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Newt Gingrich’s op-ed opens with a sobering statistic. It starts by saying “Americans oppose defunding police by 72% to 26%, according to Pew Research Center. Let that fact sink in as you watch what Democratic leaders and the propaganda media are promoting across the country.”

The statistic isn’t surprising. A majority of people from all races, religions, ethnicities and incomes prefer safety over chaos. What’s surprising is that a major political party thinks that they can win a presidential election while supporting the defunding or outright dismantling of police departments. Rush Limbaugh used to say that (I hope I get this right) “liberalism isn’t a political philosophy. It’s a mental disorder.” But I digress. Let’s return to Speaker Gingrich’s op-ed.

Unlike some Democratic politicians, the American people know that getting rid of police creates a vacuum, which predators will fill. This is exactly what is happening with the growing disaster in Minneapolis. In fact, the trouble in Minneapolis is a case study on the results of the radical Democratic policy of protecting criminals, hating police and endangering law-abiding citizens, which I write about in my new book Trump and the American Future.

The leftwing Democrats who dominate the Minneapolis government have been crippling and starving the police department. Unfortunately for most Minneapolis citizens, criminals are beginning to understand what a happy hunting ground the Democrats are creating for them.

I’ve heard stories that up to 20% of buildings along Lake Street, the busiest street in the Twin Cities, are up for sale. East Lake Street runs from 35W to St. Paul, which makes it one of the longer streets in Minneapolis. When that many stores are up for sale, that’s a red flag that something is seriously wrong. This is frightening:

Gunfire incidents were up 224% in June and 166% in July, according to the Star-Tribune. Armed robberies and car-jackings are also on the rise, with 100 robberies and 20 car-jackings reported in the city’s South Side in July alone. As the police shrink the criminals grow.

This isn’t rocket science:

Yes, Ben Shapiro is a smart guy. It didn’t take a Ben Shapiro-sized intellect to figure out that Minneapolis’s plan to dismantle their police department would end in calamity. Let’s return to the Pew Research findings, then compare them with this polling:

It isn’t a stretch to think that Minneapolis is going to hell in a handbasket when you consider how their city is run by idiots compared with the people successfully running smaller cities in the Midwest and nationwide. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Check this out:

Libor Janey of the Star-Tribune reported on Aug. 1 that “Minneapolis police are down at least 100 officers since the killing of George Floyd, more than 10% of the force, straining department resources amid a wave of violence and adding extra urgency to the political debate over its future.” Janey then wrote that the force could be down by one-third by the end of the year.

Already, only six officers are patrolling the 14.5-square-mile third precinct. That means there is less than one policeman for every two miles. This may help explain the third precinct’s letter to innocent citizens urging them to obey the criminals, and give up their wallets, keys and cell phones.

This isn’t a disaster waiting to happen. It’s a disaster that’s happening. The saddest thing is that these Democrats are too proud to admit that they’re wrong.

When news first broke that the Minneapolis Police Department was offering advice to people living near the destroyed Third Precinct Police Station, some people thought it might’ve been something from the Onion or the Babylon Bee. Unfortunately, it’s altogether too real. According to the article, “The MPD has reported a 46 percent increase in carjackings and a 36 percent increase in robberies compared to this same time last year, according to WCCO. Police in the city’s Third Precinct alone have received more than 100 reports of robberies and 20 reports of carjackings in just the last month.”

The article continues, saying “Officials are now telling residents to be ready and willing to comply with the demands of criminals in an email sent to Third Precinct residents. ‘Be prepared to give up your cell phone and purse/wallet,’ the police said in their email, a copy of which was obtained by Alpha News. The email said citizens should listen to criminals and ‘do as they say.'” Here’s the official MPD statement:

Now, the MPD is backpedaling on that statement:

MPD’s directive to obey criminals “appears to not have gone through the proper channels before release,” according to a statement from department spokesman John Elder. “There is not a prescribed way to respond to being a victim of a crime. People have different capabilities and each incident is different,” he added.

This clarification notice was sent out to clarify what Minneapolis crime victims should do:

Notice that they aren’t talking about preventing crimes. They’re essentially telling people that they should look for things that identify the people who assaulted them. They’re essentially saying that people aren’t safe in Minneapolis unless they travel in groups. If that’s meant to make people feel safe, it isn’t working.

It’s difficult reading the DFL talking points from this LTE. The second paragraph, it says “Across the country during this pandemic the lack of strong leadership has added to the chaos, health and economic challenges and death. In states like New York, with a strong governor who relies on science, data and communicating a clear message, harm has been mitigated. To date, that has been also true in Minnesota. But our COVID-19 cases are growing again.”

That’s just stunning. NY doesn’t have a strong governor. They’ve got a jackass who’s gotten undeserved fantastic press. Ask Janice Dean what she thinks of Gov. Cuomo. Here’s what she wrote about Gov. Cuomo:

A week before his dad died, someone called to let us know Mickey was being switched to another floor so they could let more patients in. From what I know now, I believe the new patients were ones recovering from COVID — thanks to a statewide mandate from Governor Andrew Cuomo.

On March 28th, Sean got a call and was told that his dad wasn’t well. He had a fever and his lungs were filling up. A few hours later he was dead. We assumed he had the coronavirus. We only got confirmation when we saw it on his death certificate.

When pressed about why he put COVID-recovering patients into nursing homes, Gov. Cuomo said that this was a CDC requirement. He lied about this. The CDC guidance said that COVID-recovering patients could convalesce in a nursing home if certain precautions were put in place. “Strong” Gov. Cuomo didn’t put those precautions in place.

Here in Minnesota, strongman DFL Gov. Tim Walz insists on running the state by executive order. The DFL House protects Gov. Walz’s dictatorial authorities without thinking whether there’s an emergency. HINT: There isn’t. According to this graphic, COVID-related hospitalizations and deaths have been cut in half from May to July:

Then there’s this:

We know the cycle. Without continued intervention in the weeks ahead, hospital beds and ICUs could be filling up and deaths will increase. We are also learning that after-effects for younger people in their 30s, 40s and 50s can be severe and the long-term impact of that on health and employment is unknown. So this continues to be an emergency.

Notice that the DFL said could, not shall, can, not will. The DFL needs a new dictionary. The definition of emergency is “a sudden, urgent, usually unexpected occurrence or occasion requiring immediate action. a state, especially of need for help or relief, created by some unexpected event:” An occurrence is something that’s happened, not something that might happen.

This LTE was written to protect DFL-endorsed candidates who’ve likely gotten bombarded with questions while door-knocking. People don’t like autocratic rule, especially now that the crisis has passed.

Minnesota is a leader in medicine and public health. We are identified nationally by such eminent scientists as Dr. Michael Osterholm, who has minced no words in saying how serious the coronavirus crisis is and that it’s getting more serious by the day. Jan Malcolm, commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Health, is widely recognized as an expert in both the big picture and granular detail of pandemic response.

Jan Malcolm isn’t an expert. She’s a blithering idiot. She should be fired. Dr. Osterholm might be an expert but he’s wrong about this so-called crisis. The graphic from the Minnesota Department of Health verifies that.

The numbers verify that the worst is behind us. Facts are stubborn things.

Keith Ellison is Minnesota’s chief law enforcement officer in name only. It’s indisputable that he doesn’t apply the laws equally. If there was any doubt that he’d turn a blind eye towards his political allies, this Powerline article puts that question to rest.

The story starts with “The organizers of a rodeo in the tiny northern Minnesota town of Effie are facing state punishment after disregarding warnings not to hold the event in violation of an executive order restricting the size of public gatherings. It’s the first time the state has brought an enforcement action against an entertainment venue that has operated ‘in open defiance of the law,’ Attorney General Keith Ellison said in a news release.”

Effie is roughly 40 miles from Grand Rapids. It’s literally timber wolf country. The thought that Keith Ellison would file this type of action is beyond disgusting. The first thing to do is sign this petition to tell Mr. Ellison that his double standard doesn’t comply with the Constitution, which requires equal application of the law. Specifically, the Fourteenth Amendment states “No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

How many lawsuits has Mr. Ellison filed against Black Lives Matter-Minneapolis? Certainly, their riots in Minneapolis exceeded the limits of Gov. Walz’s EO. They didn’t wear masks and they didn’t social distance, either. This part is infuriating:

Ellison said in a news release that his office has been working with businesses and events across Minnesota for months to help them understand the law and the governor’s orders. In most cases, he says they have reached agreements that led to voluntary compliance, but his office is charged with enforcing the law when people don’t comply.

“Business owners and event operators need to know that they are not above the law. If they risk the health and safety of our communities, my office will take strong action, as we are doing today,” Ellison said in a news release.

“My office will take strong action” ‘except if they’re protesting against the police, rioting in the streets or share the DFL’s priorities. Apparently, then you’re invisible to his office. Tim Walz has been silent on this action. This picture explains why:

Finally, let’s remember that 1 person who attended the event got diagnosed with COVID. Let’s remember that a total of 125 cases have been reported for all of Itasca County since February. If Ellison won’t apply the law equally, then he isn’t fit for this job. He should be removed ASAP.

Trying to figure out Tim Walz’s plan for reopening schools might take weeks. Figuring out whether Gov. Walz is a slave to EdMinn takes much less time. Tim Walz and the DFL essentially are indentured servants to EdMinn. They don’t dare do what’s right for the students. That’s how Gov. Walz and the DFL finished with the plan they’re currently pitching.

David Perry had been waiting for months to learn whether his two middle-­school children will be heading back to their Shoreview school in the fall.

He was still left hanging Thursday after Gov. Tim Walz announced a localized, model-driven approach to opening schools in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Decisions on whether to return to class, continue distance learning, or use some hybrid of both, will depend on the number of COVID-19 cases in a given area and a school’s ability to meet health and safety standards. School districts are expected to announce in the coming weeks one of three learning models they will use based on the formula laid out by the administration.

“I don’t feel like I know any more today about what is going to happen in September than I did yesterday, and we’ve been building up to this big announcement,” said Perry, whose son has Down syndrome and autism spectrum disorder. The family needs more time to plan for his education. “I don’t feel I’m any closer to understanding what’s going to happen with my kids or my work schedule,” Perry said.

Tim Walz is the anti-science governor. The DFL is his enabler. For months, child care centers have been operating safely. Despite facing the same hurdles, Tim Walz and the DFL can’t figure out how to safely return students to schools. (Perhaps we should put child care operators in charge of reopening schools. I’m only partially kidding.)

DFL House Speaker Melissa Hortman said she was pleased that Walz also announced plans to pump an additional $250 million of coronavirus relief funding into classrooms as they prepare for new social distancing measures. Among them will be a requirement for those who return to the classroom to wear masks. “Our districts need additional resources to provide the high-quality education we expect while keeping Minnesotans safe,” Hortman said.

Why isn’t the DFL pushing Gov. Walz to make classrooms safe so students can return to school? Why hasn’t the DFL admitted that students aren’t at risk, that the only people who might be at risk are older teachers? Instead, Gov. Walz and the DFL put together a plan that Einstein would have difficulty deciphering.

At the start of this clip, Gov. Walz tells a whopper:

This is a localized, data-driven approach to make sure that school districts where it is physically possible to teach our students, we will do that.

The matrix put together by the Walz administration has tons of caveats in it. That’s foolish. Students, especially grade school students, don’t transmit the virus. This isn’t opinion. It’s the finding of Dr. Scott Atlas of the Hoover Institution:

On Good Morning San Diego, Dr. Atlas said we are one of the only countries that is not planning to reopen our schools. “The data is clear. Whether it’s from Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands, France, Spain, the United States, Asia, all over the world, children do not have any serious disease. Children almost never transmit the disease. In fact, Switzerland is contemplating stopping even testing children because it’s irrelevant.”

Continuing, “there is not serious risk of even getting the illness. But that’s not even the point here, I want to go even further. By now, we know who is at risk. K-12 teachers in the United States, half of them are under 41 years of age, they’re not at risk. 82% are under 55-years-old, if there is a handful, which there are, teachers in the high-risk category, don’t they know how to protect themselves with their so called 6-feet spacing and mask rules? And if they’re still afraid, even if they don’t want to do that, then they can teach from home. I don’t understand why they have to lock up schools.”

The statistics point in one direction. The statistics show that students, especially younger students, aren’t transmitters of COVID. The point isn’t to wait until the virus is gone. The policy should be to mitigate as much of the risk as possible. That points to making things like plexiglass walls in classrooms standard to eliminate what little risk there is for teachers.

It’s apparent that St. Paul and Minneapolis teachers don’t want to return to traditional classrooms this fall. If that’s what they prefer, they should be fired. This article reports that “Twin Cities educators on Friday called on Gov. Tim Walz to delay a return to in-person instruction in the fall, saying the risks of reopening schools during the coronavirus pandemic are too great.”

That’s BS according to Dr. Scott Atlas, a senior fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution. Dr. Atlas had “an I-told-you-so-moment” recently during this interview:

During that “I-told-you-so-moment”, Dr. Atlas said “the children have an extremely low risk to this disease, far less than seasonal flu. Number 2, there are massive harms closing schools to the children and those are extremely important, of course, because every policy we do, we must understand the consequences of the policy itself are.”

Later, Dr. Atlas said this:

They have acknowledged that long-distance learning is a failure, that children learn much more in person, from social gatherings, dealing with conflict resolutions, working with groups, that schools provide nutrition…

These teachers just showed their true colors. The risk isn’t “too great.” The younger the student, the less the risk is that they’re a super spreader and the less risk that they’ll get the virus. That’s a verified fact. These teachers are lying. Period. Full stop.

If Gov. Walz caves to Education Minnesota, which is definitely possible, he should be thrown out of office after one term. Putting EdMinn’s wishes ahead of these students’ needs is unforgiveable. It’s quite possible because EdMinn is a subsidiary of the DFL.

This is dishonesty at its most disgusting:

The St. Paul and Minneapolis teachers unions organized a march from J.J. Hill Montessori Magnet School to the governor’s residence. Walking alongside parents and students, some carried signs that read “I can’t teach from a grave” and “Exactly how many dead kids is acceptable?”

Thus far, 1 child has died in Minnesota of COVID. As for the “I can’t teach from a grave” sign, I’ll just say that the students might be better off if they didn’t have these teachers. Minnesota, in my estimation, would be far better off without Gov. Walz and the DFL majority in the House.

Friday night on Almanac’s Roundtable, one of the subjects discussed by DFL spinmeister Abu Amara and GOP political strategist Gregg Peppin was the subject of police reform. That was a topic because Gov. Walz signed into law a police reform bill. As usual, Amara got this wrong. Amara said that Democrats insist that the bill signed this week “was just a first step in really transforming policing and I suspect, as we go into 2021 legislative session, this will continue to be a top issue.” That’s spoken like a true urbanite.

Peppin got things right in saying “in the backdrop of this agreement, Eric, is what you’re seeing in Minneapolis and what’s really turning out to be an extreme measure by the Minneapolis City Council from Minneapolis politicians, they’re moving forward. They want to defund, they want to defang the police and I’m hearing from people in suburban communities that are saying ‘enough. Enough is enough. We’re not going to go to downtown Minneapolis. We’re not going to send our children to the U of M this semester.’ There’s real concern about that.”

