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It’s amazing that Charlie Weaver has any Republican friends left. I wouldn’t show my face for a month if I’d said this BS about the Dayton/DFL economy:

“The economy is pretty strong,” said Charlie Weaver, a veteran of state Republican politics and executive director of the Minnesota Business Partnership, which represents the state’s largest corporations. “We have a low unemployment rate — one of the lowest in the country,” he said.

A former top aide under Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Weaver predicted that Republican candidates, particularly Dayton’s challenger, will be forced to find other issues as contrasts with Democrats.

Far too often, this is what happens when a Republican gives up his principles to become a lobbyist. What happened here is Charlie Weaver, lobbyist, said something Charlie Weaver, conservative, wouldn’t get caught dead saying.

Weaver’s statement is a combination of fiction and professional self-preservation. It’s impossible for an honest person to look at the July jobs report and conclude the economy is strong. July’s jobs report just confirmed the fact that Minnesota’s economy sucks:

Minnesota lost 4,200 jobs in July, disappointing news in a year so far of tepid job growth for the state. The unemployment rate remained at 4.5 percent, according to figures released Thursday by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development. The U.S. unemployment rate in July was 6.2 percent.

June’s job gains were also revised downward by 3,600, driving home the point that over the first seven months of the year Minnesota’s job market has been stuck in neutral. After adding 41,900 positions from August to December 2013, the state has added only 2,900 jobs since January. Some 133,000 Minnesotans are officially unemployed, and thousands more are working part-time jobs when they would rather work full time.

Isn’t Mr. Weaver troubled by the fact that one-third of the jobs created in the past year are government jobs? If he isn’t, why isn’t he? Certainly, Mr. Weaver is smart enough to know that government confiscates people’s money. Certainly, he knows that government doesn’t create wealth.

Over the last 6 months, revenues have fallen significantly short of projections. In July, it fell short of projections by 6.6%. This constitutes a trend. That isn’t a one-time blip.

What’s particularly disgusting is that Charlie Weaver is hurting Jeff Johnson’s campaign whenever he lies about the strength of the Dayton/DFL economy. Months of terrible jobs reports, combined with revenues consistently falling short of projections, aren’t the statistics that you get from a booming economy. Yes, 2,900 jobs created in 7 months is pathetic. By comparison, St. Cloud created 2,894 jobs in 12 months.

Over the past 12 months, 68,344 jobs were created in Minnesota. A total of 46,339 jobs were created in Minneapolis-St. Paul, followed by St. Cloud with 2,894, Mankato with 1,236, Duluth-Superior with 1,145 jobs followed by Rochester with 1,054 jobs. That’s a total of 52,668 jobs created in those cities.

Noticeably missing from the list are Moorhead, Brainerd, Monticello, Hutchinson, Willmar and any Iron Range cities. Mr. Weaver, isn’t it important to creat jobs in those cities, too? Apparently, Gov. Dayton doesn’t think so. Apparently, Gov. Dayton and Mr. Weaver think it isn’t important to create jobs in northern Minnesota cities not named Duluth.

I’m pretty certain that people in Forest Lake, Grand Rapids, Alexandria, Pierz and Little Falls think it’s important to create jobs in their towns. I’m pretty certain that they’d love seeing new businesses starting up in their cities.

Here’s the dirty little secret Charlie Weaver doesn’t want anyone to know. He isn’t looking out for Main Street Minnesota. He’s looking out for big corporations. This isn’t a criticism of big corporations. I appreciate any company that employs lots of people. It’s merely highlighting the fact that big corporations have the resources to comply with Gov. Dayton’s and the DFL’s regulations and tax code.

Small businesses, the kind found throughout the 6th, 7th and 8th districts, find it difficult to create wealth and expand their companies. If you only care about the Twin Cities, which Mr. Weaver apparently does, then Minnesota’s economy might look ok.

If you care about statewide prosperity, though, which Jeff Johnson does, then Minnesota’s economy isn’t doing well.

If Mr. Weaver wants to peddle Gov. Dayton’s BS that Minnesota’s economy is “pretty strong”, then he’d better expect me to highlight the truth about Minnesota’s job creation statistics. He’d better be prepared to be called out for his BS.

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This morning’s @Issue was offensive to informed voters. It started with Tom Hauser sleepily repeating the discredited DFL talking point that jobs are “coming back.” It continued when Sarah Janacek called ABM’s ads against Jeff Johnson “outside money.” Retread political hack Don Betzold kept the misinformation going by saying that “it’s too early to tell” what insurance rates will be.

Let’s start with Hauser repeating the DFL line about jobs. It’s BS. They aren’t coming back. That’s just the DFL lying through its teeth. This year, the Dayton/DFL economy has created 2,900 jobs in 7 months. The Dayton/DFL economy lost 4,200 jobs in July. The revenue projection for July was off by 6.6%, coming in $69,000,000 short of MMB’s projection.

That isn’t proof of a Minnesota economic recovery. It isn’t proof that the Dayton/DFL policies are taking us in the right direction. It’s proof that they’re failing, especially when you consider the fact that one-third of the jobs created in the last 12 months were government jobs.

It’s sad to see Sarah Janacek make foolish statements like calling ABM “outside money.” She knows better than that. She knows that ABM is funded by Alida Messinger, the public employee unions and community organizing organizations with deep ties to the DFL.

In short, ABM is the DFL’s messaging unit. Pretending that they’re an arms-length distant organization just isn’t being honest with people. Further, Ms. Janacek shouldn’t be that gentle with ABM. They’re a disgusting organization that specializes in smear campaigns. ABM is devoid of virtue and honesty. They should be treated like the parasitic political hatchet organization that they are.

Let me repeat this message to timid GOP pundits like Ms. Janacek: ABM should be exposed and ridiculed for being dishonest and untrustworthy. Tip-toeing around ABM’s disgusting tactics gives them a legitimacy they didn’t earn.

Finally, Don Betzold should’ve been criticized for saying that he didn’t know what insurance premiums would be. If he actually doesn’t know, then he should be put out to pasture. If he knows, he should be exposed as a political hack repeating the DFL’s talking points.

Honesty matters in messaging and reporting. That’s why Tom Hauser and Sarah Janacek should be criticized for their timid, misinformed statemenets.

The lone bright spot was Brian McClung. Brian was well-informed and confident in his presentation of important information.

The St. Cloud Times published my LTE on Nancy Pelosi’s PAC ad against Stewart Mills and TakeAction Minnesota’s spin.

They softened some of the verbiage that I originally used but the message still comes through loud and clear.

This afternoon, I received an email from the Johnson for Governor campaign saying that Jennifer Parrish endorsed Jeff. Here’s the highlight of the email:

“Mark Dayton has thrown me and hundreds of my fellow childcare providers under the bus to pay back his campaign contributors,” Parrish said. “And when we fought back, he belittled us and said we were just ‘throwing little fits.’ Minnesota small businesswomen need a champion in the governor’s office, not someone who views us and our livelihoods as nothing more than collateral to be used to pay back the union bosses who own his administration.

“Jeff Johnson is the champion small businesswomen need as the governor of our state. Like my fellow child care providers, Jeff is a fighter; he can take a punch, and then hit back twice as hard. That’s what it’s going to take to defeat Mark Dayton and his union boss friends. I wholeheartedly endorse Jeff for governor.”

“As governor, I will never, ever treat any Minnesotans the way Mark Dayton treated Jennifer and her fellow small businesswomen. It’s appalling how he has used these women’s livelihoods to pay back his campaign contributors, and then had the gall to belittle them for fighting back. As governor, I will listen to ALL Minnesotans. I am honored to be endorsed by Jennifer, and I am looking forward to undoing the damage Mark Dayton has inflicted on Minnesota child care providers,” said Johnson.

Jennifer Parrish is right. Gov. Dayton threw an entire group of independent businesswomen under the bus to appease Gov. Dayton’s special interest allies. Gov. Dayton and the legislature didn’t care about these independent businesswomen. They cared only that this was the highest priority on the public employee unions’ wish list. Gov. Dayton couldn’t afford to say no to their GOTV machine, aka the public employees union.

That would’ve been political suicide.

The fact that Gov. Dayton accused these independent businesswomen of “throwing little fits” is exceptionally sexist and demeaning. That’s something Jeff Johnson would never think, much less say.

