supporters of Labor secretary Tom Perez, the other top candidate, are pointing to the Minnesota Democrat’s past tax troubles, campaign finance violations and minor legal issues that once led to his driver’s license being suspended as evidence that he’s ill-equipped to lead the DNC.”

It’s apparent that Ellison cares as much about tax laws as arsonists care about fire codes. How can serious people consider electing a person who doesn’t care about the law to be Minnesota’s top law enforcement officer?

In light of Ellison’s frequent law-breaking and his support of cop-killers like Assata Shakur, shouldn’t Minnesotans think that Ellison is capable of lying about assaulting Karen Monahan?

There’s no disputing the fact that Keith Ellison is a scofflaw. That’s why he shouldn’t become Minnesota’s Attorney General.

One of the principles of the #MeToo movement is that women are automatically to be believed when they insist that they’ve been sexually assaulted. Apparently, Joe Radinovich isn’t pro-#MeToo. According to this article, he “continues to avoid taking a stance on the allegations against Minnesota attorney general candidate Keith Ellison.” A profile in courage, he isn’t. Then again, finding a Democrat who’s willing to stand up to Tom Steyer, Mike Bloomberg, Black Lives Matter and Antifa is virtually impossible.

Here’s what courage doesn’t look like:

The DFL doesn’t believe in protecting women. They just believe in saying that they’ll protect women. After watching Sen. Feinstein throw Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford to the wolves, why should anyone think that Democrats care about women?

The reason why these allegations are sticking to Keith Ellison is because of Ellison’s lack of character. In the past, he’s supported cop-killers and other radicals. Is it that difficult to believe he isn’t a man of integrity?

According to a quote in this article, Erin Murphy has supernatural powers. Nora Hertel quoted Murphy as saying “It is easy to advance a message that scapegoats some people. When we hear a candidate talk about ending any refugee resettlement, we know what that is about. When we hear a candidate for the attorney general’s race saying he wants to change the complexion of the state of Minnesota, we know what that is about.”

Apparently, Erin Murphy can hear dog whistles. Seriously, how would Erin Murphy know what people are thinking? I’m betting that Murphy is projecting. I’m betting that Murphy wants to avoid talking about the substance of the issues.

Why would she want to talk about Keith Ellison’s love of sanctuary cities? Why would she want to talk about the fact that Doug Wardlow actually wants to enforce existing Minnesota laws rather than immediately filing lawsuits?

Murphy apparently prefers accusing Republicans of being racists without having proof. Here’s the real choice for Minnesotans: