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According to the Blaze’s Daniel Horowitz, Tim Walz is a tyrant. In his article, Horowitz writes “There is no subtlety to Walz’s tyranny, and his evils are clearly no longer sufferable. His regime is now threatening to imprison business owners who have no options to feed their families other than keeping their businesses open. At the same time, he is releasing violent criminals, including child murderers, as violent crime consumes the Twin Cities region.” Check this out:

Larvita McFarquhar is America embodied. An African-American single mom with four children to support, Larvita never asked for handouts. She opened Haven’s Garden, in Lynd, Minnesota, a family-oriented restaurant with an attached gymnasium for kids to have a good time. She is the ultimate entrepreneur and family woman, but in Walz’s Sodom and Gomorrah, she is now a criminal. She had the audacity to pursue the rights spelled out in the Declaration of Independence and kept her business open at great expense with full compliance with all the unscientific distancing restrictions.

The twisted irony is that Walz is all in on the de-incarceration agenda. Just last month, he stated that “incarceration is a failure of the system.” But what he really meant was only incarceration for dangerous criminals should be shunned. On Wednesday afternoon, Nathan Hansen, Larvita’s attorney, posted on Twitter that “Assistant Minnesota Attorney General Kaitrin C. Vohs filed court documents to have Ms. McFarquhar potentially imprisoned to force her compliance with Governor Tim Walz’s executive order.”

With so many criminals being released for violating real laws, you know, like not to steal, carjack, or murder, wouldn’t “Mr. Anti-incarceration” himself not want lovely people like Ms. McFarquhar to be imprisoned for living a free life? Don’t count on it.

President Trump, a supposedly heartless Republican, signed the First Step Act to reform sentencing laws. Tim Walz, a supposedly compassionate Democrat, wants to jail a black single mother of 4 for wanting to put food on her family’s table and keep a roof over their head.

Who’s the heartless politician? Who’s the compassionate person? I think LFR readers understand that that’s a rhetorical question. The heartless politician, IMHO, is Tim Walz with a dishonorable mention to Keith Ellison:

Tim Walz’s indifference towards law-abiding citizens doesn’t stop there. Logic isn’t Gov. Walz’s strength. Be prepared to clench your fists after reading this:

On Tuesday, Gov. Tim Walz and Attorney General Keith Ellison, as part of the state’s Board of Pardons, voted to immediately commute the life sentence of Myon Burrell after he served 18 years for the murder of 11-year-old Tyesha Edwards in 2002. He intended to kill someone else in a gang fight that day, but a stray bullet hit Edwards in the heart while she was in her home doing schoolwork. Burrell’s cousin and jailmate testified in 2002 that he confessed to the killing, and Timothy Oliver, the intended victim of the shooting, testified that Burrell pulled the trigger. But, of course, Burrell and his lawyer maintain that he is an innocent man.

Why did Walz release him? The “science” of teenage killers! “We cannot turn a blind eye to the developments in science and law as we look at this case,” said Walz. “We can’t shackle our children in 2020,” added Walz. “We need to grow as our science grows.”

The science? What the hell is Walz talking about? I get it that Ellison has supported murderers in the past. That’s old news. That he still supports murderers is disappointing on steroids, though it isn’t surprising.

Minnesota deserves a governor that applies logic to situations like this. Tim Walz doesn’t fit that description. He’s a tyrant drunk on his authorities. He’s unfit for office.

It isn’t surprising that the DFL is already attempting to limit the political damage that’s heading the DFL’s direction. House Democrats have kept intact Gov. Walz’s autocratic authorities about 6 months longer than they should have. This week, they’re attempting to claim credit for fixing what the DFL broke through Gov. Walz’s shelter-in-place orders.

Contrary to Walz’s statements, the DFL’s edicts weren’t based on science. They’re based on a thirst for controlling (and ruining) people’s lives. Yesterday, DFL Rep. Dan Wolgamott sent out a statement on the relief package the legislature passed Monday night.

He wrote “Monday night, after weeks of negotiations, the Minnesota Legislature finally passed a bipartisan package of legislation aimed at providing a lifeline to our state’s small businesses and working families. This isn’t a perfect, fix-all solution, but it does provide a lifeline for those struggling to get by until federal relief can arrive. The bill includes a 13-week extension of unemployment insurance and direct financial support for businesses. The Department of Revenue estimates that 5,800 small businesses will receive $82-88 million beginning before the end of the year. Another $114.5 million will be distributed to counties to provide grants to impacted businesses, and movie theaters and convention centers will receive $14 million. In this bill, Stearns County would receive just over $3.16 million for small business grants, and Benton and Sherburne Counties would receive $256 thousand and $1.9 million, respectively.”

Had the DFL followed the science and put in place mitigation standards for small businesses and restaurants, businesses would’ve stayed open and they wouldn’t now need this lifeline from the government. Wolgamott essentially represented Tim Walz during each of the special sessions this summer and fall.

Wolgamott isn’t in good shape because of redistricting. He lives to the east of Highway 10 but the vast majority of his district is west of the Mississippi River. St. Cloud proper is losing people. Most of the population growth is to the north (Sauk Rapids and Tim O’Driscoll) or east (township country and Shane Mekeland). He’d get obliterated against either opponent.

Dan Wolgamott voted to keep businesses closed despite the data. He and the entire DFL own the shutdown. Ditto with Tim Walz. The fact that he voted to pay off the business owners is irrelevant because he and the DFL voted to put these businesses in dire straits in the first place.

Tim Walz consistently emphasizes as fact that he’s following the science in fighting COVID-19. That isn’t the truth. It’s the opposite of the truth. Late last week, 5 Republicans sent Gov. Walz, the DFL governor of Minnesota, a letter calling for the reopening of gyms in Minnesota.

The 5 representatives sending this letter are Minority Leader Kurt Daudt, Pat Garofalo, Barb Haley, Dave Baker and Ann Neu Brindley. In the letter, the Republicans said “While we share a common goal of keeping Minnesotans safe and slowing the spread of the pandemic, the data simply does not support keeping these facilities closed. It is devastating to the business, their employees, and the health and wellness of Minnesotans who rely on their services.”

The data is that “According to statistics from the YMCA and Life Time, a mere .002% of visitors across 35 Minnesota YMCA locations have contracted the virus since June. Across 23 Minnesota Life Time locations, there have been just 352 cases out of 3.17 million visits, according to the letter. The national numbers match that, with the same rate of only .002% of all visitors contracting the virus from a gym.”

The scientific data doesn’t fit the DFL’s decision. In other words, the DFL’s decision is spin, not scientific. Let’s hope that these fitness centers sue Gov. Walz and the DFL to reopen. That’s what it will take to get them reopened because the DFL House has protected Gov. Walz. Here’s the statistical case against the closure:

This graphic shows that Gov. Walz’s order isn’t justified. The DFL House majority is complicit in Gov. Walz’s order. This paragraph summarizes things perfectly:

“Finally, health and wellness facilities should be considered some of our strongest allies in our fight against COVID-19,” the letter advises. “These facilities promote regular physical activity, which improves health, strengthens your immune system, and reduces the risk of many common diseases. It’s also a way for many to strengthen their mental health —another major challenge during these difficult times.”

Tim Walz and the DFL have killed lots of small businesses with their draconian shutdowns. Their insistence that they’re following the science is an outright lie. The Daudt letter proves that. Small businesses, gyms and restaurants across the state should vote to throw the anti-science DFL and the anti-science Gov. Walz out of office in 2022.

Once again, the DFL-filled Minneapolis City Council, aka MCC, voted to increase crime in Minneapolis. “The Minneapolis City Council voted to move an additional $7.7 million out of the Minneapolis Police Department early Thursday morning, but backed down from a plan to reduce the number of officers.”

This guarantees that more crimes will be committed in Minneapolis. This stunt of not reducing the number of officers while cutting their budget isn’t fooling the people. Carjackings, which are up 537%, will continue being a problem because the police force is stretched too thin.

Council President Lisa Bender said “Our city’s workforce has adapted to an incredible challenge this year of working remotely and completely shifting the way we’re working as a community, while facing a pandemic, the killing of George Floyd, the destruction of the Third Precinct, and so much of our community’s commercial corridors.”

Bob Kroll, the president of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis responded, saying “The City Council is decimating the police department. The number of working officers is the lowest it’s been in 50 years. Murders, shootings, and other violent crimes are approaching record levels. Our officers are severely overworked, understaffed, and cannot keep the public safe with these cuts.” Shepard Smith, now with CNBC, characterized the cuts this way:

Smith opened by saying “Today, some reforms.” Tell that to the victims of carjackings, shootings and rapes. With fewer officers to protect them, fewer shoppers will visit Minneapolis, hurting the few businesses left downtown. Despite the rising crime, the DFL City Council won’t learn from their mistakes:

Jeremiah Ellison, the son of Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, said the council will revisit the charter change next year. “This is NOT the last chance we will have to dramatically rethink public safety in our city,” said Ellison. “We will quickly be in 2021 budget discussions, we will continue to ramp up community engagement on the future of public safety, and we will revisit the charter change for the 2021 ballot.”

The results are predictable. People will leave Minneapolis at a faster pace. Businesses will close, then move to the suburbs where sane-thinking people still live. The poorest people will be trapped.

This isn’t compassion. It’s cruelty masquerading as compassion. The MCC should be fired the next time they’re up for election and replaced with clear-thinking adults this time.

Tim Walz has killed another business. This time, Gov. Walz killed Wayzata Brew Works on Lake Minnetonka with another lockdown order.

In a statement, Wayzata Brew Works said “Wayzata Brew Works opened in April 2015, [and] almost instantly became well known for the view of Lake Minnetonka, live music, exceptional craft beer and great pizzas. After enduring the spring shutdown, imposed by the governor, and then managing through the governor’s mandated reduction of capacity during our most profitable part of the year on Lake Minnetonka, we are now faced with a second shutdown imposed by Gov. Walz, a shutdown that doesn’t involve any sustainable relief from the governor in order to help alleviate the economic calamity brought to our industry as a result of his decision.”

Apparently, Gov. Walz wants to become known as the job-killing governor. His one-size-fits-all approach to policy-making has led Minnesota’s businesses to the brink of bankruptcy. Minnesota’s hospitality industry is decimated. It might take years to form the capital needed to get these businesses started again.

The profit margin in this industry is slim. In Minnesota under Walz, the tax and regulatory structure is punitive. Unfortunately, it isn’t stable, making it quite unpredictable. In that type of environment, why would anyone work hard to build capital, then put it at risk in such conditions?

The idiots in charge of the city of Minneapolis and Hennepin County apparently want to incentivize crime in their jurisdictions. That’s apparent because “Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced that bail amounts will no longer be required for those charged with 19 different felony-level crimes after Jan. 1. Some of the crimes covered under the bail change include auto theft, identity theft and thefts valued under $35,000.” Last week, HotAir’s Ed Morrissey wrote this article about carjackings.

In the article, Morrissey wrote “Ho hum, just another couple of months in the reduced-policing utopia known as Minneapolis. With fewer police on the street, that must mean that residents in the city that made ‘abolish the police’ official policy must be enjoying a more peaceful and free life, right?” Then he cited this Star Tribune article, writing “Well, some are — and the rest are paying for it:”

Over the past two months, Minneapolis police have logged more than 125 carjackings in the city, a troubling surge that authorities had largely linked to small groups of marauding teens. But an increasing number of adults have been arrested in recent weeks for the same crime.

Within a one-hour period Saturday morning, police reported three separate carjackings in southeast Minneapolis, including one where an elderly woman was struck on the head. Such attacks are up 537% this month when compared with last November.

“The numbers are staggering,” said police spokesman John Elder. “It defies all civility and any shred of common human decency.”

That happened before getting rid of bail. Is Hennepin County trying to eliminate carjackings or increase carjackings? This isn’t just happening in poor neighborhoods:

The violence is beginning to meander to more wealthy neighborhoods, as the violent criminals have had time and resources to organize and look for more lucrative targets.

This video is frightening:

The implications from this interview are frightening. It’s apparent that this isn’t the work of punks who don’t fear the police. It’s the work of gangs working a system.