Let’s be clear about this as a political issue. While it’s a big deal in Minneapolis, it isn’t as big an issue in the suburbs or in rural Minnesota because this is mostly a Minneapolis problem. Here in St. Cloud, people wanted to see something done because of the George Floyd thing. Now that the signing ceremony is behind us, most people will be fine with that. In St. Cloud, we haven’t had the problems that Minneapolis has had.

Things are reaching crisis stage in Minneapolis, though:

An email that was obtained by The New York Times said that the department would not “be going back to business as usual.” Commander Scott Gerlicher, head of the Special Operations and Intelligence Division, wrote in the email to supervisors this month that, “Due to significant staffing losses of late,” the department was “looking at all options” for responding to calls, including shift, schedule and organizational changes. He also included in the email that they were “looking for reasonable and safe alternatives to police services in some areas.”

TRANSLATION: People are leaving so fast that we can’t replace them. That isn’t all, though:

“Cops have not been to the work level of before, but it’s not a slowdown,” said Walker. “They’re just not being as proactive because they know they’re not supported in case something bad happens.”

Tensions between the city and its Police Department come as crime is on the rise, according to the Boston website. There have been 16 homicides since June 1, more than twice as many as during the same period last year. Violent crime is up by 20% compared with the same stretch a year ago.

Things are getting worse in Minneapolis because the police know that Mayor Frey and the City Council are looking for opportunities to criticize the police. Why stick your neck out when the powers-that-be want to put it in a guillotine?

Dan Wolgamott is my representative in the Minnesota House of Representatives. Unfortunately, Wolgamott has represented the DFL and Gov. Tim Walz the vast majority of the time. That’s why Paul Brandmire is running to replace Wolgamott. When Wolgamott ran for the legislative seat, he told voters that his expertise at “bringing people together” would help him in the legislature. Wolgamott has failed at that.

With the second special session underway, it’s time to check into what Wolgamott is working on. According to his e-letter update, “Now is the time to pass a robust jobs and local projects bill to not only create jobs in St. Cloud, but to also update facilities and resources that are a boon for the entire region. In our current House proposal, I fought for the inclusion of local projects like the Municipal Athletic Complex, the NorthStar extension to St. Cloud, the St. Cloud Correctional Facility, the Becker Business District, Foley Wastewater Treatment Facility, and Asset Preservation at St. Cloud State University and St. Cloud Technical Community College. Investments in local resources like these are exactly the type of action needed to help revitalize our economy. When we return to the State Capitol for special sessions, Minnesotans expect us to get the work done, and that’s what I’m committed to doing.”

That’s rubbish. Bonding bills are mostly pork. Extending NorthStar to St. Cloud is a lobbyist’s dream but a waste of the taxpayers’ money. It’s something that will require tons of money to subsidize its operation. It requires millions of dollars to build. Asset preservation at St. Cloud State is normally a good idea but it’s a loser this year except if it’s used to fix buildings that aren’t structurally solid.

The bonding bill is being halted by Kurt Daudt. The bonding bill needs 60% of House members voting for it to pass. It needs 60% of the Senators voting for it to pass, too. Melissa Hortman just notified the House that they’d vote on the bonding bill this week:

There’s a strong chance it won’t pass. Further, it shouldn’t pass, especially if the DFL wants to keep giving Gov. Walz virtually unlimited authority.

This post, along with tweets from President Trump’s campaign, are highlighting Minneapolis for all the wrong reasons. Frankly, I don’t care if crime keeps skyrocketing out of control in Minneapolis. They elected a mayor and a city council of idiot activists. It isn’t surprising that things are spiraling hopelessly out-of-control.

This isn’t just predictable. It was predicted. Before the previous mayoral election, Minneapolis mayoral candidate Ray Dehn called for officers to be disarmed. Dehn didn’t win but while he was running, he said “We must divest resources, disarm officers, and dismantle the inherent violence of our criminal justice system.”

