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It’s pretty clear that the Democrats’ urban agenda isn’t that appealing. That’s because the Democrats’ agenda thus far has been to let rioters burn minority-owned businesses. Democrats have failed to protect people, whether they’re living in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Minneapolis or Detroit.

If that isn’t enough, major Democrat cities like Los Angeles and Minneapolis have announced that they’re either boarding up their police department (Minneapolis) or cutting the police budget by $150,000,000 (Los Angeles). They’re essentially telling businesses that they won’t protect businesses, whether they’re minority-owned businesses or major corporations like the New York Macys.

The Democrats’ agenda isn’t about uniting people. It’s difficult picturing the Democrats’ agenda of appeasing the far-left and the criminal left as working in battleground states. That’s especially true in the suburbs. Security moms won’t vote for people who won’t protect their families. You can virtually hear the firearms flying off the shelves as single moms realize that Democrats won’t protect their homes.

Bit-by-bit, the mask is getting ripped off the Democrats image towards minorities. It’s been Democrats that didn’t protect minority neighborhoods. Democrats didn’t protect minority-owned businesses.

We’re told that there’s systemic racism everywhere we turn in the U.S. What’s systemic is the failure of Democrat policies. Democrats have insisted that all solutions flow from Washington, DC. That’s BS. One-size-fits-all policies aren’t solutions. They’re the problem. Accountability isn’t a feature of one-size-fits-all policies.

Then again, having idiots like Keith and Jeremiah Ellison proposing policies that strip protections from minority neighborhoods isn’t what’s needed, either. Eliminating the police who protect citizens is just plain stupid. If competence were a job requirement, most Democrats would be out of a job.

Jeremiah Ellison, Keith Ellison’s son and a member of Minneapolis’s City Council, announced that their City Council will “dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department.” Ellison wasn’t finished, though, adding that “when we’re done, we’re not simply gonna glue it back together. We are going to dramatically rethink how we approach public safety and emergency response. It’s really past due.”

This Strib article adds additional details to the story. For instance, we learn that the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, aka MDHR, is involved. That’s terrible news for sane people living in Minneapolis. The MDHR is filled with far-left activists. Rebecca Lucero is the commissioner in charge of MDHR.

State Human Rights Commissioner Rebecca Lucero said, without providing specifics of the negotiated agreement: “We are really committed to working very quickly to making sure we can implement some changes immediately. We continue to have that commitment and continue to move forward with that.”

In other words, Minneapolis is about to become utterly unlivable in a short period of time. Less than a year ago, I wrote this post highlighting the dishonesty of MDHR ‘leadership’:

“Hate is not a value in St. Cloud or in any part of our state. Our community deserves better,” says MDHR Commissioner Rebecca Lucero. “I am heartbroken by the attempts to silence discussion on hate crimes. The goal of the forum was to discuss the community we want to create. One that is full of dignity and joy.”

What a liar. The ‘protesters’ stood 100 feet away from the entrance to the building where the event was scheduled to be held. Further, as I wrote in the post, the ‘protesters’ were there to pray for the “Persecuted Church.”

Anyone thinking that the MDHR is unbiased is likely to think that Al Sharpton is politically conservative. Then there’s this:

City Council President Lisa Bender said the city was still working Thursday evening on details of the document, which the council planned to vote on during a public meeting Friday afternoon.

If the council gives its blessing, as is expected, the order will also require approval from a judge at a hearing that is likely to be scheduled next week, according to a presentation given to the city’s Commission on Civil Rights earlier this week.

“The timeline for the impact of the [temporary restraining order] is for this weekend,” Bender said. “It’s for immediate accountability measures for the Police Department. It’s not meant to be anywhere near starting this bigger conversation.”

Expect this to kill Minneapolis, especially minority neighborhoods. The DFL will have essentially told minority neighborhoods that they’re on their own. Imagine a big city that won’t protect its citizens. Why would people stay?

Minnesota is officially crazy. PS- Check out the organization name on the megaphone Ellison is using. It’s TakeAction Minnesota, one of the farthest left organizations in Minnesota. It isn’t surprising that they’re supporting the elimination of the MPD.