Jeff Johnson has fought hard against entitled government. He’s been the taxpayers’ staunchest watchdog. The best thing about Jeff is that, wherever you’re talking to him, it’s like you’re talking to your favorite neighbor. Jeff isn’t into politicspeak. He’s into neighborspeak. That’s why he connects with people.

It’s time to close the final chapter of Gov. Dayton’s political career. He was a terrible senator. He’s been worse as governor. He’s thrown Main Street Minnesota under the bus while shoveling the taxpayers’ money to his special interest allies. That’ just plain un-Minnesotan.

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Rick Nolan doesn’t have rich fat cat special interests supporting him:

Rick Nolan says one thing and does another. On Rick’s Facebook page, he’s claiming that he doesn’t have “millions of dollars or billionaire super PACs” backing him. Ironically, at the same time Rick is outraged that some stations pulled the ads attacking me off the air for being dishonest and highly edited.

Here’s the hypocrisy: Rick’s confederates, the PACs that attack me and support him, are some of the biggest and wealthiest of all time. Rick’s duplicity and record of standing with the big time D.C. money speaks for itself: voting against funding for our veterans, voting against building the Keystone XL pipeline, voting for a carbon tax and voting to continue Obamacare.

Having AFSCME PEOPLE, TakeAction Minnesota and House Majority PAC running ads and making phone calls for you is proof that deep pockets are siding with you. That’s who’s supporting Nolan. That’s why Nolan’s whining should be ignored. There’s more to highlight about Nolan, too.

When Jim Oberstar voted for Cap and Trade, miners immediately understood that he’d voted to kill mining:

“Small business owners are afraid to invest in their own business to create jobs,” he said. “Miners, when you start talking to them about this cap-and-trade bill and how it’s going to affect the mines, you’ve got their attention.”

Nolan has voted for a carbon tax, which is a different name for Cap & Trade. Nolan’s finally supporting PolyMet. That’s essentially irrelevant because he’d demolish the mining industry if the carbon tax became law. It’s just another example of how Nolan simply can’t resist his environmental activist roots.

Rick Nolan is an environmental activist. That’s who he’s always been. He’ll occasionally flip-flop to win an election but there’s no question that he’s an environmental activist.

That isn’t good for Nolan because Iron Range families know that environmental activists are the miners’ worst nightmare.

Despite Nolan’s whining, the truth is that he’s supported by deep pocketed special interests. That’s because he’s just another politician who can be bought. (Rumor has it that, in DC, he walks the halls of Congress with a ‘For Sale’ button on his lapel. Just kidding.)

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Bill Hanna’s article highlights what’s wrong with today’s DFL:

Gov. Mark Dayton says a far-reaching Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement for Superior National Forest regarding potential copper/nickel/precious metals ventures is totally unnecessary. So, too, do Minnesota U.S. Sens. Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar and 8th District U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan.

It would be a waste of time and money and energy, say those Democratic office holders, because it would duplicate what is already being done as far as environmental review for both the PolyMet and Twin Metals projects. And Congressman Nolan goes further to say the issue was already settled with the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Act in 1978 that allowed mining in the Superior National Forest.

But it’s not that clear, according to a U.S. Forest Service official. There is not even a timeline set up to decide whether the USFS will drop the PEIS request by environmentalists or move ahead with it. In a telephone interview with the Mesabi Daily News on Thursday, USFS Public Affairs Officer Kris Reichenbach in Duluth said there “is no immediate reason to push this” one way or another.

“This is not something to rush into. We are still evaluating our options. We are not at a point of making a decision. I am not aware of a timeline,” Reichenbach said.

What’s wrong with today’s DFL is that Democrat politicians’ voices aren’t as powerful, apparently, as the environmental activists’ voices.

It’s time for Dayton, Franken, Klobuchar and Nolan to hold a press conference on the mining issue. It’s time they told the environmental activist wing of the DFL that they’re putting a higher priority on creating high-paying jobs than they’re putting on preserving supposedly pristine wilderness like this:

These environmental activists aren’t fighting to save pristine wilderness. They’re fighting to control people’s lives.

Apparently, these Democrat politicians won’t stand up to them and tell them to take a hike. Apparently, these Democrat politicians think it’s more important to not ruffle the environmental activists’ feathers than it is to create jobs on the Iron Range. (Might that be because they want the environmental activists’ campaign contributions?)