In Minneapolis, police funding has been cut. The Council wants to cut it more. That means few carjackers will get caught. Now, the ones who get caught will be released virtually immediately.

Apparently, Tim Walz’s policies are killing Minnesotans. This information is (just coincidentally) coming to light after the election. According to the Minnesota Department of Health, aka MDH, “Previously unseen costs of the COVID-19 pandemic and its associated lockdowns are coming to light. Drug overdose deaths increased 31% during the first half of 2020 compared to the first half of 2019, according to new data released by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH).”

DFL legislators voted each month in special session to keep Gov. Tim Walz’s Peacetime Emergency Powers intact. Had this drug overdose death information been reported by Tim Walz’s MDH, public pressure would’ve built to fix this crisis.

MDH Commissioner Jan Malcolm tried papering over the problem, saying “Deaths due to overdoses are preventable even amid all the troubles we’ve had this year. We need to work together to find ways to better support those suffering from substance use disorders, but it is important to know that there are resources available and those resources can still be accessed safely even with COVID-19 restrictions in place.”

What’s required most of all is stop the DFL’s lockdowns. They don’t work. They fix one problem while creating other problems. This graphic says it all:

Tim Walz and the DFL need to be fired. The DFL’s COVID-19 solutions have failed. The information that MDH has put out has been misleading at best. The DFL has kept Gov. Walz’s Peacetime Emergency Powers intact, thereby ensuring that he’d have more opportunities to exercise unilateral decision-making. That’s how we got into this position.

Is Gov. Tim Walz needlessly killing another industry? The answer is yes, according to House GOP Leader Kurt Daudt. Daudt “criticized Gov. Tim Walz for ‘causing harm to industries without data to back it up’ during a Tuesday press conference.”

Daudt continued, saying “The folks involved with the movie theaters are telling us that there hasn’t been a single documented case of COVID transmission in a movie theater in Minnesota or in the entire country, yet Gov. Walz has closed movie theaters in the state of Minnesota.” How many lives does Gov. Walz have to flatten before Minnesotan punish him for his incompetence? This isn’t about ‘following the science’. It’s about doing what Tim Walz thinks is right:

In fact, as of Nov. 23, not a single case of COVID-19 had been traced back to movie theaters globally, according to the Los Angeles Times. Nonetheless, Walz’s Nov. 19 executive order explicitly calls for the closure of “theaters” and “cinemas.”

One movie theater in Hopkins, Minnesota, closed its doors permanently shortly after Walz announced his new restrictions.

Gov. Walz has the worst history of killing jobs in recent Minnesota history. The DFL will argue that it’s because of COVID-19, which is partly true but misleading. It’s misleading because the DFL showed little mercy when President Trump was fighting through the COVID-19 pandemic. The DFL insisted that President Trump was an evil monster from hell who shouldn’t be re-elected. Now that it’s the DFL governor, though, the DFL hasn’t passed the shoe-on-the-other-foot test. The DFL is asking for mercy now that their guy is dealing with the pandemic. Kurt Daudt wasn’t interested in Gov. Walz’s faux science:

“A movie theater is a place where you sit quietly in one seat, you don’t move, you don’t exercise, you don’t breathe heavily. You can wear a mask, you can sit with your loved ones from your own household and they can structure that so you sit 20 feet apart from other people,” said Daudt, who called on Walz to open up fitness centers as well.

“We think that health clubs are an essential thing that help Minnesotans stay safe and we want to make sure people have the opportunity to get into a health club and exercise,” he continued.

As of Nov. 24, just .003% of all COVID-19 cases in Minnesota had been traced back to a gym or health club.

“I think we should find ways to open these businesses safely. That’s the key,” said Daudt, who claimed that the governor has “really missed an opportunity to work with the Legislature and to include us in the process.”

Gov. Walz insists that he’s following the science when he’s making these decisions. It doesn’t sound like he followed the science with this decision. Based on this House GOP leadership availability, I’m betting that Republicans are going on offense this session:

Apparently, Ilhan Omar still hates Minneapolis police. While violent crime spikes in Minneapolis, Omar defends the idiots on the Minneapolis City Council who want to strip $7,900,000 from the police budget and transfer that money “to fund 24/7 mental health response, violence prevention and civilian oversight.”