Saying that St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter’s national moment didn’t go well is understatement. Appearing on The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino, Carter was asked about the breaking news that Minnesota AG Keith Ellison had just announced that he had increased the charge on Derek Chauvin from third-degree murder to second-degree murder. Ellison also announced the arrest of 3 of Chauvin’s colleagues.

Carter started by saying “I think that’s absolutely critical. Everybody knows that the basic job of a police officer is to help when people are hurting and so when we look at this video and see Officer Chauvin committing this gross atrocity against humanity against George Floyd…” Let’s get serious, Mayor Carter. The primary function of a police officer is to protect the public. Period. If you want to help people who are hurting, join the Peace Corp. The job of law enforcement is … to enforce laws.

The primary reason why governments exist is to protect people. If neighborhoods are pillaged, stores are looted and people are too afraid to venture outside, then that isn’t a society.

Here is Sen. Klobuchar’s tweet about the upping of charges:

I’m tired of letting Democrats off the hook because they’re (supposedly) well-intentioned. I don’t give a damn anymore. Democrats, especially here in Minnesota, have turned a blind eye toward the activist/agitator wing of their party. The DFL needs to stop thinking first about how to acquire more political power and start worrying about doing the right thing first. Remember this: the DFL will always do the right thing — when it’s the only option left.

This breaks my heart:

It’s time for Melvin Carter to figure out what the role of government is. The primary function of government is to protect its citizens. Apparently, they didn’t teach that in college.

It isn’t that I think that Antifa didn’t play a role in last week’s riots in St. Paul. It’s that I’m not sure they aren’t homegrown Antifa terrorists. Apparently, the authorities aren’t confident that their initial opinion is accurate. The notable exception to that list is Tim Walz, the DFL activist who plays the role of an incompetent governor for his day job. According to this article, “Gov. Tim Walz continued to suggest Sunday that ‘it can’t be Minnesotans’ who would loot and burn homegrown businesses.”

I’d argue that that’s misguided thinking. Why wouldn’t a gang from north Minneapolis burn down businesses in south Minneapolis? These gangs are often ideologues who want to destroy the existing system from the roots. They often see private property as inherently evil, capitalism as a rigged game against the people.

Why couldn’t these terrorists be homegrown? Jeremiah Ellison, a member of the Minneapolis City Council and the son of Minnesota’s Attorney General, recently published this tweet announcing his full support for Antifa:

Then there’s this:

In St. Paul, police received numerous reports of suspicious vehicles without license plates parked and driving around the city, according to department spokesman Steve Linders. Officers also spotted some of those vehicles. They investigated an abandoned pickup truck loaded with construction equipment. Callers reported that people had gone to and from the truck, taking items from it.

Vehicles without license plates are often stolen vehicles. The plates are removed so they can be used during riots, when police use video cameras to identify criminals.

Ed Morrissey’s post offers the proper insight into what’s happening in the Twin Cities:

Not that Livingstone’s dispensing with the meme, at least through his friends. A GoFundMe page for the trio claims that police arrested them “after peacefully protesting & being chased by the KKK.” In a car with no plates? And peacefully protesting with two guns and a “grinding tool”? The idea that three young men with sufficient self-defense tools could be “chased by the KKK” in Minnesota is outright laughable, especially young men who just spent several days at least in the midst of the rioting.

Being chased by the KKK in Minnesota is as plausible as Jussie Smollett being told that Chicago is “Trump country.” Both statements are dishonest as hell. I wrote this post in July, 2016 to highlight the fact that Minnesota-grown ‘activists’ turning violent isn’t a myth:

It’s become clear that #BlackLivesMatter isn’t interested in healing racial divides. They’re proving that they’re interested in injuring police officers. At least one officer is injured. Police are reporting that “protesters started arming themselves with rebar from the construction site” and that police then used smoke and glass balls to clear the crowd. Protestors also threw glass bottles and liquids at the officers. One officer is injured from being hit with a glass bottle.”

The Star Tribune is reporting that as “many as 200 protesters were blocking both the eastbound and westbound lanes of the major traffic artery connecting Minneapolis and St. Paul near the Lexington exits. Many sat on the freeway while others stood, the air filled with yelling and chanting. Some onlookers were climbing over the freeway fence to join the blockade, with the crowd swelling to an estimated 300 people filling the lanes in both directions.”