In the end, it’s my opinion that these sorry excuses for politicians will flap their gums for a little while. They won’t ruffle the environmental activists’ feathers. Then they’ll exit stage left (where else?) once people stop paying attention.

They should all be astronomy majors because they’re only good at taking up space. If families want DFL politicians to fight for them, they’re out of luck. These DFL politicians won’t fight for people if they aren’t part of a special interest group.

It’s sad that these DFL politicians will fight for special interest groups but they won’t fight for families. This isn’t Hubert Humphrey’s DFL.

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The first thing I thought after reading this article is ‘what will Al Franken do with this information’?

An environmental group gathered in Duluth on Thursday to express its opposition to precious metals mining, or what it calls sulfide mining.

Environment Minnesota has been collecting petitions all summer. The petitions ask President Obama to oppose all development of precious metals mining, or what they call sulfide mining, including the Twin Metals Minnesota mine in the watershed of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

Field Manager Kieran Manzella said the Boundary Waters wilderness is too special to lose.

“It’s really not something that we’re willing to risk, no matter the benefit that these companies are trying to ply other Minnesotans with,” he said. “The tradeoff is not there, and this isn’t some place that we can actually risk putting on the line for these mines.”

The group is concerned about pollution and drainage from the mine causing contamination. They’ve collected 15,000 petitions to send to the president.

Will Sen. Franken stand with Iron Range miners? I wrote this post to highlight his campaign’s quote:

“Senator Franken supports mining. He’s fought to protect mining jobs by fighting illegal dumping and ensuring that we use more American made steel. He believes the PolyMet project will create jobs and that it will be done in an environmentally responsible way,” said Ryan Furlong, Franken campaign spokesman.

Will Sen. Franken speak out against this DC-headquartered organization? He should but that doesn’t mean he will

Yes, you read write when I called Environment Minnesota a “DC-headquartered organization.” Here’s Environment Minnesota’s staff. Isn’t it interesting that 4 of the 5 staffers are based in Washington, DC?

Let’s return, though, to WDIO’s article. Specifically, let’s highlight this statement:

Field Manager Kieran Manzella said the Boundary Waters wilderness is too special to lose. “It’s really not something that we’re willing to risk, no matter the benefit that these companies are trying to ply other Minnesotans with,” he said.

Think about that. A DC-headquartered Democrat front group is opposed to the creation of high-paying mining jobs. It isn’t just that they’re opposed to mining. It’s that they spent this summer collecting 15,000 signatures to their petition that they want to give to President Obama.

We’ve already seen that it doesn’t take much for President Obama and Senate Democrats to stop projects that environmental organizations oppose. In fact, Sen. Franken has repeatedly voted against approval for the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Sen. Franken’s staff said that he “supports mining” and that he thinks “the PolyMet project will create jobs and that it will be done in an environmentally responsible way.” Here’s the perfect opportunity for him to prove his support for PolyMet. In fact, it’s a perfect opportunity for him to show some leadership on the issue.

It’s one thing to say that you support mining right before an election where you’ll need a strong turnout of the Range’s mining families. It’s another to actually take a leadership role in making PolyMet a reality. Thus far, Sen. Franken hasn’t shown any leadership on PolyMet.

If he doesn’t step into that leadership position this time, then Rangers will know that Sen. Franken’s support is just talk from a cheap politician who’ll say anything to get re-elected.

The Range doesn’t need a senator who doesn’t stand up to environmental activists headquartered in DC. They need a senator who won’t hesitate to stand up to these Democrat front groups.

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TakeAction Minnesota’s fundraising email is clear proof that DFL front groups a) don’t care about the truth and b) won’t hesitate in smearing anyong they think of as a threat to their power. Here’s their latest fundraising e-letter:

Dear Gary,

In a 2013 speech, 8th district congressional candidate Stewart Mills said that all the talk about the rich not paying their fair share and corporations dodging taxes singled him out as a deadbeat, and was “personally offensive.”

But his billionaire friends at Hubbard Broadcasting won’t air an ad that uses his own words to call him out.

And here’s the kicker: the owner of Hubbard Broadcasting, Stanley Hubbard, is a major donor to Mills’ campaign and a friend of the Koch brothers. When a media station owned by someone who has maxed out to a candidate is keeping voters from knowing where that candidate stands, something’s not right.