What’s heartbreaking is the testimony given by Officer Rich Walker to the Minnesota State Senate. Here’s one clip of Officer Walker’s testimony:

Here’s more of Officer Walker’s heartbreaking testimony:

Powderhorn Park used to feature a neighborhood setting where families could hang out. Now it features open air drug sales, rampant prostitution, gun violence and sexual assaults. That’s just in one park.

That’s just part of what’s heartbreaking. Another part of what’s heartbreaking is that DFL politicians, from US senators Klobuchar and Smith, to DFL congresscritters like Omar, Phillips and Craig, to state legislators to Minneapolis City Council members to Minneapolis Park Board members, haven’t listened to the people. They’ve listened to the special interests exclusively. They’ve mistaken nonprofits and activists for citizens.

People attending the hearing said that Officer Walker’s testimony was “powerful.” I don’t doubt that. I just wish it didn’t fall on deaf ears in Minneapolis.

This election shouldn’t be that close. Joe Biden is barely able to form sentences, much less put together complete paragraphs. President Trump has put together an economic record that outshines any other recent president. Prior to the Chinese Communist Party Virus, wages were rising, minority unemployment was the lowest in this nation’s history and we were standing up to China for the first time in history.

It’s time to admit that, whether you like President Trump or not, he’s accomplished more in 3 years than Obama or Bush got done in 8 years each. It’s time to admit, too, that being presidential isn’t as important as making Americans’ lives better with great policies. To the disgusting Never Trump brigade, their hatred of Trump is more important to them than saving our nation.

David Limbaugh captures this perfectly in this column:

These establishment handwringers have shown themselves ill-equipped to analyze Trump or his supporters because they can’t adapt their expertise and experience to Trump, who broke the mold and is unlike any political figure they’ve ever encountered. They are handicapped by their blindness to the unprecedented fascism of today’s political left.

Newsflash: The overwhelming majority of Trump supporters don’t give a rip about his so-called presidentiality. They don’t care about the proverbial crease in his pants, or many other characteristics the pseudo-sophisticated Beltway elite cherish. They don’t want someone like Mitt Romney, who let President Barack Obama walk all over him in a presidential debate instead of fighting for what he purported to believe in.

This isn’t debate society, where judges rate which contestants used the proper verb and nuance to persuade the masses. This is a street fight, complete with baseball bats wrapped with barbed wire and other lethal weapons wielded by Marxists. If we don’t fight this fight with everything we’ve got, America will be lost.

Today’s Democrats don’t care about creating great policies. Hubert Humphrey’s, Bill Clinton’s or Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s Democrats cared about that. Those Democrats disappeared in 2006-07. Today’s Democrats are increasingly Marxist. Jessica Tarlov and Marie Harf can talk all they want about there being more moderate Democrats than Marxist AOC-Bernie Sanders Democrats. Joe Biden used to be somewhat of a centrist. Today, he’s telling hand-picked fawning reporters that he favors cutting funding for police officers while angry mobs attack police officers.

Today’s Democrats are busy “reimagining policing” while neighborhoods and family businesses get demolished by Antifa/BLM. Most importantly, Democrats aren’t listening to the people they’re supposed to represent. When white activists attend the Minneapolis Charter Commission hearing, then demand the dismantling of the MPD, that’s disgusting. Yes, they have the First Amendment right to air their grievances to the Commission. Let’s be honest, though. They’re calling for minority neighborhoods to lose police protection.

Fine. In the words of Harold Hamilton, if these activists want to dismantle the MPD, then let their neighborhoods go without police protection. Let their 9-1-1 calls get answered last. They wanted policing reimagined. Let their neighborhoods experience what it’s like to be vulnerable. Perhaps, that’ll trigger a woke awakening to reality.

It’s one thing to spew Democrat talking points. It’s quite another to live with the reality of Democrat policies.