I remember that night. It was a Saturday night. There wasn’t much happening until the local TV stations (KSTP, WCCO) jumped into programming to show these protesters throwing cement blocks at police officers from a bridge on I-94. I was able to ‘cover’ it via Twitter.

The Twin Cities media is acting like the Twin Cities’ leftist activists are law-abiding, upstanding citizens, pillars of the community types. There’s no doubt that there’s a need for police reform. That’s obvious. What’s equally clear is that the DFL needs to clean out the festering pile of antagonizers and America-haters. Today’s DFL turns a blind eye towards people like Keith Ellison, Ilhan Omar, Jeremiah Ellison and Ryan Winkler.

Simply put, it’s time for DFL ‘activist’ reform, too. These aren’t nice people. They’re people without integrity.

It doesn’t require the prognostication skills of Nostradamus to see that there will be lots more riots in Minneapolis this summer. Minnesota’s version of the 3 stooges, DFL ‘leaders’ Tim Walz, Keith X Ellison and Boy Toy Jacob Frey, apparently want to spit on George Floyd’s grave, hand over the keys to the state to rioters and withdraw from the red lines they’ve imposed on the rioters.

If these inept Democrats won’t enforce the curfews, then that’s what they should become famous for. In ‘honor’ of their spinelessness, stupidity and corruption, the riots that’ve already been held and the riots still to come should be called the “The Walz-Ellison-Frey Riots.” Let’s examine this trio.

First, let’s examine Tim Walz, the overwhelmed DFL governor of Minnesota. When Boy Toy Mayor Jacob Frey called him asking for National Guard support, Walz sent the troops. Unfortunately for Minneapolis, he sent them without asking what assignments they’d be needed for and without coordination with the Boy mayor. Thanks to that stupidity, the 3rd Precinct Police Station was essentially decimated.

Thanks to the Walz administration not having a plan for riots, much less large-scale riots like these, the rioters are expanding their terrorist activities to the suburbs. Minnesotans have a right to ask when he’ll say ‘Enough! I’ve had it with these rioters. If peaceful protesters mix with the rioters, then they’ll get arrested, too.’

Next, there’s Boy Toy Jacob Frey. His claim to fame thus far is saying that the Third Precinct Police Station is just brick and mortar, making it expendable compared to human life. Apparently, they didn’t teach him that police officers are often asked to run into dangerous situations. Thanks to Frey’s combination of spinelessness and stupidity, half of Minneapolis is in flames, the other half gutted or pillaged.

Newt Gingrich is right. These riots aren’t typical U.S. riots. They’re attempts by anarchists to destroy America.

When Gov. Walz assigned the prosecution of the Floyd murder to Keith Ellison, he turned the prosecution over to a man who isn’t interested in prosecuting criminals:

Back in 1993, Ellison teamed up with Vice Lords gangbanger Sharif Willis to lead protests decrying the prosecution of the gangbangers who shot MPD officer Jerry Haaf in the back. Haaf’s murder might have been the lowest moment in Minneapolis’s history until last week. Ellison was out to torment the police on behalf of the gangbangers.

Turning the Floyd prosecution over to Ellison’s office is like telling George Floyd’s family that Walz is attempting to lose the case. Ellison isn’t a prosecutor. He’s an advocate. Prosecutors and advocates mix together like oil and water. They’re opposites. Further, Ellison’s son, Jeremiah, is a member of the Minneapolis City Council. Check this out:

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it? A skilled prosecutor would have a difficult time getting a conviction thanks to Minnesota’s poorly-written laws. Handing the case over to a former defense attorney is like giving up.

If Derek Chauvin isn’t convicted, the riots we’re experiencing will seem mild compared with the riots that will happen upon Chauvin’s acquittal. Those riots will be historic.

After 4 nights of unrestricted violence, residents of war-torn Minneapolis and St. Paul had had enough. They wouldn’t rely on boy toy Mayor Jacob Frey to protect them from rioters. Saturday night, residents took matters into their own hands:

In Longfellow, Hillary Oppmann watched vandals loot the corner Walgreens for three straight nights without interference before arsonists finally lit it on fire last night. Firefighters didn’t make it to the scene for more than 7 hours. “We can’t lose anymore community assets, like our libraries, pharmacies and post office,” said Oppmann, who lives three doors down from Lake Street. “They were simply left to burn.”