We’re getting ready to launch a door-to-door canvass across the district to reach out to voters and give them the facts about where Stewart Mills stands and talk about what really matters to working families.

Mills doesn’t think that he and his fellow millionaires should have to pay more in taxes and he doesn’t support raising the federal minimum wage. Billionaires like Stanley Hubbard shouldn’t get to decide whether or not voters know the truth – but you and I both know that, as long as they own the media, they have an outsized voice in our elections.

That’s where you come in.

Thanks for standing with us,
Dan and the whole TakeAction Minnesota team

Mr. McGrath’s distortions are noteworthy. First, the ad was shut down because the ad, which was initially paid for by Nancy Pelosi’s PAC, is an outright distortion that I wrote about in this article. Here’s what Stewart Mills actually said:

What happened in the last round of elections, where you had folks saying that ‘the wealthy, the wealthy are not paying their fair share, that there’s all these loopholes and they don’t pay any taxes and we have to make them pay more. Well, you know what? I’m gonna speak for myself and then I’m going to allude to a few others here. We’ve paid for all of our taxes. We reinvest the money we make into our business.

How come we are not generating the jobs in Northeastern Minnesota that we otherwise would? Well I can tell you why. Because the overwhelming group of people that run businesses, that have the ability to employ people are taxed at that personal rate. They are the villains, they’re the bad guys. They’re the ones that quote are not paying their fair share. They’re the ones quote that ‘the 2%, the 1%, whatever percent you want.

To be singled out as a deadbeat is personally offensive.

Pelosi’s PAC took those 128 words and turned them into this 26-word sentence:

…folks saying that ‘the wealthy, the wealthy are not paying their fair share…the 2%, the 1%, whatever percent you want…is personally offensive.

Honest, thoughtful people would see that Ms. Pelosi and other Democratic front groups like TakeAction Minnesota didn’t just take Stewart Mills’ words out of context. They spliced his words together to create a sentence he didn’t say.

Minnesota has an option this November. If they vote Democrat, they’re voting for the political party that a) didn’t hesitate in smearing Republicans, b) didn’t hesitate in smearing media companies who have a legal obligation to the public and c) had to run a massive smear campaign on multiple levels because they couldn’t run on their accomplishments.

Here’s KSTP’s legal obligation:

The false ad bankrolled by AFSCME/House Majority PAC against Stewart Mills does not constitute a “candidate use.” Under Columbia Broadcasting Sys., Inc. v. Democratic Nat’l Comm., 412 U.S. 94 (1973), and Nat’l Conservative Political Action Comm., 89 FCC 2d 626 (1982), your station is not obligated to air any advertisements from third parties, such as the AFSMCE/House Majority PAC, as third parties have no guaranteed right of access to air their advertisements on your station. Thus, broadcasting stations are not protected from legal liability for airing a false and misleading advertisement sponsored by the AFSCME/House Majority PAC. Moreover, broadcast licensees have a legal responsibility to review and to eliminate any false, misleading, or deceptive materials contained in advertising.

KSTP and WDIO could’ve kept running Pelosi’s disgustingly dishonest ad…if they wanted to lose a high dollar lawsuit.

That Stan Hubbard has contributed to Republicans isn’t news any more than Alida Messinger contributing to the DFL is news. What’s different here is that this DFL front organization knows the facts behind the Pelosi ad getting tossed. Rather than admitting that Pelosi’s ad is dishonest, TakeAction Minnesota is engaging in a nasty smear campaign against a media outlet they don’t like.

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Zach Dorholt’s statement in Mark Sommerhauser’s article is utterly laughable:

Dorholt is abiding by the public subsidy. He decried Knoblach’s decision not to as a case of campaign cash run amok. “Who out there isn’t going to say they’re sick and tired of more money in politics?” Dorholt said. “This is just another example, I think, of campaigns getting out of control with spending.”

First, Dorholt isn’t abiding by the spending limits because he’s in favor of spending less on campaigns. He’s abiding by it because he’s done a terrible job raising money. Next, Dorholt doesn’t have to raise much money because DFL front groups like the Alliance for a Better Minnesota, aka ABM, will spend tons of money to keep his seat in DFL hands. In 2012, estimates were that pro-DFL organizations dumped more than $300,000 into this district to defeat King Banaian.