Rep. Omar “gave a shout out to city council members Lisa Bender, Phillipe Cunningham, and Steve Fletcher, who authored the policy. According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the proposal would transfer about 5% of the police budget to a mental health crisis team and violence prevention, among other things.” To his credit, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey stood up to the activist wing of the DFL, saying “this notion that in order to have a more comprehensive public safety strategy you have to do away with one critical element, which is police, is wrong.”

“This is literally a life and death matter right now and we need to get it right,” he said. In June, the City Council cut the police budget by about $14 million.

Bender has announced that she won’t run for re-election. Cunningham and Fletcher are probably safe except for a challenge from the even nutter wing of the DFL, which is definitely possible considering the fact that the even nutter wing of the DFL defeated far-left Sen. Jeffrey Hayden this summer.

The notion that the number of calls will go down after cutting police patrols is foolish. Here’s why:

According to police data, more than 500 people have been shot in Minneapolis this year, twice as many as 2019, while murders are up more than 50%. So far this year, there have been nearly 5,000 violent crimes, the most in the past five years, the records show.

Ilhan Omar hates the people of Minneapolis. If she cared about them, she’d propose beefing up the MPD budget. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened. It isn’t likely to happen, either.

If this Strib article is the best that the DFL-dominated Minneapolis City Council can do while re-imagining policing, then, to use a phrase that the late great Andrew Breitbart used, they suck. (Breitbart used that punchline at the 2011 RightOnline Conference at the Minneapolis Marriott.)

The article opens, saying “Elaine, a front-line health care worker in Minneapolis, was putting groceries in the trunk of her car recently, in a crowded parking lot at the Uptown Kowalski’s Market, giving her high-alert system a break, as most of us do when some benign activity consumes our attention. It was 5:15 p.m. A moment later, a car blaring loud music pulled up behind hers, trapping her at her own car’s trunk. Someone got out of the car and punched Elaine to the ground. An accomplice wrested her handbag from her arm. In the next instant, the car and assailants were gone. It was again a regular evening, just after dark, in a busy parking lot in Uptown.”

The DFL-only City Council didn’t just to defund the police. They voted unanimously to dismantle the police. That isn’t just stupid. It’s borderline malfeasance.

The robbery had happened so fast that no one had even noticed. Elaine, my colleague’s mom, a 60-plus year-old woman, beaten and robbed, her eye already swelling shut, had to pull herself up from the ground and stumble into the store for help. The store security chief, Scott Nelson, experienced with this kind of crime, immediately began reviewing film from monitoring cameras at nearby businesses.

Committed to pursuing justice for Elaine, Nelson laments that we “need police service and we need more of it. South Minneapolis is worse than I’ve ever seen it.” He describes the surge of 20-plus attacks a day that are now striking people just going about their daily business, people like Elaine.

Usually in a stolen car, perpetrators Nelson describes as “young teens, 12-to-14 years old” cruise from lot to lot in neighborhood business districts, waiting for a victim, “like a deer hunter sits in a tree.” When they are apprehended, Nelson says consequences are negligible. “I arrest the same people over and over. Nothing happens to them.

It’s time that Minneapolis Democrats to decide whether to let activist Democrats run roughshod over the city or whether to assert themselves and restore sanity to Minneapolis. Right now, insanity is winning:

What’s worse is that there’s no end in sight:

In recent years many regional leaders and groups have invested in rebranding our region for a more vibrant future. We planned to use our built and natural environment to welcome a new generation of visitors, workers and residents. How I would love to have those days of blossoming possibility back.

Now our city’s future hangs in the balance. As we teeter between proclamations and inaction, women are attacked while running daily errands. Carjackings are perpetrated in broad daylight; my daughter witnessed one the other day as she walked her dog. A North Side community group is suing the city for holding the concept of safety hostage to the concept of reform. It is not viable to sacrifice one to the other. Surely we can achieve both?

It’s time for Minneapolis to invest in a new City Council. This one failed miserably.