The thing that Tim Walz and Jacob Frey didn’t appreciate right away is that the rioters weren’t just burning down buildings. It’s that they were destroying communities, neighborhoods and livelihoods. These weren’t just brick and mortar, as Frey said earlier this week.
The people of these neighborhoods had an attachment to these places. In some cases, they had worked in these buildings. In other cases, they had spent hours reading in a library.

Community members planned to fan out in small groups throughout the night to guard the various businesses in the area. The only damage the neighborhood had suffered as of Saturday night was a broken window at one of the properties the group owns.

“We just didn’t want to leave them to be vandalized,” Goze said. An immigrant business owner in the neighborhood had recently spent “all her money” to renovate her café, Goze said. “She was worried that it would be all lost, and so I decided that this is what we’ve got to do,” he said.

These neighbors had invested too much in their neighborhoods and their small businesses. To them, these buildings weren’t just brick and mortar.

Good leaders understand that. Walz and Frey didn’t understand that.

This article is typical of the gibberish that we’ve gotten from the MSM. It’s also typical of the things DFL politicians have said, too. For instance, deep in the article, it says “Mayor Jacob Frey ordered a citywide curfew at 8 p.m. local time, beginning on Friday. In that city, peaceful protests picked up steam as darkness fell, with thousands of people ignoring the curfew to walk streets in the southern part of the city. Some cars were set on fire in scattered neighborhoods, business break-ins began and eventually there were larger fires.”

Please explain how “peaceful protests” turn into a night when some “cars were set on fire in scattered neighborhoods, business break-ins began and eventually there were larger fires.” I have a theory but it doesn’t fit with what the AP reported. My theory is that peaceful protests is code for ‘right before the rioting starts’. It shouldn’t suggest that the rioters are peace-loving activists. It just means that they’re waiting for sunset.

President Trump is intent on not letting the DFL word salad brigade deprive neighborhoods of law-abiding people of their right to earn a living and live the American dream. Earlier this afternoon, President Trump commented on the rioting in Minneapolis. Here is that speech:

Thanks to the indecisiveness of DFL ‘leaders’ like Tim Walz and Jacob Frey, entire neighborhoods in Minneapolis and elsewhere have gotten torched. That isn’t right. This article sets the right tone immediately:

We’ve just come back from surveying the wreckage of south Minneapolis and we’re angry. Angry that our city is being burned and looted. Angry that residents are having to become firefighters, security staff, and janitors of their own streets. Angry that communities in need are losing vital stores and pharmacies. Angry that hard-working business owners are seeing their endeavors go up in smoke. And above all else angry that the killing of another black man by police is being perverted for selfish or nefarious ends.

It’s become patently clear over the past few days that Minneapolis is currently the scene of two distinct groups: protesters and rioters.

That’s exactly right. It’s time to deploy what I call the first rule of bullies. Even though I’m a big guy, I’ve had to deal with schoolyard bullies before. I quickly figured out that most bullies will keep pushing the proverbial envelope until something changes.

I’ve found that the something that changes a bully’s perspective quickest hitting them hard first. The guy that’ll fight back is like the car with a visible security system. It isn’t that the system is impenetrable. It’s that the thief figures that there are other cars that are easier to heist so they just move onto that easier vehicle.

Thing is, until authorities start finding and arresting the culprits, we’re not going to know their political persuasion. We’re not going to know their motivations. We’re not going to know where they live, though it’s becoming increasingly apparent that the vast majority are not from Minneapolis, or even Minnesota.

It’s time to kick the bully’s knee out and put him in pain. That forces the Antifa bullies to, at minimum, rethink whether the looting is worth it.

Antifa doesn’t have a reason to change their behavior until the DFL word salad bunch grows a spine.

President Trump shouldn’t let the Minneapolis riots continue another day. It’s obvious that boy toy Jacob Frey and in-over-his-head Little Timmy Walz don’t have the will to do what’s needed to stop the rioters. Frey and Walz are pacifist Democrats in the truest sense of the word. They’re as feckless as George McGovern or Jimmy Carter.