To be fair, pro-GOP groups spent lots of money on King Banaian’s behalf in 2012.

The point is that Mr. Dorholt didn’t speak out while tons of money poured into the district from DFL front groups. He was silent as a mouse then because he was the winning end of the money war.

If Mr. Dorholt wants to prove he hates money in politics, he can tell his friends in DFL front groups to not spend tons of money in his district. While he can’t coordinat with ABM or other likeminded organizations, there’s nothing improper about him telling DFL front groups to stay out of his district.

That’s proof that Mr. Dorholt’s stand isn’t principled. Rather, it’s based on whether he thinks DFL front groups like ABM or pro-DFL PACs pour money into his race. A quick look at Mr. Dorholt’s campaign finance report shows that a high percentage of Dorholt’s contributors are from New York and California. Just 2 contributors are from Minnesota. Two other contributors are from North Dakota.

The other point is that Mr. Dorholt has raised $4,600 from PACs but just $500 from Minnesotans. When you’re raising 3 times as much money from PACs as you’re raising from Minnesotans, it’s easy to see who’s bought and paid for by special interests. Hint: it isn’t Jim Knoblach.

Dorholt was a rubber stamp for Gov. Dayton and Speaker Thissen. I don’t need to be represented by someone who votes like he’s representing Minneapolis. Minneapolis’s priorities are different than St. Cloud’s priorities. In fact, they’re dramatically different.

Thus far, Mr. Dorholt’s biggest ‘accomplishments’ in the legislature have been voting for the biggest middle class tax increase in Minnesota history, voting to spend $77,000,000 for the Senate Legislative Office Building instead of voting to use that $77,000,000 to repair St. Cloud’s roads and bridges, voting to force independent businesswomen into public employee unions and voting to repeal part of that massive middle class tax increase.

St. Cloud doesn’t need a rubberstamp for the Democrats’ agenda. We need a real representative who cares about St. Cloud’s priorities.

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There’s now enough evidence to prove that Nancy Pelosi is as corrupt a Democrat as Harry Reid or President Obama. Last week, Pelosi’s PAC, which supports Democrat congressional candidates and incumbents, put together an ad so dishonest and defamatory that WDIO and KSTP, a pair of TV stations, pulled the ad. That didn’t stop Ms. Pelosi, though. Instead, Ms. Pelosi’s PAC doubled down by essentially running the same ad as a pop-up ad on RealClearPolitics. Here’s one of the ads from Pelosi’s PAC:

If dishonesty were diamonds, Pelosi’s PAC would be filthy rich.

Let’s get something straight from the start. Pelosi’s PAC doesn’t care about honesty. If they have to throw out integrity to defeat a Republican, that’s what they’ll do. While Democrats specialize in smearing Republicans, they aren’t that good at it.

When the House Majority PAC accused Stewart Mills of wanting tax cuts for his “wealthy friends,” I exposed that lie in this article in less than an hour. All it took was a quick visit to Stewart’s issues page on his campaign website. I proved that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats had lied again.

Stewart’s position is that tax simplification would immediately help small businesses by dramatically reducing a ssmall business’s compliance costs. Reducing compliance costs frees up capital, which can then be used to expand the business and create jobs.

There’s no question that Democrats see Mills as a threat. First, Pelosi’s PAC put together a defamatory ad against him. Sunday night, I saw another dishonest ad from the Democrats smearing Stewart Mills, this one paid for by AFSCME PEOPLE. The ads were virtually the same. They even used the same narrator and virtually the same dishonest statements. AFSCME PEOPLE’s ad will certainly be taken down as quickly as the Pelosi PAC ad was last week.

The TV station running the AFSCME PEOPLE ad, in this instance WCCO-TV, would be in the same negative legal situation as KSTP and WDIO would’ve been in if they hadn’t pulled the ad. When a candidate runs an ad, the TV station can’t pull the ad, which means the TV station can’t be sued. When an independent expenditure organization or a PAC runs a defamatory ad, the TV station can pull the ad, which puts the TV station in legal risk.

Pelosi’s PAC and other Democratic front groups will undoubtedly keep attacking Stewart Mills because Rick Nolan can’t defeat Mills without driving Mills’ turnout down. The Democratic machine doesn’t care if they’re fined for defaming a Republican candidate after the election. Their only priority is winning that election.

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