Ed Morrissey nails the problem in this post. He highlights the fact that Gov. Walz is mobilizing the National Guard:

Then Ed notes “Mobilizing is one thing. Having the will to use that force is very much another thing. If all Walz plans to do with a fully mobilized Guard is to conduct bigger retreats, he might as well leave them at home and have Trump call them up instead.” At this point, there’s no reason to think that Gov. Walz, or any other Democrat in the state, has the fortitude to stop these terrorists and anarchists. What’s the result of the Democrats’ pacifism and appeasement? This:

As of Saturday morning, at least 232 businesses across the Twin Cities had been vandalized, looted or had doors and windows smashed. Some have been reduced to rubble, destroyed completely by fire. Others have reported extensive water damage or severe fire damage.
While this is an incomplete list, businesses near the Third Precinct are likely to have experienced damage. As protests spread across the metro, many larger companies with multiple locations have temporarily or indefinitely closed, including several CVS and 24 Target locations. We will continue to update as we learn more.

At this point, Jacob Frey is totally worthless. Tim Walz is terrible but Frey is utterly worthless. Too often, they’re siding with protesters without differentiating between local activists and out-of-town anarchists.

These Democrats’ pacifism have cost lots of minorities their life savings, their businesses. That’s totally unacceptable. It’s time for a man with a mean streak to re-establish order. Add St. Paul DFL Mayor Melvin Carter to the list of pacifist idiots:

It’s ok to feel heartbroken. I feel it too. That’s essentially Carter’s message. It’s word salad. What’s needed in this time of crisis is a leader who will step forward and tell the rioters that their actions will be met with overwhelming force. The key is separating the legitimate activists from the terrorists. Once that’s happened, it’s time to make those terrorists pay for their actions. If the activists refuse to separate from the terrorists, then they deserve to feel the force of law enforcement.

Too many lives are getting destroyed. Too little action is being taken to protect the minority communities from the terrorists. This is typical Frey:

Frey also defended the city’s largely hands-off approach with the looters. “We are doing everything that we can to keep the peace,” he said, adding that National Guard members were stationed around the city at banks, pharmacies and grocery stores.

What peace? Buildings are burning. Livelihoods are being lost. This is the state of Frey’s illusion.

The first affirmative responsibility of government, whether it’s at the local, state or federal level, is to protect its citizens. In Minneapolis, Jacob Frey has failed miserably at this responsibility. If I graded him on a scale of A-F, he’d get an F-. It wouldn’t take much to talk me into giving him a lower grade than that. The DFL mayor isn’t capable of doing his job. Metaphorically speaking, he’s in over his head in a mud puddle.

At the state level, Gov. Tim Walz has failed, too, though he hasn’t failed as badly as Frey. Still, he’s a portrait of incompetence. Just minutes ago, Gov. Walz posted this tweet:

Walz sounds more like he’s pleading with the terrorists and anarchists to stop looting and rioting:

“The absolute chaos — this is not grieving, and this is not making a statement [about an injustice] that we fully acknowledge needs to be fixed — this is dangerous,” Walz said. “You need to go home.”

No shit, Sherlock. It’s time for a real leader to stand up to these terrorists. Pleading with paid thugs to ‘please go home’ is a waste of time. They’re paid to incinerate cities. They don’t care if they aren’t honoring George Floyd. This video of the middle-of-the-night press conference is embarrassing:

Walz admits that the National Guard was numerically overwhelmed by the terrorists. Thursday night, when asked what the plan was, Frey answered the question with a question:

Implying that organized outsiders, perhaps including anarchists, white supremacists and drug cartel agents from outside Minnesota, were contributing to the chaos, Walz said, “The sheer number of rioters has made it impossible to make coherent arrests. … The capacity to be able to do offensive action was greatly diminished” by the sheer scope and seemingly organized nature of the assaults.

Forget about arresting these thugs at first, you blithering idiot. Hit them with rubber bullets. Make them feel pain. Don’t let these terrorists pillage the city. The arrests can happen afterwards. The first responsibility is to eliminate the threat to civilians and businesses.

In the 1970s, Democrats were known as appeasers and soft on crime. Today’s Democrats are pacifist appeasers, too, cut from the same cloth as Jimmy Carter and George McGovern. Listen to this stupidity from Frey:

“Minneapolis, I know you are reeling,” Frey said. “We as a city are so much more than this. We as a city can be so much better than this. There is no honor in burning down your city. There is no pride in looting local businesses that have become institutions of a neighborhood.”

“If you care about your community, you got to put this to an end. It needs to stop,” Frey said. “I know in my heart we can do it because I know in my heart that Minneapolis is everything we believe it to be.”

If you aren’t willing to use force to dispatch the terrorists, then Minneapolis isn’t “better than this.” At minimum, the city’s leadership isn’t better than this. When Frey said “I know in my heart we can do it”, you hear the Frey inner child crying out. It’s time to start a conversation with the citizens who are hurting. It isn’t time to start a conversation with the terrorists looting and vandalizing the city. To the terrorists vandalizing the city, it’s time to overwhelm them with everything, including the proverbial kitchen sink.

This isn’t leadership:

Gov. Walz and Mayor Frey, you’ve failed in your most basic responsibilities. You let the city get terrorized and the businesses to get overrun. That’s the definition of failure. Finally, that failure gets put solely at the feet of the DFL’s pacifists.

If Jacob Frey represents anything, it’s that he represents passivity and spinelessness. In that sense, he’s much like DFL Gov. Tim Walz. In my private emails with friends, I’ve said that Frey has played to perfection a “boy toy” because he hasn’t shown any ability to make a decision that change the trajectory of his city.

Frey’s spinelessness and lack of a plan have displayed weakness, too. According to Fox9’s reporting, “Mayor Jacob Frey said he made the call to evacuate police officers from the 3rd Precinct before rioters set the building on fire Thursday night as protests continued to boil over in Minneapolis after the death of George Floyd.” Then it added humiliation to the defeatism, saying “Police said officers were able to safely evacuate as rioters breached the perimeter and started a fire that spread through the building. Shortly after, city officials warned protesters to move from the building after receiving reports that gas lines may have been cut.”

Why have a police force if the mayor won’t let them protect its citizens? Mayor Frey doesn’t have a plan to stop the rioters. Neither does Gov. Walz. During this morning’s press conference, Gov. Walz continually kept conflating the protesters with the rioters. They aren’t the same. The rioters are out-of-town anarchists who don’t give a damn about healing the divide. This is what passes for leadership in Minneapolis:

They urged people to move away from the building. In a tweet, Mayor Jacob Frey said the fire department is working to respond to the fires that have been set. However, he added, “We all need to work together to ensure the safety of our friends, family, and Minneapolis residents. And right now working together means clearing the area.”

Frey said he made the decision to sacrifice the building and call off officers as rioters moved in. He told reporters early Friday morning that the decision came down to safety for both officers but members of the public. “Brick and mortar is not as important as life,” Frey said.

What Frey isn’t saying is that he’s failed at his primary responsibility of protecting his citizens. If the people aren’t safe, they’ll move out quickly. In 2010, I wrote that “people voted with their mortgages.” That’s what they’ll do this time, too. In this video, a reporter asked “Mayor, what’s the plan here? What are we doing?” Frey responded by asking “With regard to?” The reporter replies “There’s been a lot of businesses have been burned down. A lot of livelihoods have been burned. We’ve seen very little police.”

This is someone who isn’t equipped for the situation. I’ve said this before but I’ll repeat it again. Jacob Frey isn’t a leader. He’s a boy toy. If he ran for election in a real city, he wouldn’t make it out of the primary.

Speaking with FOX 9, Fruetel confirmed that some National Guard soldiers had moved into the city but only 35 were made available to the department as of about midnight. The Guard said 500 soldiers had been mobilized to the metro.

It’s painfully obvious that training for disasters isn’t a priority for Frey. For instance, in Florida, the state equivalent of FEMA trains frequently so that their instincts kick in the minute a hurricane approaches. It’s painfully obvious that the state of Minnesota and the city of Minneapolis aren’t trained. Their responses were more deer-in-the-headlights than leader-in-charge.

What’s been interesting is that people of all political persuasions are calling for Walz’s and Frey’s resignations. With hundreds of businesses torched or looted, it’s easy to sympathize with those calls.